September 26, 2020

Watashi wa iwayuru akuyakurashīga, kichinto batsu wa ukeru node minogashite hoshī to omou.


Author: カン


I, Lilianne Abenster was reincarnated as a villain of a girl game. I was the step-sister of the capture target, the strong knight; as well as the fiancée of the future Duke (also a capture target). I am busy doing bad thing…Which was actually a lie. After the conviction of the villainous daughter, I will compensate for my sins properly; therefore, please let me stay low for the time being.

I am a reincarnated person.

I have the memory of my past life since the day I opened my eyes in this world.

The more I worried about it, the wilder the recollection had become.

The baby who possessed such thing, certainly would be viewed as a strange one by others.

The baby never cried, or screamed; she was being absolutely docile. I was that kind of a baby.

I grew up being called [creepy child] by my father, mother, siblings as well as the servants.

And after some time, my step-brother’s presence came to existence. My half step-brother which only connected to us by blood.

“Yuri is going to be your younger brother as of today. Be nice to him.”

Yuri who was five years old at that time was introduced briefly to me and my elder siblings by our father. He was so skinny. The lack of nutrition was obvious in everyone’s eyes.

He raised his gaunt cheek as much as possible and smiled.

“Onii-sama and Onee-sama-tachi. I am Yuri. Please take care of me from now on.”

My older brother and sister were rejecting his introduction by hitting his presented hand.

The world of children was sometimes crueler than the world of an adult.

My older sister looked at Yuri as if he was something foul whereas my elder brother looked at him disgustingly that he did not even bothered to say any word to him.

I kept thinking. The character of human being will be in contrast to when one was at the comfort of their own home. For example, my mother did not even stay for Yuri’s introduction.

Parent will be parent and children will be children. That’s how one will describe a perfect family.

Since I did not want to be involved with the trouble that will follow Yuri afterwards, I briefly introduced myself before returning to my own room.

I mostly stayed in my room as it is.


As expected, the treatments that Yuri received in my house were horrible.

My father seemed to provide some sort of tutor to teach him the art of sword; however apart from that, he did not do anything else.

No one gave him love, encouragement or even spared him a look.

My mother gave him something though. Violence which she dubbed as discipline.

My older brother never acacknowled him whereas my sister treated him like a thing.

Despite that, he grew up to be someone who indiscriminately gentle and lovely.

I tried to get myself involved as little as possible.

I also rarely spoke to him in those several years we spent living in that residence.

Even though Yuri was watching me, I ran away from him.

Running away from that gaze that pleaded me to help his weak-self.

My father was not his ally, my mother and my siblings were also his enemies. This one’s house was totally against him; and I also cannot save him because I knew how scary the consequences would be.

Even if I could distracted mother’s eyes once and helped him out, there will never be a second time.

To the end, I am not the kind of a person who will happily submerge herself in the feeling of self-satisfaction from that one act of kindness towards him who was in trouble; the content of this body was not someone who was that immature.

The family members who had grudgingly  acted against Yuri should be hated and thus received the retaliation from him.

This is the fate that I, Lilianne Abenster will shoulder.


I had the memory of my previous life.

At the same time, I also knew what will happen to me in the future.

The wrong-doing of the Abenster family will be discovered, they will be deprived from their peerage and the family member will be dispersed.

This was the retaliation that will be completed by Yuri’s hand.

Yuri who will be supported by certain heroine-sama from that otome game will be able to gain and demonstrate his original power. Then, he will chase away the family who had previously treated him ruthlessly in various ways.

I am also one of the family members who will be chased in the future, but I guess there is nothing that I can do about it.

Because I also had abandoned him for so many years.

The circumstance of Lilianne after the family had been dispersed was unknown to me because that kind of story was no longer necessary for that game.

I do not want to die anyway. However, if you asked whether a lady from a noble family able to live by herself, the answer will be no.

This world was not that sweet.

But I am not an ordinary lady. My previous self was a person who had spent 30 years of her life living as an ordinary person.

Anyway, I should be able to survive living by myself. And that was what I had decided when I was the 0-year old Liliane.

Thankfully, my family’s members as well as the servants rarely involved themselves with me, so I had smoothly made my preparation for my retirement in the town.

Sa~, now I just need to wait for the climax of this game (The conviction of the bad guy) to arrive.



With a flute of sweet wine tilted in front of my eyes, I could see the condemned villainous daughter losing her power.

Here I am welcoming the event where the main capture target, Prince-sama told the villainous daughter [You who were behaving badly towards Nanami (Heroine-sama) is not suitable to be my fiancée] as he sentenced her with an engagement annulment.

And then, the other four fiancée including my younger step-brother were also forced to annul their engagements for one reason or another.

My engagement with the number two  of  the “most popular capture target”, the Duke, was also annulled.

Apart from me, all the ladies whom had been omitted from their position fall to the ground.

Ma~ it was to be expected.

All this time, these girls had been imagining their sunny life. To be born in a wonderful family, to be blessed with an ideal fiancée had made them assumed that from then on, they will be able to live their life without any inconveniences in the future.

However, since other houses will not be deprived like our house, I think they should be relieved instead.

Only mine where the family members will be separated.

The King looked at me who had been standing alone and spoke quietly.

“Lilianne Abenster, the punishment that you will receive was not only the engagement annulment with the Duke…. Your house had excessively becoming rotten…. There will be sentences on this later on…..”

I am not sure if it was revolting or not, but I decided to make him stop talking about it.

There was nothing disagreeable about it.

In regard to that seemingly gentle King.

I slowly swallowed down the wine.

This will be the last time that I will drink such a good wine.

“No matter what kind of punishment, this is an honors, therefore I will receive your kindness with resolution.”

For me who usually showed an expressionless face, I displayed a rare smile for once. I know that the King as well all the capture targets could not help but being surprised by it.


I dealt with all the troubles and finally after tidying everything up, I leaped into my life in the town as a commoner.

There were various things that I need to do, however as of now, it was quite a good memory.

In this kingdom, there were various working places available to choose from and usually your status will not be asked unless it was for an establishment catered to the aristocrats.

Because our former butler had cleverly converted all our good assets into cash, it was no longer necessary for us to borrow money or selling ourselves to clear up the debt. My shoulder feel much lighter as opposed to my initial expectation.

And today, I went to a certain house for my interview to become a live-in housekeeper/maid. I currently waiting here…..


“It has been a long time, Aneue.”


Patan, I quickly turned back towards the door that I had recently closed.

“Aneue!? What are you doing?”

“Iyaiya iyaiya, why are you here, my step-brother?”

In the meantime, in this house that I had been taken into; in front of my eyes, there seems to be a delicious sweet….. Iya, iya, my lovely younger step-brother sat there smiling.

Why are you in this kind of place?

“Because the peerage of Abenster house had been taken away, I had publicly returned back to being a commoner.


“This is my new house.”


“But I cannot do any domestic work.”


“So I advertised for a housekeeper, and that’s mean that you applied to work for me.”


For some reason, he felt like that he needed to give me some kind of an explanation. His excessively flowing words seemed like it had been prepared earlier to snip snap my question cleanly.

However, this might be the longest conversation that I had ever share with Yuri.

To some extent, the relationship between the two of us were scarce.

“E~to, Aneue? Why do you look so unmotivated?”

“Hmm!? Because I will not be employed right? Yuri, you actually hate me right?”

Since before you had hated and detested me, right?

Ma~ it was me who made it so.

Yuri who was in front of my eyes smacked his forehead and let a huge sigh out.

What on earth is going on?

“……. Aneue, how did you come to a conclusion that I hate you?”

“Hmmm~ Divination? Sort of?

To explain this in detail will be troublesome. Un! For sure.

But, to talk about the terrible ways he had been treated by our family until now was quite troublesome… No, no that was to be expected.

“You are, since long ago, truly a person who do not understand anything.”

“I got told that quite a lot of time!”

“I did not know that it was quite fun to talk with you here.”

“Because I had to hide it before.”

“So, now you are no longer hiding it?”

“Well, there is no reason to hide it anymore!”

It was said that a noble lady should be a person who were graceful; if not, they will be consider as having a shortcoming. So I had been hiding my personality. However, right now there is no longer a need to hide it or anything.

Right now, I felt like my personality had became that close to those of commoners.

……….. And with the depraved of our peerage, I had been occupied with lots of things recently that there were words that I had forgotten to say to Yuri.



“I sincerely pray for your happiness in my heart.”

He looked shocked.

Ma~ it can’t be helped.

The acts that we had implicated upon him until now were full of evil.

“With that, I will excuse myself.”

Before I could raise myself up …. I was pushed back to sit on the chair.

I was held by Yuri.

In that so called horse riding position (Like this, but reverse role I guess?). I could not move due to his weight.

Hmmm, do you want to strike me at least once? Is this what it was all about? Yuri?






Eto~ Are you going to take your revenge or not? You had been murmuring closely to my ear for a while now.

Do I hate Yuri…? Un, I don’t really understand the meaning of that.

He sent me a doubtful look as he gave me a bitter smile.

“Did you know? My older sister……..The sin that father committed was not that great that he will be depraved of his peerage.”

“A~ …. That.”

I know that.

My father was a coward person, so he would not be able to do something that bad.

In other words…..

“You set it up right, Yuri?”

This was his retaliation towards our house.


He showed a painful look. Then he slowly began to smile.

“Yeah, I did it.”

“As expected huh, hahaha.”

Ma~ it can’t be helped.

Because our family had done so many terrible things to him.

We hurt his small body.

We trampled down on his weak heart.

We denied his sole peerless character.

These already transcendence the long-standing grudge.

So I could not hold him back from his revenge.

That’s why I will tell him properly.

“I do not hate you Yuri…. I even want you to crush the house of Abenstar.”

……….N? There are many words that I want to say, but my mind seemed to be blank!?

“You will never get things that meant for you, for as long as you are tied down by the Abenstar.”

………… E~to? There was still nothing come into my mind….

“I was also engaged to that annoying Duke.”


“For all of us who had fallen, there will be no more troublesome status that will become a wall which will tie us with the obligation towards each other.”

……………………….? What was those things in the eyes of my younger step-brother? Anyway…

“Open your eyes my stupid step-brother. You only shared half of our blood.”

“Those were the complots planned by my mother.”


“No matter how drunk he was, you father will not approach any woman from the downtown. Furthermore, a genuine noble? What more, rather than a mistress, he had given his seed to woman whom he just make an acquaintance with?”

“Too much! Too Much!  The content is too much!”

In other word, Yuri was perfectly unrelated to us.

“My mother rolled up in gold after threatening your father on revealing my existence. That’s why for her to be satisfied, she had pushed me to him tirelessly. It was clear that your father had been subjected to various problems.”

Despite being pushed into various problem, he did not throw Yuri out, nor he killed him, in fact he invited Yuri into the house. Without questioning him whether he was really his real son or not.

“That… What should I say…? Otou-sama, my condolences.”

“Really, your father is a good person….the two of you.”

Hmm? What are you talking about?

“You always looked at me anxiously.”

No, no. It was Yuri who was watching me.

“Whenever, mother or elder sister came around me, you always seemed to give me a reason to escape.”

…..Is there such things?  I might do it unconsciously, scary~!

“You left meals in front of my room.”

But! That! I also did not have enough food to eat during my growth period! In my previous life!

“For the sake of getting me out of the house, you told my story to the Duke so that he will be interested in me and thus arranging for me to enter the school.”

I really want to run away.

I hid my face with my free hand, but my red ears were still visible to him.

I am so mortified… It was so embarrassing for my goodwill to be exposed like this…..

“From young age, your existence towards me, was not something that I hate.”

What is this? Where is the Otome game? Heroine-sama, come back!!

“What happened to you beloved Nanami-sama (heroine)?”

“That because I did not need any fiancée.”

Did you use Nanami-sama (heroine) just for the sake of breaking the engagement?

Yuri!! What a terrible child you are!

“Aneue…. no Lilianne, I am sorry. It seemed that I resemble my mother who was the person that I hate the most in this world.

E~ by that you mean…

“For the purpose of my goal, I choose to apply this measure.”

I guess it is true~ because someone wanted something, they had judge the need to make other fall into the trap.

Now that I thought about it, did I not also contribute to the falling of our family? Though the prime offender were my father and Yuri.

“Liliane, currently what are you thinking off?”

“E~? A~ Ma~ isn’t it good that my sister already married into a relatively conscientious house? That kind of thing~”

My older brother at the outset had a good head on his shoulder, so I was able to introduce a good employer to him, and I had been able to push my parents to live in the country though the house was albeit a lot smaller. Though we have been depraved of our peerage, I thought that the treatment that all of us received was still quite favorable.

Apart from the cause of our ruin, I am glad that I were able to make a preparation for an environment where it will less likely to hurt our conscience, was what I thought.

“In this kind of situation, what have you been thinking about?”

This situation = the situation where it seemed like you are riding a horse out of me?

“Iya~, ma~ I am quite powerless as it seems, and it was quite difficult for me to move from this present situation.”

“Un? Then what? Can I just do whatever I like now?”

If I was an ordinary lady, I will probably going to feel afraid and nervous.

But I am different from others.

In front of me, there is an Ikemen who were totally unrelated to me; what’s more he seems to harbor some kind of feelings for me.

This soft and fleshy body seemed to invite me in.

When petticoats woo, breeks may come speed (A successful courtship with your object of interest.)

However, for now I will just say this. Because this is going to be my first time, I need to say that annoying word.

“Because this is my first time, please be gentle with me, okay?”

Yuri face dropped as I said those words with an upturned and watery eyes.

The time when this man will turn into someone like his mother is still far away in the future; was what I thought at that time.

T/N: In a sense this quite a twisted story. Though the MC seems to take everything quite lightheartedly~

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