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Notice On Release Schedule

So I received my ads revenue report for the month of June (my first month of changing my hosting and move to a new home) and how should I say…. It was…. Devastating….


Anyway, I can’t keep demanding for a donation. As for the option of patreon.. Hmm I don’t even have any stockpile right now ≧ω≦

So, I am planning on increasing my release in order to increase the website views


But Analect chapter is way too long… Therefore, I decided to introduce a new book!!!! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

I will release 10+ chapters at the beginning of September to celebrate it. Anyway, this novel’s chapter is way shorter than Analect ( 1 chapter of Analect equivalent to 4 chapters of this novel)…so yeah..

But this novel won’t be the main project for this site. Just something to change my pace now and then (σ≧▽≦)σ

So the schedule will be like this [I’ll try my best to stick to it (╯3╰) ]

Analect: 6-8 chapters a month

Mochiron: 3 chapters a month

QT Male Slag: Boss Gege, pet me ( Title not yet determined) : 10 chapters+ a month.

So please come and read at my website. I’ll be happy if you promote my work to others.

Even though I did not reply to your comment, do know that I did read all of them.

As for those who copied my work and posted them at wattpad or where ever without my explicit permission, do realise that I am thoroughly miffed with your action ◥(ฅº₩ºฅ)◤

P/S: BTW, I am thinking of changing my nickname ZhangYeInfiniteFan to another since my heart are now with Boss Lan (It’s hard to become a man in the future) and Boss Zhao (Superstar of tomorrow). Should I change it to my game ID: LuiLan instead??

P. P/s : I usually release new chapters on weekend at midnight (+8 GMT)