July 22, 2024


I love reading all kinds of novels; English, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. This MTL is a way for me to repay the community for leeching off them these past years. This translation is free. So if you see this elsewhere, know that someone is making money out of it.

Armell’s Library has compiled the story The Villainous Lady Aims to Overthrow the Heroine ~Fight!~ as an epub…

Release schedule: One arc each month. Alternate between Analect and Adorable Villain~

In regard to re-translation, I would like to say [NO]. The reason being, my translation is a machine translation that relies heavily on GT, Youdou, systrans as well as MDBG dictionary. Therefore, some nuances might be off from the intended original text. My suggestion is for you to translate the novel from the RAW. This will ensure that the deviation of the story won’t be too far off from the original. I hope you will be abiding by this.