June 23, 2024

Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? [Completed]

I, Cardinal Brauz was a reincarnated person.

I say, maybe this was the reincarnation of a villainous lady!!

Due to an unexpected event, I remembered the memory from my previous life.

And it seemed that previously I was someone who immersed her time with light novel!

Moreover, I had never played any otome game before!

But, it seemed that I had been reincarnated as the villainous lady?

By the way, how should I carried myself out as a villainous lady?

Anyway, for the sake of facing the destruction end, I will do whatever I can for the time being!

The portrayal of cruelty was guaranteed in this story.

RAW: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n4143dc/

Author: Soy


Table of Content:

Chapter 1: I ended up remembering it after I fall into the pond

Chapter 2: I made a friend.

Chapter 3: Book

Chapter 4: Special training

Chapter 5: My angel (Grammy  Otou-sama POV)

Chapter 6: Cooking

Chapter 7: Engagement?

Chapter 8:  Obscure origin of a disease (His Highness Broudo POV)

Chapter 9:  Off-Time

Chapter 10: The Queen’s tea party

Chapter 11 : Hime-sama

Chapter 12: Contractor (Rector POV)

Chapter 13: Entrance Ceremony

Chapter 14:  The Heroine of the game (Labra POV)

Chapter 15: Labra-chan

Chapter 16: Lunch

Chapter 17: Cute Imouto ( Big Brother, Vertemic’s POV)

Chapter 18:  Gem  (The King’s Younger Brother, Broudo POV)

Chapter 19: Naru

Chapter 20: The son of the Knight’s captain

Chapter 21: The daughter of the Prime Minister (The son of Knight-Captain, Build POV)

Chapter 22: Eyes’ color

Chapter 23: Friend

Chapter 24: Labra-chan’s Love Love

Chapter 25: The Declaration of War (Labra POV)

Chapter 26: Secret  (Broudo POV)

Chapter 27: Dance Party

Chapter 28: Moonlight Flying Grass

Chapter 29: Prince?  (Labra POV)

Chapter 30: Studying for the test

Chapter 31: Vacation Villa

Chapter 32:  Injury (Broudo POV)

Chapter 33:  My feeling of Love

Chapter 34:  Etiquette

Chapter 35:  Ellulia (Vertemic POV)

Chapter 36:  My older brother’s love (Yard POV)

Chapter 37:  Flirting

Chapter 38: Injury

Chapter 39: Confession (Labra POV)

Chapter 40: Founding Memorial Party

Chapter 41: I…… (Broudo POV)

Chapter 42: El -san

Chapter 43: Lonely (Kokoru POV)

Chapter 44: Next to me (Yardral POV)

Chapter 45: Heroine – kun [END]

Chapter 46: Omake 1 – Fiance – sama

Chapter 47: Omake 2 – Thorough Resistance (Labra POV)

Chapter 48: Omake 3 – Secret [END]

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  1. Do you think you could make an ePub or pdf to download cause I can’t be online that much so I would love to just read it on my e-reader. Thanks and happy new year!

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