September 28, 2022

Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Entrance Ceremony


Author: Soy

Edited by: SleppyCatz

T/N: Short chapter and one that makes you go =( ̄□ ̄;)⇒

This year I turned 15 years old!

This means I will finally attend school.

In this world, you will start your 5 years of schooling once you reached 15 years old.

Regardless of whether they were nobles or commoners, everyone attends the same school together.

Of course, most of the commoners could not even afford to attend one.

Putting talent aside, without any financial means, they couldn’t attend school.

The school in this world employed the dormitory system where the students were expected to take care of their own needs personally.

But in reality, nobles frequently brought their own attendants when they enter the school.

Because of that, it was normal for the nobles to bring their own butler or maid who is similar in age to stay with them in the same accommodation.

However, since I do not see the need to bring one, I decided to stay in a single room.

To be able to do everything on your own is a great thing.

But Yard seemed to be quite displeased with the fact that I had to attend the school ahead of him.

“I want to skip a grade and enter the same grade as Ane-sama!!”

I was surprised when I heard his outburst. However, after a moment, I tried reasoning with him while smiling.

“Kokoru Hime-sama is the same age as Yard. Unfortunately, she is quite a scatterbrain, so I wish that Yard will always be by her side. Therefore, the two of you must come and join me next year.”

“I do not want that!”

“Just because we siblings wish to stay together doesn’t mean that we will be assigned the same classroom, you know?”

“….Is that so?”

“That’s right. Hey, you know, apart from Yard, no one is more capable of becoming the knight to protect Kokoru Hime-sama. That’s really cool, you know!!”

Yard finally yielded to me.

I told him that I would surely come home during vacations.

Despite his grumbles, I believed that I can leave Kokoru Hime-sama in his hands.

Two years already passed since big brother started attending school.

Recently, he has been so busy that I barely met him, making me feel so lonely because of it.

I wonder if big brother will be spellbound with the heroine because we have been estranged lately?

If this is the case, then I don’t want that to happen.

By the way, since the Prince has been absent for a while due to his schooling, the environment surrounding me has been quite pleasant at the current moment.


Entrance Ceremony.

I have been selected as the representative for the new students.

When I reached the podium and was about to read my speech, suddenly the gymnasium door was flung open.

“I- I am sorry for being late!!”

It was a cheerful girl.

A beautiful blonde with hair that flows down her back paired with gorgeous sky blue eyes…. which are similar to the colour of the Royal Family.

Once that girl sat on her assigned seat, I resumed with my greeting.

As I delivered my speech, my mind began to wander.

The story probably won’t start until Yard enters the school next year.

The heroine should be a transfer student who will enter the same grade as me…

Based on what I remember from the multiple light novels I had read previously, the heroine should have pink hair with golden tinted colouring.

For that reason, I will do everything I can in preparation for the arrival of that fateful day!

I was smiling as I finished up with my greeting; my determination was set anew with the start of my schooling life.

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