July 22, 2024

Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu!

English Title: Of course, I will charge you the consolation fees

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Author: Soy


I am the strong-willed Duke’s daughter, Yulias, who loves making money and loathes the thought of losing money due to my business-minded’s attitude

I knew my fiancé was  a person with a bad head but I never thought that it was to that extent.

If you plan to annul our engagement, I will gladly receive the consolation money for it.

Let’s annul the engagement.

This is not a transmigration or a reincarnation story.

The portrayal of cruelty is  guaranteed in this story.


Table of Content


Chapter 1: I have a Fiancee

Chapter 2: The Heroine is the transfer student?

Chapter 3: I will not disturb your nap

Chapter 4: Roland’s younger sister (The Prince’s POV)

Chapter 5: Market Research is my happy time

Chapter 6: This is a Prophecy, I guess (The Prince’s POV)

Chapter 7: It is not a trap

Chapter 8: Welcome to my shop

Chapter 9: Thank you for your purchase

Chapter 10: A little bit about the novel

Chapter 11: Can you buy assistance with money? (The Prince’s POV)

Chapter 12: I will protect His Highness [Part 1]

Chapter 13: I will protect His Highness [Part 2]

Chapter 14: The person that I longed for (Renair’s POV)

Chapter 15: I will also get the Prime Minister involved in this.

Chapter 16: The Prime Minister is also my friend

Chapter 17: Meeting my father ( Michael’s POV)

Chapter 18: Michael-san moves to a new place

Chapter 19: Sign the document….. (Earl Nogger’s POV)

Chapter 20: Wasn’t it dangerous to fall from the stairs? (Ouji POV)

Chapter 21: Am I the Heroine? (Banache POV)

Chapter 22: You said that you will wake me up, right?

Chapter 23: I wanted to befriend Manika-sama

Chapter 24: The event was wonderful

Chapter 25: That picture, should we sell it?

Chapter 26: I do not appreciate the act of making scene inside the Cafeteria

Chapter 27: Resolution

Chapter 28: Conviction [Part 1]

Chapter 29: Conviction [Part 2]

Chapter 30: I like the King of this Country


Chapter 31: The Neighbouring country’s Prince and Princesses.

Chapter 32: The Ship from Neighbouring’s Country

Chapter 33: Jufua-sama is a good person

Chapter 34: The incarnation of the Moon [Prince Jufua POV]

Chapter 35: Captain Bahar

Chapter 36: My Princess [Bahar’s POV]

Chapter 37: The privilege of carrying the luggage

Chapter 38: Flower Crown

Chapter 39: Grumbling [Prince Rudnick POV]

Chapter 40: Is marriage indicator of happiness?

Chapter 41: The one who likes me [Roland POV]

Chapter 42: The one who I like [Roland POV]

Chapter 43: I wish that they will act moderately while flirting in front of other people

Chapter 44: You are going to sell some conflict to me huh? Of course I will gladly buy it!

Chapter 45: Marriage Proposal’s presentation

Chapter 46: The response to the presentation

Chapter 47: The feeling of wanting to save your best friend

Chapter 48: My Fiancée [Prince Rudnick POV]

Chapter 49: The smooching sound (Knight Rucharu POV)

Chapter 50: Loneliness is….

Chapter 51: My first love [The escort knight’s Bariga POV]

Chapter 52: Return to the port

Chapter 53: Sigh

Chapter 54: Shuna-sama

Chapter 55: Feeling to convey

Chapter 56: Ethnic Dress

Chapter 57: Couple?

Chapter 58: The shop manager

Chapter 59: The neighbouring country princess, Lanfua

Chapter 60: Taking measurement

Chapter 61: Ship’s trip

Chapter 62: Laofan country

Chapter 63: Gyutto!

Chapter 64: Insuu-sama and Pao-sama

Chapter 65 Part 1: The Happiness that you can’t obtain with money [Part 1]



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