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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 34

Chapter 34: The incarnation of the Moon [Prince Jufua POV]


Author: Soy

T/N: As usual, this is partially edited [I just threw it into Ginger]. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake.

I am not good with women…… In fact, I hate them.

Women are creatures who could not live without a man.
They were a greedy creature who only knows how to live and enjoy their life by having the man worked for them.
Even though they were looking at me in fear, they still tried to flatter me in order to forge the connection.
Only my younger sisters had never seen the need to flatter me.
I believed that they respected me instead.

In my opinion, the Prince from the neighbouring’s country, Rudnick, was someone who was gentle to a woman; had a good head and power; as well as a man worthy of becoming my sister’s partner.
Rudnick or Rudo and I had been talking about our future dream with each other since we were small.
I had received the training as the future King because I was the son of the legal wife, therefore, due to my position, I had befriended Rudo who was the heir of the neighbouring’s country.
As for the King of our country, apart from the legal wife, he had another six concubines and there were sons coming from each of them, so if I were to die, there were several people who will be able to replace me.
However, for Rudo, he had no other choice but to polish himself off because he was the only child and there is no one who could replace him.
Therefore, Rudo was a man who accomplished everything through mere effort.

Rudo’s mother, the Queen had hosted a tea party.
I thought that it will be good for me to bring my sisters from the same mother to meet her so that they could be selected as a potential bride for Rudo.
In fact, I do not think that there is any lady who had already been chosen as the potential bride for Rudo.

When I went to greet the Queen with Rudo and his assistant, Roland, that marked my first meeting with that girl.
She appeared like a cold lady with a straight, silver blue’s hair.
Her grey-coloured eyes were big and it made her look even more attractive.
It seemed that this girl was Roland’s younger sister.
I thought that there was something different about this woman as opposed to other women that I have seen until now.
However, after talking to her for a while, as expected, she was as greedy as any other women.

Yet, due to my own blunder, without a hitch, I was forced to make a contract with her.
I guess that, in that girl’s perspective, she might find it as a good thing to forge a connection with me. But I quickly understood how embarrassing was it for me to think of her in such a manner; but initially, I really thought her like that.
When I observed it at that time, that girl and Rudo were talking to each other in a carefree manner and it can be seen that both of them were in a good relationship.

Once she boarded the boat, I found out that she seemed to recoil from something.
It appeared that she was a prominent merchant and quite well known among this ship’s crew member.
I wonder what was her intention in establishing herself as a merchant while making a contact with our ship’s crew when she was someone from a family with Earldom’s peerage?
When I questioned her whether she was a spy or not, Rudo quickly interjected saying that it was her quirk as a merchant, therefore, it could not be helped that she was behaving in such manner.

You really want me to believe in that reasoning?
What’s more, it also appeared that some of our crew members really regard her affectionately!
It seemed that it was not enough for her to seduce Rudo, she even enjoying herself laying her hand on my ship’s crew members!

And that was my thought as of that moment.

“About me, you know. Recently, my engagement got annulled. That’s why, for the time being, I don’t think that I could put any favour for any other person, or something?”

Once those words came out, all of us almost unable to swallow the breath in.
A woman was considered as disgraceful once her engagement got annulled, so much that she will never be able to show her face in public.
When I tried to confirm it with Rudo, he indifferently said that it was true.
It seemed that this girl was actually someone who struggled against the world.

I had always thought that all these noble’s women will never be able to live without their man, but it appeared that this girl had been working as a merchant in order to live independently or something?

What a self-reliant woman.

After that, I showed her around the ship, however, I could not hold my curiosity about the annulment of her engagement that I decided to ask her about it straightforwardly, which I soon realised to be a big mistake on my part.
I tried to apologize to her by giving her a necklace with a blue jewel attached to it as a present but she refused to take it.
I had never met such a woman like her before.
She confessed that she was a materialistic person, but since she admittedly said that she will not be able to sell it off, how could she really be considered as a materialistic person, right?
What’s more, she also told me that I am a gentleman and her laugh at that time made her appeared so brilliantly sparkling.

This woman was different.
She was different from those monsters I called women.
She was an intelligent and beautiful woman like the incarnation of the moon.
I wanted to know more about her.
Like Rudo, I wonder if I will be able to become her friend?
I escorted her around while pondering on such thought.

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