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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Red-name Online Player (2)


He Wei Linglong was reborn, and because of her rebirth, she had all the game data in her mind. Naturally, she was always one step ahead, taking opportunities that belonged to others for herself, and many people’s game fate was changed because of her rebirth.

However, Mei Zhi Ai Chi Rou Legion was not affected by the female lead’s rebirth—

Because they never relied on opportunities. In the game world, they always randomly robbed and attacked whoever they encountered.

They would target and exploit anyone they came across.

Yes, they were that audacious.

And in this life, Mei Zhi Ai Chi Rou Legion once again encountered the female lead. It’s truly a fateful encounter!

Although the female lead’s level was now very high, and she had successfully specialized her profession, facing seven experts ganging up on a pseudo-expert, the final outcome didn’t seem to be in doubt.

However, the female lead was still the female lead. With a halo over her head and the aura of a power-up, she always managed to turn the tide in the most critical moments.

That’s right, just as the female lead’s health bar was about to run out, it was so timely that another elite legion passed the incident scene.

And that legion named Róngyào jūntuán ( T/N: Roughly translated The Glory Legion)!

The Glory Legion is the number one legion in the Eastern region of The Zero Era’s game world, and their legion leader, Wú shàng róngyào (The Supreme Glory), is currently ranked first in the Eastern region of the game!

Of course, all these are not important. The most important thing is that the handsome and powerful legion leader is the object of admiration of Shui Jia Gu Liang!

It’s a pity, though.

The male lead is destined to be with the female lead, and he doesn’t have room in his heart for any other woman besides her.

When two equally formidable legions clash, even though the Glory Legion boasts dozens of elite members and the Mei Zhi Ai Chi Rou Legion has only seven members, a monumental battle becomes an unavoidable certainty. It’s within this clash that Shui Jia Gu Liang’s morality score plunged to a staggering negative 178!

As Xia Beibei read the storyline up to this point, she couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction.

It turns out that she had entered the story just shortly after it began.

Although the female lead had already reached level 60 specializing in her class, in this game world, the current level cap was 180. Hence, level 60 was just the beginning.

“Xiaoqi, why are you laughing so creepily all by yourself here?”

A melodious female voice suddenly rang out behind Xia Beibei, and before she could react, she heard another cold female voice whisper, “She’s just longing for a man. You see, as soon as she sees that Wú shàng róngyào, she can’t take a step away. She had the fewest kills yesterday!”

Xia Beibei: …

The real name of Shui Jia Gu Liang is Mù Qīqī, so “Xiaoqi” is a nickname her teammates use for her.

“Qi Yue! Mei Kai! Enough!”

Xia Bei Bei turned around and looked at the two teammates who had suddenly come online behind her.

A black-haired girl dressed in black leather armor and wielding a short gun, with the ID name “Qi Yue Wei Luo” (July has not fallen), a level 60 Huntress.

As a DPS (main damage dealer) of the Meizhi Ai Chi Rou legion, Qi Yue, charming and cute in appearance, is incredibly violent!

Xia Beibei instinctively glanced at Qi Yue’s character attributes: Morality value -284!

Goodness, she truly is remarkably fierce!

Now, let’s talk about another teammate, Mei Kai (Plum Blossoms Bloom). Mei Kai boasts an elegant appearance and a fair complexion as she adorns herself in a pristine white Holy Protectors outfit, presenting a delicate and pleasant facade—what nonsense!

In reality, she’s a cold-hearted and sharp-tongued individual! A real sharp-tongued one!

This is a catchphrase of a certain sharp-tongued player. As long as you have even just two drops of health left, she won’t heal you. Every time, she waits until you’re down to your last drop of health. Yes, it’s all about the thrill!

Compared to this Holy Protector, Xia Beibei finds her other teammate, a Shadow Priest, somewhat more likable, cough… well, just a tiny bit.

Because that little girl with the ID name “9 Gongzu” (Princess Ninth) often does some peculiar things. For instance, when fighting a boss, she might suddenly cast a petrifying spell that immobilizes you, leaving you standing there, unable to move. Then, you’ll helplessly watch as the boss sprays you with saliva. That feeling is incredibly refreshing.

Sigh, in short, there was not a single normal person in the “Meizhi Ai Chi Rou” legion.

Xia Beibei suddenly felt a bit down…

“It’s already nine o’clock.”

While Xia Beibei was silently complaining, Qi Yue, next to her, suddenly glanced at the in-game time. “Didn’t we agree to meet here at 9:00 today when we logged off yesterday? What on earth are Taiyang and others up to?”


Beside her, Mei Kai calmly lifted her eyelid and spoke in a cold, low voice, “Taiyang and Xiao 9 must be causing trouble on the way. That Běn gōng wēi pàng jué bì (This princess is only slightly plump without a doubt) is probably still attracting bees and butterflies on the road, and as for that Qianqian… if that directionally challenged and forgetful girl can find her way here, I’ll write my name backward!”

Qi Yue: …

Xia Beibei: …

(T/N: Mei Kai and Kai Mei are essentially the same in meaning, referring to the blossoming of plum blossoms. So slick, LOL)

Taiyang, with the ID name Shísān xiǎo tàiyáng (Thirteen Little Suns), is the leader of the Meizhi Ai Chi Rou Legion and also the main MT (monster tank) in the team. As a level 60 Conqueror, her health pool has reached a staggering 30,000 points. She’s a true tank, and even more bewildering is that this MT has astonishingly high physical damage output—truly versatile both defensively and offensively. She can tank bosses and engage in player-versus-player combat. In short, she’s an essential teammate for any occasion, and you deserve to have her!

As Xia Beibei was about to go over the profiles of every member in the legion in her mind, at that moment, the goblin mobs not far away suddenly dropped dead from a massive poison cloud, insta-killed!

“Xiao 9 is here!”

Qi Yue’s eyes lit up when she saw the dark fog, and sure enough, a figure in a dark priest robe walked slowly from the dissipating black fog. The newcomer was not tall, wearing a black hood of a dark priest and holding a dark wooden staff taller than herself. She looked cool and dark as if she could kill without mercy. However, the reality was –

“These goblins are disgusting.”

The black hood was pulled down by a fair and delicate hand, revealing before Xia Beibei’s eyes a stunning and radiant head of golden hair, along with an extremely fair and adorable, almost overwhelmingly cute young girl’s face!

9 Gongzu, 13 years old, level 60 Shadow Priest,

the magic DPS of the Meizhi Ai Chi Rou Legion.

Xia Beibei: …

She appeared so youthful, resembling a Barbie doll, yet she was among the top ten most wanted players on the entire server.

Looking at 9 Gongzu‘s good and evil value, it was actually negative 213!

Sure enough, as Mei Kai said, am I the only one in the entire legion with the fewest kills?

Suddenly, she felt so useless.

No, Baby needs to buck up! Baby needs to make a comeback! Baby aspires to become the number one killer demon in the entire server!

“Ding Ding”

Just at that moment, the internal communication of several people’s legions suddenly rang, and the crisp voice of the legion leader, Shísān xiǎo tàiyáng, could be heard from it—

“Damn! A group of idiots has surrounded our Fatty, and it looks like they’re going to molest him. Coordinates: Yongye Town (Eternal Night Town) X100Y726! Everyone, come quickly for a spectacle! I’m selling small stools and folding chairs in the front row, first come, first served!”

Everyone: …

Almost instantly after the legion leader’s words, several others immediately used location teleport scrolls to arrive.

Xia Beibei: …

What the heck!

You guys are so united! Well-trained! Tsk tsk tsk, watching a teammate being molested, the baby also wants to go!

So Xia Beibei immediately took out a teleport scroll and entered the coordinates Taiyang gave.

A burst of white light flashed, and when Xia Beibei regained consciousness, she found herself on another outdoor map inside Yongye town.

The dilapidated town was shrouded in the resentment of the undead, and at this moment, a large group of players had surrounded a player wearing black leather armor in the central street of the town. Xia Beibei glanced at the one surrounded in the middle, still calm and beautiful as ever, and suddenly thought of a classic narration:

This person’s beauty should only exist in the heavens!

One word: beautiful! (měi!)

Two words: a stunner! (piào liang! )

Three words: so incredibly gorgeous! (tài jìng le!)

Four words: captivating and enchanting beauty! (qīng guó qīng chéng!)

Five words—unfortunately, it is a guy! (kě-xī-shì-nán-de!)

T/N: I am crying for their long-game ID. My game ID is so simple… just six alphabets.

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