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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (14)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Thanks to Xi Tong Su, he can easily omitted the ten years of struggle and currently mixed with the status of the next line of male stars. 

It just that, for Ji Yu, he was not satisfied with his current status. 

He felt that he could stand taller and get even better… 

Of course, before he found a better choice, he was very satisfied with this fiancée of his. 

In the flashing light of camera, Tong Su appeared to be indifferent though inwardly she was feeling a bit helpless that she could not help but laugh bitterly. 

She didn’t think that she will be so high-profile. 

She had bought a white tube top dress for this event, but before she could wear it, someone sent a gift box to her. 

When she opened the box to see, it was actually a latest designer dress by the D family of Gao Ding!

“I asked them to redesign it from the original tube top style. You are still so young, don’t wear those kind of style which exposed everything.” 

Tong Su never knew that people can actually asked Gao Ding to alter their own design arbitrarily. When she curiously inquired about it, Xi Chen Zhou only replied.

“I already bought this dress.”

This seven-digit priced dress, if you say that you wanted to buy it, then, you just bought it?!

 And when he said that, it was certain that he had not used the Zsun’s group public account, but instead with his own money. 

Tong Su was speechless. 

Even when she was the movie queen in her past life, the dress that she used when she attended this kind of event were also borrowed from the brand. 

If they don’t agree with you, then you just going to buy that Gao Ding? There is only one sentence to say.

Big shot wealth, big shot improper conduct. 

“Miss Xi! Look over here!” 

“Can we have a picture between Film Emperor Ji and Miss Xi?” 

“Ah ah ah my idol!! My Ji Yu is a prince charming!! Male god, you must treat Xi Tong Su well. She is so beautiful. Both of you are born to be a pair!”

Whether it was a cameraman, reporter or a fan, at this moment, all of them acted as if they had eaten chicken blood and rushed to the front of the red carpet. They were also firmly guarded by the security guards on both sides of the red carpet. People could only hear the screams coming and going. 

Lan Shuer hated this so much that her heart was about to bleed. 

Seeing that Xi Tong Su adorned beautiful dress and received such a warm welcome, Lan Shuer’s eyes unwillingly revealed her hatred and inferiority. 

However, while looking at Ji Yu and Xi Tong Su who seemed harmonious with each other, Lan Shuer still had another triumphant feeling in her heart. 

-What is the use of being a”match made in heaven”? Tong Su, even if you are beautiful and your family life is good, as for your fiancé, isn’t he still ended up occupying my bed? 

The host glanced at Lan Shuer around and stammered a bit.

“We have already finished the interview with Shuer. There must be something that Shuer need to do tonight, right?” 

She was obviously tried to rush her out 

With Lan Shuer status, how could she be compared to Ji Yu? Everyone is more concerned to know about Xi Tong Su and Ji Yu! 

What’s more, there were also variety of “scandal” involving her before. Since Lan Shuer was suspected of being the third person, how could they let her continue to stay here? 

“My good friend is here, I am going to say hello to them, and then go inside together with them.” 

Lan Shuer decided to ignore the host implication. She continued to stand on the podium with smiling face, refusing to move and inch from there. 

The host could not help but chocked. 

Listening to her words, how much more time did she want to hog for an interview? 

After all, these three people were those who had been deeply rumored. If they were to be interviewed at the same time, there might be a huge explosion going to occur at any point of time. Since those three can help her to raise the ratings, she might as well used this opportunity to ask some question! 

The netizens who watched the live broadcast were even more excited that their whole body shaking up. They were busy taking out the melon seeds and sodas to accompany them. They stared at the two people on the screen who were walking down the red carpet, as the on-screen comments continued to be sent out in flurry manner.

“I am just waiting for the cat fight!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha we are all waiting for the queen to bump into that Xiao-san!! You all tell me, do you think that Ji Yu is going to protect his elegant fiancée, or that sexy little honey?” 

“Back off, netizens! They are just good friends! My family Yu Yu will never going to derail!” 

The red carpet was not long and before long Tong Su and Ji Yu already reach the end. As both of them walked toward the host and Lan Shuer, the on-screen comments were instantly on high drive! 

“High energy in front, preparing for a cat fight!” 

“Ready? Go!”

This is the end of Mass Release! See you next time~

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (13)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

In the blink of an eye, the flashes of camera that was originally shot towards Lan Shuer turned to the red carpet. 

The lights illuminated the two figures on the red carpet. At the same time, Lan Shuer also heard the host’s small gasp. 

“Too beautiful!” 

Whether it was the female staff member or the female reporter, their eyes could not help but looked forward as they stared at the two people who slowly walked down the red carpet. 

Ji Yu wore a dark blue suit, looking his usual handsome-self. However, at this time, everyone’s attention was not on his body but on the person next to him.

In regard to the exquisiteness and daintiness of their five senses, Xi Tong Su was obviously just a little bit higher compared to Lan Shuer. However, when it came to the elegance and full bearing of their momentum, Lan Shuer was completely crushed by Xi Tong Su by a mile!

The young girl that came with Ji Yu wore a gradient dark blue fishtail gauze dress which flashed like a little starlight under the light. From the shoulder that was concealed away with the dark blue fabric to the pale blue skirt, she seemed to be adorned with numerous stars on her body. As she walked around, the dress make her looked like as if she adorned a gorgeous river of star.

Usually, on the red carpet, many people opted for a deep-V dress. Some even wore a skirt with high slit. So it was rare to find a girl who wrapped herself tightly without showing any skin at all. 

Even so, the fishtail skirt had a close-fitting design which clearly hugged the wearer’s figure. 

If you are a little thin or a little fat, your flaws will definitely going to be magnified and become a joke to others.

In contrast, if the wearer had a perfect figure, this dress will infinitely magnify every advantage of the wearer’s body, and win people’s attention in the blink of an eye. 

That light and elegant gauze covered that girl ivory white skin. The dress also cinched her slim waist tightly. Instead of looking weak it make the wearer appeared to be youthful and lively. The fishtail design was simply exquisite as it outlined the curve, making it attractive and gorgeous to the eyes. 

If the sexy Lan Shuer in that black dress was considered as enchanting, Xi Tong Su in other hand was the moon goddess who descended upon the mortal world!

One of the popular net anchor could not help but exclaimed.

“This dress! This is the latest starlight dress designed by D house of Gao Ding! God, Miss Xi Tong Su is even more beautiful than the original model!”

Right at that moment, Xi Tong Su’s face appeared on the screen. At the time, many viewers were shocked into silence, but immediately after the exclamation from the anchor, as if they had suddenly pressed the play button, the comment section exploded in an instant. 

“Mom asked me why I was down on my knees!” 

“I knelt down to my young lady! How could she be this beautiful? I have no other choice but to call me crazy!” 

“I solemnly announce that I am now Xi Tong Su’s fan!” 

“She was obviously the best-dressed!” 

“But the starlight dress that I remembered was a tube top style … How did it ended up covering her from shoulder to shoulder?” 

“Hahaha, when I think of Lan Shuer, the reason she wore that sexy black dress, was obviously because she wanted to grab the hot search, right? Hahahaha she was simply shot down by Xi Tong Su!”

“Deputy Director Sun has some talent… but, compared with Ji Yu, his figure is far worse! Not to mention the dress, merely from the aspect of male companion, she was already being crushed, ah!”

“I want to know about those people who had been slandering Ji Yu for cheating, Ji Yu obviously already have a perfect fiancée like Xi Tong Su. Do you think he need to derail with someone like Lan Shuer? Do you think he is moronic?” 

Even Ji Yu eyes looked shocked at the stunning Tong Su 

Usually, on ordinary days, even when she went out with him, Xi Tong Su rarely wear any big-name branded item. She always wear ordinary dress that sometimes people will never be able to guess that she was actually a miss from a giant family! 

If it was not due to the incidental chance that he managed to learn about Xi Tong Su’s real identity during his university years, he will never took any initiative to pursue someone who dressed so ordinarily.

But now the facts proved that he did the right thing that year.

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (12)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

“Your mother is stinky! What’s wrong with our Yu Yu? Who said that he derailed? Those paparazzi could not even produce a photo’s evidence. He was obviously framed by them!” 

“The brain-dead fan is already here. Upstairs, please take care of yourself. I will burn paper for you next year.” (T/N: Chinese people burn paper during death anniversary, supposedly those paper are money for the soul to use)

During those heated debate, suddenly one “on-screen” comment jumped out and flashed across the screen. 

“Attention! Lan Shuer is here!” 

“Look at the red carpet, who did she come with?” 

“How – could it be him?” 

Soon, the two figures walked onto the red carpet. The camera started to flash as the reporters hurried up with excited expression.

Lan Shuer did not only arrived first, but she still arrive with a man- this is big news! 

On the red carpet, a pair of men and women came together. 

The man was about forty years old. He looked unremarkable. He had a hairless patch in the middle of his head. His body was also short with pot belly jutting out of his suit. With his small eyes, he looked extra greasy. 

The woman in other hand, looked good as she smiled brightly to the camera. She was tall and wore a black translucent tube top dress. The skirt was almost transparent, but it did covered all the key parts. It was obviously a big show. 

The comment section instantly heated up.

“Lan Shuer’s male companion turned out to be the Deputy Director Sun! Deputy Director Sun is working under Director Zhang who had won the Austria Award. Since she is climbing this high branch of Deputy Director Sun, is she going to enter the crew now?” 

“Lan Shuer was still pretty and her figure is also good! That skirt is so sexy!” 

“Who doesn’t know about Deputy Director Sun’s lasciviousness? She dressed up like that, isn’t that mean she wanted to please Deputy Director Sun ah… …” 

“Is Lan Shuer being unreasonable here? This is a fashion dinner, not a fashion show where people sold their flesh! Could not she paid some attention to the time, place and occasion?” 

“Ai, there are only few young model who have enough strength on its own. Lan Shuer is still OK, don’t be too harsh on her.”

“What kind of work does Lan Shuer have? What qualifications did she have to be able to attend this dinner? Obviously she was seeking to hold into a man’s thigh in order to attend this event!” 

Lan Shuer who showed up in a full of style dress and still appeared with a hot-talking male partner definitely cause a heated discussion among the viewers. Looking at the heated discussion on her, the other models around her showed unhappy expression. 

In particular, when the search index of Lan Shuer began to rise, the other female stars expression started to show some grievance. 

It was unknown if others felt afraid that they will be compared to Lan Shuer, however after Lan Shuer and Deputy Director Sun went up, no one stepped on the red carpet. 

The host was feeling awkward and without any other option, she moved the mic as she welcomed the two people. After a few routine words, Deputy Director Sun continued inside. 

Lan Shuer, in other hand, enjoyed the attention and wanted to spend more time on the red carpet and refused to leave. 

The host couldn’t help but curiously asked her. 

“Shuer’s style for today is definitely different from your usual style. We all know that Deputy Director Sun was working with Director Zhang and they will have a new drama to shoot in near future. Is this style related to the new play?” 

The word doesn’t seemed like a preface but more like of testing the water. It seemed to be a prelude to ascertain the fact whether Lan Shuer had entered the play by climbing on Deputy Director Sun. 

Lan Shuer totally basked under the flash of camera’s light. For a time, she had an illusion that she was the female lead and her heart was totally happy. 

But she quickly calm down as she took the microphone and smiled. She seemed to take a curve in answering the question.

“The female No. 2 of Director Zhang’s new play is a sexy singer. I like that character very much. But it doesn’t mean that I can play the character. Both of them are strict people, and each character have to undergone audition…”

“It seems that Shuer is still feel very confident. According to the rumours, in Director Zhang’s new play, the male lead will be the male stars Ji Yu. Recently, there were some rumours in regards to you and Ji Yu on the Internet. What do you think about it?” 

Lan Shuer was about to answer when they were a burst of cheers and shouting resounded in her ears as the camera started to flash brightly under the night sky.

“Xi Tong Su! Ji Yu! Xi Tong Su and Ji Yu are coming together!

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (11)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

After she hang the phone, the manager finally came back. He handed the hard drive in his hand to Tong Su.

“This is a copy of the elevator monitoring today. In order to ensure the safety of our hotel diamond VIP user, inside the direct elevator to the presidential suite, we implanted pinhole monitoring devices, only after you press the button for the elevator will it start to shoot.” 

Tong Su weighed the hard drive in her hand, her face was full of meaningful smile. 

It was because she knew this rule of C hotel that she was happy to put Lan Shuer and Ji Yu together inside the elevator. 

When Lan Shuer called her and asked her to open the elevator, Tong Su had also pressed the button for monitoring alongside with the button to open the elevator.

The manager continued.

“We do not play the content of your shot privately. This is the only hard copy of the surveillance video. Please take it away before you leave. If you need anything else, you can call the internal line.” 

After she arrived home from the hotel, Tong Su finally played the video on the computer. 

In the video, a pair of man and woman who were in the middle of kissing each other quickly appeared. They also appeared to examine the elevator carefully and after not finding any trace of pinholes’ camera, they were practically inseparable. 

Just before the elevator reached the underground garage, the two reluctantly part from each other, but they continued to entangle once they reached inside the car. 

“If this desire in the end let them to a ruin, they will surely go crazy after knowing it. If I don’t give them the illusion of [I have forgiven you] first, how can they relax their vigilance and give me [The way of treating others with their own way] opportunity?” 

Tong Su’s fingertip was tapping on the glass table as the smooth glass surface reflected her cool smile. 

Lan Shuer, Ji Yu. 

My revenge plan has started step by step. 

How about you guys? 

Are you ready? 

A few days later, on the eve of the fashion dinner. 

The media had long already prepared the draft for the event, but the time has yet to come. At one side of the venue, various media and studios were already waiting as they fight for the front row seat.

“We are the scene of the annual ‘Xinghua·Fashion Night’ dinner. It was reported that there will be a large number of famous people coming to participate tonight…”

The reporters were holding their mics and reporting in their live broadcast. Many stars had arrived at the scene one after another. From time to time, the reporters will show some kind of surprise expression and started to make dash for an interview.

But everyone understands. 

The few people who will receive the most attention tonight had not yet arrived. 

Almost all media personnel had prepared a number of draft templates that they will used for the news as they stared at the stars coming from the entrance. There were even few net red media anchors who openly made their broadcast live. 

“Our studio’s informant got an exclusive information. It seemed that the hero of the latest sex scandal, Ji Yu, will attend this event. As for the storm that might occur between this few individuals, our informant will surely be paying close attention to it ……” 

The on-screen comments started to fill up the screen.

“He is absolutely derailed, no need to deny it! I even believe that he had a good tendency for it and I already know how the news going to be, in the middle of the night, the couple practice the script for the play, it must be luminous indeed.” 

“I feel sorry for Xi Tong Su. Those people should be locked up in the pig pen. Such a good and authentic Miss Perfect. It was even said that they had been a couple since they were studying in the college. They already engaged, yet, the man started to derail now, ai.” 

“Lan Shuer is still Xi Tong Su’s best friend. Zezeze, it is a trend for a girl to seduce their own friend’s man, a! To even need for someone to guard against their own besties, that Lan Shuer who pretend to be like a lotus flower was truly a green tea bitch. What is the need to adorn herself like a fresh and pure person when she was actually a ghost who love to deceive other?” (T/N: Zezeze – The sound of clicking one’s tongue)

“Ji Yu obviously the one at fault. Right now, the entertainment circle is popular with this kind of fresh meat, shrewd mouth monkeys, and crafty-looking persons! You can even see the restlessness in his face, it is just a matter of time anyway!” 

“Hey, pay attention, upstairs poster. Ji Yu’s brain dead fan is strong ah. Be careful or else they might be eyeing you.”

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (10)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Tong Su felt very ridiculous. 

For Ji Yu to be able to climb to this position today was all due to him being able to pretend to be a well-behaved person as well as his skill in bending himself according to the wind without abandoning his pure and fiery youth personality.

In front of his fans, he was an unusually handsome idol with gentle and soft temperament with no lack of heroic spirit, basically a Mr Perfect; while, in the presence of powerful people, Ji Yu can bend his back to a hundred and eighty degrees in order to flatter them. 

“You just manage yourself. If you make another scandal, you can solve it on your own.” 

“Okay, Tong Su, you can be rest assured!”

The purpose for his coming had already been reached. Ji Yu also did not want to stay here any longer. After he got the answer, he still need to go back to contact public relations in order to plan his white-washing. 

Lan Shuer smiled and added on.

“Tong Su, then I am also going to leave.” 

Since Ji Yu came around she has become a side arrangement and no one cares about her. 

It was also because Lan Shuer’s face was thick that she did not showed any shred of embarrassment over it. 

Both of them left the suite and entered the elevator. 

Ji Yu wore a sunglasses and mask to disguise himself, and coldly said to Lan Shuer.

“We should stop meeting again in the future. I have already given you a chance to shoot a magazine cover. You should forget about that night.”

Just with a magazine cover and you wanted to get rid of her?

Lan Shuer sneered. 

All the things she spent on Ji Yu can be returned with a magazine’s cover? 

In your dream! 

“Ah Yu, I have a good ‘resource’ to show you this evening, are you not going to come to my house?” 

Lan Shuer looked at the person in front of her with a gaze full of charm and desire as she licked her lips. She looked intently at Ji Yu, as she inadvertently used her hand to pull the neckline of her dress down. 

“Look, this resource, do you want it?” 

A snow-white well-rounded peak was reflected in Ji Yu’s line of sight. 


Lan Shuer chuckled and leaned closer to him.

Her red lips were slightly opened. 

“Ah Yu, between me and Xi Tong Su, who is better?” 

Dark red brilliant lips and that soft and supple lily-white hands… Ji Yu’s mind started to reminiscence to the couple of days before.  Those secret days behind the close door, the day and night filled with sex and love, the beauty of that hand and mouth working together with him.

His adam’s apple rolled uncontrollably as he stretched his hand and pulled Lan Shuer into his arms. 

“Naturally you are better! You are really unrestrainable…” 

“Hey, Ah Yu, you see if there is any -” 

Ji Yu bowed his head to kiss that woman’s lips, and their voice started to become ambiguous. 

“No! I have look around for it for a long time. There is no monitoring devices in this elevator! If that wood Xi Tong Su had half initiative like you, will I still fall into your bed? How many man had you slept with before, your experience is so rich…”

“Heng, what are you talking about? I am not happy at all. Unless…. Since you are already familiar with the crew, can’t you try talking to them and give me some minor character to act? I can’t bear to be separated from you. The cast and crew will be confined once the filming start, you might ended up sleeping with other woman.”

Ji Yu’s thought was already focused with what he wanted to do with the woman in his arms that his mouth flatly wanted to agree with any of her request just to appease her.

“If you could not handle the character well, it will not be easy for me to put you in! Tonight, wait for me and let’s strive for self-improvement, n?”

While these two were stroking each other fire regardless of the heaven and earth, Tong Su who estimated that the two have already left turned off her mobile phones and sealed it in a bag. 

She called the front desk using the inline phone inside the room and asked the manager to bring the housekeeping up to clean. 

The things that Ji Yu and Lan Shuer used before, she didn’t want to see it anymore. 

It was better to go home directly. 

Taking advantage of the housekeeping to pack her things, Tong Su whispered a few words to the manager. 

The manager was obviously a little surprised. After calling the higher up, he handed the matter to the staff and went downstairs to get what she wanted. 

While waiting, Tong Su dialled Xi Chen Zhou’s number using the manager’s mobile phone.

The first sentence that she said was.

Gege, I suspect that there is a problem with my mobile phone. Can you ask the technicians in the company to check it if anyone has implanted the positioning and monitoring software in mine?”

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (9)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Ji Yu could no longer hide his pressing manner but Tong Su was acting exasperatingly slow.

“Since there is nothing, there is no need to go about it so urgently. After all, there is no photo taken anyway. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, the rumours will died down naturally.” 

Ji Yu in other hand wanted to immediately get out of the fire. Therefore, he forced down his irritability as he squeezed out a smile with the intention to curry a favour with Xi Tong Su.

“Tong Su, you don’t know. Although I am now a first-line male star, but the competition is very stressful. At the moment, Director Zhang was about to start a new drama [Chaotianzi], I wanted to audition for the male lead! Director Zhangwho took the Austrian award is a loving husband and he valued their relationship so much. Therefore, he also put a lot of stress on actor’s character and moral standing. But due to this rumours of me having an affair, my chance for the audition was no longer guaranteed. If I am able to take the male lead position, even though it will only put a step in my career but it will be a great help!” 

Lan Shuer who was watching Ji Yu’s fervent pleading from the side could not help but clenched her fist under her sleeves. Her long nails scratched her skin and made it bleed a bit. She look expressionless but her heart was full of hate that she could not wait but to burn that person in front of her eyes. 

How long did she plan to suppress her of everything? 

Her life was better than her. Her look was also better than her. Though she could easily hooked up her man and bring him to her bed, thinking that she had finally won their match, but in the end, Ji Yu turned his head, pushed her away, and went back to court Xi Tong Su!

Lan Shuer did not know that in the original plot, the reason why Ji Yu immediately get rid of Xi Tong Su was because he was already sure to win the male lead’s position. Since he already got what he want, there is no need for him to put any significant care on Xi Tong Su.

But now, Tong Su was not softened due to the Lan Shuer’s tears. Therefore, she also did not immediately take an action to post on her Weibo to clarify the scandal. She also did not spend any money to suppress the hot news which had cause the Zhang’s couple to hear about the rumours which led to their dissatisfaction with Ji Yu and thus demand for a re-audition.

Ji Yu was scared. 

“Tong Su, you must help me. I am your fiancé, I love you, and I can give everything to you!” 

Ji Yu’s good sounding word did not worth a shit. 

In fact, in his heart, no matter whether it was Tong Su or Lan Shuer, no one can compare to his career. 

He pursued Tong Su for her family’s name and resources.

He slept with Lan Shuer for her beauty and the stimulation that came from having an affair.

For him, woman, although they were like an icing on the cake, but if Xi Tong Su was gone, can he still add more flower in the future? 

Ji Yu took a cup of water and carefully sat next to Tong Su. 

“Tong Su, I swear, I will definitely clean myself in the future. I will not let myself being embroiled in this kind of rumours ever again! I love you so much, so will you help me again?” 

Tong Su looked at his hand which was holding the cup, thinking that just a few days ago, this hand had done so many unspeakable thing to Lan Shuer. She could felt sudden nausea rushing to her throat!

She dodged as she put a distance between herself and Ji Yu. 

Tong Su had seen enough of these two people’s fine acting.
She looked at Ji Yu and said coldly.

“There will be a fashion dinner party in a few days. There will be media coming there, so I will talk to them at that time. OK, I still have stuff to do, both of you can go back now.” 

Being a big miss has this kind of an advantage. 

If you don’t want to see anyone, just ask them to go straight away. You can do whatever you want, and you don’t have to worry about the consequences. 


Ji Yu’s heart could not stop his surprise. 

What is wrong with Tong Su? Didn’t she love him so much, that she can give everything to him? 

When he talk about the difficulties of the male lead audition, shouldn’t Tong Su immediately agree to help him to find the back door in order to help him win the role? 

How could she decide to only make the clarification with the media later on! 

She should instead take a close up photo of herself with them and then send a microblog to Weibo. This is the best way for them to clarify rumours! 

Ji Yu was puzzled and dissatisfied, but he did not dare to say it. He could only felt the wrongness in his heart as he nodded in agreement. 

“Oh, well, you should rest first. When we go to the charity dinner, let’s walk together on the red carpet. I will help you do the styling.”

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (8)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Lan Shuer hung her head and continued to cry as her eyes swept around the suite with envious gaze. 

The presidential suites of C hotel were both luxurious and comfortable. It has many large rooms and a big terrace with Nordic elements. Its design was further enhanced with precious furnishings and murals. 

The price for one night stay could reach up to five digits and Lan Shuer could never even imagine being able to stay here!

She believed that even now, well, even if she now was quite famous within the model’s circle, but whenever she went out for a shoot, she could only live in a standard hotel room arranged by the company. 

Even though the standard room in this hotel was also good but compared to the presidential suite, the differences was like day and night. 

Xi Tong Su was so rich and she was also her good friend, why didn’t she help her? If Xi Tong Su can live in the presidential suite, why not rent one for her too? [T/N Ah!! She is so brain-dead that I felt like killing her on the spot.] 

Anyway… those tens of thousands yuan was nothing to her. 

If Tong Su know what Lan Shuer had been thinking at this time, she was afraid that she will laugh directly at Lan Shuer’s face. 

Who gave her the cheeky air and courage to even think that kind of thing? It doesn’t matter whose money that was. Even if the condition of her family is good, she was not obliged to give it to anyone.

The reason the original was willing to help Lan Shuer was due to her sentiment. Even if she did not willing to, it doesn’t matter. Can you even ask others to spend money on you just to please yourself? 

Even if the original was a rich young lady but she had been living a simple life. Since she started high school, she had to live a hard life in order to become independent and has developed a habit of saving her money.

Whenever she stay at the hotel, she always booked ordinary room. Even if she lived in the presidential suite now, it was not because she booked the room on her own. 

Most of Xi Tong Su’s saving was probably already been used up to fund Lan Shuer as well as paid the tuition and living expenses for their three years of high school and four-years of university. 

If the original did not exist, Lan Shuer will most probably already become a drop out in high school. How could there be any opportunity for her to go to the college, enter the entertainment circle to make money, and mingling with the upper class? 

She could only say that her greed was insatiable like a snake who tried to swallow an elephant. You really did not have to give her any face.

“Tong Su, will you forgive me? I will never meet with Ah Yu again after this. I really didn’t want to dig your corner. Your family’s condition is so good, what’s more you are also beautiful. How could I compare with you? I just treat Ah Yu as my good friend’s fiancé…

Tong Su really could not stomach her lies that she immediately interrupted her.

“How do you know that I was here?” 

Lan Shuer’s heart tightened but she kept as soft smile on her face.

“Didn’t you show it to me… anyway, I thought that I should explained it to you in person, so I came directly…” 

“I showed it to you?” 

Looking at Tong Su’s faint smile, Lan Shuer felt somewhat uncomfortable and nervous. Her heart was beating fast, but at this moment, the doorbell sounded once again. 

When Lan Shuer heard the bell, she jumped up as she quickly ran to the door:

“It’s Ah Yu, I will open the door for him!”

Tong Su looked at her coldly as she pressed on the phone’s screen, thoughtfully. 

“Tong Su, you listen to my explanation. I really didn’t do anything that day, I am innocent! You have to believe me!” 

Ji Yu came inside the room in a panic manner while completely ignoring Lan Shuer. 

As for Lan Shuer who had opened the door, she ended up being pushed away by him so roughly that her expression was not very good at this time. 

For Ji Yu to be able to become a first-line male star, naturally it meant that his appearance was not bad. Even considering her past life, Ji Yu could still be considered as a top crop. 

–Tong Su might have seen many kind of man. However after being exposed to Xi Chen Zhou’s ethereal elegance, Tong Su could not help but evaluate Ji Yu as someone particularly ordinary. 

Tong Su held back her hand and stop Ji Yu from touching it.

“Why didn’t you come over and explain it to me immediately?” 

“I am afraid that you will be angry with me so I decided to wait for you to calm down first.” 


Tong Su could barely hide the sarcasm in her eyes. What with waiting her to calm down. It was clear that he wanted to wait for a few days until the rumours died down, before he dares to come to meet the original.

In the plot, he sent Lan Shuer back home with the taxi, but later, he drove his own car to Lan Shuer’s apartment. 

Three points came from the wine intoxication and another seven points came from the thrill of having an affair. This two quickly become one and without any hesitation started to have a sexual intercourse that night.

Ji Yu’s face was filled with a spoiling smile.

“Tong Su, I want you clarify this matter with the media. I want you to tell them that there is no such thing between me and Shuer. She is your good friend, how can I betray you with her? You should talk to the media quickly. If you speak on our behalf, it will become a good clarification to them.” The more anxious he was, the less she cared about it. 

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (7)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

“Come and have a breakfast.”

 Xi Chen Zhou turned to walk back to the dining room. He put the tray on the table. Light fragrance of the healthy breakfast could be smelt faintly through the unclosed door. Tong Su was tangled up for a moment before she decided to toss the quilt and jumped out of the bed. 

Anyway, even though she was wearing a pyjamas, it was actually a very conservative style. 

She went to the bathroom to wash before putting on her clothes. Xi Chen Zhou was already sitting at the table and looking through the newspaper. Once he heard her steps approaching the dining table, he put the newspaper down. 

“That surname Ji called you. He said that he wanted to come over and explain it to you personally. I asked him to wait downstairs.” 

Tong Su quickly swallowed the porridge inside her mouth.

“Ji Yu had come to see me? When?”

In the original’s memory, this brother of her had always hated Ji Yu. He also never hide his opposition in regard to Tong Su and Ji Yu’s marriage. 

In conclusion, in regards to Ji Yu, he had never showed him a good face. 

“Last night.”

Xi Chen Zhou had a faint look.

“Forgot what time it was, it should early in the morning.” 

So you let Ji Yu wait for the whole night? 

Tong Su was working hard to hide her gloating.

Well he deserved it! 

After breakfast, Xi Chen Zhou went to the balcony and made a phone call. 

A moment later he came back.

“I already told the related media that you will show up at the fashion dinner party. I already instructed them in advance to ask the questions that I have directly sent to their mailbox.” 

Tong Su was amazed. 

So fast? 

In her last life, even as a movie queen, she still had to find a way to build her relationship with the media. It also took a lot of effort on her part in order to get in touch with them. 

And he just need to make a phone call. 

It was enough to show how those people were ready to go beck and call for him. 

“Thank you brother.”

Xi Chen Zhou’s gaze turned softer. He reached out and touched Tong Su’s head as he replied faintly.

“You do not need to say thank to your own family member. We are not outsider. Ok, I am going to the company. If anything arises, just call me.”

Tong Su bid goodbye as he watched her brother went to the company. It didn’t take long for her phone to ring. Tong Su picked up the call and it turned out to be Lan Shuer! 

“Tong Su, I am innocent. I have nothing to do with Ah Yu. This was all rumours made by the media! I want to explain it to you in detail… You open the elevator for me, I will go up and tell you about it personally.” 

Each of the presidential suite in C’s hotel was equipped with their own independent direct elevators. Only the owner of the room has permission to let others to enter it.

Tong Su looked at the two buttons on the remote control interface. Her eyes flickered as she pressed those buttons.

As soon as she entered the door, Lan Shuer started to weep with tears like raindrops on a pear blossom.  (T/N – raindrops on a pear blossom: tear-stained face of a beauty)

“I didn’t expect things would turn out to be like this. I only went out to a dinner party, but ended up getting drunk that night. On my way home, I met with Ah Yu. So he took me home with the taxi and left afterward. You can ask the driver!”

It really can’t be denied. Lan Shuer was indeed beautiful. She had the kind of pure and innocent fairy looks. 

With her elegant, light green chiffon dress, especially in her crying state, she really looked doleful which easily made man to take their pity on her.

Tong Su was sneering in her heart. 

Lan Shuer’s words were arranged to be like an explanations, but she never denied her involvement in the rumours and only continued to make it sounded ambiguous.

She just mentioned that he rode the taxi with her and then left. Who knows where he went off to after he left? Later on, didn’t you met up with him? She didn’t even mention a word about it.

Tong Su kept quiet. Lan Shuer’s scheme was very deep. With the tears and her honestly distressed state, if this was seen by the original, it was estimated that she had long forgiven Lan Shuer and even began to comfort her. 

But why should she? 

Did Lan Shuer expect her to comfort her after doing such disgusting things?

Tong Su changed her position as she lazily laid on the chaise couch, playing with her mobile phone, before she replied to her.

“Oh, it turned out that he was a good person who like taking care of other people, only to be misunderstood in the end.” 

Lan Shuer who originally had been working hard to deliberately squeeze out some tears to increase her pitiful state became stunned. She did not expect that her action had lost its favourable effect and instead making Xi Tong Su ignored her! 

What happened? Did she really get mad this time? 

No, Xi Tong Su didn’t know that she had gone to bed with Ji Yu. Furthermore, the paparazzi also didn’t managed to take any picture. 

It was just a little groundless accusation. This idiot Xi Tong Su, it could not be that she really believe it right?

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (6)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Xi father and Zi mother started to reason with her.

“There is nothing wrong with the company, but you still need to be wronged! Mom and Dad will return to China now. See who will dare to bully you again!” 

Tong Su quickly interjected.

“It doesn’t matter, how can I be bullied by them? They can’t run anyway. Isn’t there a fashion dinner party in a few days? I will go and make my appearance there.When I see the media, I’ll use them to make a statement.” 

“Good! If you need a dress, just swipe your card. You don’t have to care if it is expensive or not.” 

When she got the greenlight from both of her parents, Tong Su smiled slightly as she continued to advise her parents to put their focus with the expansion of the business at America and not to return to China for the time being. 

She was not sure how much the original story will affect the current world. At least until she settled Ji Yu and Lan Shuer, she dare not letting her parents return to China on plane.

After hesitating for a long time, her parents reluctantly agreed, but they still continued to say.

“Then, we will not go back. But your brother will have to stay, let him take care of you… otherwise if no one is at home, we are not feeling at ease.”

The couple hesitated a bit because they knew how much their daughter hated her own brother. They were afraid that Tong Su will make a fuss about it. 

Tong Su smiled as her voice turned softer as she said.

“I’ve been tricked before and that’s why I don’t like gege. But now, I know that I was wrong. Gege is very good to me. He always helps me out so I like gege very much.” 

Xi father and Xi mother finally felt relieved. They reminded Tong Su to take care of themselves, pay attention to safety, and take a good rest before they ended the call. 

On the other side of the ocean, Xi father and Xi mother were incredibly excited. It was as if the honey pot was overturned and their whole hearts were soaked in sweetness. Their happiness seemed too impossible to be describe in words. 

“Baby did not only stop making raucous but she also started to be concerned about us. This is great. She is now sensible. Really like a grown up!” 

While Xi father and Xi mother were overjoyed, Tong Su who was still lying on the soft bed after hanging the phone, raised her head as her eyes contracted. 

She did not know since when he had been there, but at her door, that man stood there while holding a tray full of breakfast as he looked at her intently.

There were intricate scepticism in his black eyes, but people unable to see slightest emotion in it. Tong Su awkwardly grabbed her quilt as she made a tiny sound.

 “Gege, since when you were here?”

After a long while, that man’s thin lips finally opened slightly as he gently spit out a few words. 

“…Do you like me?”

That magnetic low voice was like a feather that fall into Tong Su’s heart. It made her felt itchy and soft, stirring tiny electric current that instantly numbed half of her body. 

Good, so sexy! 

In her past life, she had been rolling around the entertainment world for so long. Tong Su could even admit that she had been tired meeting all kind of handsome uncle, prince charming and also fresh meat. She had once said, that those who rely on the face value will not be able to fluctuate her heart anymore.

However at this time. 

She felt like laughing out loud at her previous self-righteousness statement. When she looked at the man standing at her door, her heart could not help but jumped out uncontrollably.

Unlike the late night last night, when the dim light only managed to highlight a fuzzy image of him, right now, in this midsummer morning, the sun that was shining through the curtains, scattered as it outlined his tall figure. 

She had yet to see his facial features, but his momentum equivalent to an imposing manner of dauntless mountain, and his strictness resembled the violent swelling river.

Under the thick sword eyebrows, there was a pair of cold black eyes. So much like a cold star, like a lonely moon. 

Tong Su could not see the half-hook smile on his lips, but his deep eyes make people feel inexplicable. 

He was in a good mood.

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (5)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

Tong Su woke up early the next morning.

She decided to call both Xi father and Xi mother. 

Her parents were busy with the expansion of their business in New York, USA. The time differences between them was 13 hours. Since it was now six o’clock in the morning, it should be late evening at that part of the world. 

After several sound of the dial tones, the phone was finally picked up by someone yet there were no sound coming from the other end. 

Tong Su knew that this was due to the cold war that the original body had with her parents. Because she insisted on having her engagement with Ji Yu, the original body ended up having a fallout with her family. 

In the original plot, Xi Tong Su had never yield. 

Until she was filmed and it was spread across the Internet, that her parents, finally in anger and worry, took a flight back to China. Yet, she was unable to see her parents ever again. 

How similar it was to her past life! 

When Tong Su thought of it, she could not control the pain in her heart as her body started to tremble.

“Dad, Mom, I am wrong, I have made you worry about me…”

On the other side of the ocean, the assistant of the Xi’s couple was stunned to see that the usual majestic chairman’s couple instantly became red-eyed. 

Xi father having a hard time to maintain his cold appearance. He, who was known as a chairman who never had any change in his face even while facing a financial turmoil that will affect the world’s economic, suddenly chocked up, as he slowly said.

“Now you know how worried your parents were?” 

After he said that word, he was suddenly being pushed aside by his wife who grabbed the phone from his hand before she started to chatter. 

“Baby, you are now finally willing to call Mom and Dad! How could a close family fight with each other? You have ignored us before. Mom and Dad are so sad… Fortunately, your brother had already informed us about that matter earlier. Otherwise, with you only calling us just now, mom and dad will be too anxious to sit still, ah.”

Tong Su was shocked with the torrent of words akin to a gun shots. 

At the other end, Xi mother continued to chatter.

“How are you doing now? I heard that you ended up fainting. You should let your brother send you to the hospital to check. Be sure to completely cure it! Did you meet up with Xiao Ji?”

Tong Su who finally had a moment to interject.


Xi Father suddenly become agitated.

“-No? Hey, is he still a man?! I have never seen this kind of thing. Really don’t know how to take any responsibility at all! Quickly dump that kind of man… No, your mother and I should come back to China. We can’t let him indiscriminately bullied you. Your mother and I will help you deal with him!”

Listening to the worried chatter of her parents over the phone, Tong Su tightly clung to the phone. There were a surge in her heart. So much that she could not help but felt that her eyes started to wet 

So similar! 

Really similar!

Xi father and Xi mother and her parents, Tong father and Tong mother from her past life as a [Genius actress], were so similar to each other. They were so concerned with her life. They wholeheartedly defended her regardless what other people’s thought of her.

“Dad, Mom, you don’t have to worry about me. I am very good. It is all good as long as you two are good. Don’t let me worry about you. There is no need to rush to come back to China. I am very good here, there is no big problem.” 

She swept the bad news under the carpet as she coaxed her parents until they laughed happily. 

At the end of the call, Tong Su did not agree with them to immediately break up with Ji Yu. 

“There is no concrete evidence in regard to his affair with Lan Shuer. If I am rushing to break up, it will inevitable provoke those netizens. The reputation of our company will surely going to be affected.”

The most important thing was that, Ji Yu was a first-line star and had a large number of brain powder (T/N: Die-hard fan). Unless it was a case of life or death, they will never believe that Ji Yu had derailed. 

Therefore, if she insisted on breaking up now, it will undoubtedly become a situation for others “to hit a person who is down.” 

If those brain dead fans were to take an action and let the reputation of their own group being discredited while causing the stocks to fall, won’t that be too disgusting?! 

Why should you hurt your own people because of those individuals? 

Didn’t you say that there is no evidence in regards to their infidelity? Well, she will find the evidence and let those keyboard warriors and brain powder see! 

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