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Dare ga Tame Chapter 15 [END]

Chapter 15: Part 10 [END]


Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

A clear blue sky. Such a lovely day that looked good for one departure. On that day, a black eagle will be flying away, accompanied by a flame fairy.

“Take care of yourself.”

The morning sun reflected on his shining black hair. Even though the thought of parting leaving you feeling lonely, however, our way of life was just too different. It can’t be helped. Neither he nor I could change our way of life.

“I will come here again, sometimes.”
“I will always welcome you to stay here.”
“I will send a letter to you sometimes.”
“I won’t reply though. Since I am not sure where I should send it to.”
“I know.”

Novua handed me a bouquet of lily-like flowers in the gradation from white to red. The scent of the flower was as strong as Winter Daphne.

“This is….”
“This is a flower known as Diana.”

The flower of Diana was said to have been dedicated by a King of a country to his future Queen when he proposed her. The Queen was told to accept the courtship because she was attracted by the King’s desire for her and the smell of the flower. Since then, it has been widely known that this flower will be given to a person whom you favoured to become your lifelong partner.

“I could not accept this.”
“Won’t you consider my feeling?”
“I would like to leave it to you, this heart of mine.”
“…. I understand. Well, then….”

I pulled out one flower and gave it to him.

“Then, I will also leave my heart to you.”


“…. Do you think that it is okay to leave it as it is?”
“E~ I don’t mind it, though?”

Yugu was staring at my face as he asked. But I had decided. This is the place where I am going to spent my life. So I decided not to follow Novua.

“If Seira okay with it, then so be it. For me, as long as you are happy, then I am also happy.”
“…Are you okay with this?”
“Do you mean Fiama? Of course. If I were to settle here, then I will not be able to satisfy her wish. Therefore, I could only ask him to do it instead on my behalf.”
“It is not only about Fiama. If you were to settle down here just for my sake….”
“The reason I start my journey was solely to find you. Since my purpose already been fulfilled, I don’t see the need for me to continue wandering around. My purpose is always you, you know? So what left is for me to remain here.”
“Is that so?”

I felt a bit relieved, looking at Yugu’s unhesitating eyes.  The contract that Yugu had with the fairy Fiama was quite flexible, so Yugu able to manipulate it a bit and let Fiama follow Novua instead of him. It can be said that Fiama could be considered as a perfect protective spell who can shield Novua from any danger that came with his occupation. As for Fiama, since Novua was someone who will never stick to one place, it will serve her purpose better compared to Yugu, who decided to settle down instead.

“Let’s do a lot of things that we couldn’t do in the past.”
“……There is only so much that I can do.”
“That’s not true. After all, I am a wizard with a rare kind of power.”
“You’re right.”

At those times when I go to the extremes. My hapless fate had given me a chance to follow another road until I finally made it here. And so, from now on.

The bell is no longer going to rung [For whom?] but instead [For thou].

I will live for myself.


A/N Sorry for making all of you wait. The final chapter is quite short, but this is the end. Thank you very much for your interest in this story from the beginning to the end.

T/N: So this is the end… Whoops, I am terribly slow… OTL…. Anyway, finally another novel down. Hopefully, I will persist with the remaining novels in my hand. Cheer me up guys!!!!

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Dare ga Tame Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Part 9


Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

A/N: The next two chapters will be posted continuously.

The scenario, for example, the loneliness that I felt was due to this world’s rule.

The fan disk was meant to provide relief or an alternative route.

Everything was not on your own will but rather a half-force suggestion coming from the storyline.

But then again. I wonder what this is all about.

After waking up as [me], I’ve chosen and decided to go on my way. I couldn’t make a complete divergence from the game, but if I think about it, I couldn’t also create an absolute deviation from the world itself. Thus, after several contemplations, this is the best result that I could come up with.

I need Seira, and Seira also needs me.

However, even if I was not here. There is still someone who will look over Seira.

Thus, rather than Seira, there is also someone who will be looking at me.

That was something that I understood. It was unfortunate to live a life obscure from the eyes of others.

“………. I guess that it is, I am really a loner.”

The sunset disappeared on the horizon in a blink of an eye. Once the sun went, this place will soon be surrounded by darkness, and the feast of stars will begin.

It’s better to go home early or else Novua and I will get lost in the darkness.

“At that time, if I were a bit mature…”

Novua, who was staring at the distance, suddenly uttered such words.

“…Will you take me away?”
“I will surely do that.”

There is no meaning to that. However, if there was such a future, I thought that it should be fantastic. Like the bandit route that was included within the main game. Looking at it, their everyday life was not filled with boredom but instead full of exciting moments.

“That will be totally awesome, ne.”

I could not help but laughed as I imagined it. Novua also laughed along with me before he turned serious once again.

“…. I don’t think that it was already too late.”
“Would you like to travel around the world with me?”

I was speechless as I could not gauge the significance of his proposal.

“For everything that I have been through with my father up until now, from now on, I would like to go through it with you. You might face painful things.  And surely, there will also be a lot of difficult times. But I want to show you the wonderful and beautiful things that this world could offer to us.”

I am not sure when, but somehow, my hand that was held within Novua palm and all his thought seemed to be transmitted from its heat and painful force.

The light in his eyes seemed to sway like a hot flame. I could not move my face away from his gaze.

“You might think it’s my atonement for the time that I could not rescue you from your desolate experience, and there are certainly some things that can’t be denied.”

–It just that. What I wish for is to see you always laughing.

A faint voice resonated inside my head. I could not get rid of it, nor could I fabricate it.

Deeply and intensely.

Slowly drowning me.

“You don’t have to give me your decision right away.”

So let’s go home for today. Novua, who said that, stood up. As I was about to release his hand, he reached out to me without hesitation. Under his urging, I placed my hand on his, and he pulled me up softly and gently on my feet. I was so surprised at that moment, and soon the two of us is on our way home.


I slumped on my bed once I was alone in my room. The bed creaked softly as it embraced my body gently.

Before I realised it, I was staring at my hand, which was held by Novua just now. His hand was big and rough, yet it was also warm and gentle.

I wonder to what extent does his word and action influenced by the game scenario. After all, I know nothing about the fan-disk actual content.

That facial expression, voice, and passion should be fake. And yet, why did my heart shake from all of it?

I had never experienced this kind of feeling since I was reborn.  Considering that my previous life was short, currently, I was stumped on which correct answer should I have been looking for.

I wonder if this a girl’s lovesickness or the deep affection one has towards the opposite gender, or simply because such a beautiful man was persuading me.

But no matter which one it was, I certainly remembered the joy that I had from experiencing it.

I don’t know if it was a sham or the feeling of atonement, or from where Novua’s thoughts came from, but I was delighted with the fact that he thought about me.

“After all…. This and that are two different things.”

Novua will never settle in one place. He will always travel around the world, accepting tasks from people who need him, without any regard for the danger he will face. Since his job didn’t restrict him to one country, therefore there will be no fixed residence for him.

In other words, following Novua was equivalent to leaving this place.

This beloved country of mine. The place that recognized me for who I am. The land which had accepted me as its own.

……How could I possibly leave?

That’s all there to it.

Even if you are worried about it, but the time will surely advance, and the sun will inevitably arise. As there is no unstoppable rain, there is also no sun that will not rise.

I’ll start working today with an eye-bag that doesn’t suit such a fresh morning. Inhale and exhale. For my proof of existence to remain here.

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Dare ga Tame Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Part 8


Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

The hill that was shrouded with the red coloured of dusk somehow gave you a sense of loneliness. As I was staring at the setting sun, suddenly, a long shadow settled next to me.

“I don’t think a woman should wander out all alone at this place at this time of the day.”

The man who stood next to me seemed to blend with the darkened sky. This hunter was my old acquaintance, Novua Enoch. This person’s eyes which had a similar colour as the sunset accentuated even more at this time of the day.

“Why are you here?”
“There’s something.”
“I see……”

Novua decided to stop when he looked at me, being unresponsive to him.

The sun slowly set on the horizon. The usual clear blue sky slowly basked in the colour of the night, and its depth seemed to be able to suck one’s heart into it. I wonder if the darkness in my heart was also like this? I guess so.

The shadow which had stood for so long finally sat on the lawn next to me. The profile of that person basked under the sunset appeared to be like a game character.

I wonder if there was such a fierce, handsome man inside there? I sit next to me as if he was entitled to it. The silent atmosphere between us surprisingly felt comfortable as I started to calm down.

“……You have a very desolate eye.”

Like rippling water, Novua started to speak in a quiet voice. His voice seemed to assimilate with the sound of the returning sea waves.

“When I was still young, there was one time when I was invited to a noble house. My father was a famous hunter, so it wasn’t an unusual occurrence. On that day, I also tagged along with him. Since he told me that they were about to have an adult discussion, I was then unceremoniously thrown into another room.

–There was a beautiful blonde girl with peridot coloured eyes inside. The bright and cheerful kid touched me without showing any fear or dislike towards me, who was a poor talker and had a scary face.

That was the first time that I see such a fresh reaction, so I was only happy. After all, I had never been able to talk to any girls of my age until then.

After a while, I finally noticed that there was another person in the corner of that room. A girl who seemed to be staring at a distant place, far away from here, with a quiet gaze. In contrast to a child who appears to be having fun in front of me, I couldn’t forget her eyes that seemed to contain nothing, be it unhappiness or dull feeling… “

I don’t know at that time, but now I finally understood.

“—you, why do you keep hiding?”

The twilight coloured eyes were staring at me like a piercing sword.

His gaze was so intrusive that I felt that it could peek into my heart. I could not help but felt being burnt by it bit by bit.

“That was the colour of loneliness. It wasn’t the kind of eyes that a child of that age would have. I’ve always been curious about it. But when I heard the story yesterday, I finally understand it.”

I was drowning in the sea of thought as I listened to Novua’s low and clear voice.

A~ I was also there.
There is someone who properly looked at me
A person who really cares about me.

I never felt lonely since the time I recalled my previous life’s memories; however, I indeed felt lonely before that.

Even though those memories were so fleeting that it remained forgotten at the corner of my mind.

——-Even if it was only a game scenario.


“The truth is, you know… You are actually a heroine.”

As soon as the word spilt out, Yugu started to laugh.

“You-…. More like [Seira], you know, is a prevalent character, so there had been many voices that been requesting the game developer to provide an alternative storyline for her. Those huge demands were finally resulting in this fan disk. That why that young boy who had been involved with you wait… Novua, right?… Therefore, it decided that the childhood friend will be [Seira]’s partner.”

Since the fan disk itself was not something initially planned by the production side, and they also need to change the heroine in it; therefore, the developer had to think of a new character for Seira’s partner. As a result, a character that will not clash with the main story yet was not mentioned in it was finally born.

So that is the reason why I didn’t know the existence of the Third prince. Both in my previous life and also in my current life.

I am not sure if it was due to the force of the game or whether it was due to the flag properly stood up that I finally met Novua or that Elliott finally appeared in front of me.

“E~ even so, I did meet with Yugu……”
“Ma~ it might come initially due to the game’s effect, but if you ask me, it was actually [fate]. After all, no one could predict that I will be reborn as [me].”

I was amazed that Yugu could say such a thing with unconcern expression on his face. I know that he acted in such a way for me who had been looking at him in an apprehension manner, so I decided to ease the situation by saying [ If it were the real Yugu, he would be even more cooler, right? It is a pity that I could not meet him].

Fiama-san, who had been listening to me also said, [That’s a pity, right?], and I thought I could really get along with this fairy.

Yugu, who had been told as such, looked a bit pitiful, but he seemed to bounce back to normal immediately, so I guess he was okay.

“But it was only due to fate that we were able to reunite in this way.”

I nodded gravely at Yugu’s earnest words.

“That’s true. Even though the two of us had changed, however, it was a miracle that we could meet each other again.”
“I also think that I’m lucky to see this kind of miracle. I had never experienced this kind of thing in that boring fairy world.”
“As your contractor, I was happy to hear that. I felt like I have been taking advantage of your power all this time.”
“It’s a cheap exchange.”

It looked like the two of them have a friendly master-slave relationship, and I felt somewhat relaxed.

So I continued to talk with them for a while. However, since I still have various chores to complete, I left their room after bidding my goodbye.

After I left their room, I took over the work at the reception desk. Today, few people were going in and out; therefore, my mind had been drifting over the information I just received.

The situation that I had before remembering memories and the future that I planned after remembering it.

No matter where I go, my life was still affected by the game force.

Such as the memory of my previous life, or the existence of my best friend. Even though there were some irregularities, but in the end, I really couldn’t escape from the game spell as intended. Thinking of this, my heartfelt stuffy.

I wanted to follow my path, and using the scenario I was finally able to leave that country.

However, the scenario still followed me until here.

Where on earth is my freedom, I wonder?

The more I thought about it, the more unbearable I felt.

Therefore, after I finished with my work, I decided to head towards the hill at full speed.

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Dare ga Tame Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Part 7


Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

A long day finally over. After completing all the tasks for the day, it was finally time to sleep. However, despite having to wake up early tomorrow, I decided to think about my future before going to bed. With that, I took out my pen and spread out a paper in front of me as I started to layout my thought.

For a start, I think that I had managed to avoid somehow the Prince’s route which could be considered as a big headache. I won’t say that there will be no chance for him to appear in from of me again in the future, but I hope that I will not have to say those kinds of outlandish words ever again.

Even so, I wonder how he knew about me when I never have aware of Prince Elliot’s existence beforehand?

No, that person is a prince. Therefore, it was not strange if he knew about my elder sister and me. Instead, he might have been sympathizing with me because he knew of my situation.

I wonder why I did not know of this earlier on. Was it the prerequisite notion of the Otome game’s world? Or maybe because I had never been bothered to look around that I somehow missed the sign……

That’s it. Speaking of the game world, this place (or should we said this country?) is the setting for the Love Labyrinth fan disk, but what exactly did it mean by that? When we talked about fan disk, it usually contained a new story based on the main story. Sometimes it also tells the story of the character that could not be caught in the main story, but……

Therefore, the [play character] should also be the same one as the main story which was my elder sister.

……No way, this should not be a reunion flag, right? It can’t be….

This felt somehow different from the current game; thus, I cannot predict what is going to happen next. Uwaa……

I didn’t want to think deeply about this any longer. I decided to ask the only person that I could extract more information on it tomorrow before I determined my next step. It was by no means that I plan to sweep the matter under my bed. This is a strategic withdrawal on my part, okay!


Next morning. Prince Elliot and his vassals finally left this country. It seemed that he was initially on his way to study abroad; therefore, he needed to rush to his destination. Apparently, he heard the rumours that I was here, so he decided to make a pit stop en route and looked for me.

I wonder if his purpose for side-tracking was to look for me or he just wanted to look at this country……

Anyway, after having a simple breakfast prepared by me, Prince Elliot told me [Let’s meet again, Seira] with the tone of voice that seemed to be hearty as he walked away refreshingly.

He came and went off like a storm.

I don’t want to see him anymore since it will make me remember of that country and my black history. However, as a person who had expressed their goodwill, I’m reluctant to abandon him. Therefore, if he were to run away like me, I felt that it would be good for me to provide him with a place to escape. Yet, in my opinion, it best if I will never have to see him again.

That afternoon, I finally have a little break. After informing Okami-san, I made my way towards Yugu’s room.

Since I already confirmed that Yugu was in his room, I swiftly knocked and called him from outside his door.

“Yugu, this is Seira. I have something to ask you. Do you have time now?”

Some noise sounded from inside the room. As soon as the noise stopped, the door was opened from inside.

“You are Seira, huh. The person that my Master had been looking for. I wished to meet you myself.”

A beautiful woman with vermillion hair greeted me.

The atmosphere of each room depended on its occupant, though most people will not allow others to enter without permission. After being greeted by that lady, I entered Yugu’s place, which filled with drawn-out magic circles, robes, magic potion’s material, and many other strange things lined up on the floor.

When he checked in yesterday, it seemed that he had a piece of light luggage on him; therefore, I was curious to see stuff piling up inside the room. I kept thinking of it as I looked around the room.

“Etto~ we did meet for the first time yesterday, right?”
“That’s right. Ah, thank you for the delicious breakfast.”
“I am honoured with your praise.  I came right now because I do not have time to talk to you in the morning. Is right now okay with you?”
“It’s fine with me. Ah, I should introduce her beforehand. This girl is my contractual fairy, Fiama.”

Fiama was a beautiful lady with warm coloured hair like candlelight and glossy brown skin. When she first entered the inn, I could not see her appearance since she was shrouded deeply in her hood. Since earlier on, I had thought that she was indeed a beautiful person… no, that wrong, she was a beautiful fairy.

“Once again. Nice to meet you, Seira.”
“Nice to meet you too, Fiama-san… Is that okay with you?”
“Fiama is fine. There is no need for such courtesy.”
“Thank you.”

Fiama, who was laughing [ufufu], looked so sexy. No matter how long it is, I will never be able to act like her. Honestly, I felt envious of her.

“Now that we’re done with the introduction, what kind of things you wanted to talk about?”

I didn’t come here to talk about anything. I decided to jump straight to the issues at hand.

–However, before that.

“Yugu…. I wonder how much Fiama knows about this….”
“A~ that girl knows about everything there is. She also knew that you were my best friend from my previous life.”
“I see. Then I can talk about it without any hesitation. I would like to know about this fan-disc that you mentioned yesterday.”

Yugu looked at me as if he was already expecting my question. I wonder if he was already predicted that I would come to see him about this. Of course, I also wanted to ask Yugu about his previous lives as well as the journey that he had after coming here. However, if the reunion flag [my older sister] were predestined to appear soon, I would like to break it as quickly as possible.

I managed to avoid the Prince (?) route somehow, but it seemed that this was not the end of it.

Yugu started to talk with a slightly mysterious expression on his face.

“You know, that was…–”

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Dare ga Tame Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Part 6


Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

T/N: It has been a while.

By adding something like a synopsis to the main story, I wonder if it will make it easy for the reader who had not read this for a long time to catch up with it….

For your patience, right now, I offered you my apology. I am deeply sorry.

“I am sorry for taking a long time.”
“It’s okay, no problem. Welcome home.”
“I am back.”

As soon as I arrived at the inn, I passed the basket containing the ingredient to the head chef and returned to my daily task leaving the two people who had been tagging along with me.

I picked up the laundry hung under the sun at the backyard while mulling over the event that had happened in the last few hours.

At first, when I was out on an errand, a self-proclaimed prince suddenly came out of nowhere and proposed marriage to me. When I thought that he was too persistent about it despite my refusal, I was saved by a red-haired man. Before I could immerse myself in the feeling of being relieved, that man suddenly told me that this world was an otome game and he knew my real identity. While I was listening to his story, I found out that this person was my best friend from my previous life and it seemed that she reincarnated into a different gender.

Should I feel happy that I was able to see her again, or should I feel aggrieve from knowing that my best friend from previous life had died? I don’t know what to think of it……However, with all said and done, in the end, I was still delighted that we were able to meet each other again.

While the two of us continued with the shopping trip, the people in the town seemed to have mistaken that my best friend from the previous life, now known as Yugu, as my boyfriend. While I was feeling embarrassed that those people had mistaken my relationship with my long lost best friend, Yugu, who had been observing the situation happening to me, suddenly told me that this world was the world that existed within the [Love Labyrinth]’s fan-disc.

I could not help but scream inwardly. To think that the game curse continued to follow me for so long. Right here at this place. That kind of feeling.

“Ha… I wonder how I should proceed from now on.”

I could not help but gripped the sheet that I just took down from the cloth’s line as I exhaled. My future looked dark, and looking at the exaggerated twist, I did not even know from which angle should I approach to solve this problem. In the first place, my heart itself could not also keep up with the situation yet.

“That’s easy. You should follow me back to our country.”

I was so shocked. Suddenly a sweet voice rang beside my ear. I was so deep in my thought that I did not realise that someone stood behind me.

“Could you please stop appearing from behind my back, Prince Elliot?”
“You already remember my name? I am happy, Seira.”
“……Ano, please move to the side.”
“Aa, even your cold attitude looked cute.”

I really can’t have any conversation with this person.

“Your highness, what are you planning to do with all of these things? Well, no matter what your plan is, I am not going to return to that country, absolutely not.”
“You can go home. Even if you did not have your last name, but once you become my fiancée, you can continue being a Seira, a girl that I met, and fell in love while on a journey. Therefore, there will be no problem at all.”

No, there will be a problem, for sure. As a prince, for sure, he needs to attend various social occasions. This will require him to bring a partner, which means that I need to appear in public with him. Of course, at those events, the crown prince will also attend it with his wife who was also my elder sister. The relationship between my elder sister and I was one between a victim and its perpetrator. Because of that, I ended up being banished from that country. Thus, we will inevitably end up bumping heads with each other.

Putting this big problem aside, is there anyone who will be convinced that the prince will choose his fiancée from among the commoner?

How could he even consider that it will not cause any problem when the suggestion is a problem in itself? This prince, I wonder if his brain is a garden full of flowers?

“Fufufu, even though there seemed to be a lot of hurdles, but in fact, there is nothing much need to be considered of.”
“…………. I will ask you once. Why did you insisting that it will be alright?”

A mysterious smile suddenly graced that red lips, which looked like a freshly picked rose. Looking at it, I could feel myself trembled. I suddenly felt that I was drowning in deep darkness.

“I will confine you so that no one will be able to see you.”

That. Was. Not. A. Good. Reason. At. Al!!!

So stupid! This prince is an idiot! It was so important that it needed to be mentioned twice. (Abbr.)

“For me, I never care about being a prince. Nobody ever cares about me. After all, I am the third prince…. I could not even become a spare. Therefore, regardless of whom I married, no one will ever care about it. If that is so, isn’t it better for me to marry someone that I like? Is it to extravagance for me to wish that?”

Wow. When I heard, he talked about it…. I could feel a tug. Those words resounded so much to me. Because I know that feeling, I could not help but felt a little bit sympathy with him. I was also unneeded and unwanted in the past.

–Fortunately, I was able to jump past that barrier. However, unlike an aristocrat lady, a [prince] might not be able to act like that. Even if you were unneeded, as a prince, he might not be able to run away from his title.

Thus, I understood the feeling of wanting to obtain your happiness and connect with the people that you like.

But why me? More than me, there should be some other people…. No, maybe because I am also like him, thus….

Really, this prince was an idiot.

“…… Your highness.”
“What is it, Seira?”
“I cannot give a positive answer to your feeling.”
“……. Why?”
“That was because we are too similar to each other. Our darkness is.”

Maybe, for now, it was enough. The Prince and I can help each other by licking our wound together. After all, I am sure that I have the best understanding of the Prince’s emotions. But if we continued down the road, neither of us will be able to escape from the darkness. I could easily imagine the future the two of us will have.

For that kind of lukewarm future, I am sorry for declining it, but I also believed that this was also not a good thing for the prince.

In addition to that. Because I already went through it, there was also something that I am aware of.

“You are not as lonely as you think.”
“After all, don’t you have a vassal who continues to follow you up to this point?”
“That is because I am the prince….”
“Is there a useless prince who got this many people under him?”
“But still.”
“……. Such a thing as. I could not persuade you since we barely knew each other. But I don’t think that my impression was wrong. There should be a lot of people who still need your presence. It is just that you are not trying to look at it.”

Though it was not my place to say it. Still. If I had someone who will say those words to me in the past, maybe my future will change from the current one. Because of this, I could not help but advised the prince as such.

I am not sure if the Prince could accept my advice of not, but he was in silence as he contemplated it. His eyes no longer looked as gloomy as before. I wonder if he found the answer that he needs?

“Additionally, it might be wrong for me to say as such…. However, at that time, if you still could not find it, you can come here to see me again. This is my home, and this is where I will live my life. That country was no longer my place to stay. That’s why I could never return there with you.”

The Prince’s gold hair burned red under the setting sun. It was the nostalgic colour of my home country. A colour that I could not return to. That colour was my hope. I do not regret being banished; after all, I don’t think there was another way for all of us to continue.

I can’t do much as of now. But I think that this was the best result of my situation. Yet.

The prince was still in a crossroads where he can choose another option. For that reason, I should never gamble on this matter.

“…. I understand. If Seira said so, then I will put more thought on it. If I still could not find it, then I will come to see you again.”
“Ara~ even then I will still refuse to form an intimate relationship with you.”
“Ha…Ha… Seira is truly a cold person.”

I don’t know how this prince lived his early life or his upbringing. I don’t know anything of it; however, I knew a little about the darkness that enveloping him. I am sure that his life experience was close to mine. I think that’s why he saw the light in me.

I want someone to understand me. I want you to pay attention to me. I want you to put your gaze on me. Such thought will continue to pile up and eventually overflow and ended up distorting from its original form.

“Ne~ Prince Elliot.”
“What is it, Seira?”
“You will surely find your happiness.”

It will be okay. Since I am also fine right now. For you who are like me, I am sure that you will be able to find your happiness as it should be.

T/N Continuing little by little

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Dare ga Tame Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Part 5


Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

T/N: Finally… Finally I finished with this novel!!! Dang it… It took me such a long time… Sorry for being tardy about it.

Someone might have been wondering why I have been missing for a month or so. Anyway, as you know, I am currently being a NEET and seeing me so lazily staying at home, I was signed up to attend a short course on fashion designing. Why won’t you let me become a rice worm ah… I am tired of pursuing my education from Degree to Doctorate already… OTL

Anyway, the class start at 8.30 and end at 4.30. 5 days a week. Plus with travel and preparation time, I was basically died by 9 p.m. Thus the lack of updates.

I also subscribed to a premium version of Grammarly. Hopefully, it will properly proofread the translation.

Anyway, please enjoy the ending of this novel.


The black-haired guy pointed by Yugu seemed to be aware of our stares that he turned his back to look at us.

Eh? Did he call out my name just now?

“Seira! Seira from Seychelles’ country? Don’t you remember me? I’m Novua. Novua Enoch! We met once when we were young…”

Novua… Why is that, I felt like I have known this name somewhere. But my memory felt hazy, and I could not recall it. In fact, since I left Seychelles, I could not remember much about the memory I have in that country. Perhaps this is what those Japanese means by the effect caused by stress and trauma.

While I was pondering on it, Yugu, who had stood beside me watching, suddenly struck his palm as he continuously muttered [Un…un].

“I see, I remembered that such a setting was included in the fan-disk…. Seira, don’t you remember it since it was after all real experience to you?”
“Is that so……? I could not remember much because I did not want to recall anything related to that country, after all.”
“A~…… I see. Then, it could not be helped, I guess?”
“But, that name sounds familiar to me. So I might have met him somewhere somehow.”

That’s why I have been staring at that man— I mean Novua-san continuously.

There were not many people that I knew had a combination of short black hair with mysterious dusk-like brilliance eyes. He was taller than me by one head and one fist higher than Yugu. There was also a giant sword that looked domineering… A large sword?

That’s right! This person has the kind of sword that I have seen in a hunter that I met before…. I was a hunter that I met previously in that country a long time ago. At that time, I felt that I was so overwhelmed by the size of the sword that I felt like that I will be crushed by it just like that….

“Ah! I remember!”
“For real?”

Yes, yes. That’s right. It was when I was still in the age of a single digit. I was impressed by the size and beauty of the sword that belonged to the hunter who had visited our residence before. There was a boy who followed the hunter, and my sister and I had spent our time playing with him for a few days while he stayed at our home. It was unusual for my sister not to outcast me at that time.

It had been a long time since I last saw him, and like memories drown out with time, I ended up completely forgetting about it. Or rather, it was weird for that person to remember things that happened a long time ago.

Probably looking at my questioning expression, Novua [I’m pretty sure that he is the same age as my older sister, I wonder if it is okay to address him without an honorific] muttered as he rubbed his nose in embarrassment.

“…For me, you are my first love, so.”

While I was still trying to digest his confession, Yugu ended up being the first person to react against that revelation. With Yugu looked at me with a knowing look, I could not act as if I forget about it. It seemed that the person in front of me is the additional capture target from the fan disc mentioned by Yugu earlier… At any rate, the other party was already decided earlier on. It was my older sister.

Good grief. To that my sister’s curse or rather the game curse will follow me until here, I could not help but feel fed up with the situation.

…. To be honest, my heart thumped a bit when I looked at Novua’s bright eyes when he confessed I was his first love. If I were still bounded by the scenario, for sure, it would feel like a transient dream. An impossible delusion.

“Now that we are talking about it, is your father still doing well? I remember that sword was something that he brought along in the past, right?”
“A~. My father immediately retired as a hunter once he passed down the sword to me. He had been travelling all over the world all this time, but now he was contented to retreat and spent his time with my mother, living the world of two people.”
“Ma~ I am glad hearing that.”

To me, who suddenly trying to veer off the conversation to another topic, Novua earlier enthusiasm dampened as he stuttered a bit as he answered my abrupt question. Novua’s father, Vuan-san was a tall man like Novua. He was a wonderful uncle with a toned and muscular body. 

I wonder how many years will it take for Novua to become a wonderful muscular man like his father was? 

“That’s right, what are you doing in this county…. Seira? After all, you are a Duke’s daughter.”
“…. A~. Isn’t it? There is no way for you to know about it, after all.”

That kind of internal dispute, was it? Anyway, I quickly gave him the rundown of the event that lead to my banishment. As Novua listened to my story, his face kept changing colour from red to blue.

“For such things to happen back then….”
“I’m sorry, okay. I have stained the once beautiful memories you had with us with this revelation.”
“No. You don’t have to worry about that. Now that I know about it, you sure have it hard, Seira.  At that time…. I am not even aware of it.”
“I’m fine. After all, you did not stay there for a long time. Since you are not in the know in the first place, therefore, it was not weird for you to be ignorant about it. However, since I already left that country, I finally become free from it.”

I smiled as I comforted Novua, who appeared to be depressed somehow. You did nothing wrong, so there is no need for you to show such expression on your face. After all, I am the villainess. This is naturally my ending. What’s more, it was the result that I wanted the most to happen.

“A~ That thing, Seira.”
“Ah, Yugu. I am sorry for leaving you all by yourself. What is it?”
“Don’t you think that we should rush home now?”
“That’s right! The sun is already leaned past our heads. Novua, the two of us are going to head back to the inn. What about you?”
“A~…. Un, it seemed so. I guess I will tag along with you then.”

While glancing at Yugu, Novua nodded in assent to me.

I need to get home soon! As I started to move forward, I was unaware that the two-man who walked behind me were glaring at each other enthusiastically.

T/N: Regardless of Novua, Yugu acted more like a guardian or a watchdog rather than having a romantic feeling towards Seira. For now, at least.

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (24)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N: Plz comment on any mistake. I will edit it ASAP.

Why are you so happy?

Is it because of that person is in the crew?

Because you can finally enter the crew and see your fiancé?!

Xi Chen Zhao who had always been proud of his restraint, suddenly felt that he was facing a great challenge to control himself.

Because, when he thought of that possibility, a kind of anger and anxiety that could not be restrained filled his heart.

He is not happy.

Very unhappy.

He genuinely wants to. He absolutely wants to – he wanted to let the world no longer have that man. To never let her see that guy ever again!

“Why do you want to become an extra?”

“I have never been an extra, so I am very curious about it.”

Tong Su gently pulled his sleeves; her apricot eyes were sunny and bright. Like the black pill in the mercury, the black against the white was clear and vivid.

Gege, I really like it!”

Even though he was unhappy but after looking at the radiant light in her eyes, he still nodded.

“Well, if you want to do it, then you can try it.”

Tong Su happily nodded again and again.

Gege, you are so good!”

He gently touched her head.

The person in charge was already shouting for everyone to gather to enter the crew. Seeing that Tong Su hurriedly told her goodbye to Xi Chen Zhao.

Xi Chen Zhao took his phone and dialled.

“…… Start the acquisition of a suitable entertainment company. Prepare the broker and marketing team.”

The subordinates on the other side of the phone were extremely shocked.

“Xi-zong, is our company going to advance to the entertainment circle? Would you like to hold a meeting with the board of managers to allocate the resources?”

“No need, I will provide the resources myself. I don’t want the group to be involved in this. Whatever is needed for a person to debut, you just need to arrange it immediately.”

There was no need for the big company to have their hand in this. He alone able to support her. Even if she just said it in passing, he would still like to prepare everything for her in advance.

Of course, the most important thing was.

It will be more convenient for him to isolate her and that man.

Tong Su did not know that her brother had set a brokerage company solely to serve her just from her careless remarks.

As for her, the reason she wanted to enter the crew as an extra was to complete her task.

Ji Yu had secured a position for Lan Shuer in the crew.

In the plot, Lan Shuer had used the drama [Chaotianzi] to ruthlessly pit the original.

It was the classic “slain by borrowed knife.”

She borrowed the knife from Director Zhang and his wife, and the person who killed in this scuffle was the original. Director Zhang and his wife were the famous and loving couple in the entertainment industry. Director Zhang was a well-known director while his wife was the screenwriter. This drama “Chaotianzi” was a costume drama that had been remade based on the historical fact. It was a drama that the husband and wife had carefully prepared for several years.

When Mrs Zhang accidentally saw the image of the original, she felt that Xi Tong Su was very consistent with a certain role in her script and wanted to invite her to appear in the drama.

The original owner was from a rich family; therefore, Mrs Zhang could not find a connection to contact her. Thus, she entrusted the scripts to the at that time, “Miss Xi’s best friend” Lan Shuer, to convey the invitation.

Will Lan Shuer sincerely passed the message?

How could that be possible!

Lan Shuer hated the fact Mrs Zhang valued Xi Tong Su. Therefore, she decided not to say anything to Xi Tong Su and immediately reported to Mrs Zhang.

“Ai. she is the eldest daughter if an affluent family. She is not willing to enter this circle. I have persuaded her saying that this script was extraordinary. But Tong Su…. Tong Su really shouldn’t. But the implication is that she didn’t like your work and she also not interested in it so she flatly refused.”

Mrs Zhang’s character was so popular so how could she swallowed this kind of insult.

After the release of “Chaotianzi, it got so popular that the media were chasing after them continuously. At that time, Mrs Zhang had spoken at the press conference about this incident thus letting the original experience inhuman net violence.

The original owner, therefore, had suffered from depression.

Net abuse, her parents and brother died, and the group went bankrupt. Under these triple pressure, her severe depression broke out and the original finally could not stand it and committed suicide.

Tong Su eyes’ cool down and looked frivolous.

In the original plot, Lan Shuer had pushed the original down, step by step.

This time, it’s time for her to taste the flavour of reaping what one has sown as she sent her down to hell!

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (23)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N: Plz comment on any mistake. I will edit it ASAP.

Within a month, Xi Chen Zhao able to complete a project worth nearly 10 billion yuan, and in the same duration of space, it can also allowed Ji Yu and Lan Shuer to squeeze themselves in into the cast of Zhang Dao’s new film while Tong Su was observing them from the sidelines.

The “Chaotianzi” crew has booked the most famous Tang Palace in the film city.As the most popular costumes drama of this year, everyone knew that the crew must have a hard time.

Whether it was a fan or a group of extra, all of them gathered at the gate of the filming set as they waited anxiously.

When Tong Su and Xi Chen Zhao walked to the nearby place, the front door was about to open and the person in charge came out with a droopy eyelid as he spoke carelessly.

“Looking for 30 extras today. We will pay 50 dollars for a day. Whoever wanted to enter, come in!”

The crowds started to swarm forward and yelled.

“Choose me! Choose me!”

Fifty dollars were not much, but this was Director Zhang’s crew. If the movie was successful, even if they could only become the background guard, it also showed their qualifications.

Xi Chen Zhao did not mind this, he only here to accompany his sister to look around. Therefore. As he was about to leave with Xi Tong Su, his sister suddenly excitedly said.

Gege, I would like to try.”

Before he could say anything, he felt that the hand that had been holding his got loose, and the little girl left him as she ran forward.

“I also wanted to sign up!”

She didn’t open her mouth before, but as soon as she opened her mouth, the crisp voice immediately drew attention.

The person in charge who recognized her identity was about to exclaim [Xi…] but he instantly swallowed the word that was about to come out.

This… isn’t this… Xi Tong Su?

The girl who was smiling and walked towards him was fair and beautiful. Her blue dress also outlined her body beautifully.

The skirt looked like a simple cut. However, when you look at it closely, you will find that the fabric was not an ordinary solid colour. Instead, the printed dye appeared to be like the sea of cloud that embellished the hem of her skirt, making her temperament appeared excellent and unrivalled.

As for the man beside her, he was the handsomest man he ever saw, even more handsome than the film Emperor, Ji Yu.

The man’s countenance was somewhat cold and his eyes looked especially fierce and taciturn. His thin lips were pursed up while his chilled gaze makes it so people unable to stop from taking a second look on him.

That guy and this girl seemed to be incomparable to other human beings.

However, fans and those extras were not as cautious. Many of them quickly called out upon recognition.

“It’s Xi Tong Su!”

“Mr Ji Yu fiancé, Miss Xi!”

“Miss Xi, are you exploring the film set and looking for Ji Yu?”

“Hahaha, I already said that they are a very loving couple. Those paparazzi were the one who spread that rumour. How could my Ji Yu derail?”

Tong Su raised her finger to her mouth and shushed the surrounding people.

“Everyone keeps your voice small. Don’t bother the crew’s shooting progress.”

She then blinked her eyes before continued.

“I did not come to visit the film location today. I was just curious about how the drama will be filmed. So I wanted to experience being an extra. Today is so hot, so I will invite everyone to drink. Therefore, can everyone help me keep this as a secret?”

The fans couldn’t help but smiled. As for the other extras, they also could not help but nod. Only the person in charge seemed as if he wanted to cry.

Although she said that she was here as an extra, she was obviously an empress who was making a round to visit someone at the filming set!

While the outsider didn’t know about it, but the people in their crew was clear. The movie Emperor, Ji Yu and Lan Shuer were currently the cast of the drama.

For this scandal trio to gather… Wow, how exciting will the battlefield be? He really could not stop thinking about it!

The responsible person’s heart jumped as he again confirmed.

“Miss Xi, you really wanted to sign up as an extra?”

Seeing Tong Su nodded in confirmation, the person in charge was overjoyed and jotted her name on the list.  That person then asked her to stay at the side as he began to pick up other extras for the day.

Looking at Tong Su who was trying her best to restrain the excitement from gracing her whole face, Xi Chen Zhao couldn’t help but glanced at the cast crew as his eyes began to take a profound look.

She was that happy to join the crew?

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (22)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N: Plz comment on any mistake. I will edit it ASAP.

Tong Su smiled and poked Xi Chen Zhao.

“How are you going to compensate me? Just right, I still have another house. That one was the one that Ji Yu often goes to. I want to redecorate it a bit. What do you think, gege?”

Tong Su deliberately reached out and swayed his shirt’s sleeve, asking him to indulge her. She was smiling so wide that it showed her neat white teeth.

Tong Su held the credit card given by the Xi father and Xi mother. Therefore, she naturally did not really have any shortage of money. However, since she wanted to “decorate” the house a bit, obviously she will be happier if someone willing to subsidise her.

Xi Chen Zhao’s eyes were hooded as its depth reflect the bright beam of the girl in front of him. His jaws slightly floated a smirk.


Tong Su was stunned.

Did he smile just now?!

That slight smile made him become over one point brighter and less than one point cold. It engraved on his thin, sharp lips. Beautiful like an ice-carved flower.

Having a glimpse of that fleeting smile was like the blossoming of a flower. Just a split-second yet it remained eternal. So amazing that it’s engraved into the bottom of one’s heart.

Tong Su was absent-minded that she almost forgot anything in this world that Xi Chen Zhao ended up raising his hand and flicked her skull gently.

“Snap out of it.”

“Ah? Oh!”

She rocked her head and immediately took back her wandering thoughts. She then reached out to rub the top of her head.


For what reason did she felt the feeling of burning coming from the meatball tie in her hairs…
[ T/N I am not sure if this is translated right, but I do know a keychain plush toy that will release the smell of bread when it get hot]

That man had been touching and pinching on it since before?

Tong Su started to calm down as she put her hand down.

Well, this feels even better than she imagined.

Xi Chen Zhao opened his wallet, took out a black card and directly gave it to Tong Su. Tong Su also was not polite as she placed it in her little purse and went online to place an order.

When you took a sneak peek on her phone, you could only see a few words that vaguely look like “pinhole” and the like.

Xi Chen Zhao looked serious, but he did not utter a word and just kept it in his heart.

The girl was beautiful while the man was tall and suave. When these two were walking together, the surrounding people started to whisper and squeal at the sight of this couple. Wherever they turned their head, the number of people looking at them seemed to rise.

Seeing that, Tong Su smiled and said.

Gege, you see, you are so handsome, they all are staring at you!”

Xi Chen Zhao gave a noncommittal hum as he looked around him coldly. He appeared to be slightly helpless as he continued to watch Tong Su who was still playing on her phone.

“How about you?”

Tong Su blinked her eyes before she answered

“Naturally I have been shot to foolishness earlier on, ah. With this kind of handsome brother, I no longer able to look at the average man.”

This time, Xi Chen Zhao the one who became stunned.

At that moment, the Ferris wheel in the amusement park behind them was lit up with the neon lights, adding a colourful and dazzling background to the tall and handsome figure of Xi Chen Zhao.

Tong Su looked overjoyed as she excitedly pulled out her phone and turned on the camera.

Gege looks at the camera and smile! You are so handsome. It is a shame that there is not a single photo of you on the internet!”

Xi Chen Zhao quickly returned to reality.

Seeing her so excited, he didn’t contradict her. It wasn’t that there were no reports of him on the Internet after all some people love to take a sneak shot of him. It just that whenever the images were released, they were all blocked down by him.

Since he was not from the entertainment circle, therefore, there is no need for him to have his photos spread around on the Internet.

Their management group had never relied on one’s appearances. The most important things were to be a sufficiently skills individual with a sharp and decisive mind. Therefore, these kinds of things are useless.

Furthermore, he also did not like taking pictures.

But if she was the one who took it…

He calmed down and lifted his hand to undo the button on the top of his shirt.

Tong Su suddenly squealed.

“Right! Right! This angle! This angle makes you look most handsome. Gege, put your hand on your neckline, I am going to press the shutter now!”

Xi Chen Zhao raised his hand and obediently placed it on his neckline.

His low-key follower, the driver and the assistant who had been behind them this whole time and listened to their conversation, were about to go crazy

Both of them were looking at each other.

Isn’t president hate to take pictures the most?

What’s the hell is going on, he even took the initiative to put some poses for the picture?

Did something go wrong with their eyesight?

God, bloody red rain was about to fall! The sun is about to rise from the west, ah! Help! The president is going crazy!

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (21)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N: Plz comment on any mistake. I will edit it ASAP. I am not sure what happened with my post on 24 October. All went missing without a trace. Cannot be found anywhere even on the trash can. I have to repost it back.

Though I promised to post 7 chapters today, I too tired dealing with the missing chapters, so there will be only 4 chapters first. I will edit and post the remaining chapter tomorrow.

Tong Su noticed the hint of interest in Xi Chen Zhao eyes as he looked around the room.

Sure enough, this gege was fond of this kind of eccentric fairy looks. Moreover, he also seemed to like this kind of loveable and lively younger sister.

He made it so easy for her to play that role.

Her eyes flickered a bit.

There were two houses under the original’s name.

One of the houses was bigger than this one. The original body usually stays there and Ji Yu also often to come visit her. He also had the key to that house. However, since she had been refusing to meet Ji Yu, she had been avoided going back there for the moment.

As she was unable to go back to her own home and also unable to stay by herself in an empty mansion, she resolutely moved out and did not come back home for a month. She also decided not to take any initiative to contact this brother of hers for a month.

Now the result obtained from that move was even better than expected.

If there is an intimacy rater available now, surely her point in Xi Chen Zhao’s intimacy was soaring high.

Xi Chen Zhao withdrew his line of sight from the room’s interior and saw Tong Su squatting on the sofa. He frowned before he said.

“Sit properly”

Tong Su stuck out her tongue before she honestly put down her legs and properly sat on the sofa.

“Your fiancé is getting into trouble again. Do you need me to help you clean them up?”

Ji Yu?

“You mean those things on the Internet? Rest assured, gege, I know.”

Tong Su was smiling confidently.

“Wait for a little more. I will invite you to watch the show! Now, is not yet the time to pack them up.”

Seeing that she was already calculating, Xi Chen Zhao felt relieved.

“If you need me to do anything, just say it.”


Tong Su nodded. They continued to talk for a while when Tong Su finally realised that it was getting late by looking outside. She then invited Xi Chen Zhao to have a meal together with her.

Tong Su only invited him as formality towards her guest but she never expected that her brother will agree to it.

Tong Su was shocked. Didn’t this brother always acted indifferently when dealing with his sister? Even if her earlier move could garner goodwill points from him, she did not think it will be this high. Are the two of them are close enough to do this sort of things like having meals together?

However, this is also a good thing. If she can continue to brush their intimacy, it will be more profitable for her!

After having a meal, Tong Su’s heart was restless as she continued to pull her brother to walk around. Xi Chen Zhao did not even mention about going home. Even though his countenance remained cold but he just let Tong Su dragged him here and there.

Near the private restaurant where there had just had their meal, there was a film city. There were many ancient palaces and city buildings built in the row means for tourist attraction as well as filming set. Apart from the crowds of tourists, this place was also a famous shooting locations.

Currently, there was a film crew who had booked the entire site for shooting. Because of that, there were crowds of tourists who had surrounded this place while trying to peek inside curiously.

“Hey, what kind of filming crew is there? So confidential!”

“I don’t know, ah. If only I can go in and become an extra, but I think I saw the silhouette of a movie emperor is there, right? But I don’t know if it was my eye seeing wrongly, though.”

“Wow, the movie emperor?! What kind of crew is this, for them to be able to invite a film emperor to join? Which movie emperor I wonder?”

Tong Su heard the commotion around her as she also took a peek inside. Her lips slowly spread into a gentle smile.

Which movie emperor they wonder?

Ji Yu of course.

This crew should be from that drama that Ji Yu had been wishing to join. The new film “Chaotianzi” directed by Director Zhang.

Tong Su expression appeared to be as usual as she deliberately plead in an eager voice.

Gege, let’s go there and see? It looks very lively.”

Xi Chen Zhao who got dragged against his choice naturally going to talk about her apartment.

“You moved back.”

Tong Su tilted her head as she smiled and cleverly counterattacked.

“Will gege also live at home?”

“If you return, I will return.”

“You want to fight with me? I want to say, if gege went back to live, then I will go back!”

Her eyebrows bent as she used her finger to hold into Xi Chen Zhao’s sleeves like a sly little fox.

“Poor little apartment that I’ve worked so hard on. If we fight one day, I will move back in.”

Xi Chen Zhao took her hand that had been pulling his sleeve and held it in his hand, it filled his eyes with softness.

“Then you will have no chance to go back and live there.”

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