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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Villainous Bestie (37)


“Bai Tingting is in my hands. If you want to save her life, throw away your phone from now on and come to the North City container warehouse alone.”

When he received this message, An Yichen was stuck at a crossroads, waiting for a traffic light.

This is…

An Yichen was stunned for a moment and instinctively dialed Bai Tingting’s phone number—

Beep, beep.

Unexpectedly, the phone wasn’t turned off but was answered directly.

However, after answering, a fierce male voice came from the phone: “Didn’t I tell you to throw away your phone? Do you want to collect your little lover’s corpse?”

“Don’t do anything. I’ll be there right away!”

After hearing that voice, An Yichen finally confirmed that what was mentioned in the message was true. Was this a kidnapping?

Did the kidnapper mistakenly believe that Bai Tingting was his girlfriend?

In any case, he couldn’t ignore her being in danger, could he?

An Yichen hung up the phone and threw his own phone out of the car window. Then, after the light at the intersection changed, he immediately stepped on the gas and sped away.


North City, container warehouse.

The black cloth before her was lifted, and Bai Tingting squinted her eyes, taking a long time to come to her senses.

She was walking on the street just fine, but suddenly someone grabbed her, blindfolded her eyes, tied her hand, and brought her to this place.


This word flashed through Bai Tingting’s mind. But she had nothing. Why would someone kidnap her?

Just then, a pair of delicate high heels suddenly appeared in front of Bai Tingting’s eyes. It was…

Bai Tingting was taken aback and raised her eyes to see the face that she was extremely familiar with—

“Wu Yan.”

Bai Tingting softly called out this name, struggling and realizing that her hands and feet were tied tightly with coarse ropes.

“Wu Yan, what are you doing?”


Xia Beibei squatted down, smiling at Bai Tingting. With her delicate jade hands, she paused gently on the scar on her face. “The An family is so rich. Why don’t they find a plastic surgeon for you? This scar has been on your face for so long, isn’t it ugly?”

When Xia Beibei said this, her expression was very gentle, and her tone was as usual. For a moment, Bai Tingting thought she saw the Wu Yan from her memories.

Despite her cunning and calculating nature, she was still a kind-hearted girl.

“It’s okay.”

Bai Tingting couldn’t help but smile at Xia Beibei, “Just a scar, I don’t mind. It’s me who told An Yichen not to waste money.”

“Is that so?”

Upon hearing Bai Tingting’s words, Xia Beibei’s tone suddenly became cold. “You are considerate of others. But in my opinion, you want to keep this scar to make An Yichen always remember that he owes you a life, right?”

“No, it’s not like that, I…”

Before Bai Tingting could explain, she suddenly felt a sharp pain on her face. Xia Beibei had fiercely scratched Bai Tingting’s cheek with her sharp nails, leaving a bloodstain on her face.

“I forgot to tell you.”

Xia Beibei gently leaned close to Bai Tingting’s face and breathed softly by her side, “I’ve already called An Yichen here. You like him so much, right? You saved this scar on your face to make him feel more distressed and caring for you, right?”

As she spoke, Xia Beibei suddenly smiled sinisterly and pulled out a sharp military dagger from her embrace. The dagger gleamed coldly and was pressed against Bai Tingting’s face. “If I were to scratch your face, would he marry you immediately?”

“No, don’t, Wu Yan, please don’t do this.”

Upon hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Bai Tingting immediately became nervous and frightened, her whole body tense.

However, Xia Beibei ignored her words. She tightened her grip on Bai Tingting’s hair and with her other hand holding the dagger, moved it back and forth on her face.

“Where should the next cut be? Here? Or here? Ah, how about… here!”


Fresh red blood continuously flowed down Bai Tingting’s face.

Enduring the pain on her face, she choked as she looked at Xia Beibei beside her, “Wu Yan, I beg you, please don’t do this, Wu Yan, why, why are you treating me like this?”


Upon hearing Bai Tingting’s words, Xia Beibei’s movements paused momentarily. Then her gaze became strange and gloomy.


“I like it.”

As Xia Beibei spoke, she forcefully pulled Bai Tingting’s hair again, looking at the person beneath her whose face was twisted in agony and covered in blood.

For some reason, she suddenly felt very delighted.

Perhaps this was what Xiao Yao said, the heart of a true villain.

When you completely immerse yourself in that role, your whole being feels that kind of… joy in doing evil.

Not for any particular reason, just simply because, I like it.

I like watching you suffer.

I like hearing your wails.

I like seeing you in despair.

As long as you suffer, I feel completely satisfied.

Xia Beibei tugged at the corners of her lips and then slashed Bai Tingting’s face a few more times. Throughout the warehouse, her pained wails echoed everywhere.

The people who brought Bai Tingting here, although already accustomed to hearing the girl’s heart-wrenching cries, were still seeing Xia Beibei’s crazed side for the first time—

They say birds of a feather flock together.

Damn it!

No wonder the young master has a particular fondness for Miss Wu.

It seems they are quite the pair of deviants!

“Ha, hahaha.”

Looking at the completely disfigured face of Bai Tingting due to her slashes, Xia Beibei finally dropped the dagger and squatted in front of Bai Tingting again. “How about it? Does it hurt? Does it hurt?”

At this moment, Bai Tingting, lying on the ground, was already unable to speak due to the hoarseness caused by her previous screams. She could only keep looking at Xia Beibei with pleading eyes.

How pitiful, how clear, how sad her gaze was.

Xia Beibei lifted her hand and used her blood-stained palm to cover Bai Tingting’s eyes. “Don’t look at me like that. At that time, I also looked at Xie Jincheng like this, but no one would spare me, no one.”

Speaking of this, Xia Beibei’s voice lowered again. “An Yichen should be here soon. I’ve also prepared a big gift for you. You will like it, you definitely will.”

As she spoke, Xia Beibei whistled, and then four or five men walked out of the warehouse. They all looked disheveled, their eyes shining as they stared at Bai Tingting on the ground.

“These are my brothers who just got out of jail. It’s been a long time since they’ve touched a woman.”

Xia Beibei leaned in close to Bai Tingting’s ear, her tone oddly gentle. “Rest assured, they won’t dislike you. As long as it’s a woman, they will all like her. Oh, and I have to remind you, you must cooperate obediently! Because all of them are violent criminals!”

“No, please don’t!”

Upon hearing Xia Beibei’s low, gentle voice, Bai Tingting felt her hair stand on end all over her body!

Hoarse and with her last bit of strength, she tried to call for help, to struggle, but everything was in vain—

Dear heavens, who can come and save her?

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