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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 74

Chapter 74: The scumbag villain 24


Su Mingxin was still wearing black sportswear. The zip was pulled to the top of the clothes showing a hint of abstinence and coldness.

Seeing Xia Beibei and Liu Muxue next to her, Su Mingxin stopped and frowned slightly. She didn’t seem that she wanted to say hello to Xia Beibei.

“This is Mingxin jiejie?”

At this time, Liu Muxue stepped forward very familiarly as she looked at Su Mingxin with a charming smile: “I am Liu Muxue. Jiejie can call me Muxue!”

While speaking, Liu Muxue took a few steps forward, seeming to wish to pull Su Mingxin’s hand. Su Mingxin’s eyes were cold as she turned slightly to the side as she dodged Liu Muxue’s hand.

Seeing Su Mingxin’s movements, Liu Muxue’s eyes flashed coldly. She tilted her body to appear as if she misses her aim and fell directly to the ground.

Her originally disheveled clothes exposed her snow-white skin while her eyes looked aggrieved. She gently raised her hand and lifted her trouser to reveal scratch on her knee. Liu Muxue’s face was pitiful as she stared at Xia Beibei: “Ji Shao, I was not careful. It’s all my fault. It has nothing to do with Mingxin jiejie!”

Su Mingxin: …

Xia Beibei: …

Are you sick?

Er, yes, Xia Beibei had forgotten about it. This Liu Muxue is a shameless bitch with a white lotus on the outside and green tea bitch on the inside.

In the original plot, Ji Liujing met Liu Muxue in another place. At that time, a supernatural person named Qi Hui died to save her. Even so, Liu Muxue was not sad about it. She even turned around and started to flirt with Ji Liujing. She soon climbed onto Ji Liujing’s bed, and since then, she has changed her ways to provoke Ji Liujing and Su Mingxin’s relationship from time to time.

At that time, Ji Liujing was a scumbag. Facing the empathetic Liu Muxue, who helped him to find beauty everywhere, he started to like her more and more. In contrast, Su Mingxin was getting dull and duller as he continued to look at her…

Alas, there is nothing left to say. After all, there are so many bitches in the world, and men just eat this set.

Your mom, a scumbag with a bitch. Indeed a natural pair.

At this moment, Liu Muxue had been sitting on the ground for a long time. Seeing that Su Mingxin had left without saying a word, and Xia Beibei did not intend to help her at all, Liu Muxue lowered her eyes as she gritted her teeth secretly. She then stood up with great style: “Ji Shao? I, did I give you some trouble?”

Liu Muxue bit her lip as she looked at Xia Beibei with tears like raindrops on a pear blossom: “Mingxin jiejie doesn’t seem to like me very much, I… or else I have better walk away!”

While speaking, Liu Muxue turned around, insincerely pretending to leave.

“Eh! Muxue, don’t leave, ah!”

Xia Beibei on the side bent her lips and looked at Liu Muxue with twinkling eyes: “It doesn’t matter if Mingxin doesn’t like you. It’s enough as long as this young master like you. If you want, just follow me. This young master will not mistreat you!”


Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Liu Muxue quickly turned around at lightning speed with a blushing face while looking at Xia Beibei with a tender and alluring expression: “If… if Ji Shao doesn’t dislike it, Muxue is willing to serve you, I… I am willing to do anything for you.”

“What… are you willing to do for me?”

Hearing Liu Muxue’s words, Xia Beibei smiled badly as she stepped forward, and raised her hand to pinch on Liu Muxue’s chin: “Then tonight, come and serve me well, okay!”

“Ji Shao.”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Liu Muxue’s eyes were full of spring color as she lowered her head in an extremely bashful manner.

Xia Beibei: …

Hehehehe, tonight, this baby will entertain you well. This baby will let you know why the flower is so red. When you are a Xiaosan, there is absolutely no good ending…

[T/N: Why the flower is so red was initially been a song that praised the Xinjiang border guards, from the movie “Guests on the Iceberg”.

One of the lyrics stated [Why is the flower so red, ………… It is watered with the blood of youth.]

Nowadays, it has become one of the expressions used on the internet. When people stated that [I want to let you know why Hua’er is so red], it means that someone owes a beating, and that person wants to beat the other party. [Source:Jikipedia]

In case you don’t know Xiaosan = Mistress, third-party in a relationship or little three]

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