June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 73

Chapter 73: The scumbag villain 23



Hearing Xia Beibei’s bold words, the bald man looked at him viciously: “Xiaodidi, are you new here? How dare you steal a woman from me?”

“You are Xiaodidi; your whole family is all Xiaodidi!”

[T/N: Xiaodidi also means penis]

Without a word, Xia Beibei released a thunder ball as she raised her hand!

When the bald head saw that the person in front of him are meant to be at odds with him that he shot at him directly, he decidedly evades the lightning while issuing three wind blades at the same time!

Wind power person?

Xia Beibei sneered. She turned sideways as she fired two fire dragons with both of her hands at the same time!

Thunder and fire dual system!

Seeing Xia Beibei’s move, the people on the opposite side immediately changed their expressions in amazement.

“Big brother! Big brother, forgives me!”

Xia Beibei:…

Your sister! Your face is changing too fast, okay? Can you be a bit more of a bad guy?

“Big brother, it’s this small one who has eyes but fails to recognize the Mt Tai! Big brother, this beauty belongs to you! I, your little brother, is known as Zhang Yuan An. We should stop fighting and make friends, ah!”

Zhang Yuan An, who initially had a fierce look, was now bending and scraping to curry favor. This made him appeared to be extraordinarily comical.

Xia Beibei couldn’t bear to look straight at him.

“Forget it!”

Xia Beibei waved her hand disgustedly: “This young master has always ignored a person with vile character. Beauty, let’s go!”

With that said, Xia Beibei took Liu Muxue and left.

Just now, Xia Beibei’s shot actually shocked Liu Muxue. Dual element abilities are already rare. But to possess both Thunder and Fire element, which was a powerful dual attack element, there is indeed no second person that could be found in this relief station!

Seeing Xia Beibei holding into her hand at this time, Liu Muxue felt her heart beating fiercely——

She had been waiting for this!

Waiting for a powerful man to come!

Staring at Xia Beibei’s back, Zhang Yuan An’s palms were already covered with cold sweat.

“How about it?”

At this time, a majestic voice suddenly heard from the inside of the factory building. Before long, a middle-aged man walked out slowly.


Seeing that man’s figure, Zhang Yuan An immediately bowed his head respectfully: “Captain, I have verified that the woman surnamed Su has not lied. This Ji Liujing is really a high-level superpower with both Thunder and Fire abilities!”

“Is it?”

When the middle-aged man heard Zhang Yuan An’s words, his eyes suddenly brightened. Such a strong man is hard to meet. He did not expect that he would meet here…

“Captain, then Liu Muxue…”

Seeing that the Captain was stunned, Zhang Yuan An couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Then this Liu Muxue was taken away by Master Ji, but when Qi Hui comes back from the task, how should we explain to him?”

Qi Hui is Liu Muxue’s boyfriend. He was also an outstanding member of this relief station superpower team.


Hearing Zhang Yuan An’s concern, the Captain of the superpower team smiled disdainfully: “You and I are probably not Ji Liujing’s opponents. Do you think Qi Hui can beat him? Besides, Liu Muxue offered to help us to test Ji Liujing’s depth. What thoughts she has in mind, do you think I don’t know? That kind of woman can also deceive that brainless stupid boy, Qi Hui!”

“Captain is wise!”

Hearing what the Captain had said, Zhang Yuan An couldn’t help but nod, but he still felt regretful in his heart——

Liu Muxue’s little lady is really too exciting, but he can only watch her now. She has climbed into the big figure Ji Liujing, and in the whole relief station, who else would dare to offend her now?

It was not just Zhang Yuan An who thought so at this time. Liu Muxue followed Xia Beibei to the temporary room, and she couldn’t help but start thinking about her future as she walked.

Ji Liujing is more handsome than Qi Hui, and he is even more powerful than him!

She really hit a stroke of big luck this time. You can see the look he had on her just now. He was completely dumbfounded!

As long as she uses a few tricks, he must be just like Qi Hui. Not only fascinated with her but also become obedient towards her

While Liu Muxue was thinking about it, suddenly, Xia Beibei, who walked beside her, stopped.


Xia Beibei, who saw Su Mingxin’s figure at this time, couldn’t help calling out to her.

Su Mingxin.

Ji Liujing’s woman?

Liu Muxue also knew that Ji Liujing came in with two women. However, in her opinion, it is common for a powerful man to hug women left and right, especially in the last days. As for whether you can always be favored, it also depends on your own ability!

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