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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Intermediate Villain 109


Xia Beibei opened her eyes, and she knew that she had returned to reality.

This time she didn’t feel any discomfort. She stared at the ceiling for a long time, until the novice guide 110’s voice sounded in her mind: “Junior villain 109, are you okay? I sensed that your brain waves are very active for a moment. Do you need a second counselling?”

Xia Beibei: …

Counselling, your brother-in-law, ah!

This old grandma had finally come back from that damn apocalypse world! Your sister! What about instant noodles? Today I will cook four bags at a time!

Novice Guide 110: …

Humans are really complicated!

After an hour.

After eating and drinking, Xia Beibei opened the window and took a breath of the outdoor air. Your mom, even the heavily polluted smog is better than the dust of the end times!

“Xiao Yao, how about my mission assessment this time?”

As a foodie, she always remembers her job only after she is full, eh.

Since having the novice guide 110, Xia Beibei no longer has to go through the club’s task board or find something by herself— She just called out to Xiao Yao, um. However, sometimes she is also very unreliable…

“This mission evaluation is completed! Congratulations to the junior villain 109 for completing the mission with the completion rate of level S! The reward life span is six months!”

“Congratulations to the junior villain 109 for successfully upgrade to intermediate villain! The interstellar mall has been opened to you!”

“Congratulations to the Intermediate Villain 109 for completing the S-level mission for the first time! Earn 100 S-level points! This point can be used to purchase any mission items you need in the Interstellar Mall of the Star Villain Club!”

After several announcements, Xia Beibei was stunned for a while-she was upgraded again? Really upgraded!

“Xiao Yao, what is Interstellar Mall?”

Xia Beibei still had a little knowledge at this time, but she felt that she should have slowly revealed the tip of the iceberg regarding the mystery of the Star Villain Club.

Hearing Xia Beibei’s question, a page similar to Cat Mall appeared in Xia Beibei’s mind. [T/N: Cat Mall is Taobao Mall/ Tmall.com]

Immediately, 110’s voice came slowly: “This is the welfare mall of our Star Villain Club. As long as you have points, you can use the points to purchase any props to assist your task. Here, look at this. This is the Shiquan Dabu that can give you plenty of energy for the whole night. This seven incense cartilage powder can be used for poisoning. It also has a miraculous effect. In case you pass through and become a death row prisoner, there is also the thief unlocking skill in our mall. You will be able to escape from prison, stress-free!”

Xia Beibei: …

Can’t there be anything normal in our mall?

“This is already normal! Of course, in case you pass through and become a perverted villain, in fact, there are also various torture methods in our mall, such as snakes and poisonous gu. Anything that can harm others!”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s unspoken criticism, 110 answered her very seriously.

Xia Beibei: Well, I remember, I’m going to be a crazy villain, right?


Xia Beibei suddenly thought of something: “Xiao Yao, why am I being rated S grade this time? What are the criteria for S grade?”

“The standard of the S-level is that, in addition to completing all the tasks, the tasker has also completed other things that are helpful to the mission world. By doing so, it will be assessed as an S-level and receive a varying number of points.”

110 very seriously explained to Xia Beibei: “Your last mission was completed very well. Because of the problems in that world itself, the original villain BOSS, Dongfang Qingcheng was obliterated, but because of your existence, you saved Qi Hui, who should have died, and making him a new villain BOSS. This is your extra contribution…”

“Wait a minute!”

Hearing 110’s words, Xia Beibei’s expression changed: “Xiao Yao, what are you talking about? Qi Hui? What happened to A’ Hui?”

He clearly told Qi Hui not to be an enemy of Ying Baizui!

Moreover, Qi Hui had already killed himself, so it stands to a reason that Su Mingxin and Ying Baizui would never trouble him again!

Xia Beibei’s expression at this time was a bit complicated: “Xiao Yao, what happened after Ji Liujing’s death? How was Qi Hui?”

“Do you want to know the follow-up plot of that world? Let me check it out!”

110’s voice fell silent for a moment, and then she spoke again: “It was found. After Ji Liujing died, Qi Hui left the B city’s base and went to a no-man land to try out. He accidentally obtained both Thunder and Mental’s ability, um! Actually, this originally belonged to Dongfang Qingcheng, but Qi Hui, who was selected as the new villain BOSS by the laws of the world, would naturally have some adventures. With the addition of his earth-type abilities, he is already a superpower with three-line abilities. He then once again returned to the human base and began to recruit people and form an alliance with the Dongfang family to deal with Ying Baizui together. However, in the end, their alliance was defeated by Ying Baizui, and his ending was probably like this.”

He actually ran to fight Ying Baizui?

This fool, as expected, was still upright and hopeless.

Xia Beibei took a deep breath: “Xiao Yao, I want to take a two-day break. When I am promoted to the elite villain, my permission to enter the mission world for the second time will be activated, right?”


“That is good.”

Xia Beibei’s eyes brightened. The elite villain, she can do it soon, she can definitely…


The next day.

Before dawn, Xia Beibei was woken up by the crackling sound of packing things upstairs.

“It’s so noisy. Why did their house jave to make such a big ruckus so early in the morning? Can’t you let people have a good rest, ah!”

Xia Beibei muttered as she lazily tugged the quilt.

“Intermediate villain 109, it’s not that your neighbour’s voice is too loud, it’s that your hearing is getting better than before!”

The voice of 110 suddenly rang in Xia Beibei’s mind. Xia Beibei was taken aback. Her eyes widened suddenly, and then she subconsciously listened intently–

“Dabao! Get up! Grandma cooked an egg for you!”

The heck, ​​isn’t this the voice of Grandma Liu on the fifth floor?

“Freshly ground soy milk! Alum-free deep fried breadsticks! Freshly cooked tea eggs!”

Your mom! This is the sound from the breakfast shop downstairs!

After a while, Xia Beibei abruptly sat up: “I, did I suddenly activated my Ren Du Ermai?”

[T/N: Ren Du ermai: Meridian channel. You know those Xianxia and Wuxia’s stuff]

110: …

“Intermediate villain 109, this happened because people in the interstellar villain club will travel to all kinds of worlds. When your level is high enough, you will leave those fictional worlds and travel to various real parallel time and space to do missions. At that time, the danger might occur at any time. Therefore, every member of the club will get some benefits when entering some special time and space. For example, when you enter the body of Liujing in the last world, you will not be able to take away his ability but what you get from your own hard work in that world will be reflected in your real-world body to a certain proportion. Now, after your hard work in the previous world, your hearing has been strengthened to a certain degree!”

That’s it!

Hearing 110 words, Xia Beibei immediately became happy: “This is really great. It turns out that the mission can extend not only the life but also has so many benefits! Xiao Yao, please help me pay attention to the available task related to Wuxia world. If I can do the tasks in that world, then I will become a Wulin master when I come back, hahahaha!”

110: …

Do you think it is easy to become a Wulin Master?

Furthermore, 109, did you pay attention to the wrong point! Although your body will be strengthened continuously, however, once you become an elite villain, you have to shuttle to other realistic parallel worlds to do tasks, and you may die at any time!

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