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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Mysterious Doctor Qing Zhi


T/N: Finally the end before the start of new arc. I will be focusing on Analect for September, so see you all again on October~

Returning to the real world from the last days, Xia Beibei has a feeling of returning to the human world. Now everything she sees is beautiful, and everything she eats is delicious.

Just when Xia Beibei decided to use her last salary to gorge herself with a good meal, she suddenly received a call from Ma Li.

“Ma Li jie?”

At this time, Xia Beibei was sitting in a food stall, holding a mobile phone in her hand, feeling very nervous. Ma Li is not going to tell me that Yan Yicheng would like to get back the extra month’s salary, right? No!

I almost ran out of salary, ah!

“Beibei, right now… have you found a new job?”

On the phone, Ma Li’s voice was particularly soft and pleasant. Hearing her words, Xia Beibei looked embarrassed. Fortunately, Ma Li couldn’t see her now with oily mouth and poverty-stricken appearance.

“Ma Li jie, I, I am still resting, ahem, I haven’t started looking for a job yet!”

Xia Beibei smiled pretentiously. Although she has taken a step forward and level herself up in that Interstellar Villain Club, she knows very well that in the mission world, she is playing someone else, and she is walking the life of someone else.

Only this world is her own life.

“That’s it! That’s great!”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s answer, Ma Li’s voice became even gentler: “Beibei, do you remember Li Mei from the planning department? She used to be in charge of copywriting with you. Well, she has resigned because of pregnancy. Now the company is in short supply of human resources! And you are the one who is most familiar with copywriting at the moment. Mr. Yan opinion is that…or else, do you want to come back?”

“What, what?”

Hearing Ma Li’s words, Xia Beibei’s mouth was wide opened- Yicheng Media want her to go back to work? Heaven, ah, she’s not dreaming, is she?

This… a meat pie falls from the sky, it should not be a trap or a pitfall, right?

But why would a strict boss like BOSS Yan swindle her, right? She has nothing, ah. Cough, cough


Seeing that Xia Beibei hadn’t spoken for a long time, Ma Li at the other end of the phone couldn’t help but hasten up her tone: “This is a special period, and Mr. Yan has already spoken. If you can come back, he can treat it as if he has never seen your resignation letter. These days when you were absent from work, you will be considered as taking a paid leave. What do you think…?”

Your sister! Only a fool who will not agree to such a good thing, ah!


Xia Beibei stood up abruptly and almost frightened the owner of the food stall.

Is this girl sick, ah? Really frightened me!

“Ma Li jie, in that case, then I… can I go back to work tomorrow?”

“En. Good, let’s do it like that!”

Yicheng Media, secretary room.

Ma Li hung up the phone and took a deep breath- Great, Xia Beibei is willing to come back!

Thinking of the BOSS’s instructions, Ma Li raised her hand and patted her chest lightly. My job was finally saved! Well, should she go in immediately and tell the Boss?

But BOSS is seeing a guest. The guest… is a very mysterious and beautiful lady. I wonder if it is the Boss’s girlfriend?

At this moment, in Yan Yicheng’s office——

“Are you sure I am not sick?”

Yan Yicheng raised his eyes and looked at the girl in front of him with a serious face.

“Boss, you are normal, so normal that it can’t be any more normal!”

That girl who wore the purple dress was someone with beautiful hair and delicate features. When she heard Yan Yicheng’s words, she smiled and squinted her beautiful eyes as she leans forward, and suddenly climbed onto Yan Yicheng’s desk: “BOSS, if you feel that you are sick, I can also help you diagnose the disease.”


Yan Yicheng’s eyes condensed when he heard that girl’s words: “Qing Zhi, tell me what is wrong with me?”


Qing Zhi smiled like a fox and cautiously leaned against Yan Yicheng, but Yan Yicheng still looked at her calmly.

“BOSS, just now… did you feel your heartbeat speeding up?”

Qing Zhi raised her eyebrows and asked slyly.


Yan Yicheng replied very seriously. His heart has always been very good. Even if he does very strenuous exercise or when he is falling from a high altitude, he will not feel that his heart beats faster. In other words, his heart’s endurance is almost already should be considered as a non-human standard.


Qing Zhi deliberately prolonged her voice, and then snapped her hand: “That’s right! BOSS, you only have feelings for that person, you are… uh.”

Qing Zhi’s eyes rolled: “You are sick! It’s a rare disease! Didn’t I suggest for you to arrange that person to come back to your company? Did you order someone to do it?”


Yan Yicheng nodded and then dialled Ma Li’s phone: “Ma Li, have you contacted Xia Beibei?”

At this moment, Ma Li in the secretary’s office was shocked when she received a call from Yan Yicheng, but she quickly calmed down: “BOSS, I have already contacted her, and she promised to come back to work tomorrow!”


Hearing Ma Li’s report, Yan Yicheng immediately cut off the inside line and looked up at Qing Zhi who was still sitting on his desk: “She will be back tomorrow. Qing Zhi, you know my personality, don’t keep me on a tenterhook, speak up! “


Qing Zhi was happy when she saw Yan Yicheng being upset, however, thinking of her Boss’s violent action, she immediately jumped off his desk like a good schoolgirl who had realized of her mistake, and said lowly: “Boss, your body is as good as ever. It is so amazing. The reason why you felt an abnormality in your body in the last mission world is that you might…like that person!”


Before Qing Zhi’s words fell, Yan Yicheng had already rejected her words in a deep voice: “How can I like her?”

Qing Zhi: …

BOSS, do you know what you are talking about? According to your personality, shouldn’t you say- I will not like anyone.

Well, as a ruthless and desire less BOSS in our eyes, you really should be a lonely man, cough cough, but now you are talking about “her”! “Her”, ah!

Who the hell is it, ah! Even my family’s BOSS who is so hard to deal was done by her! This is totally unscientific!

Just when Qing Zhi couldn’t help but complain about it, there seemed to be waves after waves billowing in Yan Yicheng’s heart despite his calm and unwavering appearance——

Might be love.

This kind of feeling is really distant from him. It was so far away that he has completely forgotten what kind of emotional life an average person should have.

As a senior executive, Yan Yicheng always felt that he didn’t need feelings in his life.

Moreover, he naturally doesn’t like others being close to himself. He finds it hard to actually be with others all the time, let alone living under the same roof, or even living in the same room and sharing the same bed.

All by myself…

There is no need for anyone’s company, nor… for love.

“Qing Zhi, since my body is okay, you can go back. What happened today… don’t tell anyone.”

When Yan Yicheng raised his eyes again, he made an order to expel the guest without hesitation.

Hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, Qing Zhi secretly curled her lips: “BOSS, then I’ll go first. Um, didn’t you say that that person is from the Star Villain Club? If BOSS really want to see your heart clearly, I think that, you might as well travel into her mission world and observe it up close for a while, anyway…she doesn’t know your identity.”

Having said this, Qing Zhi smiled at Yan Yicheng, turned around and left his office——

As someone who felt that she had dug a big hole for her big BOSS, she couldn’t help thinking that she is really awesome!

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