April 25, 2024

Adorable villainess: Male God, I am not trying to rob you

The villain is an essential character that needs to be filled in. As a high-class villain club’s heir, Xia Bei Bei is determined to have her name go down in history as a byword for infamy villain. However, to forge ahead towards the brilliant prospect as a true BOSS, inevitably there will be a figure who appears in front of her from time to time who wanted to push her to her death due to some twisted rule.

Xia Bei Bei: Male God, what are you doing right now?

Such-and-such Male God: I know that you have been coveting my beauty for a long time. So this time, I’ll reluctantly allow you to be intimate with me. Darling, you can’t back off. I’ll let you kiss me.

Xia Bei Bei: Cough* Cough* Male God, don’t give up on your treatment!

Please note: The MC is a silly yet amusing girl.

Table of Content

Intermission 1

Arc 1 Passerby Villain A (Modern Day Arc)