July 22, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Wicked Imperial Consort 31


The fire was dazzling, and all people in the palace were concentrated on Xia Bei Bei. She grew so big, and this was the first time that a large group of people noticed her.

Well, if this is not the scene of rebellion, and if there is no strong blood stench in the air, she will feel better.

“Mu Wanchu, if you let go of the Empress Dowager now, I can still care about our old feelings and forgive you!”

Feng Linchen looked at Xia Bei Bei who stood above the loft and shouted loudly.

Old feelings?

Xia Bei Bei smiled faintly: “If you let me put the Empress Dowager down, all the people in the world are going to praise His Majesty as a filial son. Then, for the sake of the Empress Dowager’s life, please ask His Majesty to let the Ji battalion to withdraw, and the Yu Lin army to retreat! As long as His Majesty let me and Yan Wang leave, I will naturally not hurt the Empress Dowager! “


Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s words, Feng Linchen’s eyes dimmed. How could he give up so easily when he waited for this opportunity to kill Feng Linmo?

At that time, the event where the Father Emperor had temporarily modified edict had always been a thorn in Feng Linchen’s heart.

As long as Feng Linmo is still alive, Feng Linchen will not be able to sleep peacefully.

He had waited so long for this day …

“Your Majesty, are you going to refuse?”

Seeing Feng Linchen hesitating, Xia Bei Bei couldn’t help but tossed the hairpin in her hand to the Empress Dowager’s neck: “Your Majesty, chenqie has never held a sword in her hand, nor killed anyone. Of course, you don’t need to think of delaying time and let the dark guard come to attack me. As long as my hand shook slightly, this hairpin will cut the Empress Dowager ’s neck. This would be bad, because my hairpin was quenched with poison, and the blood immediately sealed the throat!

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s word, Feng Linchen could only secretly gritted his teeth. He did make such a plan. After all, even if a weak female were to hijack the hostage, she would not be the opponent of the Dark Guard.

But now …

It’s no joke to see the blood-throat poison!

Once there is any damage to the Empress Dowager, the whole palace will be under scrutiny!

Mu Wanchu, you are ruthless!

“All back!”

Feng Linchen waved his hand, causing all those who surrounded Feng Linmo to retreat.

“Mu Wanchu, now you come down!”

Hearing Feng Linchen’s words, Xia Bei Bei rolled her eyes. Do you want me to go down? Do you think it is easy for this baby to find such a place?

She was definitely going to be shot in minutes.

“Feng Linmo, come up here!”

Xia Bei Bei ignored Feng Linchen and yelled at Feng Linmo instead.

She doesn’t know how to fight, but the Feng Linmo should be able to do it, ah. Although he might not be particularly strong, it at least better to have someone braver than you.

Feng Linmo knew that he had lost this time. However, even though he lost and lost everything, he was not as sad as he thought. Even more so, he suddenly felt very happy today.

In the past, he had not been recognized by others. He longed to see himself in the eyes of his father and mother, but they never saw his efforts and changes.

And now, he saw himself in Mu Wanchu’s eyes, only himself.

Feng Linmo ran to the attic almost without hesitation.


When he came to the attic, Feng Linmo’s voice shook with undetectable ——

Wanchu, you won’t let me down, so I won’t let you down!

In the dark night, the eyes of the two people met for a moment, and Xia Bei Bei immediately turned her eyes in guilty.

She had a sense of guilt.

After knowing the value of the jade pendant, there was an endless sense of guilt in her heart.

Originally, she thought that she didn’t need to use her mind to be a villain. It was as easy as eating and drinking, but when she really did it, she realized that this is definitely a tough job.


Finally, the person who broke the strange atmosphere in the attic was the Empress Dowager.

“Mo’er, Muhou is sorry for you!”

The Empress Dowager sighed and took a deep look at Feng Linmo, which included too many complex emotions so that Feng Linmo could not understand the meaning of it for a while, but the next second-

“Chen’er, you let them go! Aijia has not told you these years, Mo Er he … he has not much life to live!”


The Empress Dowager suddenly shouted, making everyone stunned, not to mention Feng Linchen, Feng Linmo was also looked stupefied.

At this moment, Xia Bei Bei suddenly regretted why she managed to act secretive, yet forgot to block the Empress Dowager’s mouth!

Your mom, this Empress Dowager, is really a veteran of a hundred battles in the harem! At this time, she still able to provoke others and take a drastic measure to deal with a situation!

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