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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Wicked Imperial Consort 30


Xia Bei Bei came out of the Empress Dowager’s bedroom but could not see Cailan’s shadow.

Niangniang, Cailan was called to help the Department of Internal Affairs. Nubi will send Niangniang back to your palace.”

Ruoying looked calm and indifferent as she observed Xia Bei Bei, who remained unperturbed after discovering Cailan’s disappearance.

It is said that ginger gets spicier as it gets older. Xia Bei Bei did not expect the Empress Dowager will arrange everything so early. She really can’t compare herself with the women in this harem.

Bengong can go back on its own. Ruoying, you should go and accompany Muhou more. She’s not looking well today.”

While She was talking, Xia Bei Bei looked hesitated for a while, and then said lowly: “Ruoying, please tell Empress Dowager, just say … Wanchu knows her thoughts, and Wanchu doesn’t want to see those brothers clashed. At first, I will try to persuade … He, please let the Empress Dowager relax and wait for my good news. “

With that, Xia Bei Bei slowly turned and left.

Ruoying looked at Xia Bei Bei’s direction of departure and was silent for a moment before she turned back into the Empress Dowager’s palace …

Luoxia Palace.

When Xia Bei Bei returned to Luoxia Palace, she realized that several of the inner servants and the maids that guarding the palace gate were new faces. It seemed that those people were the personnel personally transferred by the Empress Dowager.

Maybe only then would she feel at ease?

The Empress Dowager wanted to monitor her every move, but she did not know that Feng Linmo had already set the day of the action tonight …

This is not destined to be a calm day.

After the Empress was sealed, hundreds of officials celebrated it, and the whole post-seal ceremony continued until evening.

On that afternoon, Xia Bei Bei first slept comfortably in her room. When she woke up, she asked the newly arrived palace maids to prepare snacks and cakes that would help her to pass her time.

Although the Empress post-sealing is a great celebration for everyone else, but for the women in the harem, this is not a good day.

Moreover, the entire ceremony and the three thousand beauties inside the harem have nothing to do with it. They can only watch other people’s adorned the phoenix robe on themselves.

Of course, at this time, Xia Bei Bei became calmer and calmer. Until the end of the post-seal ceremony, Xia Bei Bei finally packed up her makeup as she looked out of the Luoxia Palace.

“Master, it is already so late, where are you going?”

“Where Bengong wishes to go, do I still need to inform you?”

During the speech, Xia Bei Bei glanced at the little maid beside her: “Look at your face, are you new? The palace rules of Luoxia Palace, don’t you know?”

Nubi is wrong! Nubi no longer dares!”

Upon hearing Xia Bei Bei’s words, the little maid immediately knelt on the ground and begged for mercy ——

Who told her before transferring here today that Xi Guifei Niangniang is the best master in the entire Imperial Palace!

“Forget it.”

Xia Bei Bei no longer cares about her as she walked out of her inner room.

Niangniang, do you want us to prepare a sedan chair?”

Seeing that Xia Bei Bei was going out, the in-house palace attendant for that shift immediately hurried forward and asked.

“No, Bengong just wanted to see the Empress Dowager.”

The Empress Dowager’s Palace was not far away from the Xia Bei Bei’s Luoxia Palace.

Xia Bei Bei strolled as the maidservants from Luoxia Palace followed her.

At this time, the sky was completely dark, and the night has come.

When Xia Bei Bei arrived at the Empress Dowager’s palace, she quietly went through the door, like any other day.

Seeing Xia Bei Bei came to see her at this time, the Empress Dowager was also surprised, but she quickly sent someone to invite Xia Bei Bei into her inner room.

Muhou, Wanchu went back to think about it all afternoon, and she wanted to talk to Muhou alone.”

Xia Bei Bei sent her regard to the Empress Dowager as she opened her mouth to talk.

Hearing her words, the Empress Dowager’s eyes flashed. She raised her hand and waved away the others inside her room.

“Wanchu, you say it.”

The Empress Dowager obviously still tired, but her eyes are bright when she looks at Xia Bei Bei.

“Empress Dowager.”

Xia Bei Bei walked a few steps towards Empress Dowager: “Muhou, Wanchu thought for a long time, Wanchu felt …”

Xia Bei Bei leaned over towards the Empress Dowager’s side. When the Empress Dowager let down her guard, Xia Bei Bei suddenly pulled a sharp hairpin from her head and forced it on the Empress Dowager’s neck.

“Wanchu, what are you doing?”

There was a moment of confusion in the Empress Dowager’s eyes, but she quickly calmed down: “Wanchu, you are really confused!”

“Wanchu thinks that the confused person is you Muhou. You are right.”

Xia Bei Bei smiled and replied indifferently.

Aijia is confused? Aijia is sober, always sober.”

The Empress Dowager loftily laughed: “On the day we alter the late Emperor edict, Zhangsun Taifu was also there. At that time, the Aijia could only do that! Zhangsun Taifu is also positive in regards to Chen’er abilities. He also betrothed to Zhangsun Yu. In this aspect, his prospect is higher. Furthermore, Chen’er also married to Shangguan Man at that time, coupled with the support from the Shangguan’s family, and his accumulation as the crown prince in the past years is enough to prove his abilities. Wanchu, you tell Aijia, if I didn’t change that edict at that time, will you be able to guarantee that Mo’er will still be alive to this day?!”

Feng Linchen has been the crown prince for many years, will he let the throne go? Even if that person is his brother …

“Maybe what you said is right. You have been in this deep palace for a long time. You can see farther than Wanchu, and you can see more clearly than Wanchu, but Wanchu can’t manage that much.”

Xia Bei Bei’s hands clenched his hairpins: “Regardless whether it was involuntarily or otherwise, the Empress Dowager had finally abandoned Yan Wang and chose to stand His Majesty’s side right? Wouldn’t this make him terribly disappointed in his own mother?”

“Wanchu, how about you? How did the Emperor treat you? You are with him and Mo’er at the same time. Are you not afraid of letting His Majesty’s heart gone cold?”

His Majesty.

The monarchs of a country are someone who cut off from others. Is such a man really sincere?

“Empress Dowager! Empress Dowager! Did something happen?!”

At this time, there was a sudden noise coming from the outside of the place. Ruoying’s hurried figure suddenly broke into the inner room. When she saw Xia Bei Bei holding the Empress Dowager, she immediately froze in place.

“Xi Guifei.”

Ruoying looked at Xia Bei Bei carefully: “Guifei Niangniang, quickly release the Empress Dowager. Empress Dowager won’t hurt you nor His Royal Highness Yan Wang!”

“Sorry, I don’t believe in you.”

The hairpin in Xia Bei Bei’s hands moved forward a little bit: “It seemed the Imperial Palace is already in confusion. Muhou, let’s go and watch the fun together?”

“Wanchu, if you step out of this palace, you will have no chance to regret it!”

Although she was held hostage, the Empress Dowager was still calm.


Xia Bei Bei smiled brightly: “Muhou, it is still unknown who will regret it in the end! Let’s go out!”


The Imperial Garden.

Owing to the conferment celebration of the Empress, the entire inner garden was covered with red palace lanterns, and the black night was glowing red.

It was already reaching the curfew at this time, but tonight, in the silent imperial city, the sound of fighting horses and the screams of confusion were mixed together, making it a mess.

In this chaos, the palace maids screamed and fled in disarray. In the face of the life and death crisis, everyone forgot their identity …

By the time Feng Linchen, who was wearing a big red dragon robe, appeared with his personal bodyguard, the entire middle palace was already turned into a river of blood.

Under the reflection of countless torches, Feng Linmo’s illumination looked even more fierce.

“Third brother, what are you doing?”

Seeing that Feng Linmo had entered the inner courtyard of the Forbidden Palace with his private soldiers, Feng Linchen was not in a hurry. He squinted and looked at Feng Linmo with a smile on his face.

The two men were so similar, but the expression on their faces was so different.

Perhaps, when they were very young, or from the moment they were born, the fate of each other was completely different …

Seeing that Feng Linchen was so fearless, Feng Linmo was also shocked by his heart. Could it be … that there is something wrong with his plan!

Who is it?

What went wrong?


At this time, Feng Linmo had no more thoughts, he could only stare at the man in front of him: “As matters stand, things have reached to this stage. Benwang does not want to say too much. Who did the father emperor pass the throne to on that day? Both you and I are aware of it! I am here today to get back everything that should originally be mine!”


Hearing Feng Linmo’s words, Feng Linchen couldn’t help but chuckle: “Who doesn’t like this great river and mountain? But there is only one throne, and the capable one lives!”

During the speech, Feng Linchen suddenly raised his hand and took two hard shots, and then countless torches lit up around him. They were led by Mu Yunxiu, who seemed to appear late.

“Mu, Yun, Xiu!”

Feng Linmo did not expect that the Mu family would betray him!

It seems that Feng Linchen already knew his plans for today, and he wanted to put all his forces together, ah!

Mu Yunxiu has turned to the Emperor, so, what about Mu Wanchu?

Is she too?

Just as people surrounded Feng Linmo, a crisp female voice suddenly sounded from a loft above him: “Your Majesty, tonight is really a good night, ah!” [T/N: I can’t help lol… I got a feeling wuhuuu~ Man do I sound so old school]

This is……

The voice attracted everyone’s eyes.

Under the blaze of fire, Xia Bei Bei and the Empress Dowager could be clearly seen, as well as the hairpin that she used to press on the Empress Dowager’s neck.


“Mu Wanchu!”

Feng Linmo and Feng Linchen called her name coincidentally. The former was full of surprises, and the latter was naturally fuming with rage between gritted teeth.

Mu Wanchu, no, Xia Bei Bei.

Immediately, Mu Yunxiu also stared at Xia Bei Bei who stood above them —what are you planning to do?

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