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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (24)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N: Plz comment on any mistake. I will edit it ASAP.

Why are you so happy?

Is it because of that person is in the crew?

Because you can finally enter the crew and see your fiancé?!

Xi Chen Zhao who had always been proud of his restraint, suddenly felt that he was facing a great challenge to control himself.

Because, when he thought of that possibility, a kind of anger and anxiety that could not be restrained filled his heart.

He is not happy.

Very unhappy.

He genuinely wants to. He absolutely wants to – he wanted to let the world no longer have that man. To never let her see that guy ever again!

“Why do you want to become an extra?”

“I have never been an extra, so I am very curious about it.”

Tong Su gently pulled his sleeves; her apricot eyes were sunny and bright. Like the black pill in the mercury, the black against the white was clear and vivid.

Gege, I really like it!”

Even though he was unhappy but after looking at the radiant light in her eyes, he still nodded.

“Well, if you want to do it, then you can try it.”

Tong Su happily nodded again and again.

Gege, you are so good!”

He gently touched her head.

The person in charge was already shouting for everyone to gather to enter the crew. Seeing that Tong Su hurriedly told her goodbye to Xi Chen Zhao.

Xi Chen Zhao took his phone and dialled.

“…… Start the acquisition of a suitable entertainment company. Prepare the broker and marketing team.”

The subordinates on the other side of the phone were extremely shocked.

“Xi-zong, is our company going to advance to the entertainment circle? Would you like to hold a meeting with the board of managers to allocate the resources?”

“No need, I will provide the resources myself. I don’t want the group to be involved in this. Whatever is needed for a person to debut, you just need to arrange it immediately.”

There was no need for the big company to have their hand in this. He alone able to support her. Even if she just said it in passing, he would still like to prepare everything for her in advance.

Of course, the most important thing was.

It will be more convenient for him to isolate her and that man.

Tong Su did not know that her brother had set a brokerage company solely to serve her just from her careless remarks.

As for her, the reason she wanted to enter the crew as an extra was to complete her task.

Ji Yu had secured a position for Lan Shuer in the crew.

In the plot, Lan Shuer had used the drama [Chaotianzi] to ruthlessly pit the original.

It was the classic “slain by borrowed knife.”

She borrowed the knife from Director Zhang and his wife, and the person who killed in this scuffle was the original. Director Zhang and his wife were the famous and loving couple in the entertainment industry. Director Zhang was a well-known director while his wife was the screenwriter. This drama “Chaotianzi” was a costume drama that had been remade based on the historical fact. It was a drama that the husband and wife had carefully prepared for several years.

When Mrs Zhang accidentally saw the image of the original, she felt that Xi Tong Su was very consistent with a certain role in her script and wanted to invite her to appear in the drama.

The original owner was from a rich family; therefore, Mrs Zhang could not find a connection to contact her. Thus, she entrusted the scripts to the at that time, “Miss Xi’s best friend” Lan Shuer, to convey the invitation.

Will Lan Shuer sincerely passed the message?

How could that be possible!

Lan Shuer hated the fact Mrs Zhang valued Xi Tong Su. Therefore, she decided not to say anything to Xi Tong Su and immediately reported to Mrs Zhang.

“Ai. she is the eldest daughter if an affluent family. She is not willing to enter this circle. I have persuaded her saying that this script was extraordinary. But Tong Su…. Tong Su really shouldn’t. But the implication is that she didn’t like your work and she also not interested in it so she flatly refused.”

Mrs Zhang’s character was so popular so how could she swallowed this kind of insult.

After the release of “Chaotianzi, it got so popular that the media were chasing after them continuously. At that time, Mrs Zhang had spoken at the press conference about this incident thus letting the original experience inhuman net violence.

The original owner, therefore, had suffered from depression.

Net abuse, her parents and brother died, and the group went bankrupt. Under these triple pressure, her severe depression broke out and the original finally could not stand it and committed suicide.

Tong Su eyes’ cool down and looked frivolous.

In the original plot, Lan Shuer had pushed the original down, step by step.

This time, it’s time for her to taste the flavour of reaping what one has sown as she sent her down to hell!

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (23)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N: Plz comment on any mistake. I will edit it ASAP.

Within a month, Xi Chen Zhao able to complete a project worth nearly 10 billion yuan, and in the same duration of space, it can also allowed Ji Yu and Lan Shuer to squeeze themselves in into the cast of Zhang Dao’s new film while Tong Su was observing them from the sidelines.

The “Chaotianzi” crew has booked the most famous Tang Palace in the film city.As the most popular costumes drama of this year, everyone knew that the crew must have a hard time.

Whether it was a fan or a group of extra, all of them gathered at the gate of the filming set as they waited anxiously.

When Tong Su and Xi Chen Zhao walked to the nearby place, the front door was about to open and the person in charge came out with a droopy eyelid as he spoke carelessly.

“Looking for 30 extras today. We will pay 50 dollars for a day. Whoever wanted to enter, come in!”

The crowds started to swarm forward and yelled.

“Choose me! Choose me!”

Fifty dollars were not much, but this was Director Zhang’s crew. If the movie was successful, even if they could only become the background guard, it also showed their qualifications.

Xi Chen Zhao did not mind this, he only here to accompany his sister to look around. Therefore. As he was about to leave with Xi Tong Su, his sister suddenly excitedly said.

Gege, I would like to try.”

Before he could say anything, he felt that the hand that had been holding his got loose, and the little girl left him as she ran forward.

“I also wanted to sign up!”

She didn’t open her mouth before, but as soon as she opened her mouth, the crisp voice immediately drew attention.

The person in charge who recognized her identity was about to exclaim [Xi…] but he instantly swallowed the word that was about to come out.

This… isn’t this… Xi Tong Su?

The girl who was smiling and walked towards him was fair and beautiful. Her blue dress also outlined her body beautifully.

The skirt looked like a simple cut. However, when you look at it closely, you will find that the fabric was not an ordinary solid colour. Instead, the printed dye appeared to be like the sea of cloud that embellished the hem of her skirt, making her temperament appeared excellent and unrivalled.

As for the man beside her, he was the handsomest man he ever saw, even more handsome than the film Emperor, Ji Yu.

The man’s countenance was somewhat cold and his eyes looked especially fierce and taciturn. His thin lips were pursed up while his chilled gaze makes it so people unable to stop from taking a second look on him.

That guy and this girl seemed to be incomparable to other human beings.

However, fans and those extras were not as cautious. Many of them quickly called out upon recognition.

“It’s Xi Tong Su!”

“Mr Ji Yu fiancé, Miss Xi!”

“Miss Xi, are you exploring the film set and looking for Ji Yu?”

“Hahaha, I already said that they are a very loving couple. Those paparazzi were the one who spread that rumour. How could my Ji Yu derail?”

Tong Su raised her finger to her mouth and shushed the surrounding people.

“Everyone keeps your voice small. Don’t bother the crew’s shooting progress.”

She then blinked her eyes before continued.

“I did not come to visit the film location today. I was just curious about how the drama will be filmed. So I wanted to experience being an extra. Today is so hot, so I will invite everyone to drink. Therefore, can everyone help me keep this as a secret?”

The fans couldn’t help but smiled. As for the other extras, they also could not help but nod. Only the person in charge seemed as if he wanted to cry.

Although she said that she was here as an extra, she was obviously an empress who was making a round to visit someone at the filming set!

While the outsider didn’t know about it, but the people in their crew was clear. The movie Emperor, Ji Yu and Lan Shuer were currently the cast of the drama.

For this scandal trio to gather… Wow, how exciting will the battlefield be? He really could not stop thinking about it!

The responsible person’s heart jumped as he again confirmed.

“Miss Xi, you really wanted to sign up as an extra?”

Seeing Tong Su nodded in confirmation, the person in charge was overjoyed and jotted her name on the list.  That person then asked her to stay at the side as he began to pick up other extras for the day.

Looking at Tong Su who was trying her best to restrain the excitement from gracing her whole face, Xi Chen Zhao couldn’t help but glanced at the cast crew as his eyes began to take a profound look.

She was that happy to join the crew?

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (22)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N: Plz comment on any mistake. I will edit it ASAP.

Tong Su smiled and poked Xi Chen Zhao.

“How are you going to compensate me? Just right, I still have another house. That one was the one that Ji Yu often goes to. I want to redecorate it a bit. What do you think, gege?”

Tong Su deliberately reached out and swayed his shirt’s sleeve, asking him to indulge her. She was smiling so wide that it showed her neat white teeth.

Tong Su held the credit card given by the Xi father and Xi mother. Therefore, she naturally did not really have any shortage of money. However, since she wanted to “decorate” the house a bit, obviously she will be happier if someone willing to subsidise her.

Xi Chen Zhao’s eyes were hooded as its depth reflect the bright beam of the girl in front of him. His jaws slightly floated a smirk.


Tong Su was stunned.

Did he smile just now?!

That slight smile made him become over one point brighter and less than one point cold. It engraved on his thin, sharp lips. Beautiful like an ice-carved flower.

Having a glimpse of that fleeting smile was like the blossoming of a flower. Just a split-second yet it remained eternal. So amazing that it’s engraved into the bottom of one’s heart.

Tong Su was absent-minded that she almost forgot anything in this world that Xi Chen Zhao ended up raising his hand and flicked her skull gently.

“Snap out of it.”

“Ah? Oh!”

She rocked her head and immediately took back her wandering thoughts. She then reached out to rub the top of her head.


For what reason did she felt the feeling of burning coming from the meatball tie in her hairs…
[ T/N I am not sure if this is translated right, but I do know a keychain plush toy that will release the smell of bread when it get hot]

That man had been touching and pinching on it since before?

Tong Su started to calm down as she put her hand down.

Well, this feels even better than she imagined.

Xi Chen Zhao opened his wallet, took out a black card and directly gave it to Tong Su. Tong Su also was not polite as she placed it in her little purse and went online to place an order.

When you took a sneak peek on her phone, you could only see a few words that vaguely look like “pinhole” and the like.

Xi Chen Zhao looked serious, but he did not utter a word and just kept it in his heart.

The girl was beautiful while the man was tall and suave. When these two were walking together, the surrounding people started to whisper and squeal at the sight of this couple. Wherever they turned their head, the number of people looking at them seemed to rise.

Seeing that, Tong Su smiled and said.

Gege, you see, you are so handsome, they all are staring at you!”

Xi Chen Zhao gave a noncommittal hum as he looked around him coldly. He appeared to be slightly helpless as he continued to watch Tong Su who was still playing on her phone.

“How about you?”

Tong Su blinked her eyes before she answered

“Naturally I have been shot to foolishness earlier on, ah. With this kind of handsome brother, I no longer able to look at the average man.”

This time, Xi Chen Zhao the one who became stunned.

At that moment, the Ferris wheel in the amusement park behind them was lit up with the neon lights, adding a colourful and dazzling background to the tall and handsome figure of Xi Chen Zhao.

Tong Su looked overjoyed as she excitedly pulled out her phone and turned on the camera.

Gege looks at the camera and smile! You are so handsome. It is a shame that there is not a single photo of you on the internet!”

Xi Chen Zhao quickly returned to reality.

Seeing her so excited, he didn’t contradict her. It wasn’t that there were no reports of him on the Internet after all some people love to take a sneak shot of him. It just that whenever the images were released, they were all blocked down by him.

Since he was not from the entertainment circle, therefore, there is no need for him to have his photos spread around on the Internet.

Their management group had never relied on one’s appearances. The most important things were to be a sufficiently skills individual with a sharp and decisive mind. Therefore, these kinds of things are useless.

Furthermore, he also did not like taking pictures.

But if she was the one who took it…

He calmed down and lifted his hand to undo the button on the top of his shirt.

Tong Su suddenly squealed.

“Right! Right! This angle! This angle makes you look most handsome. Gege, put your hand on your neckline, I am going to press the shutter now!”

Xi Chen Zhao raised his hand and obediently placed it on his neckline.

His low-key follower, the driver and the assistant who had been behind them this whole time and listened to their conversation, were about to go crazy

Both of them were looking at each other.

Isn’t president hate to take pictures the most?

What’s the hell is going on, he even took the initiative to put some poses for the picture?

Did something go wrong with their eyesight?

God, bloody red rain was about to fall! The sun is about to rise from the west, ah! Help! The president is going crazy!

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (21)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N: Plz comment on any mistake. I will edit it ASAP. I am not sure what happened with my post on 24 October. All went missing without a trace. Cannot be found anywhere even on the trash can. I have to repost it back.

Though I promised to post 7 chapters today, I too tired dealing with the missing chapters, so there will be only 4 chapters first. I will edit and post the remaining chapter tomorrow.

Tong Su noticed the hint of interest in Xi Chen Zhao eyes as he looked around the room.

Sure enough, this gege was fond of this kind of eccentric fairy looks. Moreover, he also seemed to like this kind of loveable and lively younger sister.

He made it so easy for her to play that role.

Her eyes flickered a bit.

There were two houses under the original’s name.

One of the houses was bigger than this one. The original body usually stays there and Ji Yu also often to come visit her. He also had the key to that house. However, since she had been refusing to meet Ji Yu, she had been avoided going back there for the moment.

As she was unable to go back to her own home and also unable to stay by herself in an empty mansion, she resolutely moved out and did not come back home for a month. She also decided not to take any initiative to contact this brother of hers for a month.

Now the result obtained from that move was even better than expected.

If there is an intimacy rater available now, surely her point in Xi Chen Zhao’s intimacy was soaring high.

Xi Chen Zhao withdrew his line of sight from the room’s interior and saw Tong Su squatting on the sofa. He frowned before he said.

“Sit properly”

Tong Su stuck out her tongue before she honestly put down her legs and properly sat on the sofa.

“Your fiancé is getting into trouble again. Do you need me to help you clean them up?”

Ji Yu?

“You mean those things on the Internet? Rest assured, gege, I know.”

Tong Su was smiling confidently.

“Wait for a little more. I will invite you to watch the show! Now, is not yet the time to pack them up.”

Seeing that she was already calculating, Xi Chen Zhao felt relieved.

“If you need me to do anything, just say it.”


Tong Su nodded. They continued to talk for a while when Tong Su finally realised that it was getting late by looking outside. She then invited Xi Chen Zhao to have a meal together with her.

Tong Su only invited him as formality towards her guest but she never expected that her brother will agree to it.

Tong Su was shocked. Didn’t this brother always acted indifferently when dealing with his sister? Even if her earlier move could garner goodwill points from him, she did not think it will be this high. Are the two of them are close enough to do this sort of things like having meals together?

However, this is also a good thing. If she can continue to brush their intimacy, it will be more profitable for her!

After having a meal, Tong Su’s heart was restless as she continued to pull her brother to walk around. Xi Chen Zhao did not even mention about going home. Even though his countenance remained cold but he just let Tong Su dragged him here and there.

Near the private restaurant where there had just had their meal, there was a film city. There were many ancient palaces and city buildings built in the row means for tourist attraction as well as filming set. Apart from the crowds of tourists, this place was also a famous shooting locations.

Currently, there was a film crew who had booked the entire site for shooting. Because of that, there were crowds of tourists who had surrounded this place while trying to peek inside curiously.

“Hey, what kind of filming crew is there? So confidential!”

“I don’t know, ah. If only I can go in and become an extra, but I think I saw the silhouette of a movie emperor is there, right? But I don’t know if it was my eye seeing wrongly, though.”

“Wow, the movie emperor?! What kind of crew is this, for them to be able to invite a film emperor to join? Which movie emperor I wonder?”

Tong Su heard the commotion around her as she also took a peek inside. Her lips slowly spread into a gentle smile.

Which movie emperor they wonder?

Ji Yu of course.

This crew should be from that drama that Ji Yu had been wishing to join. The new film “Chaotianzi” directed by Director Zhang.

Tong Su expression appeared to be as usual as she deliberately plead in an eager voice.

Gege, let’s go there and see? It looks very lively.”

Xi Chen Zhao who got dragged against his choice naturally going to talk about her apartment.

“You moved back.”

Tong Su tilted her head as she smiled and cleverly counterattacked.

“Will gege also live at home?”

“If you return, I will return.”

“You want to fight with me? I want to say, if gege went back to live, then I will go back!”

Her eyebrows bent as she used her finger to hold into Xi Chen Zhao’s sleeves like a sly little fox.

“Poor little apartment that I’ve worked so hard on. If we fight one day, I will move back in.”

Xi Chen Zhao took her hand that had been pulling his sleeve and held it in his hand, it filled his eyes with softness.

“Then you will have no chance to go back and live there.”

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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 46

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 46: The search for one’s mom second spring 14/For the sake of my mother’s remarriage 14

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could, any mistake plz do put your comment and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt on Chinese novel so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

I know I promised to update every day until the end of October, however, the author suddenly punched with a 10k chapter and consecutive 5k chapters that my motivation just… OTL… LOL… anyway I think I will be splitting those chapters… we will wait and see… on second notes, I will post 7 chapters of Boss Gege after I verified some of the paragraphs with the dictionary first.

If anyone wondering how I MTL the work, it basically

RAW–> Past it on Google translate –> Edit the paragraph and bold the nonsensical words/paragraphs –> check that bolded nonsensical words/ paragraph with online dictionary, Bing Translate, Google Translate –> Brush grammar with Ginger and Grammarly –> Post on WP.

Therefore, aggregator sites, please moves your butt off my work. Thank you.

BTW, I also not sure why chapter 45 went missing. There is also nothing in the trash. So I reposted it back.

That night, apart from Jiang Liu who having a sweet dream, both Hu Guirong and Meng Yun-niang unable to close their eyes until dawn. Even though their rooms separated by a wall of wood but they felt as if they still could hear the breath of the person on the other side.

Meng Yun-niang had thought a lot that night. Such as the hidden feeling that she shared with Hu Guirong before she got married; and also her clumsy yet honest husband…

She became a widow in her early twenty and she had been alone ever since. To continue that kind of life, how could she be willing. Especially, when she knew that the man in her heart is still waiting for her.

But at this time, she also thought of her husband who had died young. That man was not good with words, but he had always treated her well. He also gave her a good son. If she were to remarry, she could not help but feel sorry for him.

In Meng Yun-niang’s heart, these two sides were currently at war.

Another part persuaded her, telling her that even her son wanted her to remarry. Therefore, why should she stop herself from pursuing her own happiness?

However, another voice countered, telling her that once she remarried, it most likely that she will become a stain to her son’s reputation and that he might even denied from entering the ancestral hall.

These voices kept arguing inside Meng Yun-niang’s head. Even when morning comes, none of them manage to subdue each other.

Once the daybreak, Meng Yun-niang quickly dressed and ready to go to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast. Unfortunately for her, when she opened the door and walked out from the room, Hu Guirong who stay next door also came out.

The two looked at each other and then quickly averted their eyes.

In order to go to the kitchen, Meng Yun-niang needs to pass by Hu Guirong’s side. Naturally, the walkway in the boat’s cabin was relatively narrow. Even with Hu Guirong sticking his whole body on the wall, Meng Yu Niang could barely pass without touching him.

Passing through such narrow hallway, inevitably, their clothes will end up rubbing each other. Hu Guirong quickly raised his head and held in his breath, fearing that he will be offending his sweetheart. [T/N: Am I the only one who thought he is too sweet???!! What with this sudden dog-food from this middle-aged couple? (According to the ancient age)]

The ingredients available on board were simple. The crew caught most of them on board. Fortunately, before the departure, Meng Yun-niang already packed a lot of pickles though it barely able to be considered as a match of meat and vegetable.

On the dining table, apart from Jiang Liu who from time to time will talk in order to ease the atmosphere, the rest of people were keeping their silence as they eat. Of course, it was not like there were nobody else there. For example, just before the departure time, Jiang Chong had given a servant boy to Jiang Liu.

He was an orphan specifically selected by Jiang Chong from the Jiang family. His whole family was already gone. The only closest relative that he had was his married aunt.  No one also willing to raise him. In these years, he had been relying on the help from the clan. Therefore, he had a deep of gratitude towards the clan.

Jiang Chong sent such a person to the Jiang Liu, because, one, his mother was a widow, therefore, it was inconvenient for her to go out. Jiang Yu will help them deal with the matter outside the house. Second, Jiang Chong also wanted to deepen the relationship between Jiang Liu and the clan. After being separated for a long time, inevitably, he might have forgotten about his relatives and his hometown.

Jiang Liu had no opinion regarding this additional book boy cum errand boy. Even modern people did not achieve equality for everyone, let alone in ancient times. For an orphan like Jiang Yu, the opportunity for him to follow Jiang Liu was not something that anyone else could dream off.

Jiang Liu had never looked down on the tight-knitted power of the ancient clan. Instead of looking for another trustworthy servant, it was still better to use Jiang Yu, who was born from the same clan. And after a few days of observation, Jiang Liu felt that Jiang Yu was a simple and honest child. There were still a few places worthy of training, and due to this, Jiang Liu decided to follow the wishes of the patriarch and take Jiang Yu as his own people.

It seemed that he was fortunate that he did not reject this book boy, or else he will be suffocated sitting with both his mother and Hu Guirong.

Half a month later, the group finally arrived at the capital. They did not encounter any danger on the road. It was very peaceful. Jiang Shendao had received the letter from his disciples earlier on and had already sent his people to wait at the dock.

It was the butler of the Jiang House. The other party did not take them directly to the Jiang’s residence. Instead, he took them to a house with a small courtyard.

“This is the house that the Lord had entrusted me to find. In the young master’s letter, the lord had learned that Madam Jiang and Young Master Jiang unwilling to lodge with the Jiang family. Therefore, my master already asked this old slave to find a house for madam and young master. The owner of the house was originally Juren, but after repeated attempts on the test and failing, the seller was ready to return to his hometown to seek other jobs. Because he was on the rush to return, he had sold this house cheaply. It only cost 80 taels of silver.”

The old housekeeper brought them to look around the house.

“The front yard of the house can be used to raise chickens or grow some vegetables. The two main rooms were also spacious. There were also four rooms on each wing. This house also in a good location, not far from the inner city. Later, when Young Master Jiang needs to go to our residence to attend classes, the distance will be about the time it takes for one incense sticks to burn. If you were to use a carriage, it will be even faster.” [T/N Typically 15 – 20 minutes]

Meng Yun-niang looked at this small house. Her heart was totally satisfied. Originally she thought the house’s price in the capital wouldn’t be cheap. She afraid that once they arrived at the capital, they would not be able to buy a house directly and could only rent it for a while. Now, it seemed that it will only cost them 80 taels of silver and she will still have some money left for any emergency.

Jiang Liu was not as innocent as his mother. He guessed that his master had definitely subsidised the price of the house from its initial price. However, right now he needed a place to stay. As for the kindness he owed to others, he will return it eventually.

Meng Yun-niang happily bought this small house. With the little money left, she will definitely be able to add some furniture to the house. Meng Yun-niang’s mood was getting much cheerful as she thought of her big plan. The worries that usually marred her eyebrows were also cleared

Expressing such kindness, Jiang Liu decided that he visits his teacher’s residence to express his gratitude.

Meng Yu Niang was a widow. Therefore, it will not be good for her to visit other people’s residence arbitrarily. So the mother decided to stay at home while arranging their belonging and take notes if there is any supplement that needed to be bought immediately by taking advantages that it was still daytime. While his mother went on a shopping trip, Jiang Liu, he had decided to visit the Jiang’s residence in order to pay his respect to his teacher.


“So, this is your apprentice!”

Mrs Jiang was shocked when she saw Jiang Liu. She thought her husband’s disciple will be the exam candidate in their teen or maybe age twenty. After all his husband seemed to meet them when he was in charge of the recent examination. She could not imagine that it will be a seven-year-old doll.

However, this child was really cute. His skin was white and clear. His eyes not only big and round but also clear and free from impurity. His appearance was not much different from that of the little fairy boy that was often depicted to be around Guanyin Bodhisattva, which is enshrined in the Little Buddha Hall.

Mrs Jiang did not know if her husband had chosen this child because of his literary talent or due to the fact that he was blinded by this child’s appearance.

“Ha ha ha, my wife, you already heard right about the 7-years-olds child prodigy from the southern part of the country who was ranked first on the metropolitan-level of examination? That rumoured child prodigy is indeed the disciple of your husband.”

Jiang Shendao was very proud. Since his apprentice is already here, he nevertheless was going to hold him in his both hand steadfastly.

When Mrs Jiang heard his husband’s words, she immediately felt relieved. It seemed that her husband had not yet reached the point where he was blinded with one’s appearance.

However, as a result, the way she looked at Jiang Liu was like how she looks at a rare creature. It was actually unheard in the history of Jin dynasty that a 7 years old able to qualify himself to enter the government. Therefore, this news had spread like a fire in the capital that even the ladies who were restricted to their boudoir had also been talking about it for a while. They had thought this child prodigy must be someone who was carefully cultivated by a big family or a family of a scholar. Therefore, it was not a surprise that such a result has been achieved.

But she knew that the apprentice chosen by her husband did not come from such a family. Hence, for a farmer’s child to have such achievement, it could only be said that the child was indeed gifted.

Can such a child really be able to fulfil her husband’s dream? Won’t he end up grabbing the champion title instead?

Mrs Jiang was aware of her husband’s obsession, and when she looked at Jiang Liu, she really can’t help but cover her mouth and laugh

But even if she wanted to laugh she still should not forget about the serious things. As this child’s teacher, her husband had been preparing a bunch of gifts and the most conspicuous gift was these few porcelain boxes filled with facial cream. The facial cream was developed by Jing Shendao himself. It was a good thing that cannot be bought from the outside shop.

Mrs Jiang did not stay for a long time. After saying a few pleasantries, she returned to the inner house, leaving Jiang Shendao and Jiang Liu to continue their conversation at the front hall.

“These are all good things that your master has carefully selected for you. Don’t let it go to waste.”

Jiang Shendao pointed at the pile of gifts before he touched his beard.


Jiang Liu quickly nodded. He didn’t expect that his teacher will be so attentive. He actually prepared this face cream for his mother. It was also his carelessness as a son that he forgot that his mother was already out of the mourning period and should start to dress up.

It had never crossed his mind at all that all those stuff was meant for him. After all, he was such a cute boy with a natural beauty, did he still even need to use this kind of external things?

Seeing his disciple being so well-behaved, Jiang Shendao was very pleased.


“Mother, father’s disciple was the rumoured seven-year-old’s prodigy who becomes the first ranker in the metropolitan-level of the Imperial Examination?”

In the house’s rear court, Jiang Furong, the six-year-old daughter of Jiang Shendao, was holding his mother hand as she asked curiously.

Because of having cooped up inside the house for a long time, Jiang Furong’s skin was fair and delicate, like a good white porcelain. This was also her greatest advantage. Besides that, her facial features could only be considered as upright. Even so, she could still be considered as delicate and pretty that well worth the second look.


Mrs Jiang smiled as she nodded in assent while touching his daughter’s hair.

Mrs Jiang’s appearance could only be regarded as delicate. Although her husband thought of his appearances as exceptional, however, the truth was, his appearance can only be attributed to those ordinary people. The child borne by two people who are not outstanding in appearance will naturally would not beautiful.

Even so, this couple also attached great importance to the cultivation of their children. Even if the child was a daughter, they must learn the things. It could be said that the fragrance of a book could be smell from their belly.
Furthermore, this youngest daughter could be considered as the most talented in the Jiang family. Although she looked ordinary, but her appearance still managed to make others feel delighted.

However, the world usually favours the beauty, and Mrs Jiang’s biggest concern was regarding the future marriage of this young girl. In particular, this daughter has the same appearance as his husband. Jiang Shendao thought his daughter was generally beautiful like him. Mrs Jiang felt that when the times arrived for her to arrange this girl marriage, there might be some trouble ahead of them.

Mrs Jiang did not know why she suddenly had a flash of Jiang Liu’s face.

If it is that wise and beautiful disciple of her husband, then her husband should be satisfied.

The author has something to say: These days, the fingers felt numb that I always misjudged the time for the update.

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (20)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N: Plz comment on any mistake. I will edit it ASAP.

The moment he saw her.

It was like a wolf which had lost the wild forest finally found his way home.

The heart finally settled.

Xi Chen Zhao at this moment seemed to realise why he had been feeling frantic and helpless.

Those fretful, worry, anger, confusion, anxiety and pressing feeling was like the sea tide as it slowly ebbed out and revealed the concealed feeling that started to quietly emerge. It turned out that he really wanted to see her.

She was smiling with her eyebrows bent. Half of her long hair was tied into a bun on the top of her head while half of it was freely scattered, falling in between the loose neckline of her home clothes as she lazily leans under the window, letting her face painted with the bright sunshine. As if she was surrounded by a thin layer of gold.

That smile was even brighter than the sun, but also warm.


She called him out. It melted the ice and the cold that surrounded his heart.

Warm and mellow.

Very comfortable.

The anger that he had inside his heart disappeared at the instant. His eyes faintly drooped down. 

“It is me.” 

Tong Su abandoned her phone as she stood up and rushed over to him. 

Gege, how did you come in? You have been so busy for so long, are you tired right now? Have you rested yet?” 

Xi Chen Zhao had his arm wide opened as Tong Su pounced on him in a vigorous manner, her hand was hugging his waist as she swayed around.

“I let the manager bring people to open the door. How did you end up living here? Why don’t you go home?”

Xi Chen Zhao felt that the hold in his waist started to loosen up as Tong Su who had been hugging him started to untie herself from the initial hug position. He saw that she had been smiling awkwardly as if she just realised her sudden action. There is some shyness in her expression as she seemed to avoid even looking at him. With a red face, she said. 

“I will give you the keys so you do not have to bother others later.”

He didn’t know why, but when he felt that her hand started to loosen up, he actually had some… Anyway, he didn’t like that feeling.

He sighed and whispered.

“Why did you decide to move out?”

He seemed to be a little unhappy? Tong Su thought about it and laughed out loud. 

“Did gege thought that I didn’t want to live at home? You think too much!”

Tong Su dragged him to sit at the sofa. When she was about to run to get the cup of water from the kitchen, Xi Chen Zhou called her to a halt. 


Tong Su pulled back her neck. This wooden floor is not that cool. Since it was convenient, she often overlooked the need to wear indoor slipper.

Since Xi Chen Zhou rarely comes around, she had forgotten about it only to end up being scolded by him.

She quickly wore her indoor slipper and went to the kitchen to pour a cup of water and took out the cut fruits. She put all those stuff on the table in front of them before she jumped onto the sofa with her slippers and all. She then looked at Xi Chen Zhao with a big smile on her face. 

“This house has been bought after all, so how could we let it become a waste? After all, you and my parents are not at home. For me to live alone in such a big house, it felt so lonely. This apartment is small. Even if I were to live here alone, it is also quite comfortable.” 

Xi Chen Zhao looked at her eccentric fairy-like appearance. He narrowed his eyes but continued to keep his silence. He then simply picked that cup of water and took a sip.

She tied her hair into a bun with a meatball like hair ties at one side and a crystal lollipop on the other. This kind of unkempt loose hairstyle, really drawn his eyes to it…

It seemed to be particularly good. He tried to restrain himself as he kneaded his muscle and turned his head to look at the small apartment.

The apartment was not big; it was around 87 square meters. However, the decoration was very delicate. Warm wallpaper with smooth wooden floors.

There were also a few paintings hanging on the wall. It doesn’t seem to be famous paintings bought from the auction house, but only a simple brushwork that appears to be her own handiwork.

She didn’t turn on the TV, so obviously; she didn’t look at it. On the sofa, there was her abandoned phone, tablet and a laptop. It seemed that those things should be the one that she used the most.

There was only one-bedroom which was half-covered by the door. Inside, there was a large bed that looked fluffy and soft, with a plush doll placed in the middle of the big bed.

A warm and very human house.

He can see that she was here for the peace of mind. Xi Chen Zhao pursed his lips, feeling extremely unhappy.

She looked so happy and comfortable that it seemed that even without his existence, it was not considered as important to her at all.

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (19)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N: Plz comment on any mistake. I will edit it ASAP.

T/N: Reposted. I wonder what happened on 24 October? All my post on that day went missing.

Therefore, she was the one who responsible for letting him derailed!

If she hadn’t refused to be close to him, did not let him vent his fire, will he still need to find someone else?

The more he thought about it, the more Ji Yu felt dissatisfied with Xi Tong Su.

Ji Yu wanted to have a heart-to-heart discussion with Xi Tong Su, but she refused to go out to see him. Because of this, Ji Yu felt even more annoyed that he ended up meeting with Lan Shuer often in order to solve his need.

The indulgence that came from this affair made Ji Yu and Lan Shuer threw away all their concerns as their affair turned into a full swing.

In a blink of an eye, one month soon passed by. The interview at the dinner party that acted as the fig leaf that tell-tale a strong love only managed to give them a moment of peace before more and more rumours started to run amok. /

“According to reliable news, a well-known J surname male star has broken up with his fiancée.”

“J male star is too scary. It seemed that he did not only had a relationship with the fiancée but also having his mistress mix in together making it into a threesome!”

“There are two or three things that can’t be said about one male star and a tender model…”

“J male star overpowered the L tender model in a private room. For more, click on the link to see!”

Tong Su really clicked on the link given. Once the website was loaded, it turned out to be a video of an internet celebrity rooster fighting a little doe! [T/N: 鹿 = Lu = Dear, 公鸡 = Gong Ji – Rooster]

It was really a J male star and an L female star!

She laughed so hard that her belly, ache. After exiting the page, Tong Su opened her Weibo to like that online post. Every day, she will tweet something while she continued to eat melon seed and watched the drama passively from the side. Her day could be said to pass in great pleasure. She had a well-thought-out plan in her mind. It’s just that some people didn’t know about it.


Xi Chen Zhao had just finished a big project that has been in preparation for the last half a year. Therefore, it was really rare for him to have the time to rest. This time investment involved nearly one billion. With the size of the project, he needed to oversee almost everything. Thus, he had been very tired by the end of it. On the way home, it was not easy for him to turn off the alarm clock and get some sleep.

When he woke up, he heard the whispers of his driver and assistant.

“This is the young lady’s affair… However, with the current trend, maybe we should discuss with Xi-zong first?”

“If that Ji Yu really bully our young miss, he was truly good for nothing!”

Xi Chen Zhao turned cold as he interjected the conversation between the two people in front of him. The driver and the assistant did not expect that he had already woken up. 

“You actually dare to talk indiscriminately about the private matter of others, did you already forgot the rule of Zsun Group? This time, I won’t punish you on behalf of Tong Su. In the future, no matter how big or small, as long as it involved the young lady, you must report it to me immediately.”

He was so worried and angry that he couldn’t wait to go back. When he asked the housekeeper, he knew that Tong Su had moved out a few days ago and right now living in an apartment outside.

Before the rumours got even more out of control, he decided to find her new address.


This was a mid-range community developed by a Zsun Group. It was a real estate subsidiary, which had a sufficiently secure security patrol and monitoring.

Obviously, he had personally emphasized on the strict arrangement of the security. But the more he looked at it, the more dissatisfied he was with it.

“This kind of place is too simple and crude and the security measure also couldn’t be compared with the one at our main residence. Anyone can actually enter this community. If that person has a bad heart, it will not be difficult for them to forge a security card. How could she leave the family home and came here instead?” 

He did not want to alarm Tong Su, so he decided to call the manager to directly open her apartment building. While other people were waiting outside, he personally opened the door.

When he just opened the door, he suddenly heard a burst of laughter coming from inside. As he walked further in, he saw that she was holding a smartphone and was rolling on the carpet. She laughed so much as she rolled around on her stomach. 

“How can this Netizen hahaha be so talented?” 

Tong Su was holding her stomach and couldn’t stop laughing. Suddenly, the phone in her hand was taken away.

She shouted in shock and looked up, and as soon as she saw his eyes, her expression turned rejoice as she gave him a big smile. 

“Gege! You are back!”

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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 45

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 45: The search for one’s mom second spring 13/For the sake of my mother’s remarriage 13

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could, any mistake plz do put your comment and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt on Chinese novel so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

T/N I am not sure why this chapter went missing. There is also nothing in the trash. So I reposted it back.

Hu Guirong’s mother’s health had always been bad.  Her life was prolonged all these years due to the medicine that she had been consuming all year round. This is the reason why, even though Hu Guirong had earned a lot of money from hunting, yet he still could not save any.

When the best medicine could no longer work, his mother was unable to hold on and died in the spring.

Hu family only has few relatives, but Hu Guirong had always maintained a good relationship with his neighbours. With their help, his mother’s funeral arrangement could also be considered to be bustling with noise.

“Now there is nothing that going to hold you back. You also had been caring for your mother all these years. It’s better for you to find someone to spend your life with. Or maybe you can use this opportunity to rekindle your relationship with Yun-niangzi.”

At the funeral, Hu Guirong’s good buddies were trying to give him a bit of advice.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Her son is currently aiming for something bigger. At the age of seven, he already managed to become a scholar. Do you think that he will allow her mother to remarry? That move will not help his future prospect, but instead harming him.”

“Stop mentioning it anymore. Everyone, drink!”

Everyone else was having a lively discussion with everybody talking at once.

However, seeing Hu Guirong’s ugly expression, they quickly changed the topic. Since Yun-niangzi got married, Hu Guirong no longer let any of them mentioning the name of the other party to him. He kept reminding them that he did not want their past affair to become a stain to her reputation. He was afraid that her husband’s family will hear the gossip and end up treating her badly because of it.

Even after her husband had passed away for so many years, Hu Guirong still refused to mention her name. After all, for a widow, their reputation was even more important than before.

Today, it was also because of his mother’s funeral that his friend decided to talk to him. When they thought of Hu Guirong who are going to be alone and living in solitude, everyone could only brace themselves against his displeasure by mentioning Meng Yun-niang’s name once again.

“After a few days, I am heading to the mountains. This time I will go deeper. I have to ask you to look after this house.”

Hu Guirong was currently in the hot period of filial piety, therefore, it was prohibited for him to drink any wine. Thus, he used a bowl of hot tea in front of him to respect these friends of his in place of the wine.

“There is a big and ferocious animal deep in the mountain. What are you plan to do going so deep?”

A few friends of his friend were shocked when they heard his words.

“I just think that it was too dangerous to continue hunting for survival. You know it too. Apart from me, both my father and my grandfather already dead in the mountains. Now that my mother was no longer here, I am no longer wish to continue hunting for life. Therefore, I would like to take a big risk once and hunted a big animal. The money that I can get from selling that should be able to let me open a small shop and live a stable life.”

Hu Guirong did not tell anyone that he wanted to settle down so that he could continue to guard Meng Yun-niang from far away.

“Why should you take such a big risk? The money you earned from hunting on a normal day was enough to support your life. It was due to aunt’s illness that you ended up spending so much money leaving nothing behind. Now that aunt already gone, if you were to live frugally, you could save three to five taels each time. After you accumulated enough money then you can marry a wife and give birth to many fat boys. Isn’t that all good?”

If it was so easy to capture those beasts, then the hunters all over the world will go into the mountains to fight for them. It is because it was so powerful, that a lot of hunters died for it making it fetched a high price.

Now that Hu Guirong wanted to fight for it, in fact, it was almost going to be a fight to the death.

“I have a safe business here, and it will be very suitable for you.”

One of Hu Guirong’s friend was working as an escort. After contemplating it a bit, he decided to tell him about this job.

“There is a pair of mother and son who are going to travel to the capital the day after tomorrow. Because they are worried that there might be some robbers along the way, they want to hire a high-powered young man with martial art’s skills to protect them. Since it will a long time to travel to the capital and back, many of the escorts who already married with wives and children are not willing to take this job. Since you need money now, and there is also no family to dragged you down, why don’t you try it?”

“It will take more than two months to go back and forth to the capital. The other side is willing to pay eight taels of silver for the escort service. Since you are already at the capital, maybe you can take this opportunity to buy something there and bring it back to sell here. Even though being a bodyguard could not help you earn much money compared to hunting a tiger, but at least it will be a much secure and safer job.”

His remark moved Hu Guirong’s heart. In actual, he did not have a hundred per cent of certainty that he could manage to hunt the tiger. If he really died in the mountains, when that person being bullied by others, he will no longer be able to protect her from behind.

“But I am still in my mourning period.”

Hu Guirong still hesitated, he was afraid that the employer would dislike him.

“No worries, that young master said that he was okay with it since he also was just out of filial piety. Therefore, he did not feel any kind of taboo.” [ Filial Piety/ Mourning Period = Usually took about 3 years for each parent]

Hu Guirong’s friend who worked as an escort comforted him. In any case, if the employer had not spoken first, he would not have taken the initiatives to mention this business to Hu Guirong.

“Okay. Exactly what time will it be? I will over this job.”

Hu Guirong nodded in acceptance. However, listening to the description of his friend just now, he always felt it was little too coincidental, but he decided not to think much about it.


On the third day, Hu Guirong waited for his employer to arrive at the agreed dock, but when he saw the pair of mother and son, he realized that his instincts were not wrong.

“How is it you?!”

Meng Yu Niang’s voice was awkward. She did not expect that the person who was going to escort them to capital was actually Hu Guirong.

“I will go to the Escort’s hall and asked them to change to another bodyguard for you.”

Hu Guirong felt that Meng Yun-niang should be reluctant to see him. If he had not refused to run away with her, she would not have married Jiang Dachun and become a widow so young.

“No need, the boat is about to sail off.”

How could Jiang Liu let Hu Guirong leave? He had already thought about it and decided to use this method to bring this person to the capital with him.

“Your strength is great, help me carry these two boxes.”

Jiang Liu pointed at the two big wooden boxes and commanded Hu Guirong to take it.


Hu Guirong felt somewhat stupid, but subconsciously he started to take the pole pointed by Jiang Liu as he picked up the two big boxes and brought it inside the boat. He already forgot the initial matter of wanting to change to another escort.

“Is this your trick?”

Meng Yu Niang twisted her son’s ear and guessed that this was this kid’s ghost idea. Originally, she thought that her son had already discarded those issues from his mind. Now it seemed that he had never forgotten this matter from beginning to end.

“Mother, you are accusing me wrongly, I didn’t do anything.”

Jiang Liu innocently spread out his hand.

“Maybe this is fate.”

“You see; the boat is about to sail. Even if we wanted to change Uncle Hu with another, they will not be able to make it. Even if you really can’t get along with Uncle Hu, you still have to endure it for the next two months.”

Jiang Liu had really chosen a good time. Once they arrived at the dock, it will not take a long time before the boat ready to sail. As soon as he reached the dock, he quickly directed Hu Guirong to send their stuff up to the cabin. Once all luggage was stored away, the boat already started sailing. Therefore, it prevented these two people from making any troubles.

“Nobody knows us on the way to capital anyway. Besides, we are also well-informed about uncle Hu capabilities. He is more reliable than any other bodyguard. Uncle Hu is also physically tall. There will be no one dare to bother us so it will be much safer.”

Jiang Liu told the beautiful woman his reasoning. Meng Yun-niang could only listened to him silently. In the end, she did not refute and seemed to accept it by default.


That evening, Hu Guirong was taking a break on the ship’s board, and unknowingly Jiang Liu had come out from the cabin and sat next to him.

“You like my mother!”

That was a statement without any hesitation.

“It’s too cold. Go inside lest you will catch cold.”

Hu Guirong decided not to answer the question. Yet he still contemplated the reason why Jiang Liu asked him this question. He did not know whether it was out of malicious or goodwill. Although this child is still small, but he was a child prodigy with a good brain. He did not dare to look down on this child’s brain and did not think about fooling him.

“No, I won’t. My mother gave me this thick cotton jacket.”

The night on the river was always very cold, so Jiang Liu had been wearing a small cotton jacket usually worn in winter. Therefore, he didn’t feel cold at all.

“You haven’t answered me yet. Do you like my mother?”

Jiang Liu asked once again. He felt that the adults in this era were too emotional repressed. Even after being twisted and pinched, they still did not want to open at all.

“I have some business. After we arrived at the capital, I still lacked a trustworthy person to help me deal with it. If you are willing, stay in the capital.”

Jiang Liu who saw Hu Guirong continued to keep in silence decided to simply shift the topic.

“Right, if you wanted to marry my mother, wait at least for a few years.”

Not waiting for Hu Guirong to answer, Jiang Liu stood up and patted the sitting down Hu Guirong’s shoulder.

“Why do I have to wait for a few years?” Hu Guirong’s could not help but blurt out this question.

Such a small guy; still doesn’t want to admit that he likes my mother!

Jiang Liu smiled and said.

“Naturally, to obtain what I want, I have to raise in rank by becoming the top scorer [Zhuangyuan] in the palace examination. At that time, if she is willing to marry you, I will send her out with ten miles of red makeup.” [T/N: Rich dowry]

Being a mere scholar is not enough. One has to obtain a high position. With greater talent, then will you be able to fight against the secular ethics.

Jiang Liu pointed out to the distant sky, and he felt that he was very eloquent when he said that.

The author has something to say: There is one more at 9 o’clock in the evening. Today is really cold. All my fingers became numb. The heater was not very strong. But I felt like the house was leaking around and not to mentioned that the heater had been open for a long time. So far only my head felt hot. My lower body was totally frozen. Very unconvinced. Why there are differences in temperature when I was using the same heater?

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (18)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N: Plz comment on any mistake. I will edit it ASAP.

Before the waiter left, he hesitated a bit before he turned back.

“That is, Miss Xi, Ji Yu and Lan Shuer are not good people, you have to be careful. Also, they seem to say that they have your position locked, you still need to verify it out!”

“Well, thank you.”

Originally, this meant to be a simple and direct transaction, he did not expect that the other party will him give more rewards for his hard work. Thus, in exchange for the sympathy and worry that the waiter had for her, Tong Su still thanked the waiter although the locator had already been solved by her brother.

At the end of the dinner, Ji Yu sent Lan Shuer back to her seat. After searching around the venue, he still could not find Tong Su. He started to become uneasy. After looking around for a while, he stopped a waiter and asked.

He didn’t expect the waiter to say.

“Miss Xi already left, did Mr Ji not see it?”

His tone sounded strange as his expression was full of doubts.

These two people were clearly showing love on the red carpet, how come when one already went back and yet the other party are not aware of it?

As long as Ji Yu has a little concern for Xi Tong Su, it will not happen like this.

Ji Yu’s face was not easy to look at as he scolds the waiter fiercely.

“What do you care about? Why don’t you quickly roll!”

The waiter already answered his enquiry, and instead of getting thanks, he was scolded for no reason at all. Not only that, he also got fired from his job. Therefore, as soon as he reached home, he quickly vented his feeling on Weibo.

“Hehe, I have heard that a [J] male star was completely different on and off camera. I saw him today. I only know that those things spread online were absolutely true. In front of the camera, he is so gentle and kind, however, once he was off the camera, his temper was quite big. If I were his fiancé, I will already dump him early on! Pei!”

It was unknown if Ji Yu was aware that someone had become his black powder or whether he didn’t care about it even if he knew it.

After all, it was just a despicable waiter, will it even affect him?

Even though it was only Xi Tong Su, but he could not help but feel some fear.

Tong Su seemed to be getting more and more out of his control!

She did not agree to be his date, did not want to call him, and also did not go out to play with Lan Shuer. It seemed that she did not even want to see them at all.

He was very sceptical about whether Xi Tong Su was aware of everything.

But Xi Tong Su did not become hysterical nor did she came to find trouble with him. Secondly, she also did not ask him any probing questions. At most, she became a bit cold to him and refused to acknowledge any of his calls.

Maybe because her brother was at home that he had been strict on her, therefore, did not allow her to leave the house easily.

Ji Yu could only comfort himself like that. Once her brother went abroad, everything will turn to normal.

When he called his family, he decided to complain a bit. He did not expect that Ji father will become serious.

“Son, you must not let the red flag at home to fall, even if the floating coloured flag outside was not bad. You and that tender model, your mother and I knew about it. That is fine. But you have to appease Tong Su first. Don’t let her know about it.”.

Ji Yu was about to respond when his father continued.

“Yes, that brother of Tong Su, is there any blood relationship with her family?”

“No, it seems to be adopted.”

“Then you look for Tong Su and tell her that if her brother is vying for family property, she will inherit less. She has to make early preparation! Also, Xi Tong Su is a woman, and she also needs to get married. With that, all the Xi’s family property will fall to our Ji’s family! If you can let her get pregnant soon, she won’t be able to run away.”

Ji Yu just nodded in understanding. In fact, even his parents did not know that he and Tong Su even after their engagement, the most intimate moves that they had done were still a hug!

When they first became girlfriend and boyfriend, she was already so conservative. When he wanted to kiss her, she told him that she will only allow such action until after their engagement.

But now, even though the two of them already got engaged, let alone slept with her, he could not even call her out!

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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (17)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

T/N: Plz comment on any mistake. I will edit it ASAP.

“Wow, this is too much trust towards one’s girlfriends and fiancés ah. If Ji Yu and Lan Shuer were to derail in the future, then isn’t that a slap to their face? I hope that she will be happy for a lifetime and will not be troubled with any kind of third person.”

“Hey, my family’s Yu is a good man. How could you declare that he will derail in the future?! If Ji Yu were to derail in the future, I will make a live video of me watering my plant with sk2!”

” Xi Tong Su indeed served as the platform for Lan Shuer. She also put her trust in her so much. If Lan Shuer still does something so shameless in the future, then she is truly a real whore.”

“I have a hunch that things won’t end so soon. Certainly, someone will have their face slapped sooner or later! Wait and see, the good show is still not far behind…”

There were lots of currently popular star could be seen walking around holding wine goblet while being adorned with beautiful clothes and sweet-smelling perfume. All celebrities from various social classes were coming and going as they continued to cheers, talking and laughing. On the stage, a popular idol group was singing their new songs, and everyone in the audience enjoyed their wonderful performance.

Lan Shuer was restless in her seat as she took a peek around her and saw that Tong Su was nodding her head to the rhythm of the music, obviously immersed in it.

Her heart started to relax as she made a sign towards Ji Yu before she stood up and left the table.

Lan Shuer was looking for a deserted place when she accidentally bumped into a passing waiter who asked her if she need any refreshment.

“Thank you, I don’t drink champagne… No, no, of course, I don’t eat cakes!”

She quickly denied it before walking towards a remote corner. In front of the bright hall filled with laughter, that corner felt extremely desolate. Lan Shuer’s face looked pallid, and after a short time, Ji Yu finally arrived with a frown on his face.

After seeing her, Ji Yu started to lower his head down.

“You let me come over to see you, did you know how many pairs of eyes are staring at us now? Once we were found out, everything will be over!”

“Impossible, Tong Su was watching the performance. I also have put a remote position chip inside her mobile phone. If she was close, there will be a signal.”

Ji Yu let out a sigh of relief.

“That’s good.”

“A Yu, what did she meant by what she said during the interview? Did she really notice something off?”

Ji Yu shook his head and smiled.

“She is the kind of impulsive person. If she were to find out about it, do you think that she will not make any fuss? You just thought too much! We played so happily last night, but I didn’t see you becoming as suspicious as now.”

“That’s because you did it too hard. I am still hurting right now.”

Lan Shuer started to let down her mind as she gently hit his chest.

“But when I saw you and that Deputy Director Sun walked together, you looked very proud of it. If you trying to climb the high branch through Deputy Director Sun, then what are you doing hooking up with me here?”

“You, this person, how could you say that! You still don’t know who is the one in my heart?”

Lan Shuer looked at Ji Yu with many grievances.

“I just wanted to enter the crew to accompany you, but you still misunderstood me? A Yu, you are making me so sad.”

Ji Yu’s heart became soft as he started to kiss her up.

“It’s all my fault, you can rest assured, I won’t let you down…”

In that small corner, in a split second, the scene became unrestrained.

The two of them were too immersed in it, that unbeknownst to them, all their actions inside the small corner were filmed with a digital camera.

Tong Su had a good time and she also has seen a lot of stars from the entertainment’s circle. Before the end of the dinner, she walked towards the bathroom.

A waiter was waiting for her and he gave her a memory card with much excitement on his face.

If Lan Shuer was there, she will be shocked to find out that this waiter was the one that she had bumped into when she was heading to the corner. It was the one who asked her if she wanted any champagne!

The waiter was rubbing his hand in glee.

“They didn’t notice me at all. When I took the video of them being intimate, I also especially took the picture of today’s dinner party banner! Miss Xi, let’s discuss the good reward…”

Tong Su just handed the waiter a bank card.

“Thank you for your hard work. There are 80,000 inside, and the extra 30,000 is your reward. The password is today’s date.”

“Not hard, not hard, Miss Xi. If there is anything else that you need, you can come and see me next time! Miss Xi rest assured, I am very professional, and will never say anything about it outside.”

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