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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 172

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Chapter 172: Zombie King 4

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Chi Ruoyu, who was pushing a cart full of express delivery, fished for her key when the door was suddenly opened from the inside, revealing her sister, whom she had not seen for many days. Chi Ruojin rushed out of the house as she hugged her sister tightly.

“Sister, what’s the matter with you?”

For Chi Ruoyu, she might not have seen her sister for a few weeks. However, for Chi Ruojin, they have been separated for more than eight years.

When the end was coming, Chi Ruojin was in the provincial capital, fighting all the way through the mountain of dead bodies to return to her hometown. To her, no one is more important than her sister, Ruoyu. However, when she arrived back, what greeted her was a broken door and a pool of blood.

Yet, Chi Ruojin still did not give up. She continued to look for her sister’s traces at the nearby survivor base but accidentally reunited with other relatives.

Chi Ruojin’s father has an older brother. He also has a son named Chi Shengli. The eldest of Chi’s family, Chi Dayuan, was an ordinary rural farmer. When his younger brother and sister-in-law had an accident, Chi Dayuan had wanted to take care of his two nieces. However, Chi Dayuan’s wife was a fierce woman. Even though she did not covet the compensation received by the Chi family, she also did not want to have anything to do with these two nieces.

What’s more, at that time, Chi Ruojin was also a few months before reaching adulthood. She encouraged her husband to follow Chi Ruojin’s wishes and let their sisters live in the house left by their parents like how they were previously.

Although Chi Dayuan was a kind person, he still could not afford to go against his fierce wife. With the persuasion from the eldest niece Chi Ruojin on the side, he finally gave up trying to get the nieces to live with his family.

However, due to the laws and regulations, before Chi Ruojin came of age, he still acted as Chi Ruojin and Chi Ruoyu’s guardian.

When Chi Ruojin met her uncle’s family, her uncle had already passed away. Only her aunt and cousin, Chi Shengli, were still alive. Chi Shengli had inspired the earth element ability and could be considered having a secured life in that base.

According to her cousin, when the end came, he and his uncle had also managed to arouse their abilities. Worrying about the little niece living alone in the city, the uncle insisted on taking his son to save people. However, her uncle died on the way to the town, and only the cousin managed to escape back.

Because of this incident, the eldest aunt had a bit of resentment against Chi Ruojin in her heart. Chi Ruojin also knew she could not blame her for treating her like an enemy after their reunion.

In addition to her uncle’s family, Chi Ruojin also met her cousin, Zhong Hong.

The relationship between Chi Ruojin and her mother’s part of the family was not good initially. However, after their parents’ car accident, the relationship between Chi Ruojin and her maternal family had dropped to a freezing point.

Due to the careless mistake of the opposing driver, Chi Ruojin’s parents had died in an accident.  Consequently, to reduce his son’s sentence as much as possible, the other party’s family did not dare to pay less for the given compensation. Hence, Chi Ruojin had received two million in compensation. With the addition to the house belonging to the Chi family’s home, the two siblings had a cumulative of nearly three million in assets.

This was a considerable sum of money in the countryside. Chi Ruojin’s aunt was attracted to the money, so she persuaded Chi Ruojin’s two sisters to live with her before their parents were even buried in the soil. She wanted to use their age to become their guardian and subsequently held into the two million in compensation for them.

Fortunately, Chi Ruojin was able to stand on her own. In addition to that, her uncle, Chi Dayuan, also did not want to see his sister-in-law’s maiden family bullying their Chi family. In the end, Chi Ruojin’s maternal aunt did not manage to get what she wanted.

However, Chi Ruojin’s maternal aunt was still a force to be reckoned with. She instigated her mother and her two granddaughters to fight for compensation and inheritance. She insisted that a third of the settlement and half of the house belonged to their family since it was under Chi Ruojin’s mother’s name. In the end, Chi Ruojin’s maternal grandmother managed to win one-sixth of the property, which she asked to be converted into money. Chi Ruojin decisively gave her grandmother a total of 450,000 yuan, and since then, the two of them also severed any contact.

After the end of the world, only her maternal cousin, Zhong Hong, survived. Zhong Hong and Chi Ruoyu looked five points similar. Even though Chi Ruojin did not like her maternal aunt, she did not have many dislikes for this cousin. She had been going crazy looking for her sister for so long. Hence, she naturally could not help but feel soft when she saw her cousin that looked so similar to her sister. She finally let her follow her.

However, she never thought that she had been raising a wolf for eight years. In the end, this cousin was the one who gave her the fatal blow.

Chi Ruojin hugged her sister tightly. In this life, she will not lose her sister again. Naturally, she will not care about that cousin of her. As long as Zhong Hong did not come to provoke her, she was willing to let another human survive in this world. Nevertheless, if that Zhong Hong insisted on dirtying her eyes, she would not mind practising her ability and let one more zombie roam the earth.

“Sister, what’s wrong with you? Who is bullying you?”

Seeing her sister holding her but not talking, Chi Ruoyu started to get anxious. She did not know who did not have a long eye and dared to bully her elder sister.

“Nothing. I miss you.”

Of course, Chi Ruojin would not tell her sister about her eight years of experience in the last days. It was not like she did not trust her sister, but because she was afraid of scaring her. Although she had not seen each other for eight years, Chi Ruojin always remembered her sister for her gluttonous and cowardly traits.

“Sister, I miss you too.”

Chi Ruoyu started to act like a baby: “By the way, I have to show you a good thing.”

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She hurriedly pushed the trolley in and then pulled her sister back to her room before closing the door.

“Sister, look. I stimulated the space supernatural powers. Do you think that the rumours about the incoming apocalypse written on the Internet are true?”

After absorbing her blood, the jade pendant was directly integrated into her body. Chi Ruoyu could feel that the space was connected to her blood, but there was no way to solidify it in front of her sister.

Therefore, she thought for a while and simply used the excuse that she had stimulated the space abilities so that her sister would believe that the end of the world was coming.

From the beginning to the end, Chi Ruoyu had never thought about concealing this matter from her sister. After all, even if she wanted to hide, she would not be able to do so with her IQ. Furthermore, most of the family’s money was in the hands of her sister. In the end, she needs that money to buy large quantities of supplies. Therefore, she still had to rely on her eldest sister, which led to her being frank about her space abilities.

Besides, even if her sister might betray her because of the space in her body, Chi Ruoyu also did not know anyone else that could be trusted once the apocalypse hit them.

She was not intelligent. You could even say that she was stupid. In other words, she was not only foolish but also timid. Chi Ruoyu felt that she couldn’t make any qualitative progress despite being reborn once the end arrived. Yet, she still wanted to live better and longer in the apocalypse world. Hence, the correct policy was to follow her sister’s words and actions.

“Space ability?”

Looking at the express delivery box that disappeared out of thin air, Chi Ruojin’s breathing became much faster.

“I came back for this too.”

Chi Ruojin walked directly to the side of the fish tank at home and waved her hand. The water in the fish tank instantly condensed into ice. Fortunately, there was no fish in the fish tank, just a few rain stones.


Chi Ruoyu shivered while exclaimed excitedly.

You must know that the last days she experienced were similar to the existence of the ice age. The weather dropped to below zero, with snow enveloping the earth. Consequently, the temperature dropping led the plants to be frozen to death while the people and animals were being frostbitten. Additionally, this led to the scarcity of food, subsequently leading to rioting among the survivors.

The reason why Chi Ruoyu died in the previous life was partly because of hunger and partly because of the cold. At this moment, seeing her relatives showing off the ice-type supernatural powers, she could not help but shudder subconsciously.

“Sister, won’t you be afraid of cold if you have ice powers?”

However, after thinking about it, Chi Ruoyu felt that this was a good thing.

With her sister ice-type supernatural powers, wouldn’t it be her sister’s home ground once the Ice Age coming? Thinking of Queen Elsa in Frozen, she did not mind becoming Princess Anna.

However, the world has changed so much. Hence, it was not certain whether the Ice Age would come again. Chi Ruoyu’s good dream could only be put aside. The most important thing now is to buy supplies and find a safer place to hide.

The old house of the Chi family was a relatively remote residential building in the city. The neighbourhood was consist of many types of people. In her previous life, Chi Ruoyu, who had been hiding at home, could hear countless looting sounds and screams. Compared to staying in this house, Chi Ruoyu was more willing to go back to their hometown. After all, her uncle’s family, relatives, and friends will stay at their circumference, which was safer than their current neighbourhood.

Chi Ruojin looked at her sister, who kept changing her expression from smiling to being depressed and could not help but raise the corners of her mouth. Since the world’s end came to earth, she has never encountered someone with such a simple and easy-to-understand emotion.

Regardless of the end of the world, she is grateful to God for sending her back to her sister.


“Dad, just now Chi Dayuan came to say hello. He said that the two daughters of Chi Dachu will also move back to live.”

At Li Dong’s house, the head chief of the Houan Village, a man in his early thirties, came in from outside and said happily before chugging on a cup of cold white water.

“Don’t you think that it was getting weirder nowadays? The people in the village have been racking their brains on how to run to the city. Yet, why did the people who finally became city dwellers suddenly want to squeeze back home?”

He was referring to both sisters of the Chi family and Jiang Liu.

Back then, Jiang Qu and Chi Dachu were good brothers who wore a pair of trousers. They went to the city to struggle, and after making a little money, they finally bought a house in the city at the same time.

Many people in the village envied them. Yet, they did not realize that these two people lives were bad. Their car overturned after crashing against a loaded SUV that went astray, killing all three people inside on the way to purchase goods.

After that accident, Jiang Qu’s wife remarried with her son. Chi Dachu’s two daughters also continued to live in the city. They only came back to visit their uncle during Chinese New Year and the time to worship their ancestor.

Speaking of these two families, the people in the village could not help but sigh.

In the beginning, Jiang Liu and the Chi family’s little girls could be considered to have a good relationship ah. Both of them could be seen holding hands on the way and back from school. Everyone laughed, saying that the two families should knot the two babies together. Yet, due to adult circumstances, the two children were separated.

If it had not been for the car accident that year, the people in the village might be able to drink their wedding wine in a few years.

“It’s extraordinary.” Li Dong was an astute person. After listening to his son, he continued to smoke his cigarette without making any comment. Yet, inwardly, another thought crossed his mind.

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