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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: Zombie King 5

“Do you think that our village is going to be demolished? That cannot be right. Even if our village was going to be demolished, those houses were still under their name. They would not receive a penny less just because they did not reside here. As for that family from the city, just because they rent the house does not mean they can take advantage of it. So why bother to come to the countryside?”

Li Dong pondered seriously. Moreover, if there was a demolition plan, it does not make sense that he, the village chief, did not get any news in advance.

“Anyway, I don’t think this situation is alright.”

Li Dong’s son, Li Yang, muttered, “By the way, Dad, do you think the recent weather is getting a bit weird?”

It was only at the end of May, yet the sun was getting stronger and stronger. The average temperature these days was between 26 degrees and 30 degrees. The day before yesterday was even ridiculous. The temperature was as high as 32 degrees at two o’clock in the afternoon, similar to the heat during midsummer.

The older people in the village have been talking about this weird occurrence these days. If the weather at the end of May was already this hot, the temperature might exceed 40 degrees once the hottest summer period comes.

“My son told me that this sudden temperature rise was due to global warming, which seems to be related to industrial chemical pollution. It seemed that those people in the city were the ones who had been contributing heavily to this contamination. They opened factories to make a lot of money, while ordinary people like us had to rely on the fields to support our lives. We did not contribute anything to this pollution yet; this global warming affects our farming.”

Li Zhao did not understand much about the relationship between global warming and environmental pollution mentioned by his son. He just listened to a few words roughly. Yet, he tried using this small information to show off in front of his old man, proving he was also pretty literate.

“The weather is getting weirder.”

Li Dong inhaled the cigarettes as he looked at the big sun in the sky. “How many days since the last time it rained?”

Li Dong was not only the head of the village but also a wealthy householder in the village. He has contracted a lot of lands and a fishpond. These things can bring him a small income of 200,000 yuan every year. Therefore, he was very concerned regarding the lifeblood of his land and fishpond.

“It has been a long time since the last one. I don’t know if it will improve after the rainy season.”

The villager had just planted the paddy seedling at the beginning of May. Now the weather was getting hotter, resulting in the groundwater evaporating quickly. Due to this, the villagers have to pump water from the river to irrigate the rice fields almost every few days. There was no such trouble in previous years, especially in May.

“Why did my heart palpitate so inexplicably?”

Li Dong’s smoking action speeded up. He did not know why, but he intuitively felt that the hot weather might have something to do with Jiang Liu and others’ sudden return to the village. Yet, what is the reason behind this?

“Dad, why don’t you go to the health station and let the old Chinese doctor take your pulse and measure your blood pressure?”

Li Zhao was a filial son. He wondered if his dad’s sudden palpitation was due to a heart attack symptom.

“Get lost!”

Li Dong angrily blasted his stupid son. Fortunately, this Lord still has some skills. If it were other people, maybe they would already be dead from the stress of having such a silly son hovering around them 24/7.


# Forward# A UK man claimed he could control the fire element.

First floor: If this is a magic show, I have to say that it is pretty realistic.

Second floor: Hahaha, I also imagined that I could obtain supernatural powers during my Chunibyo phase. Yet, now, not only do I have to work overtime every day, but I also have to go home to feed my child, so I no longer have time to fantasize about this kind of thing.

[T/N: Zhong’erbing [Loan word from Japanese] or roughly translated as secondary school’s illness. A phase related to strange behaviour characteristic of a teenager going through puberty. I believe the Japanese word Chunibyo is more common to readers.]

Third floor: Now, I understand why those foreigners have a small population. If they keep playing like this, they will eventually get themselves killed.

Fourth floor: It should be special effects or magic.

That night, a short video suddenly appeared on the Internet. In a short time, that short video has been forwarded tens of thousands of times.

The content of the video was a scene of a foreigner bursting into flames. Just when everyone thought he would be burned to death, the flame on his body suddenly disappeared. The next moment, a few small fireballs appeared on his fingertips, jumping between his hands like an acrobatic show.

When the netizens first saw this video, no one thought much about it. After all, the current special effects are enough to make a more explosive video than what was shown in this short video. Hence, everyone has been forwarding it like a joke.

Yet, who knows that the netizen’s account, which first reposted the video from the external network just half an hour later, was blocked. The Internet police were also deleting the netizen who reposted the video on the Internet.

As for those netizens who want to upload to the Internet after saving it on their device, they all face similar outcomes.

Human nature is such. The more you ban it, the more curious they get. Although the Internet police have great powers, this video still circulates quietly online.

Also, as time passes, everyone finds more similar videos online.

# Forward# A man in the Middle East was struck ten times without dying, claiming he has the divine power bestowed by the true god.

This was also a piece of news from the external network source. This video should have been secretly filmed. The netizen could see a man standing in an open-air environment with a thunderstorm beside him in the video. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck him. Instead of being burned to ash, that person roared as a more dazzling light burst out from all over his body.

[T/N: As you know, China have a restricted network that restricts access to foreign websites, so the external network was known as Waiwang = the Internet outside the GFW (Great Firewall of China)]

This kind of low-level pixel was not like a composite special effects blockbuster. The netizens then reposted much information regarding the protagonist in the video. It was said that the man was originally a member of a revolutionary organization in the Middle East. He claimed to be endowed with supernatural power by the true god. He also said that those who did not believe in the true god would suffer painful death once the apocalypse arrived.

The Internet police, on a large scale, quickly deleted this news, like the former one. Anything with keywords related to the title was blocked.

Subsequently, more and more similar news appeared, but all of them were videos released by external networks until the first case finally appeared in China.

 A clip was accidentally recorded during an outdoor live broadcast by a female anchor.

“Are you a netizen with ID [One small pork ball]? You have published an article on the Internet titled “How to defend yourself after the end arrived”, right? Please come with us to assist in the investigation.”

In the video, a group of men in special police uniforms walked to a woman carrying large and small bags as if she had just come out of the supermarket.

The audience who watched the live broadcast initially did not overthink this scene. It was just that the female anchor was out of luck. During the trip, she met the police, who were out to catch a villain. Hence, those netizens were still joking in the comment section, telling the female anchor to run away lest she gets affected.

Who knows, the otherwise ordinary woman suddenly threw away the bag in her hand in the next second. Then, in a way that violated Newton’s theory, she climbed the wall like a spider and quickly rushed in a direction the camera could not capture.

That special police were not vegetarian either. They took out a gun and shot it directly at the woman who had climbed to the third floor in a short time. Yet, this gun should be an anaesthesia gun since there was no blood on the woman when she fell.

A group of special police officers took her into the car. In contrast, a group of special police officers walked towards the pedestrians filming nearby and forcibly removed their mobile phones.

The last black screen indicated that the live broadcast had ended, and soon the live broadcast room of the female anchor was closed.

First floor: Damn, Newton’s coffin board would not be able to hold him anymore.

This was not a special effects video that could be faked but a live broadcast. No one believed that an ordinary 18-line female anchor could buy the special police to help her act. No one in their right mind thought this female anchor had the guts to find someone to pretend to be special police to perform this show. Therefore, the video content they saw just now was likely real.

Second floor: Do you remember those videos blocked on the Internet before? That was not a special effects film, but a real one.

Third floor: I have already wanted to say that a group of special police officers came to our community before, but I was not there then. I heard that those special polices rushed into a family’s house and left with the son of that family. I thought it was a false rumour. However, seeing the broadcast just now, I believe that incident should be confirmed.

Fourth floor: So, a supernatural person exists? Ah, ah, this is not an April Fool’s Day?

Fifth floor: I want to know whether the so-called doomsday is true. Do you think it is coming anytime soon?

The speed of deletion by Internet police was not as fast as the speed of screenshots taken by the netizens. These banned videos were still circulated quietly on the Internet in various ways. Subsequently, due to the rise of these videos, many panicked people once again set their sights on food supplies following the surge in purchasing salt that year.


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“It’s getting harder and harder to buy food now. It seems it’s time for us to pack up and return to the country.”

During this period, the money in Chi Ruojin’s hand was converted into supplies. Not only that, but Chi Ruojin also forwarded the news on the Internet to her cousin Chi Shengli. Older people might not believe it, but her younger cousin should be more receptive to this kind of thing. After reading the news, he should be able to encourage her uncle to save more food; at least they will not be in a hurry to finish off the available supplies at home.


Chi Ruoyu packed her luggage cleverly, compressing it as much as possible before putting them in her personal space.

She was still thinking about Xu Liji’s roast chicken she had bought after standing in a long queue today. She can’t wait to finish her task and enjoy the delicacy with her sister.

Conversely, Jiang Liu slept until the sun reached the three poles [T/N About 8 to 9 AM]. After waking up, he unfastened the shackles on his body.

“I have prepared a little surprise for the host.”

When studying the world last night, 001 found that the jade pendant on the host’s body had an extraordinary magnetic field. It seemed that there was a dimensional space. The volume of that space was about 200 cubic meters. It was not too big or small, but just enough to store many materials.

Recently, the host had always been worried that the house’s cellar was too small. 001 felt that as the best system for its host, it should actively solve this problem.

“What surprise?”

The next second after asking this sentence, Jiang Liu felt a space connected to his mental power. He closed his eyes, put his mental power into this space, and saw that more than half of the space had already been filled with materials.

Jiang Liu felt amazed by it. Since when did 001 have this kind of consciousness?

Jiang Liu tried to remove the roast chicken from the most conspicuous position. It was hot and exuded a charming fragrance.


Since he got up nearly at noon, his stomach should already empty that it could not help but start to play with gongs and drums.

Jiang Liu was unsure if he could eat like an average person after becoming a zombie, so he happily ate this roasted chicken. He must cherish every minute and every second and eat all the tasty things available now.

However, this portable space did come at a good time. He happened to have a little money left to spend. When he managed to fill this portable space, he believed the little cutie who liked the original would be very happy.


It’s gone!

The delicious roasted chicken is gone!

Chi Ruoyu opened her mouth wide and stared. How could a thief rob the things stored in her space?

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