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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 174

Chapter 174: My Profession is Zombie King 6

Author: 打字机

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The roasted chicken was gone, and Chi Ruoyu immediately questioned herself, wondering if she was too greedy and ate the chicken unconsciously. However, after careful consideration, she realized the chicken was so delicious that she couldn’t have eaten it without realizing it.

Therefore, she ruled herself out as a suspect.

The second guess was that the space automatically consumed items, but this possibility was very low because the only missing thing in recent days was the roasted chicken. If the space was active, she should have noticed it long ago.

However, this guess couldn’t be completely ruled out, and Chi Ruoyu had this doubt in her mind.

The last and most incredible guess in Chi Ruoyu’s view was that another person could open the space beside her.

When Chi Ruoyu first discovered that her half of the Dragon and Phoenix Jade Pendant contained a hidden space, she wondered if the other half of the pendant also had space. Still, she never considered the possibility that the two halves of the pendant were keys that could open the same space.

Her half of the pendant had already been claimed after being stained with blood, and Jiang Liu’s half might have been claimed by him after being stained with his blood. If that was true, the one who secretly took her roasted chicken might be her childhood sweetheart whom she hadn’t seen for five years.

Chi Ruoyu’s expression was complicated. Her feelings for Jiang Liu during their teenage years were always awkward and ignorant, and even now, she doesn’t know what kind of feelings she has for him.

When their parents and Uncle Jiang died in a car accident, it was a bolt from the blue for both families. Chi Ruoyu was immersed in the pain of losing her parents and had no extra energy to think about anything else. By the time she had calmed down, Jiang Liu had already followed his mother, who remarried, and completely disappeared from her life.

Besides the beautiful memories of their childhood, the only thing he left her was half of the jade pendant.

Five years had passed, and she had no idea what he looked like now.

Had he grown taller or become more handsome?

Chi Ruoyu pursed her lips, wondering if the fried loach he made was even more delicious than five years ago.

Thinking about the apocalypse that might come soon, Chi Ruoyu thought for a while and decided to write a note. She included her contact information and the news that she planned to return to Hou’an Village shortly. Then she put the message where the roasted chicken had been.

It was too hasty when they parted years ago, and she didn’t know how to contact Jiang Liu. However, he should know her home address. Yet, he never wrote her a letter in all these years.

Chi Ruoyu left a note in the space, hoping that if Jiang Liu’s half of the jade pendant was also the key to open the space, he could see this note and contact her.

Anyway, Chi Ruoyu still hoped that Jiang Liu was safe and sound.

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“001, where is my half of the jade pendant?”

After finishing the whole roasted chicken, Jiang Liu burped contentedly and wiped his hands with a tissue. Suddenly, he remembered the half piece of jade that should have been hanging around his neck.

“Did it turn into a space? I discovered that the half piece of jade is the key to a dimensional space. It actively bound itself to the host, and now the jade has fused with the host. From now on, the host can freely use the dimensional space.”

001 floated happily in mid-air. It knew the host would surely praise it, but it had to be modest. It heard that this was the finest quality of human beings.

“That jade is a space key?”

Jiang Liu didn’t react for a moment.

“Wait, 001, did you prepare the items in the personal space, or were they already in the dimensional space?”

Jiang Liu had a very ominous feeling.

“According to the system’s professional rules, the system cannot help the host cheat during the mission.”

001 immediately interjected. It had already pushed the limits by binding the jade pendant to the host. If it provided the host with items, it feared those higher-ups would punish the system.

“It wasn’t you who provided them?”

Jiang Liu swallowed his saliva. If the half piece of the jade pendant was the key to opening the dimensional space, then the half piece of a jade pendant that his original cute little sweetheart held in her hand could also open that space.

Wrapped in modern packaging and with a bunch of goods stacked in cardboard boxes, it was impossible that they were left behind by their predecessors. The only possibility was that the little cutie had opened this space by chance, and the goods stored inside were all accumulated by her.

Now the problem arose!

Would eating a foodie’s roast chicken be grudged against for years to come?

Jiang Liu’s eyes seemed to want to burn those chicken bones to ashes, and he didn’t know if he could buy another roast chicken in time.

But obviously, it was too late.

Jiang Liu saw the piece of paper left in the space where the roast chicken was initially placed. It was a simple message with Chi Ruoyu’s current phone number and news that she would return to Hao’an Village in a while.

He felt this note was not simple, even emitting faint killing intent.

The foodie little cutie must have guessed that he, who also possessed half of the jade pendant, had eaten the roast chicken and was planning to return to teach him a lesson upon hearing the news of his return to the village.

Is this a tragedy caused by just a roast chicken?


“Village head, why is the weather getting hotter and hotter? Look at the river. The water level has dropped by nearly 20 centimetres.”

Weather and water sources are the two most significant concerns for most people who stay in the village and live from their fields and orchards.

In fact, since May of this year, these experienced farmers who have been farming for decades have noticed the changes in the weather and are worried that this may be a once-in-a-century drought.

Li Dong listened to the worried words of the villagers, and he was also concerned.

He has a fish pond to take care of, and with the recent hot weather, he has to run a high-power water pump daily to extract water from nearby water sources to ensure adequate water supply in his fish farm. This is a considerable expense, but even so, because of the prolonged high temperature, many fish in the pond have died due to their inability to adapt to the hot weather.

“Let’s wait a little longer; maybe the rainy season will come and solve our problems.”

This was meant to comfort the villagers, as well as himself.

“By the way, if you have food reserves that haven’t been sold yet, don’t sell them. It’s better to lose a little money and ensure we have enough food to deal with the possible drought that might come later.”

Although Li Dong was known to be greedy and selfish, the fact that the villagers unanimously recognized him as the village head proved that he had foresight and abilities. Regarding important issues, Li Dong always considered the common interests of the entire village.

Recently, people in the city had been screaming that the world’s end had come, and they were scrambling to hoard food. Subseuently, those city people had come to the countryside every day to collect grain.

Even so, last year’s late rice could only be sold for eight cents to one yuan per kilogram. After all, it was old, and it might not sell for that much if it wasn’t stored correctly.

But things were different now. There was no middleman markup, and city people voluntarily came to the countryside to buy grain. Coupled with the panic due to the upcoming apocalypse, even last year’s late rice which could not be sold is now being sold for two-fifty to three yuan per kilogram, and sometimes even more.

Li Dong felt that the situation was a bit mysterious. Even when the city people rushed to the countryside to collect grain, he had already gone door to door to remind everyone. But he feared that some people were too short-sighted and only saw money without seeing the crisis.

“Village chief, I think you’re still too cautious. Our country has so many strategic grain reserves. Even with a big drought, the country can open a few grain warehouses to relieve us. As for those who say the end of the world is coming, I think their brains are watered. What kind of zombies and mutants are they talking about? They are just full of food and bored of doing nothing.”

Some people listened to Li Dong’s advice and refused to sell their grain, while others were tempted by money and took the risk of secretly selling their grain, despite Li Dong’s repeated warnings.

He couldn’t persuade them, so he could only watch with a cold eye, hoping that everything wouldn’t be as bad as he imagined.


As usual, Jiang Liu locked himself tightly before going to bed.

But obviously, this day was different from usual.

The nighttime temperature in the countryside was still relatively comfortable. In recent days, the temperature during the day was around 34-36 degrees Celsius, but the nighttime temperature could drop to 24-27 degrees Celsius. Some elderly people in the village who are reluctant to use air conditioning could also get by with old electric fans for the whole night.

Jiang Liu was willing to spend money and slept with the air conditioning every night. At around one o’clock in the morning, there was a hissing sound, and the air conditioning stopped working. The cold air in the room lasted for more than twenty minutes before being replaced by the constantly invading heat from outside.

It should have been the coolest period, but at this moment, the temperature was almost as hot as the hottest time during the day.

It seems that Jiang Liu felt the temperature change, and he frowned slightly in his sleep, as he continued to sleep restlessly.

However, the anomaly did not stop there.

Starting from his hands, Jiang Liu’s skin began to ulcerate extremely fast, spreading to his whole body. At this point, he was already feeling extreme pain and was struggling and rolling in bed.

001 appeared in mid-air, and it was unclear what it did, but the originally ulcerated skin began to heal slowly. However, a strong force continue to corrode Jiang Liu’s body, causing the skin to heal and then ulcerate again.

It was an excruciating process, and by the time 001 succeeded, Jiang Liu was soaked with sweat, as if he had just been dragged out of water. It was unimaginable what kind of torture he had just gone through.

The next second, Jiang Liu opened his eyes. His pupils were tiny, almost dominated by the whites of his eyes, cold and devoid of the typical human gaze.


The bound person howled wildly and struggled to break free from the iron chains, their wrists and ankles dripping with blood from the exertion, only to heal and the cycle continued to repeat quickly.

“Ah-woo– ah-woo–“

The husky that belonged to Li Dong’s son, excited by the sudden rise in temperature, perked up at the howling sound. It remembered that this voice was the one in which it had shared a heartfelt duet not too long ago.

Unfortunately, when it romped around the village the next day, it still couldn’t find its canine brother with the beautiful voice.

The excited husky howled along for quite a while until it grew tired and eventually retreated to its kennel, tongue lolling.

As the husky quieted down, Jiang Liu gradually calmed down, closed his eyes, and appeared to fall asleep.


Underground Command Center in the capital city of China

“This day has finally come!”

An old leader stood on the platform while more than a dozen people of different ages and backgrounds sat below. Men, women, and children were among them, some with excited expressions, while others appeared nervous. It’s hard to imagine how such a diverse group could gather in such a solemn setting.

Hundreds of special forces surrounded the room, armed with the latest weapons to prevent any disturbances from the people inside.

“Starting today, the Association for Reincarnated Workers is officially established!”

The old leader looked at the people below, and the biggest challenge for people worldwide began. The world would welcome a new era.

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