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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 175

Chapter 175: My Profession is Zombie King 7

Author: 打字机

“What’s going on!”

“Oh my god!”

“Something big has happened!”

Jiang Liu woke up from a series of alarmed cries. He opened his eyes and groggily tried to get out of bed to see what was happening.

But then he heard a “click” sound like a rusty machine being operated after a long time of no use. Jiang Liu looked down at the various joints of his body. His body felt like an old machine, with stiff muscles and joints that couldn’t move flexibly. Even standing up seemed particularly difficult.

The “clicking” sound came from several joints in his legs.

“Click, click, click…”

Jiang Liu appeared like a rusty robot even when he simply tried to get up.

“What’s going on?”

Jiang Liu looked at the bare skin on his arm. Could it be that he had already turned into a zombie?

“At 3:27:47 in the morning, host has completed your zombification process. Now you are no longer human, but a zombie with a similar appearance to humans.”

001 explained, “My authority can only help to disguise host’s appearance and ensure that host can control this zombified body when awake. As for the outbreak of the zombie’s nature and a series of zombie-like behaviours caused by the zombified body when host is asleep, you need to study and control them on his own.”

So, he’s no longer a human?

Familiarizing himself with his slightly stiff body, Jiang Liu thought calmly.

“Oh my god, what kind of weather is this? Why are there two suns?”

“No, no, it’s three, three suns!”

“It’s over. All the crops in the fields are dead. Hiss… The ground is so hot that my shoes are melting and sticking to it!”

The noises outside grew louder and louder. Ignoring his still-adapting zombie body, Jiang Liu walked mechanically to the window and carefully opened it a crack.

Outside, no one was on the road, and the sounds were coming from the adjacent houses. Like Jiang Liu, people hid in their houses, observing the outside environment through the cracks in the windows or doors.

The once-thriving plants had evaporated overnight, leaving a yellow-brown landscape. Jiang Liu looked up and saw two suns hanging high in the sky. Thinking of the conversation he had heard earlier, he couldn’t help but walk to the opposite window and open it to look up. Sure enough, there was another sun in the direction blocked by his line of sight.

This means that the earth is now receiving radiation from three suns, and these plants are dying because they cannot withstand such high temperatures.

Is this the end of the world in this time and space?

“The end of the world, it is the end of the world!”

Not only Jiang Liu had this idea. Almost everyone immediately thought of this phrase after seeing the three blazing suns above their heads.

“Whose air conditioner still works? My air conditioner is broken, and my child can’t bear the heat!”

The person who spoke was the daughter-in-law of the household diagonally across from the Jiang family. She opened the window slightly and asked the surrounding residents.

Just now, she called her relatives, and almost everyone’s air conditioners were still working. However, those relatives lived a distance away from their house. She had just tried it herself, and even with good shielding, the skin would have a burning pain after just one minute outside the room. Moreover, the ground temperature was too high, and rubber-soled shoes would melt after walking for a while.

Even adults couldn’t bear this heat, let alone children. Even if they stayed inside the house, the child soon developed heatstroke symptoms because of the lack of air conditioning. With the current bad weather, exposure to the outdoor environment for a long time was impossible. Therefore, this woman had no choice but to seek help from nearby neighbours.

“Hu Jiang’s wife, come over to my house.”

Although fearful of the three suns in the sky, people’s hearts are still kind. The relationships between neighbours in the rural community are good, and no one can watch their neighbours suffer from the heat. Therefore, someone quickly spoke up.

The family that asked for help also quickly prepared themselves, wrapping themselves tightly from head to toe, even finding sunglasses to cover their eyes. The family of four rushed to the neighbouring neighbour’s house at the fastest speed, and the neighbour quickly closed the door after letting them in.

Jiang Liu looked up at the air conditioner in his house. He didn’t know when it had stopped working, but strangely, he felt no heat.

Could this undead body have such an effect?

It makes sense when he thinks about it. Zombies are essentially undead creatures, and if it weren’t for the existence of 001, he would have lost his sanity long ago and become a monster that only knows how to devour flesh. How could such a body feel temperature and other senses like a human being?

Moreover, if this speculation is correct, as long as his brain is not smashed, he will not die even if his heart is hit. And under the influence of the system, any injuries on his body will quickly heal. This means that he has gained an almost invincible body in the apocalypse.

Jiang Liu stroked his chin and felt he had taken advantage of it. It turns out that being non-human feels so good.

However, the sudden arrival of the apocalypse caught Jiang Liu off guard because the two sisters, Chi Ruoyu and Chi Ruojin, had not yet returned to the village.

Fortunately, Jiang Liu knew that his space was connected to that of Chi Ruoyu, and he had enough food. As long as a functioning air conditioner was in the sisters’ house, they should be able to hold out until he found them.

He wondered if the temperature would drop at night. Looking outside at the hot and humid air that distorted the shape of everything in sight, he knew that even though he could handle the heat, going out in this environment would attract unwanted attention. He would have to move at night to find Chi Ruoyu and Chi Ruojin.

Not only was Jiang Liu thinking this way, but Chi Ruoyu and Chi Ruojin’s uncle and son were also discussing it. They wanted to go into the city at night to pick up the two girls.

“No, I don’t agree!”

The first to object was Chi Dayuan’s wife, Li Mei.

“You see how strange this day is. The sun came out in threes!”

Li Mei felt like she was dreaming.

“Look at my hand. It got burnt and blistered in just a short time outside. You two are thinking about going into the city for outsiders. If anything happens to you, I won’t be able to live.”

The heat awakened her this morning. Li Mei was a thrifty woman and had been using the air conditioner these days due to the hot weather, but she always set it to turn off at a particular time to ensure that the cool air in the room would last until they woke up at 5:30 in the morning.

However, today’s temperature was exceptionally high, and the air conditioner’s automatic shut-off awakened Li Mei. She looked at the time on her phone. It was only around four in the morning, but the sky outside was already a bit bright. When she saw the several suns in the sky, she was immediately frightened and sat on the ground for a while before returning to her senses and waking up her husband and son.

Now the family of three is staying in one room with all the curtains closed and the air conditioner on the lowest setting. However, the indoor temperature is still around thirty degrees Celsius, which is quite uncomfortable.

Li Mei, the thrifty and frugal woman, worried about the five hens and two roosters she keeps in her yard and her watchdog Da Huang, who guards the house. When she noticed the frighteningly high outdoor temperature, she couldn’t resist running outside to prepare to bring the chickens and dog back inside to take care of them. However, she was too late, as the chickens in the coop had already died due to the heat, but Da Huang was still strong and alive.

Li Mei put the chicken carcasses in the freezer and then brought Da Huang to their room to cool down with the air conditioning.

Yet, Li Mei’s exposed skin was burned red in such a short period. At first, she felt nothing, but when she returned to the house and calmed down, her burned skin ached and throbbed. She felt a little better after using the ice in the fridge to cool it down.

Li Mei couldn’t imagine what would happen to her husband and son if they were being foolish enough to run to the city and be exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time.

“That’s my niece! My own brother’s daughter. How can they be considered an outsider?”

Chi Dayuan was feeling agitated. Thinking of his two nieces who were in danger, he couldn’t help but angrily reject his wife’s words. However, he also understood that his wife was worried about him and their son. Although her words lacked empathy, they were still a genuine concern for their well-being.

“I didn’t say I was going during the day. Now the temperature is high, probably because of the three strange suns in the sky. When the sun sets, and the temperature drops, Shengli and I will drive into the city with the air conditioning on in the car. It should be fine.”

Chi Dayuan explained in a lowered voice. He wasn’t foolish enough to risk himself and his son to save his nieces.

“Chi Dayuan, do you understand that the weather has changed? Can you guarantee there aren’t other strange things besides those three suns in the sky? Can you guarantee it’s safe for you and our son to go out at night? Let me tell you, don’t even think about sacrificing our son for your two nieces.”

Li Mei was protective of her son. She wasn’t a saint and just wanted to care for her family.

“But are we going to stay indoors for the rest of our lives?”

Chi Dayuan asked in response. Recently, their son had been influenced by his nieces and had been talking about stockpiling for the apocalypse. While they had enough food and water in the house, they couldn’t just sit and wait for something to happen. They needed to know what environment was outside and what dangers existed. They couldn’t just hide like a turtle in its shell, or they would eventually starve to death.

Li Mei’s lips trembled as she couldn’t find the words to respond.

“Dad, Mom, come and see the TV! The official high-temperature warning has been issued!”

Chi Shengli was a young man who immediately took out his phone to search for relevant information when the incident happened. Fortunately, the signal was normal, and he quickly found reliable information.

He took out the remote control and turned on the TV in his parent’s bedroom. Now, all TV stations were under the control of the central government, and they were all broadcasting the same news content.

“A new era has begun, and the next period will be a long struggle, but please believe in the Party, believe in the Government, and we will face and overcome the difficulties ahead together with everyone.”

The first leader appeared on TV with a very serious and solemn expression.

Although many people criticize the government on the internet on ordinary days, it has to be said that the cohesion and credibility of China’s government are the highest, especially in the face of natural disasters. The military and the government have always been the strong protectors of the people.

Chi Dayuan and Li Mei stopped arguing and watched the TV, not knowing why they felt more hopeful about the future.

It should be noted that the couple’s mood was desperate when they first discovered the three suns in the sky.

In addition to the inspiring speech by the leader, the TV also broadcasted many practical and valuable scientific advice.

First, there was good news from experts at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who pointed out that the outdoor temperature is around 55 degrees Celsius, and the indoor temperature without air conditioning is between 45-47 degrees Celsius. According to common sense, if the human body is exposed to high temperatures for a long time, the body temperature regulation mechanism will be impaired, leading to heat stroke, which can be fatal.

However, experiments have shown that it has been more than five hours since the appearance of the three suns in the sky, and human endurance has far exceeded previous data records. In other words, it is very likely that while the three suns appeared, human bodies underwent an evolution.

Perhaps soon, humans can live normally in such high temperatures. Although this is just speculation, it significantly uplifts people’s spirits.

In addition, experts also provided information on emergency measures for heatstroke and methods for preserving food and water sources in high temperatures.

This video is being replayed continuously on TV and the internet, 24 hours a day. The country is telling ordinary people one thing: to persevere, as there is hope for everything.

At the same time, the reborn people in the whole of China realized one thing: This apocalypse is different from their own experience!

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