June 23, 2024

Dare ga Tame? [Completed]


This story divided into two one shots and main novel.

What are the speculation of the surrounding people as they watched over the Villainous lady (Crow) and the Heroine (Dove)—-

Author: Moon Echo

Table of Content


Prologue 1: A crow that could not be happy (Seira’s POV)

Prologue 2: A dove that was unable to grant its blessedness (Rachel’s POV)

Main Story

[Collection of POV]

Chapter 1: Beautiful person  (Game Heroine’s attendant’s POV)

Chapter 2: Vile person ( Crown Prince’s POV)

Chapter 3: That Crafty man (The Tutor’s POV]

Chapter 4: That foolish man (Seira’s attendant’s POV)


Chapter 5: The Princes who missed their turn (parallel world setting).

Later Development

Chapter 6: Me from then on

Chapter 7: Part 2

Chapter 8: Part 3

Chapter 9: Part 4

Chapter 10: Part 5

Chapter 11: Part 6

Chapter 12: Part 7

Chapter 13: Part 8

Chapter 14: Part 9

Chapter 15: Part 10 [END]