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Dare ga Tame Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Part 2

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Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

A/N This is the first part of the consecutive 2 episodes. The POV will change in here.

T/N: Here come the monthly release. There will only be three chapters this time not four [Sorry]. I also added a Ko-fi button [ If anyone care.. LOL]. Anyway, as usual, this is partially edited [I just threw it into Ginger]. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake.

I have been looking for something since forever.

By the time I realised it, I have already started searching for it. I do not even know exactly where it was or whether it really existed, however, there seemed to be some kind of strange conviction as I continued to search for it in the dark.
I felt like that I could definitely find it, no matter what.

“Let me go!”

In spite of the polite word, the voice of that person sounded as if they had been cornered by someone. I had a principle where I will not stick my neck in unnecessary trouble, however, the voice sounded like a woman, and in every single day, I have been nagged over and over again by a sour voice to [Cherish woman properly] that I decided to head over to that place.
When I arrived at that place, which was an alleyway,  the view that greeted me was a woman whose voice I heard previously and a man who held that woman’s hand in his. That woman wore a simple and comfortable one-piece dress which made her look like any town girl. The man in other hand, wore a clothes that clearly tailored to suit him perfectly, and this scene somehow projected an image of an aristocratic or a noble son who forced himself on a common woman. The security in this town could not be considered bad, however, it really could not guarantee that such fellow offender will not exist.
However, as I drew close and heard the content of their conversation, it seemed that the matter was not as simple as it appeared to be.

“I am not going to go back to that country, nor do I am allowed to do so! If you are from there and also a Royalty to boot, you should understand about it right? The reason is also the cause for all of this!”
“Of course I know about it all. I also know everything about you, I have examined all of these properly.”
“If that is so, then you must already know…. No, don’t say that you did not understand anything about it.

I was already being exiled from there.

Based on their previous exchanged, it seemed that the word Royalty mixed in it somehow. And even though she had never said anything about it, somehow or other, I could pinpoint her status as someone who belong to the aristocrat group.
When you observed from her bearing, it could be said that she had a good upbringing which somehow looked unbalance and further highlighted by her current clothing. And that word about being banished…. Really could not put one at ease.

I wonder who the hell is this girl and what is the identity of this man who had been pursuing this girl around?

“I already know about those things. But I don’t care about it. The past does not matter much to me. It is all because I wish to have you now.”
“Even if you do not care about it, but I do! Release my hand now!”

That man seemed to be in an excited mood as he pulled that girl’s hand forcefully while the girl was trying her best to resist it somehow. It seemed that this was no longer a time for me to watch over this leisurely. I ended my musing as I made my way inside the alleyway.

“You should not act so roughly on a weak woman, you know; I do not know what kind of dispute did you have with each other, but you should never force yourself on another person, young man.”

Due to the sudden interruption, both of them reacted in a conflicting manner from each other. The girl appeared to be relived whereas the young man glared at me while black aura seemed to emit from his back.
I finally saw that woman’s face for the first time. Her glossy black hair and her deep coloured eyes had somehow jolted my memory. I could not help but contemplated inwardly. I do not know what it was, but I could not help but feel that it was something very important to me….

But now was not the time for me to think of it leisurely.

“O~ How scary~ Young man, please release that hand…. Eh, aren’t you the daughter of the inn keeper, are you okay?”
“You are…. The one who stay overnight in our inn from yesterday, right? Thank you very much, you save me.”
“………… Seira, I will never give up., okay.”

The young man who seemed to realize that the current timing was bad, decidedly throw out that word before disappearing from the alleyway. Although he was a good looking man, but it appeared that he was also quite a troublesome one. While I was sighing, I suddenly caught up with the word that man had uttered.

—Seira? Did that guy just now call her [Seira]? How could that be…. No, that girl […] was also exiled abroad. [T/N: He referred to the game Seira]

The woman in front of me who was named Seira had certainly used the word [Exiled] and for such coincidence to happen…….

I wonder if that is possible?
Including the fact that I am also here.

It was as if the camera had started to come into a focus, even I if do not understand it nor there was any evidence to back it up, even with all of that, somehow, I came to a conclusion as if it was a natural thing to do.

“Hey, can I ask you something bizarre?”
“………. Eh? What is it?”
“-That, did you know about [LoveLaby]? [T/N: Short form of Love Labyrinth]

That girl- Seira – to be exact- mouth was wide opened.

A/N: Will continue in later parts.

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