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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The shop manager


Author: Soy

T/N: I just go through it but I believed that there must be lots of places that I missed out. Please don’t hesitate to comment, I will immediately fix it.

A/N: Sorry for the late updates.

I wonder if it was okay for them to become a couple.

While I was lost in thought worrying about it, Miya-san was getting closer to Michael-san’ face.

Michael-san who noticed her movement quickly grabbed Miya-san’s face with his free hand. I wonder if it is okay for him to treat a girl like that.

“The female from the Beast race were said to be happy if they managed to grab a male stronger than them as their mate.”

Shuna-sama who stood next to me told me happily.

“On that note! Rudo-sama is stronger than me.”

“But, His Highness Rudnick did not want to become a couple with me! But for you, I am willing to become the house cat!”

Did she just use a cat’s voice while saying the second half of the sentence? I could not help but wanted to ask Miya-san after hearing such sweet voice coming from her.

“I don’t care for a house cat or whatever. I refused to accept any stray cat who tried to claw my Ojo!”

“Mo~ I can’t hold it in no more!”

Miya-san was truly a beautiful person.

Should I say that she was an exotic beauty?

For such woman to cling on you, I wonder what he was being unsatisfied about.

“Moreover, I also wish to tie you up with a rope. Will. You. Let. Me?”

That was really a bewitching invitation.

Let’s not look at His Highness who at this moment had averted his eyes while having a bad complexion.

“Excuse me, Koneko-chan! I’m sorry but I do not feel like being tied-up by you, okay?”

Looking at the dissatisfied Miya-san, Michael-san turned before he smiled.

“For me, the only person that I wanted to be in charge of binding me was Ojo! If possible I would like to request her to use the chain instead.”

This was really an unthinkable business disruption.

Miya-san was surprised upon hearing Michael-san’s insistence.

“I want to be tied, kicked and step on only if it was Ojo who did it!”

As soon as I entered the store, I spoke to one of the employees.

“Call Olga-san to the front.”

“Yes. Right on it.”

Olga-san is the best counter-measure in handling Michael-san who had been spouting pervert-like line in front of the store.

Olga-san came as soon as the employee went to look for him.                 

“I am terribly sorry. I will quickly fetch him in.”

With unstoppable speed, Olga-san tied Michael-san with a rope.

From where did he took out that rope from, I wonder?

Towards the stunned people around him, Olga-san gave a kick to Michael-san’s belly before he turned around and flashed a brilliant smile.

“Michael-san, you have been disrupting the business. If you really want to be tied up that much, I am willing to do the job and chained you up.”

“I wanted to be tied up by Ojo, who had such a bad hobby to do it with an Ossan! Ojo-save me!” [T/N: I feel like using Ossan for a more impact. BTW Ossan = old man]

“Do you think that I will let Ojo-sama dirtying her hand doing that kind of thing?”

Olga-san heaved the pale Michael-san on his shoulder as he turned to me with a soft smile.

“I am sorry for wasting your time. Please leave the customer service to the other employees.”

“Oh well.”

“And then, I was informed just now that Lanfua-sama from Laofan country had come to visit the store.”

When I was about to enter the store after hearing that word, someone grabbed my shoulder which turned out to be His Highness.

“Did you forget what Lanfua had done to you? There is no need for you to meet that kind of person.”

Previously, when Lanfua-sama saw Michael-san who get along well His Highness, she got jealous and decided to call him out. In the end, I ended up being hit when I was defending Michael-san.

But, what that had anything to do with this?

“Lanfua-sama had already feeling remorseful about it and made a proper apology to me.”

“When is it?”

“It happened after His Highness decided to go to the Beast’s country without informing me first.”

I could hear His Highness’ breath hitched.

“Rudo Ni-sama, you should not act like that around your fiancée, you know.”

“That was all due to your kidnapping incident!”

Shuna-sama was hiding behind me at that outburst.

“Anyway, we should not let the neighbouring country’s princess wait for a long time, so let’s go inside first, okay.”

With the reluctant His Highness, we head back inside the store with Shuna-sama.

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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Couple?


Author: Soy

T/N: I just go through it but I believed that there must be lots of places that I missed out. Please don’t hesitate to comment, I will immediately fix it.

A/N Sorry for the slow updates.

After I got permission to be in charge of preparing the outfit for our guest for the party, I decided to invite Shuna-sama and everyone to visit my store [Ariad].

As soon as I got down from the carriage, Michael-san immediately jumped out from the store to greet me.

“Ojo! Are you okay?”

Michael-san must have been worried about my previous condition because he thought that Shuna-sama was a woman for sure.

“Yes. I’m okay. By the way, this is our customer.”

“I see……”

When Michael-san saw Shuna-sama and others coming down from the carriage he immediately froze up.

“Michael-san, please guide our customer in.”


I decided to head into the workshop that was located behind the store.

After looking at my retreating back, Michael-san turned around as he took a deep breath and pasted a business smile on his face.

“Welcome to Ariad. Please follow me.”

After giving a sidelong glance to Michael-san, Shuna-sama immediately ran and hugged me from the back.

This person is really cute.

I intentionally started to pat Shuna-sama’s head.

“Shuna! I already told you not to be so sticky with Yulias!”

“Rudo ni-sama is so stingy!”

At that moment, Michael-san who was down the line immediately unleashed a kick to His Highness’ back.

That person is the crown prince of the country you know.

I thought that Michael-san and His Highness was a close sibling.

Can I ignore the things that happened in front of me? All right, let’s close our eyes to it.

“Now, Shuna-sama, welcome to my shop.”

When I took Shuna-sama inside the store, his eyes’ sparkled as he looked around the store.

“Do you like it?”

“Un! This is really pretty.”

“Please let us coordinate a nice gentleman outfit for Shuna-sama, then.”


Really cute.

At that moment, I noticed that the people who should have been following me from behind did not actually enter the shop with us.

When I looked outside in wonder, I could see for some reason that Shuna-sama’s maid, Miya-san, was clinging on Michael-san by putting her arm around his neck.

While I was out of my mind of what had transpired in my short absence, Michael-san who was hugged my Miya-san quickly grabbed His Highness’ clothes, asking for help.

“Save me, brother!”

“You solve it yourself!

“Don’t say that!”

What is this? Can I ignore this also?

“Ah! Ojo~~ Save me~~”

I was noticed by him.

I decided to head out and see.

“Etto~ I wonder why Miya-san hang on Michael-san?”

When I tilted my head and looked at her, Miya-san was grinning before replying to my question.

“Since I was defeated by this person, I decided to become a couple with him.”

I could not help but become stunned at that unexpected declaration.

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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 55

hapter 55: Feeling to convey


Author: Soy

T/N: This is the end of Mass Release. As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

When I looked at His Highness, I finally remembered that I have yet to tell him something important.

“I have something important to talk to Your Highness.”
“Are we still going to continue from the previous flow? I don’t want to hear anything about it.”
“I am not going to oppose you or anything.”
“I do not want to hear anything about the annulment of our engagement.”
“Mo~ I won’t say that anymore.”

I approached His Highness as I caught into his shirt’s leeves.

“I would like to talk, just the two of us.”
“What are you planning to do?”

His Highness stared at me for a while before continuing.

“I understand. If you are okay with it, let’s go to my bedroom.”
“Shuna and everyone, please stay here and wait, okay.”

Shuna-sama looked at me worriedly as he said.

“When you are about to be attacked by Rudo Onii-sama, don’t forget to cry out, okay? I will come and save you.”
“I will never do that! Shuna, I will really blast you off if you continue to be like this.”

His Highness held my arm as he escorted me to his bedroom which was en-suite to his office.
His bedroom was furnished simply with little furniture and one King size bed dominating most of it.
His Highness closed the door as he stood in front of it and stared at me.

“The thing that you wanted to talk about is?”
“Hmm, that…”

Even though I was tongue-tied, His Highness patiently wait for me without hurrying me up.
I took a deep breath before I opened my mouth

“Welcome back, Rudo-sama. Though it did take me a while to realise that Rudo-sama was actually not in the country.”
“……A~, I know.”

His Highness’expression looked to be slightly complicated.

“But, when I know that Rudo-sama is not here, I had been constantly wondering if Rudo-sama will come back sooner.”
“Is- Is that so?”

I slightly looked down to my feet.

“When Rudo-sama finally came back, I saw that Shuna-sama was clinging onto your arm and I could not help thinking that this might be the time for our engagement to be annulled or something like that.”
“Wait, wait, wait. Shuna is a man you know.”
“I only know about it just now.”

His Highness face looked as if he was forced to swallow a bitter bug.
I looked down once again as I continued.

“That’s why, during the time Rudo-sama was not here…. From the time Rudo-sama finally come back…. I feel lonely….”

Even after I finished saying everything I wanted to say, His Highness continued to keep his silence.
Since I was anxious to know his reaction, I decided to take a peek only to see him placing his left hand over his mouth while his ears were in flame.

A~ His Highness is truly cute person.

I instinctively put my hand on His Highness’ waist.

“Yu- Yulias.”
“I was so sad.”

I could hear His Highness’ breath hitched.
And with that, His Highness hugged me so tightly that I felt suffocated.

“Don’t say such cute things.”

I somehow felt happy hearing him whispering that to me.
But this position was truly painful.

“Your- Your Highness.”
“You are my fiancée. I will never let you go to anyone else. I love you. I also want you to love me back.”

Even though it was supposed to be me who should be in pain, physically, somehow, from His Highness’ word, it seemed that he was the one  who was in pain instead.
I started to pat His Highness’ back
Feeling my touch, His Highness turned to gaze into my face.

“Can I kiss you?”

Those sudden words caught my breath away.
I felt my face turned hot, as if it was on fire!
His Highness slowly approaching my face without waiting for my reply.

Ah~ it touched.

The moment I thought that, I heard the door opened.
And Shuna-sama was peeking from the other side of the door.

“Rudo Onii-sama, you shouldn’t act that way.”
“Stop disturbing us and don’t eavesdrop on my business.”
“Beast people do have a good hearing, you know. Anyway…. after that kiss, what are you going to do in that bedroom of yours? Since when did Rudo Onii-sama had turned into such a wolf?”

His Highness was in silence before her let out a deep sigh.

“To think that the chance was finally here……”
“Rudo Onii-sama’s fiancee-san! Please tell me your name.”

A~ It seems that I did not properly introduce myself earlier.

“I am from the household of Earl Nogger, the youngest child and also known as Yulias.”
“Yulias Ane-sama?”
“Ah, yes.”

Shuna-sama was grinning as he entered the room and pried away His Highness’ arms which was around me before hugging me.

“Schneider, Yulias is mine!”
“I know, yeah! But, Beast people are those who fight for their mate.”
“Are you going to turn other’s kindness with such enmity?”
“I like Rudo Onii-sama, but, I like those crunchy cookies even more.”

I giggled as I patted Shuna-sama’s head.

“I will bake a lot for you tomorrow.”
“Really! I love you, Yulias Ane-sama! Come and be my mate!”

Shuna-sama declared such as he buried his face into my chest. [T/N: in case everyone forgotten, Yulias has a hmmm.. quite a generous chest..cough*]

“Schneider! Get away from Yulias, now!”
“I love Yulias Ane-sama, she is so fluffy.”

Shuna-sama continued to clung into me further.
His Highness mouth was twitching as he desperately tried to peel Shuna-sama off from my body, but Shuna-sama did not show any sign of letting me go.

“Your Highness, Shuna-sama likes me because I can bake those hard cookies for him. Shuna-sama, I will despatch the patisserie that I have trained before. So it’s okay for you not to clung onto me.”

As I said that, Shuna-sama shook his head.

“Wasn’t the process of making those cookies a secret to others?”
“Yes. Since it is a long story, let’s have a tea first.”

I laughed with Shuna-sama as I made my way to the door.
Shuna-sama was walking ahead of me, and as I was about to follow him, His Highness grabbed into my arm and brought me close to him before whispering to my ear.

“I will never love anyone else other than you. Just trust me on that.”

His Highness words and breath tickled my ear.
I could feel the heat returned and when I looked at him, I could only nodded back like a marionette.
His Highness lightly pressed his lips to my ear before he left the room, leaving me inside by myself.

Seeing his back, I could not help but covered my kissed ear with my hand.
I did not expect His Highness to act such way.
Towards this happiness yet vexing kind of emotion, I could not help but having a bitter smile on my face.

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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Shuna-sama


Author: Soy

T/N: As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

It was two days after His Highness came to my house.
The gift that I prepared for our guest from Beast country had finally been completed.
I put it inside the custom-made wooden box and rushed to the castle.

When I arrived at the castle, I was immediately guided to His Highness’ room.
As I knocked on the door, I could hear the slightly tired voice of His Highness.
I opened the door slowly, revealing the feature of His Highness who was working on his paper work. Upon seeing my entrance, Shuna-sama looked startled as he bounced and hugged His Highness’ shoulder.
His Highness looked irritated with the sudden situation, however, when he saw my face, he quickly stood up.

“Since the gift that I developed for our guest had finally completed, I decided to bring it over with me.”

The white cat beast man lifted her eyes and looked at me, but I decided to ignore that eyes as I presented the small wooden box to His Highness.
His Highness opened the box without any hesitation.
At that moment, Shuna who had been clinging onto his shoulder suddenly jumped and ran to the corner of the room.

“This is?”

Inside the box, there were several item resembling paper twist.
With a confident posture, I explained to him.

“Those are hand-held fireworks!”

Once the word left out my mouth, His Highness looked at me with a surprise face.

“I heard that the Beast people have sensitive ear so they do not like the sound of the firework, so I decided to develop a firework which was safe to handle and only producing small sound of crackle and pop.”
“…………. Yulias…….”
“What’s more, as for this box, it was coated with wax on the inside, so even on a long trip on sea, the moisture will not affect the gunpowder inside the fireworks.”
“No, Yulias, about this.”

His Highness closed the box as he continued.

“Did it take you a long time to develop this?”
“Oh, that’s why……”
“What’s wrong with this?”

His Highness let out a deep sigh before he continued.

“Well, Yulias. Did you know that the Beast man have sensitive ear?”
“Did you also know that they also have a sensitive nose?”
“And because of that……. They hate the smell of gun powder.”

At that time, I realised that I had made a terrible mistake.

“This is because, for them, the gun powder was considered as the origin of evil…… Now I understand. The reason why they attacked Yulias as soon as they descended from the ship is because they could smell the gun powder from you.”

It seemed that those evil thing was referring to this gunpowder.
I could feel my heart withering away.

“I- I am sorry. Even though I do not know about it, I still made them experienced such unpleasant thing. Please do forgive me.”

When I bowed my head deeply, I could hear shuffling sound and someone approaching me.
When I looked up, I saw that white cat beast man sniffing my body.

“Shuna-sama. I could smell the crispy cookies from this human.”
“I could not smell it before because it was overwhelmed with the gunpowder smell. But this is the smell of the crispy cookies.”

I could not help but laugh bitterly.

“It is because those hard cookies were also something that I developed previously. I also brought a batch today, so please enjoy yourself.”

Shuna-sama eyes were glittering upon hearing my words.

What is that! Isn’t that too cute?

With that, Shuna-sama quickly left the corner and approached me, arm spreading wide.

This, is this an invitation for a hug?

I spread my arm in order to welcome Shuna-sama into my embrace, but Shuna-sama did not even managed to come near me.
When I looked up, His Highness was grasping onto Shuna-sama’s neck.

“Rudo-Onii-sama, let me go.”
“Ha? What are you talking about? She is my fiancée.”
“So what?”
“You are not allowed to touch her freely.”

Shuna-sama’s cheeks were puffed in annoyance.

“Then, let’s me shake her hand at least.”
“……. Ma, if it is only that then its fine.”

When His Highness reluctantly released Shuna-sama, Shuna-sama quickly hugged me without any hesitation.

“Hey! Schneider! I told you that she is my fiancée! Get away from her!”

Schneider? That name sounds so masculine.

I stroked Shuna-sama’s head.
I could no longer suppressed my desire.

“Petting, petting happily!”

At that time, His Highness quickly grabbed Shuna-sama from my embrace.

“Yulias! I will not let you hold into any other man apart from me.”

Apart from His Highness……?

“Shuna-sama is a woman though?”
“He is obviously a man!”

Such a cute person was actually a man?
I’m shocked.

“I thought that His Highness will break up with me in order to be with Shuna-sama.”

After I uttered such word, His Highness and Shuna-sama made a bitter expression as if they had been deeply insulted.

“Yulias. I do not feel like falling in love with anyone else apart from you.”

Hearing His Highness’ words truly warmed my heart.

“Is that so. I thought I was about to experience my second annulment of engagement.”
“Please stop thinking about those thing, seriously.”
“But Shuna-sama is truly a cute person so……”

His Highness let out a sigh slowly.

“How could you not put your trust in me?”

When I saw the dejected His Highness, I was somehow surrounded by an unspeakable happiness.

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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Sigh


Author: Soy

T/N: As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

It was on the same evening after His Highness returned to the country.
His Highness came to visit me at the Nogger’s residence.

“I am sorry about the earlier thing.”

That was the first sentence came out from His Highness’ mouth.

“It’s okay, after that, were everything settled down with the guest?”
“A~, that red tiger beast people is the Royalty who recently got kidnapped. I helped them retrieving that person, but it seemed that the child had developed some kind of phobia towards other human being apart from me. Though this incident was due to external circumstances but won’t you please forgive me still?”

His Highness pleaded me with a troubled expression on his face.

Is he afraid that I might misunderstood him from seeing that person clinging onto his arm?

I felt like the gloominess in my heart started to subside a little bit.

“Since it was an unfortunate circumstance, there is no other choice but to forgive you, right?”
“But still, I am sorry for that.”
“Well, is it okay now?”
“Since Shuna was currently in the bathroom, I decided to use my magic to fly over here. I wanted to give this present to you, Yulias.”

His Highness was beaming while saying that.

“I found this beautiful feather while I was there.”

While saying that, His Highness took out a piece of rolled up paper from the pocket of his coat.

“I could not see the feather, though?”
“The shipment for the feather will arrive tomorrow. This is however, the contract that let you import those feather to this country. Tell me, aren’t you happier receiving this contract instead?”

I nodded as I received the contract from him.
Ah, this man really knows me well.

“Thank you very much. I also currently developing some kind of present for Shuna-sama and company and it should be completed within this few days. I will deliver it as soon as possible.”
“I see. Apart from that, your hard cookies were also popular among the beast people.”
“Ma! Thank you very much for such lovely information.”

It seemed that those beast-people really like that kind of hard cookies!
I should prepare a lot for them then!

While I was smiling thinking about it, His Highness also let out a happy laughter.

As I thought, being by His Highness’ side really feel comfortable.

Ah! I have yet to welcome His Highness home as well as saying that I missed him.

When I was about to make my move, at that time, His Highness suddenly stood up as he looked at his watch.

“This is bad. I need to return now.”
“Ah- Is that so?”
“I will come and see you some other time then.”

As soon as those words come out, His Highness hurriedly left my house.
I suddenly felt like that I had finally understood it.
I guess this is what [Loneliness] is all about.
Inside the room where I was being left alone, I let out a deep sigh.

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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Return to the port


Author: Soy

T/N: A bit late. Oh well….As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

That day, I was planning on buying new products for the store, so I went to the port with Michael-san.

“Ojou, this fabric is cute.”
“The texture of this fabric is also good.”

The two of us were looking at this and that while walking from one ship to another.
The two escort knights stood a bit far off but it was still within hearing distance.

“Ojou, when my sibling came back, are you going to start being kind to him?”

I was shocked hearing Michael-san’s word that I could not help but stare at him before grinning.

“It was the Queen who asked me to tell him that I missed him.”
“If that is so, then it’s all good. I feel like that guy is going to be excessively happy about it.”

Towards Michael-san who was smiling, I could not help but do the same.

“The truth is, when I know that His Highness is not in the country…. I could not help but feel that my life is getting kind of lacklustre indeed.”
“Did you perhaps fall for him?”
“No, I actually do not understand why it is so.”
“For you to give such fast answer to that, I could not help but pity him.”

Michael-san laughed out loud.

“I hope that when I am not beside you, Ojou will also miss me.”
“I will feel trouble if you are not here, Michael-san. Who are going to earn money for me then?”

Michael-san once again laughed happily.

“That is the highest compliment I could get. Even though the love point is zero, still.”
“You do not really need those love point right?”
“Lady, you are so cold-hearted.”

Indeed, even me, until now, I still do not understand what those love points are.
Even if Michael-san asked me for it, it was not something that I can give out to other.
It was at that time.
The port suddenly became boisterous.

“It seemed that my sibling has come back.”

When I looked at the direction that Michael-san pointed off, I could see a big ship approaching the port.

“Ojou, let’s go and welcome him.”

Michael-san and I made our way to where the ship was docked.
The ship looked big from distance, but when I approached it do I realised how humongous it was.

“Ah, he is coming do-….”

As I looked towards the direction pointed by Michael-san, I could see His Highness descended down from the ship.
The reason why Michael-san stopped half way was because, he saw a person with fluffy long red hair adorning the animal-like ear clinging into His Highness’ arm.
As for that person outfit, even though the jacket was long sleeve, but it was short enough to show off the belly. The short also came to a stop at the thigh while being paired off with a knee length socks.
A thin long tail came out from the short pant.
With ears and tails that looked fluffy and eyes that filled with speck of gold, it was truly a child that made one screamed [cute].

That child should be around 10 years old right?
Won’t this child grow up into a bewitching beauty in a few years’ times?

Correct, hanging on His Highness arm was a girl who looked like a person from the Beast country.

This, could it be…… that thing again?

The word engagement abandonment crossed my mind.
Michael-san looked at my face anxiously when I started to freeze up.
I decided to show him my usual smiling face.

“Ojou! I am going to beat him up for you.”
“I could not forgive him for letting Ojou showing such expression on your face.”
“What kind of face……”

What kind of face did I make just now?

While thinking about such things, His Highness seemed to finally aware of my existence that I could see him waving his hand towards me.

What should I do?
Should I return the same gesture to him?

While I was contemplating on my next move, something suddenly appeared in front of my eyes and it was a girl with a white, cat like ears.
At the same time, my escort knight, Bariga-san came to shield me while Rucharu-san drawn his sword off.
When I looked around in confusion, I could see that Michael-san had already subdued the girl and pinned her to the ground.

“Let me go! Do the man in this country acting this violence towards woman?”
“Towards anyone who bring harm to Ojou, whether it was woman or child, I will never show them any mercy.”

From his cold voice, I know that this was not a mere incident.

“Michael-san, why did you act this way?”
“It was because I saw this woman tried to claw you with her sharp finger that she deemed to be punished.”

Hearing my question, Michael-san replied to me with his usual tone.
When I looked at her hand, it was full of sharp and pointed nails.

Was she aiming that at me?

“Miya, what are you doing? I’m sorry Michael, can you let her go.”

Michael-san was glaring at His Highness as he released the beast girl who quickly scurried off from that spot.

“Rudo onii-sama, I don’t mean to! That person is scary!”

As His Highness let out a sigh of relief, that girl started to clung into His Highness while pointed at me with a frightened expression.

“Even if you tell me that you are scared of her…. Shuna, that person is my fiancée.”

The girl looked at His Highness with desperation on her face.

“…… Then why did she smell of evil?”

I don’t understand what she meant by it, but I know that she seemed to be frightened of me.
I turned my head towards His Highness and said.

“His Highness, welcome home. It seemed that the current situation is not favourable for a long discussion. Let set for another day and I will come to the castle to meet you later.”
“I’m sorry.”

His Highness said that with a troubled expression on his face.
His word somehow made heart covered with gloominess.
It was the first time I felt like this.
I pasted on the usual business smile on my face as I saluted him once again before I walked off from that place.

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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 51

Chapter 51: My first love [The escort knight’s Bariga POV]


Author: Soy

T/N: As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

My name was Bariga.
I was a knight as well as the third son of a merchant family.
Since I looked feminine, I was normally mistaken as a woman by others and despite having trained my body tirelessly every day, those manly muscle was still out of sight.
Even so, I also have a favourite woman.
It was Yulias-sama from the Earl’s house.

When I first met her, she was 10 at that time, and it was a funny story where all my siblings and I felt in love with her beautiful visage and intelligent mind.
When I heard Yulias-sama got engaged, I serious felt that my world had come to an end and even recently my tears still stained my pillow every night.
It was said that all those merchants had been referring Yulias-sam fiance as a [Guest of honour].
Of course, the meaning of it was referring him as a bad customer.

Apart from me, many sons of the merchant families also shed their tears in despair when they heard about her engagement to the Marquis house who are not only crazy about suspicious ornament and home furnishing, but also someone who lack so much of intelligent that they are unable to made judgment when someone tried to force sale on them.
Therefore, when they heard that Yulias-sama had her engagement annulled, all the merchants’ son in town quickly sent gift to her house.
I was also one of them.
Later, a thank you note came from Yulias-sama.

[That you for giving me, who was in a grievance time, such a lovely present. My heart seemed to warm up upon your heartfelt consideration. I hope that you will continue to get along with the Nogger’s house in the future.]

It was a short letter, but it was my treasure.
In this way, I could start my plan to become intimate with Yulias-sama and maybe one day have her as my bride……

When I was mulling on such ideas, I heard that Yulias-sama had re-engaged herself and this time with the top person of this country, His Highness Rudnick.
What’s more, I was also appointed as the escort knight for this future queen of the country.
I was struggling with the feeling of happiness that came from the chance to protect my love one as well as the feeling of despair that came from the gap between our existence.
I have known later on that the reason that I was appointed as the escort knight of Yulias-sama was due to my feminine-appearance and therefore, I would not be considered as a man by Yulias-sama. I could not help but felt quite saddened by such reason.

Yulias-sama really loved His Highness.

Before…. In His Highness’ office…. Ki-Ki-… it seemed that they were kissing each other…. Hic…. My- my tears….

Anyway, I don’t care a bit about His Highness!
From now on, I will dedicate my lifetime protecting Yulias-sama.
Besides that, His Highness went to the country of Beast in order to aid the recent kidnapping incident that occurred in that country and he had not return home for the last 3 months.
This might be my chance after all.
As long as Yulias-sama wish not to be with His Highness, I will run away with her from this place.
However, if Yulias-sama loves His Highness….

“Yes, what is it? Yulias-sama.”
“Well, I have something that I wish to ask you…… is that okay with you?”
“Of course. What is it?”

Yulias-sama’s face stated to dye red as she sneaked a glance before averting away.

How cute!

Seeing such cute expression on Yulias-sama, I wish to hide her way from other.
The other knight, Rucharu was such an obstacle to this plan.

“For this thing, do you wish to only ask Bariga about it?”
“No- this things… it is also okay for Rucharu-san to hear about it. Well, I was told by Her Majesty to tell His Highness that I have been missing him when he come back home…. Will you dislike it if other confessed that they feel lonely without you?”

What with this cruel question?

“Of course I will be happy! Isn’t it Bariga?”
“Well, apart from that, Her Majesty also told me that His Highness will feel more pleased if I were to call him [Rudo-sama], is that really the truth?”

Richaru was grinning before he replied.

“Well, it seemed that Highness rarely had someone called him by his name, so I think that there will be some kind of special feeling when you addressed him as such.”

Yulias-sama was looking at me as she asked for a confirmation.

“…………. I feel like he will be pleased by it.”

With a red face, Yulias-sama held the hem of my knight outfit as she uttered.

“Since I need to practice, can I ask you to go out with me?”

So- So cute!!

With bright red face, she looked at me with upturned eyes while trembling a bit as she made that request of me.

Can I hug her a bit?
Should I bring her home now?

“Yulias-sama, I am willing to help you practice!”
“Thank you so much Rucharu-san! I feel that it was too embarrassing that I am unable to say those word properly.”

Yulias-sama grabbed both of Rucharu’s hand as she turned away from me.

That was bad of you, Rucharu.

Towards my glaring eyes, Rucharu replied with a grin.

Ho- how irritating.

“Bariga, just now you wished to kill me huh.”
“I never wish so.”
“So it was unconsciously?”

Yulias-sama eyes’ looked blank while she continued to squeeze into Rucharu’s hand without a care as she repeatedly muttered [When His Highness is not here, I feel so lonely].
Rather, I had a complicated feeling that Yulias-sama might have been doing a self-suggestion while uttering those words.

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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Loneliness is….


Author: Soy

T/N: As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

It was on a beautiful day of early summer when I was invited to a tea party by Her Majesty Queen.

“Did you feel lonely recently, Yulias? I wonder, did you receive any letter from Rudnick?”

I only knew just now that His Highness had gone off somewhere from the words spoken by the Queen.

“What kind of letter……”
“Since he was already away for nearly 3 months, of course he need to send a letter or else he really deserved to be beaten! Right~”

This was the first time I knew that His Highness has been away for the last 3 months.

Your Highness, please forgive me for not noticing that.

“But if I am not wrong, he brought a large amount of cookies that was developed by Yulias-chan, so he should not have any trouble in regard to food supplies, right? Yulias-chan, what kind of thing have you been developing recently?”

Now that I think about it, three months ago, His Highness had ordered a large amount of emergency cookies’ can [the super hard type] that was developed specifically for the military.
Once His Highness come back, I am going to ask him to compile a report about it.

“Right now, we are experimenting on the firework that will be launched on the founding day of our nation.”
“Ma, this is hard to say, but….”

The Queen was furrowing her eyebrow as if she was troubled over something.

“Well. During this founding country celebration, we are supposed to invite the key figure from the country of beast. You see, this beast people have a highly sensitive ears so they will be easily agitated over the sound of fireworks. That’s why, it will be quite impossible for us to launch the fireworks on that day.”

Won’t this mess up with my initial plan?
I see, I had never met those beast people, so I do not know that their ears were quite sensitive.
It seemed that there were still many things that I do not know off.
In particular, I do not know anything about those beast people.

“Rudnick was actually on a journey to the Beast country.”

Then, when His Highness come back, it might be good for me to meet him and listen to his adventure there.
I wonder what kind of special product does the beast people produce?

I was so deep in my planning when Her Majesty suddenly giggled.

“Are you having fun, Yulias-chan?”
“You did not even notice that Rudnick was not around, right?”

I could help but become silent at such bull’s-eye remark.

“Rudnick for sure do not want Yulias-chan to worry about him unnecessarily.”
“It was because the country of Beast actually does not have a good security. It was because, that country favour power over anything else…. Therefore, he was worried that Yulias-chan will feel anxious if he were to tell you that he is going to such place.”

There were a high probability that was not the case.
His Highness probably know that I wanted to grab the right to import souvenir and special product from there that he wished not to tell me about his trip.
I wonder the reason why I felt quite restless recently because it had been quite a long time since I heard His Highness’ retort?
Thinking that His Highness was not here, make me feel a bit lonely that it somehow felt so weird.

“Do you feel lonely, Yulias-chan?”
“………Ma~ I guess so.”
“If Yulias-chan were to told Rudnick that you missed him, he will surely feel pleased about it.”
“I wonder?”

Her Majesty giggled as I tilted my head.

“Yulias-chan, when Rudnick come back, you should say [ When Rudo-sama is not here, I feel so lonely], I guaranteed that all his exhaustions that came from the trip will disappear! Come on, let’s practice. Try saying it for me.”

Will such thing really get rid of one exhaustion from a long voyage trip?

“……Without His Highness.”
“That won’t do! The point here is to use [Rudo-sama].”
“Is- Is that so?”

I cleared my throat a bit before I attempted once again.

“When Ru- Rudo-sama is not here…. I feel so- so lonely….”

I somehow felt ashamed for uttering such words.

“Cute! With that, Rudnick will surely melt into a puddle, Yulias-chan.”

It was the kind of tea party where I felt that my emotional strength was slowly being drained away by the Queen somehow.

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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The smooching sound (Knight Rucharu POV)


Author: Soy

A/N: New Character

T/N: As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

My name was Rucharu
I initially lived at the orphanage before I was adopted as the second son of a Viscount.
My older brother and the Viscount who came to claim me were truly a gentle people, and to boil it all down, I have grown up being pampered by the people in that house.
My blond hair was styled in short bob cut and the colour of my eyes was blue.
I felt a little bit complex over my baby-face appearance as people often called me cute despite me being a man.

As a Knight, my current task was to escort our Crown Prince’s fiancee, Yulias-sama.
Apart from me, there was also another guy who possessed long braided blue hair. His name was Bariga and he was the third son of a merchant family.
When we first met, I thought that he was a beautiful lady, but his voice was so low that it ended scared me off.

“ “From now on, we will take over the job of escorting my lady.” ”

When we first met Yulias sama, at that time, Yulias-sama who possessed an even more beautiful face than Bariga looked at us before she let out a lovely and gentle laugh.

“To be escorted by such wonderful gentlemen, it seemed that I have made enemies with all women in this world”

Both of us had always been mistaken as a woman.
Even so, Yulias-sama had immediately realised our identity.
I was truly happy at that time.
It seemed that Bariga also felt the same.

“I am happy to be able to become that person’s knight.”

I think that Bariga had somehow fallen in love with Yulias-sama.
It was because, whenever Bariga looked at Yulias-sama, his eyes always seemed to be sparkling.

“Bariga seemed to has fallen in love with Yulias-sama.”
“………The merchant…… No, as a person who had been doing business with Yulias-sama, it can’t be help for us to fall for her.”

Even though Bariga said that as if it was a matter of fact, I felt that it should not be that common.

“When Yulias-sama got engaged, do you know how many man had shed off their tears?”
“I see …… even you, Bariga?”

Even though Bariga only smiled bitterly at my question, I think that he really cried at that time.

Yulias-sama really moved a lot.
There was a time when she wanted to visit the commoner market, that I couldn’t help but wanted to made her give up on such ideas.
I could not think of a reason for noble lady, who know nothing of the world, to actually visit the commoner’s market just to wander around with her escort knight.
Bariga’s face also seemed to be off.
Still, Yulias-sama went off on her own.
I was desperate when I imagining my future self, abusing my power as a knight.

But I was wrong.
Whenever the commoner saw Yulias-sama, all of them smiled brightly as they fight each other to greet her.
Even those bad people of Gara will bow their head vigorously whenever they passed Yulias-sama.

“Yulias-sama, we have a good meat today, would you like to have some?”
“Eh, I want. How much will that be?”
“I could never possibly take your money, Yulias-sama!”
“Ma! But this is such a good quality thing. Let me pay for it anyway.”
“Then, half-price is fine with me!”

With that, Yulias-sama brought us the share of freshly baked meat on a skewer.
She was truly a nice person.

“Yulias-sama, we are only your dog, so you did not have to take care of us.”

With a troubled expression, Bariga uttered those words.
I stared at him while my mouth was stuffed full of meat.

“Bariga-san is not a dog. Even in a million chance that you become a dog, I am not a fallen noble that I could not even feed my own pet.”

Yulias-sama handed over the meat skewer to Bariga with a grin on her face.

“Thank you so much. I will enshrine this meat.”
“………Quickly eat it away.”
“……………Ah, yes.”

At that time, I realised that Bariga was actually such a funny guy.
The next place that Yulias went to was actually a nostalgic place to me.
Unlike the past, the orphanage building had been rebuilt and the young children were playing around wearing normal clothes.

“It’s Hime-sama!”

The children quickly rushed to meet Yulias-sama.
While stroking their head, Yulias-sama was grinning as the children around her excitedly talked about various things that had happened to them.
I felt that this person was actually the Virgin Mary.

“Zyrus had deliberately made a hole on that ball!”
“Stupid! I told you not to talk about it!”

Once that voice come out, all the kids quickly separated themselves from Yulias-sama.
I could see that one person was desperately trying to made a dash.

“Capture Zyrus now.”

Once the order came from Yulias-sama’s mouth, the children quickly moved in a cooperative play kind of strategy as they quickly surrounded the kid who tried to run away and subdued him.

“Zyrus, what would you like to say?”
“I- I’m sorry!”
“Apart from that?”

It seemed that Yulias-sama was truly angry.
The surrounding children started to turn pale.

“The broken ball is not going to be okay just by you apologizing to me.”

The child who had been caught started to cry.
The children around us also started to cry upon seeing that.

“Even though it was only a ball, it was also something that people had been working hard to make it. What will you feel Zyrus, if someone were to destroy something that you have been working hard to make?”
“I will never do it again. I am sorry~!”

Yulias-sama hugged that child as she continued.

“I will not forgive you the next time you act in such way.”
“Yes. I am sorry.”

An adult who will properly scold me had never existed long time ago.
No, do we even had any ball to play before?
Somehow, this orphanage seemed to have change from what it was in the past.
Seeing such person as Yulias-sama, I felt like I should put my full effort on my task as her escort.



Yulias-sama finally headed off to the castle.
It seemed that she wanted to meet with His Highness Rudnick.
Even though they already engaged with each other, it was still considered bad to left them alone in the room, so Bariga had been guarding outside the door while I waited behind the screen inside the room.

“Did you went to the orphanage?”
“As usual…. I got angry and scolded one of the children for puncturing one of the ball there.”
“Was everyone trembling in fear when you got angry at them Yulias?”

I could hear His Highness Rudnick’s voice who seemed to be enjoying himself when suddenly there was a smooching sound.

Are they kissing right now?
Soon after, the sound continued to reverberate inside the room.

His Highness Rudnick!! What are you doing in there?

When I decided to take a peek, the distance between these two people was so far away that it was impossible for them to participate in any kind of intimate activity.
They were about three metre apart from each other.
But there was still the sound of smooching.
At that time, when the smooching sound finally stopped, His Highness finally let out a sigh.

“Do you feel bad about it?”

A~ those was not the smooching sound.
It was the sound of tongue-clicking.
It seemed that Yulias-sama was tongue-clicking, and the target was His Highness Rudnick.

“I will donate new balls, so calm down a bit.”
“You said that it was okay for me to act this way when there are only the two of us here, right?”
“Ma, I did say that…… But aren’t you being overboard with it?”
“Just accept it.”

Yulias-sama seemed to be laughing happily.
At a glimpse, you could see how much trust they put into each other.
I felt that it was inevitable for one to be angry when he was constantly given tongue- clicking by others.
Yulias-sama who did not hesitate to click her tongue and His Highness Rudnick who forgive her for doing so.
Aren’t both of them quite suit each other?

With grin on my face, I returned back to my position behind the screen so that they won’t discover my peeking.
When the two of them finished with their conversation, I followed Yulias-sama out to the corridor only to be greeted by Bariga who had tears floated in his eyes.
I guess he also had similar misunderstanding as I had previously.
But, in order not to get in the way of those two, I decided to bury the truth inside my heart.

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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 48

Chapter 48: My Fiancée [Prince Rudnick POV]


Author: Soy

A/N: It was His Highness POV

T/N: I know it has been a long time since I posted a new chapter… I have been quite busy finalizing my thesis as well as job hunting so I do not have time to actually sit down and work on it. So I am terribly sorry for the delay. There will be a mass release after and it will continue until tomorrow so do check it up.

As usual the editing was done by yours truly, so don’t expect a perfect editing.. Yours truly is actually a lazy and careless girl indeed.

I am the Crown Prince of this country.
My name is Rudnick Reino Palacioda
My newly established fiancée, Yulias Nogger, had always been addressing me as [His Highness].
She had never once called me by my given name.
No…… sometimes she did address me as [Rudo-sama], but such nickname somehow nearly gave me a heart attack.
It felt so painful as if someone was squeezing my heart.
I believed this was the proof that I was really in love with her.

At the beginning, I never had any inkling or feeling of [like] towards her, but it seemed that I could never escape from her charm.
……………………. If she also harbor the same feeling as mine, then our story will start early and there will be no hardship on any part of it.

However, such thing was impossible.
She doesn’t know what love is nor she had any need for it.
For such girl, I thought that she finally had a feeling for me. After all, she agreed to become my fiancée despite of her reluctance over it previously.
However, that girl seemed to regard me as her best friend, and she felt that, such feeling is enough for her to proceed into child making with me.
When I understood that, I wished that she can experience this feeling of despair that had been plaguing me.
I wonder what should I do so that she will fall in love with me?

“I was wondering on how I should proceed in order to make Yulias fall for me. So, do you have any good idea?”

For the time being, I asked such question to Yulias’ older brother, Roland and my foster-brother, Michael, who had come to the office to help me with my work.
The two of them stared at me upon hearing my question.
The first one who opened his mouth was Michael.

“If I know how to do it, I will be the first one to implement it.”

Well, that was some truth in what Michael had said.
Because Michael was also one of the many admirers of Yulias.

“How about you pile up some money for her?”

Roland replied disinterestedly.

“Roland, don’t you think that it is important for your sister’s happiness if she was to fall in love with me?”
“If I were to say it clearly, it was cheeky of you to end up being Yulias’ fiance, it was even impudent of you as a man for having a thought of wanting to steal her heart.”

Since Roland was a sis-con, he said those words without even concealing his hostility towards me.
I hundred percent agreed to it though.

“I understand how impudent I am, but I wish to make Yulias happy.”

Hearing my heartfelt word, Michael opened his mouth.

“I also wish for Ojou’s happiness.”
“Michael, don’t be deceived by His Highness’ word. The one who will be happy at the end, is His Highness who had received Yulias’ love.”
“Uwa! What a cowardly mean you have, my sibling!”

My feeling was pure, however, if you thought about it carefully, that is also the truth.
It was all for the sake of my own happiness.
At that time, there was a knock on the door.
When I gave the permission for the person outside to enter, the door was opened and there was Yulias.

“I have come with some provision.”

Yulias was grinning as she handed the basket in her hand to me.
When I look inside, there were a lots of delicious-looking cookies in it.
I put one into my mouth. The cookies were so hard to chew off.

“It’s hard.”
“That’s correct. These cookies are exceptional due to the fact that it can be stored for a long time and make one full from eating it.”
“…………. Who should write a report on it?”
“It will be quick and helpful if we can get a feedback from the military expedition.”

The reason why I felt that the happily smiling Yulias looked so cute was probably because I am in love with her.

“Is it really good for it to be this hard?”
“That’s right. Because these hard cookies can give one a feeling of fullness just from eating it.”
“I see…… What are your recommendation for it?”

As I tried to finish off the cookies in my hand, Roland brewed a cup of tea for me.
I am saved.
What’s more, the cookies inside my mouth seemed to bulge from the moisture
These cookies might be pretty good after all.

“My recommendation are the chocolate one.”

Yulias took one of the chocolate cookies from the basket and feed it to my mouth.
It was because my hand was currently full from holding the cup of tea and also the previous half-finished one.

“Your Highness, An~n?”
“No, that…”

Yulias carried the cookies to my mouth while grinning.

Wh- what an awkward moment this is.

Although I opened my mouth to take a bite, but the cookie was so hard that I could not make a dent on it.

Wa~ so embarrassing.
This can’t be, I need to call out for someone to help me!

Thinking that, I turned towards Michael and Roland only to receive murderous stare from them.

For real! There is no one in this room who is reliable enough to help me out.

After I finally able to take a bite, what greeted my eyes after I raised my head was Yulias slightly blushed face as she watched over me.

“Wh- what is it?”
“Nothing, I never thought that you will open your mouth to bite it after all.”

Do you meant to say, it was better for me not to bite into it after all?
Take back all the disgrace that have befallen me!

When I was about to open my mouth to complain, Yulias smiled at me before saying.

“I will feed you more food next time.”
“It feel quite interesting to have the privilege as your fiancée to feed you with my own hand.”

Ho- How could you say those cute things with that cute face of yours!
Th- This is bad! My heart is in danger!!

As I stared at her, Michael knelt in front of her as he looked up.

“Ojou, I also want that, An~n.”

Towards that Michael, Yulias pushed her finger into his forehead as she said.

“There is nothing occupying both of your hands, right? Michael-san?
“A poke in the forehead! Thank you for the treat!”
“Ha~! I really miscalculated… These kind of act really pleased those kind of masochist.”

It was good that Yulias’ eyes were currently on Michael.
My face right now should be terribly red.
Roland handed me a glass of water and I could feel that I am starting to calm down a bit.

“What is it?”
“Do you think that Yulias likes me? That thing, can I presume it as it is? Or perhaps there is a hidden meaning behind it?”
“…, Assuming it as it is, huh. Probably, I could say you can take that as it is…. But would you like for me to test it out?”
“A~, I will leave it to you.”

Roland slowly approached Yulias who was talking to Michael.

“Yulias, can you also give me that, an~n?”

Yulias laughed out loud as she put the cookie inside Roland’s mouth.
I felt like I have been defeated somehow.
What with that cute face of her!
She did not even show me such cute smile before
How hard must I work until such smile was directed to me alone?
I do not know how to proceed as I felt like my destination seemed to be inside a deep fog!
I felt like holding my head in frustration.
Michael seemed to catch on my predicament as he let out a deep sigh as he continued staring at me.

A/N: I tried to make the flirting light and easy.

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