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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Insuu-sama and Pao-sama


Author: Soy

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When we arrived at the party hall, it was already crowded with attendees.

The hall was filled with people with gorgeous dressed paired with dazzling hair colours.

I heard that the citizen of Laofan loves to change their hair colour to complement their dress, but this is too flashy to me.

His Highness who acted as my escort didn’t seem to react much to it though, so I am not sure if he was already used to it or just plainly ignoring it.

Shuna-sama was walking behind us with Miya-san.

As I sneakily looked around, I noticed that the female attendees were glaring at me.

It seemed that they were speaking ill of me at the same time.

As I thought, His Highness popularity was even flourishing in this foreign country.

The person in question seemed unaware of it as he tilted his head towards me and asked.

“What happened? Why did your smile look so stiff?”

“… I’m nervous.”

“That’s is unusual for you. When you are talking to me before, you are looking rather lively though.”

“That time I might be trying to ease the tension, perhaps?”

“Then you being hyper just now is a lie?”

I laughed as I turned my gaze towards His Highness.

“Those nobles’ girls who had been staring at me right now might become my future customers. Since they are the [away] team, I need to do something to attract their interest.”

“You’re unshakeable.”

While saying that, for some reason, His Highness also laughed.

“Today is a party to entertain our guests. Everyone, please enjoy yourselves tonight.”

What surprised me was that, as soon as the party commenced with the word of the Laofan Emperor, all the surrounding girls started to flock around His Highness despite him being accompanied by his fiancée.

I don’t feel like I can even approach those girls who appeared like waves after waves.

Shuna-sama who stood a little distance away from His Highness held my hand as he looked worryingly at me.

“Yulias Ane-sama, are you okay with this?”

“With what?”

“Would you like to drag Rudo Oni-sama here?”

I patted Shuna-sama’s head who looked at me with worry on his face.

“I’m fine. I know that His Highness is a popular person.”

“But Yulias Ane-sama looked sad somehow?”

I continued to pat him with a wry smile on my face.

“Shuna-sama is a kind person.”

I am not sure if he was please being patted with me, but Shuna-sama quickly hugged me.

Shuna-sama’s kindness healed me.

“Can I get something to eat, Yulias Ane-sama?”

“That’s right! Let’s go; I’ll accompany you.”

When I was choosing some light meals with Shuna-sama, Jufua-sama came all the way and called me out.

“Does our meal go well with your taste?”

Shuna-sama and I smiled at Jufua-sama who was anxiously looking at our reaction.

“It’s so delicious! Isn’t it?! Yulias Ane-sama!”

“Yeah! Very much. I will be happy if you could tell me the recipe later, is that okay with you?”

Jufua-sama laughed happily.

At that moment, I found that the chatter around me started to become boisterous.

The reason is similar to how it was when we first arrived at the country

It’s because it was unusual for them to see Jufua-sama laugh in the presence of a woman.


I turned a bit to see a person who suddenly appeared in our surrounding.

It was the mastermind behind the Beast man kidnapping case, Jufua-sama’s younger brother from a different mother.


Orange hair and orange eyes.

Even though it was cut short at the front, but he left a long tail of it in which he keeps it in a braid.

Insuu-sama was talking with Jufua-sama. However, his eyes were scanning me, up and down.

“My brother, you seem to be very close to these beautiful people. Why don’t you introduce then to me?”

I laughed at Insuu-sama in a ladylike manner before I speak.

“I’m Julius, the daughter of Earl Nogger from Palacio country. My pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Listening to my self-introduction, Insuu-sama looked strangely at Jufua-sama.

“What is your relationship with the neighbour country’s earl daughter?”

“No matter what you asked me…. from now on., somehow or other, please remember it well.”

Jufua-sama grabbed my hand while ignoring the surprised look of Insuu-sama.

“Can’t we do something about it?”

Jufua-sama looked at me, slyly.

“I’m sorry Jufua-sama, but my feelings won’t change no matter how many times you confessed to me.”

Jufua-sama sighed before he looked at me with a bitter smile.

“No matter how many times you reject me; I will keep confessing to you until you turn to look at me.”

Jufua-sama stared at me with a burning fire in his eyes.

“… A woman that my brother fancy?”

Insuu-sama muttered before he looked and smile at me.

“Isn’t it just that my brother isn’t your type?”

Insuu-sama said those words with a chuckle.

He was glad that Jufua-sama feeling was left unreciprocated.

I saw His Highness stood beside a woman.

It was a pretty pink-haired woman who was trying hard to attract His Highness’ attention.

His Highness was smiling wryly as he faced her.

“His Highness is pretty popular at Laofan country.”

When I muttered those words unintentionally, Jufua-sama looks at me with a stunning look.


Hearing the call from Jufua-sama, His Highness quickly walked away as if he had received the help from heaven.

I noticed that Insuu-sama looking coldly at the approaching figure of His Highness.

Maybe Insuu-sama dislikes His Highness.

“Prince Rudnick, I’m happy to see you get along so well with my younger sister, Pao. It will be great if you could marry Pao in the future.”

The woman who was called Pao-sama turned red upon hearing Insuu-sama words as she tried to clung into His Highness’s arm.

His Highness’s face turned pale as he vigorously pulled Pao-sama away from him. He then went around behind me and held into my shoulder.

“Oh, I was planning to introduce it to you now! This is my fiancée, Julius Nogger from an Earl household.”

His Highness words stunned Insuu-sama and Pao-sama.

“I can’t believe that you leave your fiancée alone! Miss Yulias, why don’t you break up with Rudo and marry me instead.”

His Highness snorted upon hearing Jufua-sama declaration of love.

“Yulias already said that she is not willing to move to another country, right?”

“I know that Miss Julius is a talented person. So if you did not care about her, just give her to me.”

“I can’t. Our country will decline if Yulias is gone.”

His Highness word started to draw attention from the surrounding people.

However, everyone doesn’t realize that this unloving word was the best compliment for me.

“Ma! It’s a marriage without love!”

Pao-sama declared it happily

“If it’s a marriage without love, then just annulled it and married me! I love Rudnik-sama!”

His Highness’ mouth started to flinch when he heard Pao-sama’s words.

“Rudnick-sama! Let’s nurture our true love together! “

“No, I have already announced my fiancée to the country-wide! I can’t break my engagement so easily.”

Your Highness sounded as if he did not have any feeling for me at all.
I want to say that, but the current atmosphere put it to a halt.
This is because, Pao-sama, with a sparkle in her face, grabbed His Highness’ hand.

“I’m okay! She’s just the daughter of an Earl. Now that I’ve decided to get married into the royal family, she can be the concubine!”

Pao-sama said those words cheerfully and brightly.

Even though we are still talking about an assumption, I was actually impressed by her mental strength as she decided on her marriage course.

“I’m not a monster, so I won’t force you to break your engagement.”

“Pao is a perfect woman.”

Insuu-sama laughed proudly as he stroked Pao-sama’s head.

“I don’t mind breaking off my engagement.”

I said those words instinctively.

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