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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 65 part 1

Chapter 65: The Happiness that you can’t obtain with money [Part 1]


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Breaking up an engagement is not a big deal for me.

It was unexpected for me to think so, and to announce such a thing with my mouth that I was willing to cancel the engagement.


His Highness looked at me in disbelief.

“If your Highness wanted to, you can end our engagement. It’s not like I have never done it before.”

I felt that the air around me turned solemn.

In Laofan country, breaking off an engagement was considered as the biggest disgraces for a woman.

“Have you ever broke off your engagement? Why are you so calm? Aren’t you ashamed to be alive?”

Even though what she said was extreme, however, due to Pao Hime-sama soft aura, it did not come out as being excessive.

“I’ll take her away if you wanted to let Lady Yulias off.”

Jufua-sama interjected with a serious face.

“Ma~ it will bring shame to a country for having their prince marry a lady who has been abandoned from her engagement.”

There is no indication of her mood, and her voice was as if she was teasing the serious Jufua-sama.

“I think those people who thought that that Lady Yulias as a broken good from having her engagement ended is more of a broken good than her.”

Jufua-sama looked at Pao-sama’s face with a pitiful expression as he said.

“If you feel that your averseness towards woman already healed, then why should you give your whole affection to a daughter of an Earl? Brother should be aware of your situation as Prince. No, if you are planning on giving up the throne, feel free to do so.”

Insuu-sama was chuckling.

“Only the daughter of an Earl….”

Jufua-sama turned his eyes to his Highness.

“Rudo, do you think this woman is the one who is unsuited the most to the word “only that”?”

“That’s right. I don’t think it suits her.”

Hearing the earnest reply, I looked at both princes with an irritated expression on my face.

“Rudo-sama, are you making a fool of me? 」

“No, I’m not making a fool of you! It’s all a misunderstanding! 」

I glared at His Highness with distrust. His Highness was fidgeting before he continued.

“Jifu and I thought that this is a compliment to you.”

He decided to convince me about that.

“Well, since there is no other way, I’ll put trust in it.”

“A, please believe me.”

His Highness showed a relaxed smile as if he were relieved by my consent.

His Highness rarely let his guard down.

Therefore, this cowardly attitude of him somehow grips my heart.

My heart was in a mess after I being engaged to His Highness. I have always been feeling frustrated, fuzzy and upset with him.

Yet, this cowardly face of him made me feel that it was a waste to let His Highness go. My heart that had always thought that it was not wrong to return to our previous relationship as a friend suddenly had such desire.

Seeing such relaxed His Highness, Pao-sama cutely tilted her head as she said.

“How did Rudnick-sama get engaged to her? It’s strange, isn’t it? With a broken lady that already got abandoned from her engagement, no less…. I understand! She is holding on to your weaknesses!”

That’s rude, you know.

However, there is nothing that could be done about this country’s mindset.

When I was pondering about such thought, His Highness let out a big laugh.

“That’s right. She held into my weaknesses.”

When I thought which weaknesses did His Highness was referring to, Pao-sama was glaring at me.

“You! You are a villain who threatens Rudnick-sama to become his fiancée!”

I felt that Pao-sama was similar to something.

Right, she is so similar to a Pomeranian.

I remembered that there was a Marquis who had a Pomeranian who loves barking with [kyankyan]

“Do you hear me? I want you to end your engagement with Rudnick-sama right now! This is an order!”

I was chuckling at Pao-sama’s word.

“What are you laughing at?”

“No, Pao-sama is an adorable person. I’m sorry.”

“It’s natural that I’m cute. I don’t care about such an obvious compliment.”

Pao-sama with a neck like an oni stated it confidently.

[T/N: Oni here should be referring to those demons with small neck or something? Like this?]

“What a terrible woman you are! The status of Rudnick-sama had blinded you! It is a shame on you!”

It was different when it is said that this position is dazzling.

His Highness’ status made it hard for me to make my move.

So why did I get engaged to His Highness in the first?

“A fiancée must be a healing person! I will heal Rudnick-sama with true love!”

I looked into a distance and asked.

“True love? What constitutes true love?”

When I said slowly, Pao-sama back was straight as she said it wholeheartedly.

“True love is not something that you can’t buy with money!! Since you can’t even understand that… you should break off the engagement!”

Happiness that money can’t buy?

I tilted my head further.

“What exactly is happiness that money can’t buy?”

Pao-sama eyes were wide opened as she continued.

“I don’t know that much! Anyway, true love won’t change no matter what and it is also something that can’t be bought with money.”

Love that cannot be bought with money.

“Uffuffu, so Pao-sama mean to say that no matter what happens to Rudnick-sama, your love for him won’t change, right? Even if he was stripped down from his status a prince tomorrow and was expelled pennilessly from the Palacio country, right?”

Looking at me grinning, Pao-sama smiled and said

“That won’t happen.”

“Why not?”

“Because Rudnick-sama did not have any brothers!”

I looked at her in surprise.

“Is there any evidence that the King of Palacio country had no hidden children? Can you say that there is never a prince who had been out of the public eyes until he turned adult? What if that hidden Prince banished Rudo-sama? Anyway, Pao-sama will surely stick with Rudo-sama. After all, it is true love! It’s so wonderful, right? True love that it.”

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