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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 59

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 59: Good Father 5

T/N: There will be four chapters today.. Will try to finish this arc within this week. Too depressing for me ah.. I was constantly in anger~

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“Wow, who’s this little princess? She is so beautiful that even this grandma unable to recognize her.”

Xu Dongmei was on her way to take out her garbage. She was in a surprise when she saw Jiang Liu walking home while holding Jiang Yueliang’s hand. This woman was the Jiang’s family neighbor and the elder who had been watching over Jiang Liu and Jiang Yueliang grown up.

Xu Dongmei life was not good.

She is a woman who likes children. However, after three years of marriage, she was still not blessed with one. When she went to the hospital for a check-up, she found out that her body had some difficulties to conceive. She tried eating lots of supplements and went to various hospitals to no avail.

Due to this, her husband had decided to divorce her. But he still had a little conscience as he left the house that the couple had previously lived to her.

After Xu Dongmei got a divorce, the original was born shortly after.  Since Xu Dongmei did not have any siblings, she had always regarded the original as her child. She always took him to her home whenever the original’s parents were too busy to take care of him.

For the sake of the original’s wife who got sick, it was this old lady who had emptied her saving without any hesitation to help this small family. As for the original, Xu Dongmei was no different from his birth mother.

In the last life, after Jiang Yueliang’s accident, the original body had moved out of the city he had lived in his whole life. Xu Dongmei also sold off her house and followed him to take care of this father and daughter.

After Jiang Yueliang jumped off of the building, the original body had become completely insane. It was this old lady who has been taking care of the original.

The old lady was also aware of the original feelings. Therefore, as soon as Gou Jian was released from the prison, she took the original to the outside the prison and handed him the knife.

But the memory of the original in regards to this old woman came to an abrupt end there. Thus, Jiang Liu did not know what happened to the old lady after she lost her last family member.


Jiang Yueliang rushed over happily and hugged Granny Xu’s thighs.

Xu Dongmei had not seen her good granddaughter for a week, so she cuddled the little girl and kissed her.

“Just right, I happened to buy some pork ham. This stuff is delicious after we simmered it in soup for a long time. Today, the two of you should come and have dinner with me.”

A person’s life is always lonely.  Xu Dongmei had often invited this pair of father and daughter to eat as soon as she finished cooking. The original body also has this habit; for that reason, Jiang Liu did not reject this old lady’s invitation.

Seeing the old missed Yueliang so much, Jiang Liu simply hands over Yueliang to her since he also has another thing to do at the current moment.


The first thing he needs to settle was the original’s job. Jiang Liu met the foreman at the construction site and explained to him that he could not continue the project. So he is here to settle the account.

After that, Jiang Liu went to his daughter’s school. After he found the class teacher, he told her of his intention to request a transfer.

“We only recently started this semester. If you wanted to transfer, I suggest that we wait until the end of this semester, how about it?”

Jiang Yueliang’s class teacher could not understand the rush. Therefore she tried to persuade Jiang Liu: “If there is a special situation at home, Jiang’s father can apply for a long leave for Yueliang instead.”

The class teacher really likes Yueliang. After all, she is not only a beautiful child but also well-behaved. However, she also knew the special circumstances of Jiang’s family. Therefore, she thought that something must have happened; for that reason, she suggests a long holiday instead of a transfer.

“The reason being is because I’m going to work in another city. As you know it, I am the only parent left for Yueliang. I am not assured to let her live on her own. I know that my request is too sudden, and I am afraid that I’ll be troubling teacher to process this matter.”

The transfer procedure was very complicated, and as Jiang Yueliang’s class teacher, she was naturally the one who cares about it the most.

Jiang Liu had planned to move with his daughter.

As for him, of course, he still has to come back here once in a while.

Jiang Liu’s expression looked faint. After all, his mission target still hasn’t repented, right?

Because of Jiang Liu’s strong demand, the class teacher finally agreed to his request.


On the other side, Gou Jian’s body was slowly recovering. Perhaps due to the reporters who kept interrupting the standard procedure of the Hospital, Gou Jian was finally being transferred to a single room so that he could recuperate alone.

Gou Jian had injured both of his hands. However, nowadays, his finger finally able to move a little. As soon as his fingers can move, Gou Jian immediately played with his mobile phone.

He can’t play the game in this situation, but he can still open his QQ chat group and send a voice message to his friends.


Gou Jian found online friends with similar interests as him and formed a group chat with them. He opened the group and search for a person before clicking on his profile and sent a voice message.

[Fei Jian, you haven’t been looking for me for a while. Did you found another source for those prohibited films?]

[T/N: Fei Jian = Flying Sword]

Jia Haoren was currently watching porn while masturbating. When he heard the phone vibrates, he randomly pulls a few paper towels to wipe his hand and picks up the phone to see what’s going on.

Jia Haoren lives in a basement’s room with no windows. This small room was furnished with a bed and a cabinet. It was also filled up with takeaway boxes as well as sock and underwear that had not been cleaned for a long time. The room permeated with a disgusting and sour smell.

However, Jiang Haoren, who lived here, doesn’t seem to smell this strange smell. After seeing the person who sent him a message, he picked the milk tea at the side and took a sip comfortably.

[There’s been a lot of new movies recently. All of them are seven or eight-year-old kids. One of these girls is really beautiful, and I can send you some screenshots of it. If you like it, just pay me 300 yuan]

After drinking his milk tea, Jia Haoren sent over his voice message.

[No movie for me now.]

Gou Jian thought of his body. He’s weak now. If he could not relieve himself after seeing those pictures, he might end up collapsing.

[I just wanted to ask you. Where did you buy those movies? I didn’t want to steal your business. I just wanted to ask you if you needed material for the film, and I have a pretty little girl here. They can make a movie and played with her however they want]

Pedophiles such as Gou Jian have their trading channels, which formed into a professional industrial chain since a long time ago. However, this industrial chain was kept underground.

For example, Jia Haoren, that he contacted just now, was exclusively engaged in selling the films. Some people solely involved in venturing to the rural villages of remote mountain villages to find these left-behind children who lack money and not sensible. They will use toys and beautiful clothes to cajole these kids who don’t understand anything to shoot a film for the view of this pedophile.

Due to several crackdowns of these underage pornographic videos on the internet, they were cautious when selling this stuff. Almost all trades were made exclusively upon introduction from an acquaintance.

[Fu**, Fei Jian. Did you kidnap a little girl for yourself?!!]

Jia Haroen got a little bit excited. He had watched many of those films, but he had never done it in real life.

[ I just wanted to ask you if you can find someone and help me to do this. I am not only not going to charge you. I am also going to give you 200,000 for it. Just be careful when you do it, I don’t want to go to jail.]

Gou Jian felt that this net pal of him named [Good Man] was a trustworthy person since he had bought quite a few films from him. If the other person dared to cheat him, he will report him to the police. He must know that distributing pornography, especially underage pornography, could also land him in prison.

[What’s going on, Fei Jian?]

Jia Haoren was confused.

[Do you want to do it or not?]

Gou Jian did not want to explain it deeply.

[Wait, I’ll ask someone.]

Likewise, Jia Haoren also did not directly decline.

After stopping his chat with Gou Jian, Jia Houren opened another group, which was a private group. There were only four people on it who happened to be a team.

Jia Haoren retold his conversation with Gou Jian and wait for the decision of his partners.

Zhen Huai, Zhu Yige, and Fan Jian were the producers of the pornographic CDs sold by Jia Haoren. Their small team of four people was also the best and most acclaimed filmmakers in the paedophiliac’s community. Almost all people in this circle have seen the underage pornography made by them

[Ask him what’s going on here. I feel a little bit uneasy about this kid.]

[But 200,000 yuan isn’t a low price. We could even shoot a film with it which should be considered as a good business.]

The private group has been arguing over the business brought by Gou Jian through Jia Haoren. There did not realize that Jiang Liu had sent a monitoring virus to their group chat through Gou Jian’s mobile phone. Jiang Liu kept monitoring their electronic devices as he searched every nook of it. Within a few hours, Jiang Liu had completely grasped more than half of pedophiles’ information in China.

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