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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Good Father 6

[Fú ěr mó jī sī sītǎn]: Did you see the recent news? I have bold speculation. That victim, Gou Jian, was 163 cm tall and weighed 145kg. It was said that he forced to an abandoned factory, and he was unable to struggle against the culprit. Even though that place was remote, there is still a lively place, not more than 2000 meters away from there. There is also a primary school nearby. Therefore, it was almost impossible for no one not to see Gou Jian being force and not notice anything wrong about it. So I guess, Gou Jian had voluntarily followed the culprit to the crime scene and thus the aftermath.

[Xiao Fei Meow]: Why did Gou Jian follow the culprit then? If he took the initiative to follow the culprit, then does that mean that he knew the culprit? It doesn’t make sense that the police still can’t find the real culprit until now.

[Fú ěr mó jī sī sītǎn]: Innocent kid. Did you forget what kind of injury was done to Gou Jian’s body? I guess he’s gay, and in addition to that, he should also have a deep ** interest. He’s in the factory because he’s got a date with his fu*k friend for some ** play. It just that he did not know that his partner was a pervert. If not, why should a good guy appear in such a place? What’s more, until now, did you hear the victim providing any useful information to the police?

[Glutton]: WTF, now I thought of it, it is too scary.

[Eight bugs]: Now I thought of it, it is too scary +1

[T/N: Bug = Chong/ also mean a person with a particularly undesirable characteristic, so his net name might also mean a person with eight undesirable characteristics, lol]

[Lǜlínhǎohàn]: That Gou Jian is too disgusting ah. People like him deserved to be played like that, ah.

[Xiao Fei Meow]: …You people upstairs really have no problem. We should not guess the circumstances of the victim with no basis, you know. For all of you to said that kind of thing, I hope that whatever the victim had experience will also happen to all of you. Let see if you all could still stand and speak irresponsibly.

[Fú ěr mó jī sī sītǎn]: I think it was you who have some minor illness, cat. That person is not only healthy but also ugly. Who is so crazy wanted to rape him for no rhyme and reason? So many men on the street are fine, but he alone ends up being tortured. Shouldn’t the problem be himself?

 [Xiao Fei Meow]: Oh, silly. If you got raped one day, it must because your face was asking to be raped. Anyway, don’t blame the rapist, you should blame your mother for letting you have such a look.

[Fú ěr mó jī sī sītǎn]: I beep — beep — beep —

There are a lot of scolding battles that happened around this case on the Internet.  Some internet users felt that it was not right to spread the victim’s information so wantonly on the Internet. Due to this, they had advised those who posted the victim’s photos and personal data to delete their messages immediately. However, some of the netizens not only did not sympathize with the victim but also blamed the victim for what had happened to him.

This group of people mostly criticized Gou Jian’s appearance. They genuinely felt that a person with that kind of appearance is impossible to be a rape victim. For that reason, they believed that Gou Jian might have offended the culprit, or maybe he had personally seduced the culprit and therefore ended up like that.

The speculation by the netizen named [Fú ěr mó jī sī sītǎn] was agreed by a small number of people while attracting a rebuff from those who disagreed with him.

[Numerous little flower]: Mmmmm, that cheap dog is my landlord. If the police hadn’t come to see the tenants, we wouldn’t have known that he had such a thing happened to him.

[Gossip’s soul]: There is a melon, I am at the front row goodness gracious. I need to sit properly for this.

[Fú ěr mó jī sī sītǎn]: Cheap person. It seemed that this man is unpopular on a regular day, which is more in line with my guess, ah. Little flower upstairs, he should not be a pervert who was indulging in SM play on a typical day, right?

[Numerous little flower]: I don’t know if he did any SM **, but I’m pretty sure this guy has a mental problem. I remembered one time when I went to my landlord to pay for my rent. I shouted a few times, but he didn’t hear it. In the end, he finally opened the door, and I went in. And guess what, this cheap dog had been watching porn.

[Lǜlínhǎohàn]: Fu*k, what’s wrong with watching pornographic movies? Adults don’t even have this freedom?

[Numerous little flower]: If it’s just regular porn, then it is nothing. But the main character of this porn is a child who is still six- or seven-year-old. All those screams were horrible. Unfortunately, the cheap dog found it early and straightaway turned off the TV. After I paid the rent, he immediately chased me out. That man is already 39 years old this year. A man of that age who had not got married or has any children, it will not be weird if he is turning into a pervert, right? All of us tenants felt that there’s something wrong with him. [Fú ěr mó jī sī sītǎn] guess is correct. He likely wanted to play a perverted game with someone, but something had gone wrong somewhere, which made him end up like that.

[Lǜlínhǎohàn] You’re saying you’ve seen it for a few seconds and it’s probably not clear. Maybe it is an actress who looked really young. After all, as you say, he’s pedophile, not** or gay.

[Numerous little flower]: I don’t know, but I remember the little girl in the video screaming really, really miserably. Not the kind that could be performed by an actress.

[Fú ěr mó jī sī sītǎn] In any case, I still felt that this injury was happened due to Gou Jian himself. For this kind of person, we do not need to sympathize with him.

Gou Jian glanced at the similar comments on the Internet. He gritted his teeth hard as he could not stop shaking in bed.

If his hands could move flexibly now, he would have smashed everything on the side table.

Look at what these beasts had been saying on the Internet. He is obviously the victim. But these bunch of people were speculating the truth of his injury and said that he deserved all of it. Why don’t those people die?

Others had sympathized with his current condition and had forwarded some news about him while posting a prayer praying for his fast recovery. However, when Gou Jian saw such messaged, he not only become unhappy but even got angrier by it.

It was all because that forwarded news included not only his name but also his address and uncovered photo of him. These so-called kind-hearted people end up spreading his news to a new group of people. Now many people know that he, Gou Jian, had his intestine cut off several times and had to open an extra hole on his body to carry a plastic bag of shit and urine all his life.

Gou Jian’s unsound mind is getting even more extreme. He felt that everyone was looking at him with different eyes.

The police, the doctors, the nurses, other hospital patients’ families, and the many strangers he’ll meet when he leaves the hospital; all of them will point their fingers at him on the back, saying that he’s a broken man, a man who could no longer do it.

Thinking about this, Gou Jian is going crazy.

In addition to his anger, Gou Jian was also a bit alarmed. This was due to the message from his so-called tenant named [Numerous little flower] on Weibo. That person’s words almost exposed the secret that he has hidden for so many years. Gou Jian started to scour his memory to identify [Numerous little flower] among his tenants.

Gou Jian rental apartment was a self-built seven-story apartment. Each floor has four to six separate rooms while Gou Jian occupied the seventh floor. With nearly 30 tenants, Gou Jian able to make good money, earning him tens of thousands of yuan every month.

He has little contact with tenants. Most of them transferred their quarterly rent through mobile transfer. Few people directly give him cash.

Thinking of the description given by that person, he or she should have bumped into him and saw him watching the underage pornographic movie. However, when Gou Jian thought about it, he could not find such a presence in his mind.

Is this thing made up by the other party?

Gou Jian doesn’t believe that his memory had deteriorated to this level.

Because he couldn’t find this person in his memories, Gou Jian had decided to treat all his tenants as [Numerous little flower]. After he was discharged from the hospital, he will investigate and see this person who dares to scold him as a cheap dog behind his back and almost revealed his secret.


On the other hand, the investigation done by Kang Qi and his team finally shown some progress.

“You mean you saw the man in the picture on the morning of the 7th.”

Kang Qi, who was holding the photographs of Gou Jian, stood in front of a tiny, fat woman in her early forties. She was the wife of the stir-fry shop’s owner.

“Well, he came to my shop to have a bowl of fried rice and three bottles of wine.”

The shop owner’s wife nodded and looked a little flustered as if she had been avoiding some of the topics.

“What else did you see?”

Kang Qi felt that the shop owner’s wife’s attitude was questionable. Therefore he sternly asked: “If you conceal any important information and interfere with our investigation, I have the right to bring you back to the police station.”

Kang Qi was tricking the shop owner’s wife. He just felt that he might be able to hear something useful from the shop owner’s wife’s mouth.

“No, no, no, no, how could I hide it? It’s just one thing; I don’t know if I was mistaken about it.”

The shop owner’s wife waved her hand in a panic: “This man in the photo left my store in a drunken state. At that time, I went on to take care of other guests, and when I went to the door to carry a couple of baskets of bean sprouts from the vegetable farmer, I saw him walking into the alley with a little girl in uniform. I just thought that it might be his daughter. I was busy at that time, a few guests were ordering food, and there were also a few guests paying the bill, so I didn’t pay attention to it. There is also no news about it. I already forgot about this matter until I saw this news. It was mentioned that this man had no parents or relatives. He also did not get married and had no children. So I thought of that day. However, I could be wrong, or maybe I was seeing a wrong person, or… or……”

Fortunately, the shop owner’s wife said she didn’t see any of the little girls in the news reports; otherwise, in retrospect, she will be full of guilty. However, at that time, she didn’t think there was anything wrong happening outside.

“Little girl?”

Yu Ling’s eyes brightened. She got close to Kang Qi’s ear as she whispered: “There is a rumor now on the Internet that Gou Jian is a pedophile. This info was leaked by a person who claims to be a Gou Jian’s tenant. Leader, do you think this has anything to do with that little girl?”

“Go, go to Gou Jian’s rental house. Find the tenants, ask them one by one.”

Kang Qi felt that he finally found a line related to the truth of this case. However, this line was thin, brittle, and difficult to grasp.

However, this was indeed a significant breakthrough. The words of the witness before him seemed to explain why Gou Jian did not dare to describe the appearance of the person who attacked him to the police. Or even to describe everything that happened at the time of the crime.

If he is the person who initially wanted to commit a crime but ends up being retaliated, it is within a reason why Gou Jian suddenly hesitated to tell the police the truth

It just that there was no evidence to support this testimony or any evidence to support his speculation. For this reason, Kang Qi felt that they still have a long way to go before the case is solved.

On the other hand, Jiang Liu watched the whole scene as he invaded the tiny shop’s surveillance equipment.

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