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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 61

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 61: Good Father 7

Kang Qi and his team good luck stopped there. After meeting the stir-fry shop owner’s wife, the police also visited many nearby shopkeepers. However, their impression of what happened a couple of weeks ago was somewhat unclear. Among them, the owner of the grocery store seemed to be annoyed by frequent questioning and let out an outburst of anger.

“Why do you keep questioning me? Many of you had come to my shop. You also already got the surveillance footage, what else do you want?”

The bald boss had a bad temper. He felt that the occasional police interrogation has severely affected his business.

“I don’t remember the person in the picture. If you ask me if I saw him passing by with a little girl in a school uniform? No, I could not remember it at all. Comrade Police, you know, the children in this area are all studying at Ci Xin Elementary School. Every day there are dozens of little girls passing by in the same school’s uniform. All those girls also had the same pigtails, and they’re almost similar in height. I don’t see what other children look like except the one who usually come to our store.”

The balding boss said with exasperation: “If you were unsure if that little girl has been taken away, you shouldn’t ask us the owner of these shops. You should instead ask the teachers of Ci Xin Elementary School. You should ask them how many children didn’t go to school or were late on that day. Isn’t that the obvious things you should do?”

The boss thought that these cops were stupid. Not as smart as him, who is only a little boss.

“By the way, Comrade Police. Didn’t this man in the photo was reported to have been raped by a man and his genitals had been mutilated? Why did you suddenly ask about some little girl?”

The bald boss was curious; therefore, he asked the police. Hearing them asking about a little girl makes him feel like something’s going on.

“Thank you for your co-operation, but we police are keeping things secret, and the news reports are not trustworthy.”

The bald boss’s words were not very pleasant, but it did remind Kang Qi.

He asked Yu Ling and Xiang Wu to go to Gou Jian’s rental apartment first. At the same time, he took several other police officers to Ci Xin Elementary School to inquire about the attendance of the students on the day of the incident.

On that day, a total of seven students did not come to school on time. Two of them were boys, while the parents of five other girls had already requested an absence for leave from their teachers.

“This student took a week off, did something happen at her home?”

Kang Qi looked at the students’ files and asked the teacher curiously while his hand was pointing at Jiang Yueliang’s file.

“Oh, this student already transferred. The reason why she had taken such a long vacation is that the parents of the student had gone to inspect her new school.”

Jiang Yueliang’s class teacher continued: “By the way, Comrade Police, why are you investigating this?”

Instead of answering, Kang Qi looked at the files and asked: “Can I get a copy of the contact information of these parents? I want to ask them something.”

Seeing Kang Qi avoided from explaining anything, the teacher resisted the fear in her heart as she handed over the phone number and the home address of the girls who had taken a day off that day to the police.


“Boss, shall we look into this little girl?”

Kang Qi’s female subordinate was hesitant before she decided to ask.

Perhaps the shop owner’s wife had seen it wrongly that day. However, if what she saw was real, then what happened to Gou Jian showed that the little girl had already been rescued, and Gou Jian got what he deserved.

If it was the former, then there is no need for them to investigate the little girl. If it was the latter, then the little girl was lucky enough to be rescued. However, if the police officers came to their house and reminded those people of such a sad thing, wouldn’t it be a sin?

Besides that, the reporters now are so full of people who dare to write anything as long as they could sell it. She felt that as long as they identify the little girl who had almost been victimized; the media will expose all the relevant information related to this poor girl on the internet.

Even if more people sympathized with the girl, the police don’t feel that such sympathy is necessary for the girl. Let alone those disgusting bugs hidden behind the internet who are anxious to stab the victim a few more times. Those kinds of people will cause no less damage to the victim compared to the direct perpetrator.

“We are the police. You should know that violence is also a crime.”

Kang Qi remained silent for a while and imparted those words to the female officer.

“Just because I know it, that’s why I couldn’t not put my interest in it. Leader, you tell me, if what the owner’s wife seen is correct, then on that day, the drunken Gou Jian had forcefully abducted a little girl who had nothing to do with him. What do you think would happen if the man who did the atrocities on Gou Jian did not do what he did? If he just saved the little girl and then called the police, what would Gou Jian be punished for?”

The policewoman’s voice sounded a bit disheartened

There were so many cases like this. However, instead of bringing it to justice, the only reasonable conclusion that they were able to reach was to accuse the perpetrator of attempted rape. In such cases, the criminal often argued that they had no intention to rape. Consequently, the situation tends to go in the direction of indecent assault since there is no conclusive evidence that rape had occurred. Due to this, many criminals do not even have to go to prison and only need to spend a few days in the detention center before they were freed.

There is no guarantee that these people will not commit a crime again after they were freed, nor that the unfortunate victim will be as lucky as the former when they commit the crime.

Even as a police officer, this policewoman still feels a bit emotional. She thought that the law sometimes did too little. This kind of dregs of society was better off to be straightforwardly chopped down to stop others from attempting to do the same.

“Remember, you’re a police officer. If you ever thought like that, who else going to uphold the righteousness of the law and the authority of justice? If everyone thought that they were the emissary of justice, thus can become the enforcer to take over the place of the law to punish others, then who will judge the justice and the authority of the law that he is enforcing for?”

After all, Kang Qi is still a veteran. He also once had experienced this kind of confusion.

“We are law enforcement. What we should do is to perform our duties better, promote the remediation of loopholes in laws and regulations, as well as making the public aware of the fairness of the law. This is a long, long way, which may require the efforts of several generations. But these are not the reasons for any individual to use his anger to punish the likes and dislikes and to enforce the private law.”

Kang Qi said firmly.

“Change to a casual outfit later and follow me to the girls’ houses to get some information.”

Kang Qi was not the sort of person who didn’t know the effects of wearing a police uniform when entering and leaving the homes of ordinary people. Hence the investigation of these girls must be conducted carefully.


The female officer’s tone was still low, and it was unclear whether Kang Qi’s words were registered by her or not.


“Hello, we’re the police. We would like to ask you for some information.”

Jiang Liu opened the door. Kang Qi, with another plain-clothed officer, stood outside, holding the police identification cards.


Jiang Liu looked at them suspiciously. He took the proof in their hand and looked it over and over for a long time. With a skeptical expression, he hesitated for a long time before allowing them in.

“Are you Jiang Yueliang’s father? On the 7th of this month, you let your daughter took a long vacation. Can you tell me why?”

The first thing that Kang Qi was to look at the decor in the room silently

Before coming, his investigation showed that Jiang Yueliang’s mother had died prematurely. Her only relative was the man in front of him, who is a bricklayer. He did not have a high education level, and the people around him described him as a good man with a mild temper.

Concerning the capabilities of the perpetrators, Kang Qi has already ruled out Jiang Liu. His education level and his occupation cannot be linked to a hacker. This hacker could easily invade the police’s internal network and delete the surveillance video of the traffic police’s brigade. This hacker skill was enough for him to use it to apply to any networking company; there is no need for him to engage in such a hard-earned job like a bricklayer.

“Ask for a leave?”

Jiang Liu didn’t think too long: “I was going to work in Shanghai, where I will be paid more. That city also able to offer a better education option for my daughter than here. I asked for a leave of absence because I wanted to take my daughter to visit Disneyland that she had been wishing to go for a long time. At the same time, I also visited several schools there.”

“It hasn’t been a couple of days since the start of the new semester. This transfer seems to be too sudden.”

Kang Qi looked at the family photo hanging in the middle of the living room and asked.

This is something that he could not figure out, and it doesn’t seem reasonable to transfer at this time.

“There is nothing to be done about it. This work couldn’t wait for me. Furthermore, my child is a girl. I’m not comfortable leaving her alone without me.”

Jiang Liu smiled, and then asked with some tension in his voice: “By the way, this police officer, what are you here for? Is there something wrong with Ci Xin Elementary School?”

Suddenly there was a policeman who came to his door. Therefore Jiang Liu’s calm performance was unreasonable. Now his question fits the typical reaction of most parents.

“Nothing. We’re here just to find out why you took a leave of absence for your child.”

After being here so long, Kang Qi finally realized that he didn’t hear the voice of the little girl. After making a circle in the living room, he asked: “Is Jiang Yueliang not at home today?”

“Oh, Yueliang and my godmother already left for Shanghai. I stay behind to pack out things. I’ll leave in a few days.”

Jiang Liu stood up and pointed to the thick, unassembled cardboard boxes in the living room.

“You look quite urgent.”

Kang Qi laughed. He did not spend much time there. After making sure that there is nothing else he could ask, he left with the other plain-clothes police officers.

“Go to the next family.”

After getting into the car, Kang Qi rubbed his forehead. This family seemed unsuspicious because Jiang Liu’s mood was so calm. It was not the kind of reaction that a father with a  daughter who was almost being violated would have.

But the sudden departure from the city that he had lived all his life seemed too abnormal, especially when the time is so right, on the day of Gou Jian’s accident.

“I don’t think it’s this family. I’m a mother. If I knew there is someone who would dare to do that to my child, even if it hadn’t been successful, I would still do my best to at least bite a piece of meat out of that person and made him pay for life.

The female officer said that with her seatbelt on.

“Unless I’ve got my revenge, I may not be able to calm my emotions. But I must do it with my own hand. Even if others help me, it will not be able to diminish the fire in my heart.”

Kang Qi’s mind began to move, but he soon shook his head and drove away.

Jiang Liu stood on the balcony and looked at Kang Qi.

“Host, you’re playing with fire.”

001 floated in the middle of the air.

“I can afford to play with this fire.”

Jiang Liu shut the windows and pulled the curtains as he answered in a low, dark voice.

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