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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 62

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 62: Good Father 8

“Stop persuading me. I don’t need you, policeman, to be involved in this.”

Gou Jian looked at Kang Qi, who continued to linger around him like a spirit and said those words moodily.

His online friend had already contacted him, and they wanted to meet him. At that time, he will bring several more friends to find out about his demands in detail, and then consider whether or not to take on the job.

So now Gou Jian did not want to be too closely connected with the police. He is worried that the police will discover his secret.

“Gou Jian, you need to know that this case has exceeded the demands of civil disputes. This is a criminal case, and it cannot be withdrawn even if you want to.”

At this point, Kang Qi had already guessed why Gou Jian had resisted the police intervention. However, he did not have unequivocal evidence to support his speculation.

The testimony of the stir-fry shop’s lady was too vague for them to call her to become a witness at the trial. At Gou Jian’s side, his resistance had also hindered his investigation. As for the possible victim who nearly being raped by Gou Jian, for her reputation as well as to protect the “hero” who rescued her, it was likely that she will not take the initiative to stand up. Now the case entered an impasse.

The only breakthrough seemed to be the man in front of him.

“If your police can handle it, go check it yourself.”

Gou Jian rolled his eyes and sat in his wheelchair as he directs the nurse to help him pack.

It is already more than a month since the case had occurred. Gou Jian has been out of the danger period, and his body has recovered well. After that, he only needs to carry out a regular check-up and to remove the thread and change the medicine. Since the hospital was full, the nurse standing there has urged Gou Jian to go through the discharge procedure as soon as possible.

Now, it has been some time since the most intense attention had been given to this case. There was still some news about it on the Internet now and then. However, it is only limited to a few who had always been paying attention to his situation. Subsequently, Gou Jian’s life had finally returned to peace.

With fewer and fewer media reporters under siege these days, Gou Jian felt that it was time for him to leave the hospital. If not, he would not be able to implement his next plan.

“What kind of attitude did you have?”

Xiang Wu was not as patient as Kang Qi. Thinking about the shit this man did in the dark, he was holding himself from punching Gou Jian on his face.

“What kind of attitude do I have? Your policeman is so incompetent. In the past month or so, have you found any useful lead? How come you always came here to bother the victim? Do you want me to call the media to expose you?”

Gou Jian was very aggressive. He didn’t need the police now. These people should be angered by him, lest they will be interfering with his matter in the future.


 Xiang Wu wanted to continue to argue with Gou Jian, but Kang Qi stopped him.

“Gou Jian, don’t worry, we’ll find the killer as soon as possible.”

Kang Qi decided to put up with it. Arguing with the other side right now was not a sensible thing to do.


Gou Jian glanced at Xiang Wu before he let out a proud look and urged the nurse to work faster.

These days, Gou Jian’s news was not small, especially for local people. They were even more enthusiastic about the bad things that happened in the local area. When Gou Jian was released from the hospital, many patients and nurses watched him from afar and turned their eyes away as he approached.

Besides that, Gou Jian also found several people who secretly took out their cell phones to take a photo of him. This had made Gou Jian even more furious.

“WTF, this guy doesn’t look like his photograph. He doesn’t have a beard, and he looks a lot thinner. His Adam’s apple also nowhere to be seen. Could it be that those reports on the Internet are true? The culprit really had pulverized his balls?”

“It’s so pitiful, ah. Is he still a man without his egg? Should he see a psychiatrist for counseling or something? Otherwise, he might become a pervert.”

“Ei, take pity on him. Don’t say anything anymore.”

Gou Jian listened to the broken discussion around him which mostly let out by the women in the surrounding area. He also felt the unusual look from the man around him.

Inexplicably, Gou Jian heard the irony in their words. He felt that those people were looking down on him and viewed him as a joke.

“Where are you looking at? Be careful, or else I am going to dig your eyes out.”

Gou Jian barked furiously at those who secretly looked at him. Because of his roars, those who had been looking at him had temporarily averted their eyesight. Yet, Gou Jian’s mood was still wrong.

These were just strangers in the hospital. Once he returned home, those tenants who know him well, some of his distant relatives, his former classmates, and friends; he wonders what they’ll think of him.

Gou Jian clenched both of his fists while he pursed up his lips. With a gloomy face, he let the nurse pushed him out of the hospital and directed his wheelchair towards the vehicle, which will take him home.

Just before he got in the car, the reporter who came after hearing the news of his discharge stopped him.

“Mr. Gou, can you tell us the details of the incident?”

“Mr. Gou, did you get assaulted by the criminal and was brutally crushed?”

“Mr. Gou, can you describe to us the appearance of the criminal so that others can guard themselves against this criminal?”

“Mr. Gou, excuse me, may I ask if the news circulated on the Internet that you are a gay and ** lover is true? Is your injury the result of your random booty call?”

“Mr. Gou……”

One by one, questions involving ** were thrown at Gou Jian.  He felt that in the eyes of those reporters, he had been stark naked, with no **, and dignity.

“Fu*k, roll away for Laozi.”

What Gou Jian hated the most was these reporters. If it weren’t for their report, his affairs wouldn’t have spread out and been commented on by people around the world.

He angrily kicked the journalists away and put a distance between them.

“Mr. Gou, we held no malice against you.”

“Yes, Mr. Gou, we also want to help you.”

Those reporters kept filming and seemed as if they couldn’t wait to shove their camera at Gou Jian’s face.

“Puii —”

Gou Jian spat his thick phlegm directly on the face of the reporter closest to him. Not only the reporter but the person around him who saw such thick mucus could not help but cover their mouth to curb the gag.

“You dog. If you have the ability, take off your pants and let Laozi burst your chrysanthemum. Then I’ll call the reporter to take your picture and post it online. Then I’ll let a group of people take care of you and let you get some help.”

Perhaps due to the imbalance in hormone secretion, Gou Jian recently had been spotting erratic temper. Now he is obsessed with revenge and no longer afraid of these journalists.

He had always been like this anyway. So what if he acted terribly?

“It’s cold nowadays. It is good to consume dog meat. You’ll better be careful.”

After that, Gou Jian showed his middle fingers to the reporters and called out the nurse and quickly moved to leave.

“It’s too much. How can a person act like that?”

“Exactly.  No wonder he’s being abused. It is all his own doing.”

The insulted reporters were so angry that they vowed to write a more wonderful article after they went back to “help” this poor man.

“A group of dog.”

The authorities quickly dealt with the scene in front of the hospital. The netizens who had already begun to forget about the case remembered the tragic violence case of more than a month ago and started to discuss it

[The police haven’t found the killer yet? Huh?]

[Perhaps the victim didn’t want to cooperate. Look at the way he was telling reporters off. He wasn’t like a person who had been seriously injured.]

[That’s poor reporter]

[Although Gou Jian’s words were quite crude, they were after all the truth. If you encounter such a thing, can you still greet those reporters with a smile? It is still good that he did not blame these reporters who keep fanning the flames.]

Many netizens commented on the event on the Internet. Many of them also cursed Gou Jian. They felt that it takes two to tango. Therefore, there must be something that Gou Jian had done to make him end up in such circumstances.

Even if these netizens somehow able to guess the truth correctly due to an unexpected turn of events, Gou Jian was still furious. After all, the person who got scolded by the masses was him. When it all said and done, the authorities had not found any evidence against him at all.

Gou Jian, who was facing these kinds of ill-treatment, felt very baffling. Those people did not know that beforehand, the matter of him almost raping someone else’s daughter.

However, under such a premise, those people started to analyze the case rationally. Due to this, Gou Jian, who was ridiculed for no reason, got heated up.

“Fu*k! Fu*k! Fu*k!”

Gou Jian wrote down the names of those netizens who had been scolding him one by one. He began to make a plan. After seeing the balance of his bank’s account, Gou Jian finally made a decision.

Previously, in his leisure time, Gou Jian had joined several Water Army. He did this not for the money but for the sake of enjoying the process of swearing and cursing other people while venting his feeling.

This time, he contacted the heads of several Water Army and commissioned them to make a small sale.

[T/N: Water army – a group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments – Source: Wiki]

This business transaction was not too troublesome. He only asked those Water Army to retaliate against Netizen, who had been scolding him thousands of more times. If those people scolded his father and mother, then the Water Army will curse all 18th generations of the other person’s ancestors until the other party is afraid to go online.

Not only that but in the case, they can find the other person’s contact information, he will set up for the Water Army to continue harassing the other party until they feel like dying. See if they still be able not to let themselves be infuriated to death.

It only took him 200,000 yuan to do this. It was a good deal.

This money was not spent casually. Those who boldly made a guess on the Internet might found some problems concerning Gou Jian status as a “victim”. These people were all being stared at by the Water Army hired by Gou Jian.

Before these netizens able to enjoy the pleasure of scolding, these people had ushered in hundreds and thousands of abusive words. These offensive words were not repeated, and the speed of deleting messages could not keep pace with the speed of the other person’s leaving abusing messages.

Those netizens tried to turn off the commenting’s function. But soon, their phone started to blow off. From time to time, cursing messages were sent in. Then, a few minutes later, there will be a harassing call.

Jiang Liu watched Gou Jian silently. He did not expect that the other party had such fantastic use.

As it happens, those people who had been aiming at Gou Jian, in the last lifetime, had used similar arguments against Yueliang.

Like, how does such a little girl had such a low vigilant; Don’t you know how to use your brain; Why there were so many little girls, but you are the one who got caught? Did you deliberately open the button of your uniform? Did you shorten your skirt so that such pervert will be aiming at you? They also said that if it were them, they would be unwilling to live and better off to die. Those remarks came out of their mouth so casually.

These people seem to have a natural ability. They always believed themselves as exceedingly good and free from vulgarity. They stood out from the masses and always fond of displaying their sensible point of view through sophistry argument.

They don’t know that their false statements are sometimes the last straw that crushed their victims. They just wanted to immerse themselves in their short-lived pleasure of being above the cloud.

Perhaps after the death of Jiang Yueliang, they still do not feel that they have done anything wrong. They will only continue to shed crocodile tears while spouting a sentence or two. Tchh, how could you be so weak, ah, to kill yourself by jumping off the building, have you ever considered that you might smash the people below to death? That kind of indifferent and cold speech.

These people may be born without a shred of empathy. Even though they may not be the direct killer, but those people are still indifferent accomplices.

This time, Jiang Liu didn’t intend to let them go simply. He already made his plan.

However, it seemed that his plan would not work for the time being.

Sure enough, benevolent people are easy to be cheated. This happened precisely because the original and his daughter are soft-hearted people. In the face of the outside world’s malice, they could only silently bear it. However, once they were overwhelmed by it, there could not think of any other way to overcome it.

On the other hand, these kinds of wicked people are not afraid of others’ evil. Like Gou Jian, he did not have any hesitation to retaliate against people who show maliciousness to him. Of course, this cannot be separated from the fact that he had a lot of money with him.

Jiang Liu opened another interface on his computer, showing four train tickets and a plane ticket from three different places.

That wretched Gou Jian should die. Those who care only about benefit without any consideration to humanity should die. Those despicable men who indirectly, but due to their preferences, had caused the formation of this vile industrial chain should also die. No one in this net is innocent.

This big net, he will tighten it up at once.

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