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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 63

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 63: Good Father 9

T/N: I am sorry for the late update my darling reader. As I mentioned previously, though it was not in detail, this arc theme is quite heavy for me, so after the last update, I have been immersing myself with reading. With the ongoing #stayathome movement, I have no other things to make me happy except reading [Nada boba, nada ice-cream, nada carbonated drink. I’m with my parents right now. Yes, I am sad. I am living a true healthy lifestyle that I lost 20 pounds, not sure if I should be happy or not].

Then from one book to another book to another book, MTL mostly, [Daily life of a Villain Mother], [The Villainess Female Supporting Character Raising her Bun] [The Male lead’s Villainess stepmother] [Noble Wife Want No Love] [The Villain are also Very Good Today] [The Bad Man System has Collapsed]. Currently I am reading [Everyone knows I am a Good Man]

Without realizing it, 20 days went past. So… OTL

Without further ado….

“Fei Jian? “

“Good man?”

[T/N: Pinyin: Haoren. I translated Haoren for its literal meaning because I feel the irony that came from that kind of nickname. Though his name and ID name sound similar, it was using different characters. BTW Fei Jian: Flying Sword.]

According to the hotel room number given by his online friend, Gou Jian discarded his caregiver and went alone to the agreed location using a taxi.

When the two came face to face, Jia Haoren immediately recognized the person in front of him as the leading character in the recent news. It was rumoured that the person named had his chrysanthemum burst and his little brother being crushed to a bit.

Gou Jian naturally felt the sympathy and compassion from the man in front of him. However, since there is still something that he needs to ask from him, he could only quell his anger.

After letting Gou Jian enter the room, Jia Haoren didn’t forget to look out and determined that there was no suspicious person behind Gou Jian before he closed the door.

“Let me introduce everyone. I’m Jia Haoren. These three are Zhen Huai, Zhu Yige, and Fan Jian.”

Although Gou Jian did not introduce himself, Jia Haoren already knew his general situation from the Internet. Such a person can’t mingle with the police, so this job should be “very clean”, and they don’t need to worry that Gou Jian was an undercover detective from the police.

Jia Haoren estimated that the reason why Gou Jian found them this time might be related to the injuries on his body. In this kind of cases, the police are useless to him, so he could only come and find them.

“It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Gou Jian pulled the corner of his mouth ridiculously as he glanced at the four people standing in the room. He could not help but think.

Fake good man [Jia Haoren], Genuinely bad thing [Zhen Huai], Swine [Zhu Yige] and Lowly Criminal [Fan Jian]. He wonders what hatred did those parents had against their child to give them such name.

At the same time, Jia Haoren and others also murmured silently in their hearts. Gou Jian, a dog bitch. Gou Jian’s parents probably had a deep grudge towards their son since birth.

[T/N: It’s playing on the sound. Their name sounds similar but with the different character]

“I want you to do something a bit risky. We have Ci Xin elementary school in this district. This school has a lovely young girl. I almost succeeded but was caught by the child’s father. Yes, the wound on my body was due to that man. “

Gou Jian pointed to the plastered parts of his body. As for the most shameful position, Gou Jian subconsciously ignored it.

“Well, it turned out you came to us for revenge.”

Jia Haoren understood the gist of it. However, after listening to Gou Jian’s grumbling, his first reaction was that this job could not be accepted.

They used to make films for sale. Because of this, they target children in remote and poor mountainous areas where parents were not taking proper care of them. Those children often lived with their elderly, and their necessary gender awareness was weak. They were even ignorant about physiology things. These kids were easy to be fooled. They only need to give them some candy and beautiful clothes, and it was enough for them to keep their mouth shut about what happened afterwards.

Moreover, folk customs in remote areas were relatively feudal and conservative. Even if the grandparents of those children find out about this, they rarely call the police. They feared that this incident would damage the reputation of their grandchildren. Subsequently, those people ended up helping them hide the truth.

Once in a while, there will be some miscalculation. However, as long as enough money was given, they can suppress the matter down.

Because of their caution, they had engaged in this industry for so many years and yet the police had never caught them. But now, the business entrusted to them by Gou Jian is different. A little girl from the city has their parents at their back. If the girl was able to escape this alive and return home, how could that girl’s distressed parents not see the violence done on her?

If this matter gets big, they will be sooner or later got caught due to the dense surveillance network in the big cities. For Jia Haoren, he only wanted to earn money in peace.

“I can add money.”

Gou Jian thought that they were dissatisfied with the 200,000 he had promised earlier.

“This is not a matter of adding or not adding money. Honestly, I tell you. If you find an orphan without a father or mother, maybe we will take the job. But this girl you were aiming for has a father and a mother. Her father even beat you up until you end up without a shred of moral integrity. Looking at his behaviour, this person will surely chase us to the end of the world if we were to touch his little girl. In this case, even if we shoot the film, we will not dare to sell it. “

Jia Haoren said helplessly; it seemed that this time he came for nothing.

“What are you afraid of? What happened to me? Look at me now. I am a person who is neither human nor ghost. Do you think that I will be able to live without taking revenge on that little girl? If you worry about the retaliation against you, I tell you, once I find him, I will never let him live. As long as you have money, you can always find someone desperate enough to kill for you.”


Jia Haoren laughed twice. This is what he said right now, but if something were really to happen, he afraid that this kid is the first one who is going to give it up. If he had the determination as he said, without fear of going to prison, he would have already confessed the perpetrator who had hurt him, ah, but then he would have to spend several years in jail after his attempted rape.

After all, it wasn’t that he only wanted to get revenge; he also wanted to borrow other people’s power because he was too coward to do it on his own.

“Anyway, don’t say 200,000. Even if you add another 0 at the end, we still won’t do it.”

Fan Jian who was also the think tank of the group asserted.

Seeing their resolute attitude, Gou Jian was anxious. Yet, before he could say anything, the sound of doorbell rung inside the room.


Jia Haoren approached the door and asked warily.

“Delivery, the fried chicken you ordered is here.”

A low male voice answered from the outside.

So fast?”

Jia Haoren was a bit surprised. The takeaway was ordered when they first arrived at the hotel. It was only 10 minutes since then.

However, he didn’t overthink. The other party was able to repeat the exact things that they had ordered. It should be the takeaway brother.

Unguarded, Jia Haoren opened the door. Standing in front of him was a tall man with a bag of heavy things in his hands. Jia Haoren subconsciously reached out to take the bag. He thought that he was holding the fried chicken. But instead of giving it to him, the delivery man raised the bag and smashed it into his head.

Jia Haoren’s head buzzed as his brain registered the loud bang. After half-second, he lost his consciousness.

Then, the man walked in, the door of the hotel was closed, and after a few short cries, the room became completely calm.


“Gou Jian has been in for more than an hour. Leader, shall we follow up?”

A person was sitting in a black Volkswagen in front of the hotel. Xiang Wu ate a burger and drank milk tea while staring at the door. At the same time, he kept communicating with Kang Qi through the headset.

“Leader, you tell me that Gou Jian’s injury was not good. Why did he run to the hotel suddenly?”

Xiang Wu looked at the hotel not far away from his location. It was a small scale hotel. It was a hotel that was converted from an ordinary house. The scale was small, and the management was also simple. After registering his name, he could walk in casually. Xiang Wu even suspected that if he went to the front desk to ask, he would not need to show his police card, and the front desk person would report Gou Jian’s room number as it is.

“Are all the doors guarded?”

Kang Qi did not answer Xiang Wu’s question but instead asked him if he was keeping an eye on Gou Jian.

“Yes, there are two doors to this small hotel. I looked at the front door, and Xiao Liu is at the back door. As soon as we saw Gou Jian going out, we would inform each other and follow up.”

Xiang Wu took another bite on his burger. When he glanced back at the hotel, he could see a guest pulling along a huge suitcase from the small hotel’s front door and sighed. His mind flashed as he thought that there are actually some people who used 36-inch luggage bag at this time of years, but he didn’t pay much attention to this man who had been wearing a mask.

“Be on guard.”

They also have no evidence of Gou Jian’s crimes. Therefore, tracking him also lead to a bit of a procedural problem. If they hurriedly inspect his room, they might end up having this action being used against them ah.


Xiang Wu answered and waited for nearly for eight hours.

“Leader, is Gou Jian going to spend the night at the hotel?”

It was now 10 p.m., and neither Xiang Wu nor Xiao Liu, who is guarding at the back door, could wait for Gou Jian to come out. They always feel that something is off somewhere.

“I just called Gou Jian, and nobody answered the phone. Boss, do you think that I should take a look?”

Xiang Wu called Kang Qi and asked.

“Nobody answers the phone?”

This made Kang Qi’s heart miss a few beats.

“You immediately go up in the name of room service to ensure that Gou Jian is still in the hotel.”

After being ordered, Xiang Wu immediately got out of the car and walked into the hotel.

Sure enough, as he had expected, this small hotel had no sense of ** at all, Xiang Wu did not show his police card, and the aunt who was at the front desk directly told him Gou Jian’s room number.

Knowing that Gou Jian had seen his face, Xiang Wu also especially found Xiao Liu, who was guarding the back door and asked him to knock on the door.

After three consecutive knocks, no one responded. Xiang Wu dialled Gou Jian’s phone at the door, and the ringtone came clearly from this room.

Maybe something had happened. This was Xiang Wu’s first reaction.

He didn’t have time to think about it and directly kicked open the door. The quality of the door of this little hotel was not that good. As soon as Xiang Wu pushed hard, the door lock was opened by him. He and Xiao Liu rushed into the room and saw that the place was empty. There were only a few luggage bags and a flashing mobile phone.

Xiang Wu was so anxious that he immediately contacted Kang Qi.


Jia Haoren and others slowly woke up with severe pain at the back of their neck.


Jia Haoren wanted to call for help, but his mouth was blocked. His body was also tied up with a secure knot while his face was covered with a dark and thick black cloth. Even if he were to open his eyes wide, what greeted his sight was darkness.

This kind of uncertainty environment could easily induce fear. Those big men could not help but struggling to move their body, not knowing what sort of things waiting for them.

The only one who enjoyed a different kind of treatment was Gou Jian. He endured the pain from having his original bone being dislocated again. He looked scared at the man who was walking towards them like a demon.

Don’t look at Gou Jian’s hatred towards Jiang Liu. Even though he had planned to buy people to retaliate, however, in fact, he was afraid that he is going to die. Whenever he thought of Jiang Liu’s face, he will think of the pain when he got tortured by him. At the moment, it could be said that Jiang Liu had become Gou Jian’s trauma.

“I had always thought that our ancestors have a great craft. Unfortunately, this craft had not been carry on to the future. Anyway, I have always wanted to try it.”

Jiang Liu’s approaching footsteps struck Gou Jian and the other four men like a heavy drum.

“You, you, you, you are a lunatic!”

Gou Jian didn’t know how Jiang Liu found him. Did he know of his plan on taking revenge on him?

“Who the hell are you?”

Jia Haoren and others were also panicked. They didn’t know how they could have offended this pervert or the ancestor craft mentioned by him just now.

“I don’t think homosexuality is a disease. However, I fully agree that paedophiliac is a product of psychological abnormalities.”

Instead of ignoring their question, Jiang Liu spoke slowly in a low voice, almost in a sing-song-like manner.

“It is a pity, though. Your tools are too dirty. Using the castration technique handed down from my ancestors, I’m afraid of dirtying not only my hands but also my eyes. Fortunately, I already practised a new castration technique with your senior. You can rest assured. Although it is a bit painful, the effect is surprisingly excellent. “

In the darkness, Jiang Liu’s eyes seemed extraordinarily clear and sharp. Under Gou Jian’s horrified expression, Jiang Liu held up the iron rod in his hand and slammed it down repeatedly on those people.


Gou Jian screamed as he threw up.

This is not a person; he is a lunatic. What kind of existence did he end up provoking?

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