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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 64

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 64: Good Father 10

“Have you checked it out?”

Kang Qi asked as he looked at the person in front of him.

“Yes, I already verified it. This room was opened by a 37-year-old man named Jia Haoren. He is from Qiannan, but currently a permanent resident of Guangnan. The three men who came with him, please refer to the photo: Zhen Huai, male, 42 years old, originally from Qiannan; Zhu Yige, male, 27 years old, from Hunan, and lastly, Fan Jian, male, 32 years old, the registered residence is Liu Hu. All of them did not have any previous criminal records.”

“How did Gou Jian know these people?”

Kang Qi questioned as he contemplated at the origin of these people. It seems that there is not much connection between them, especially Jia Haoren, who lives in Guangnan, which required him to fly back and forth for eight to nine hours.

Is this an offline gathering of those netizens?

“About that–“

His subordinates shook their heads. The time is too short, how could they possibly inquire about it.

“If only there is monitoring here. I don’t know how Gou Jian found this hotel. Even the most basic monitoring equipment is not available. I must report this hotel to the authorities and let the relevant departments check their qualifications.”

The policeman muttered.


Kang Qi has checked this small hotel inside and out. There are only two normal exits, which were already being scrutinized by Xiang Wu and Xiao Liu. Apart from these two normal exits, the only way to leave the hotel is by climbing the building. However, the officer from the Forensics Department have carefully checked the outer walls of this area, and there are no signs of disturbance from the wall.

“How can five men disappeared from the hotel just like that?”

Kang Qi pondered softly.

“Leader, I seemed to remember something.”

 Xiang Wu’s was struck with a sudden revelation: “I saw a man wearing a mask dragging a 36-inch suitcase from the hotel during the day. Such a large suitcase can fit two skinny adults.”

”36-inch suitcase? I also seemed to have seen it.”

Xiao Liu, who had been observing the backdoor continued:

“And more than once, I was wondering how this person could bring so many things.”

Now the situation seemed a little bit clear. Maybe the five people who had disappeared were taken away using that large suitcase.

“Go and investigate all the videos around this place and find the man with that big suitcase.”

Kang Qi quickly ordered his subordinates.

The action of the police force was swift. All the surrounding surveillance videos were quickly transferred to them. However, like the original case of Gou Jian, all the surveillance video during that period were strangely missing. It was the time when Gou Jian and the others were in trouble, and the mysterious man dragged those large suitcases to leave.

“Why do I have goosebump behind my back?”

Xiang Wu could not help but shuddered. Who are they fighting with? Is there really a ghost?

Kang Qi glanced at him and then stared at the missing block in the surveillance videos.

There is no evidence at all! How are they going to get those people back?

“Kang, Kang, Kang, Kang’s team, someone is looking for you!”

Just when those group of people were frowning, a small policeman ran in and shouted at them excitedly.

“Who is looking for us?”

Kang Qi asked eagerly.

“Gou… Gou Jian and all those missing people …”

The little policeman had finally calmed down a bit at the moment. He scratched his head and said with some embarrassment.

“Everyone was already taken to the hospital.”

“Let’s go!”

Kang Qi didn’t ask much. He left some people at the hotel to search for evidence as much as possible while he rushed to the hospital with some of his subordinates.


“It was almost the same injury that Gou Jian had at the beginning. As for Gou Jian, there is no new injury, but the bones that were hard to connect previously were broken again. They seemed to be very stimulated. Therefore their moods are volatile at the moment.

Yu Ling, who was already at the hospital, saw Kang Qi and others coming over and quickly reported the situation.

“Xiao Ling, are you in a bad mood?”

Kang Qi frowned. He felt that he saw the emotion of resentment from Yu Ling’s face.

“Leader, you see for yourself. This is the document that had been placed next to Gou Jian and the others when they were thrown at the door of the police station.”

Yu Ling took out a thick bag of documents and gave it to Kang Qi.

“This is not something that we found but sent in by someone else?”

Kang Qi was shocked. He unzipped the file bag and looked at the document inside.

He frowned at first, and then his breath began to become erratic.

Kang Qi’s hand was shaking as he held into the documents. At that time, he could not resist rushing into the operating room and stopped the ongoing operation directly. He could only stop himself by relying on his unwavering determination.

“Scum, beast!”

The content recorded in this bag of documents was shocking. The detailed transfer records and various chat records in this bag was something that he could not believe happening.

It recorded the evidence of this four-person organization starting from 2009. They have been tricking boys and girls under the age of 14 to shoot pornographic videos. After that, they sold those videos to paedophiles, and even accepting some “private customization” from some wealthy paedophiles who wanted them to film their favourite theme of blood and abuse.

Looking at the coded photos, some children did not even have a good piece of meat. Kang Qi was not sure whether those children were still alive after they finished shooting such films.

What’s even more shocking was that, among the pornographic film shot by these four people also involving some young children from the age of two who obviously could not understand anything. That child was manipulated to perform various acts under their control. Even a small part of it involved the parents of the children.

Kang Qi was breathless. He felt that there is a massive stone pressing his chest that it almost suffocated him.

“Those people should die.”

Yu Ling said fiercely. She is a woman, and she was more emotionally invested in this matter. If she hadn’t thought of her duty as a police officer, she would not have wanted to send those four to the hospital.

“What’s the relationship between Gou Jian and them?”

Kang Qi pursed his lips and looked at Yu Ling.

” The technician had cracked the password on Gou Jian’s mobile phone. But they find out that they have deleted a lot of their chat records. However, according to the recovered data and the transfer records in this information, they learned that Gou Jian should be a customer of Jia Haoren. He had bought a lot of films from him, so our previous investigation direction should be correct. Gou Jian is a paedophile. “

Yu Ling took a deep breath and answered.

“Did the recovered chat record stated why they met this time? Is it offline trading?”

Kang Qi continued to question.

“I am not sure. The recovered chat between Gou Jian and Jia Haoren did not include such information.”

Yu Ling shook her head.

She knew in her heart that if this document were correct, following the Chinese laws and regulations, the principal offender would have an indefinite sentence at the very least. If it was determined that the minors in the pornographic film had died or disabled due to their actions, they could also be sentenced with death penalty.

Even if they weren’t the main offenders, their action of making and selling underage pornography all these years is enough to land them prison time.

However, on the other hand, Gou Jian was only found out to be purchasing the underage pornographic movies. He would only at most being criticized and fined. There is no legal way to deal with these people even if he had been watching those underage pornographic film.

Yu Ling felt that this was very unfair. Would Gou Jian and others not know the shooting methods that were used to make this kind of films? Of course, he knew it. However, under the current law, there is no explicit legal punishment for those people.

It’s not only Gou Jian. Except for some people who have been requesting for a customized underage pornographic video, most of those viewers are free from punishment. Is this fair?

Yu Ling couldn’t figure it out. However, this time even Kang Qi couldn’t give her an answer.


Gou Jian woke up the next morning. As soon as he saw Kang Qi, he cried and asked the other party to save him.

“There is a lunatic out there. He wanted to kill me. No, no, no. He thinks that it’s too cheap to kill me. He wanted to torture me to death.”

Gou Jian couldn’t stop trembling as tears and snot streaming down his face.

“Officer Kang, Captain Kang, you have to save me. I am willing to admit that I was drunk that day and caught a little girl. However, I did not plan to do anything to her. I just wanted to talk to her. But that girl’s father just went crazy and wanted to kill me. I got all this injury from him.”

Gou Jian was howling

“Just talking?”

Kang Qi’s voice was a little low.

“Yes! No, no.”

Gou Jian shook his head before he nodded again.

“Okay, I admit that I was confused at that time and wanted to rape that little girl. But I was unsuccessful, right? So, I’m innocent, ah. Officer Kang, that little girl is from Ci Xin Primary School. You have to check it quickly. You must bring that culprit to justice. I still remember the appearance of that little girl. As long as you show me the photo, I can identify her.”

“Is it this little girl?”

Kang Qi remained silent for a while. He then took out a photo from his pocket, which was the picture of Jiang Yueliang.

“Yes, yes! Did you find it out, Captain Kang? Hurry up and catch that lunatic!”

Gou Jian was excited. If he had not broken his hands and feet, he would already jump from the bed.

“Your testimony is not enough to become a piece of evidence.”

In addition to Gou Jian’s words, there is no evidence to prove Jiang Yueliang’s father, that seemingly undistinguished bricklayer as the real culprit.

“Relax, the law will give you an account.”

Kang Qi put away the photo.

Of course, the law should also give an account to those victims.

Kang Qi thought silently.

Despite Gou Jian’s cry, Kang Qi left the ward without notifying anyone and drive alone to the Jiang’s family.

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