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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 65

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 65: Good Father 11 [END]

When Kang Qi arrived, Xu Dongmei had just returned home with Yueliang.

Her heart was very disturbed since she learned the truth from Yueliang’s mouth. While she felt distressed about Yueliang, the old lady was also worried that Jiang Liu would do something stupid.

After waiting for a long time for Jiang Liu at Shanghai, the old lady decided to return with Yueliang. She wanted Jiang Liu to look at his daughter more. She wanted Jiang Liu to think more before making any rash decision. After all, he is not alone. He still has a daughter that needs to be taken care of.

However, because of the rush, Kang Qi had not been able to change out of his uniform. When she saw Kang Qi appearing at the Jiang family’s house, the old woman was startled and thought that her guess had come true.

After fooling the old lady and one child with a few words, Kang Qi and Jiang Liu came to the balcony to avoid them while talking.

“Your daughter is cute.”

Kang Qi looked through the glass screen as he watched the little girl playing in the house.

“Yeah, she is my most important baby, more important than my life.”

Jiang Liu smiled. He took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lit one before he handed the package to Kang Qi.

“I don’t smoke, thank you.”

Kang Qi waved his hand before he continued.

“It is not good for children to inhale second-hand smoke.”

“I have quit smoking for a long time. However, recently I have become addicted again. But this is the last one. When I finish smoking this cigarette, I will move to Shanghai to accompany my little girl. By then, I should be able to quit smoking again.”

The two of them exchanged pleasantries like an old friend.

“You know? Gou Jian had testified that the culprit who attacked him was you. He also confessed that you also kidnapped Jia Haoren and others.”

Kang Qi abruptly entered the topic as he looked at the man who had been exhaling a cloud of smoke.

“I know Gou Jian. I have seen him reported on TV recently. But who is Jia Haoren? I don’t know him, though.”

It seemed that he hadn’t been smoking for a long time. Jiang Liu was choked by the smoke and coughed for a few times. Even his tears were about to burst out.

“But the way police’s handling the case should be evidence-based. If you can’t testify against me, it means that I hadn’t committed any crime. If a mere accusation could establish the case, then, I could also sue Police Officer Kang for murder, right?”

Jiang Liu wiped his tears. An enigmatic smile appeared on his face.

“Yeah, the case should be evidence-based to be established.”

Kang Qi smiled.

“By the way, can I ask what Mr Jiang had been doing especially from the period of 7 am to 10 pm, yesterday?”

“Yesterday? At that time, I should have stayed at home and didn’t go anywhere else. If Officer Kang didn’t believe it, he could investigate the surveillance camera near my house to see if I left during that time.”

Surveillance! Surveillance!

 Kang Qi glanced deeply at Jiang Liu and decided not to say anything.

As he opened the floor-to-ceiling glass screen to leave the balcony, Kang Qi suddenly turned back and looked at Jiang Liu.

“I don’t know what skills and means you have. But I know that the desire to conquer and control brought by this law enforcement called justice is addictive. I have no evidence to prove that you did these things, but I want to remind you to stop. I might be a useless policeman, but in the days to come, I will stare at you with my eyes. “

Kang Qi pointed his fingers to his eyes and said firmly.

Jiang Liu shrugged, decided not to comment anything on it.


“Uncle Police!”

When Kang Qi descended the stairs, Jiang Yueliang chased him from inside the house.

Seeing this cute little girl, Kang Qi’s expression could not help but soften a lot. He squatted down, his eyes in line with the girl’s eyes.

“Yueliang’s Dad is the best in the world. If he does something wrong, Yueliang will help you to criticize him, okay? Dad listens to Yueliang’s words the most.”

The little girl hugs her doll as he blinked her eyes innocently.

“So, don’t take my Dad away. Yueliang only has one Dad.”

She was pinching her doll’s clothes as she pouted.

“Then, Yueliang must teach her father to be obedient. As long as your father is obedient, then, police uncle will not take your father away.”

Kang Qi rubbed the little girl’s hair and said softly.

“It’s a deal. Let’s pull a hook.”

The little girl’s eyes suddenly lighted up.

Kang Qi chuckled and cooperated in completing this naive agreement.

After coaxing the little girl, he stood up and glanced deeply at the tall man standing at the door frame. He then turned to leave.


On the Internet, a list of people that parents should be vigilant off was spread all over the world virally.

This list recorded the names, nationalities and the occupations of all paedophiles. This matter had been boiling for a while because some of the people recorded in the list are engaged in the education industry.

Many people also learned after reading this list that their ordinary neighbours and friendly relatives in daily life have such unknown facades. This is shocking, especially when they ask their children in detail and found out that their children had more or less being molested by these people.

On these days, the police had handled countless similar cases, and the public began to face up to the potential hidden dangers of the paedophile group. Because of this, they had demanded the law to improve the relevant provisions.

The case involving Jia Haoren and others were also judged at this time.

As the principal offenders, Jia Haoren and Fan Jian were sentenced to death, while Zhen Huai and Zhu Yige were sentenced to life imprisonment and 20 years’ imprisonment respectively. As for those who had commissioned them to film customized pornography, they also could not escape as they were sentenced to three years and up to a maximum of 12 years in prison.

When the media received the news, they were excited to find this hidden pornography and hunted those young victims to write a piece of exploding news.

This also included some netizens. Although they may not be a paedophile, they couldn’t help but become especially curious about these films.

It’s just that those who were looking for such “seeds” on the Internet are without exception being punished by a mysterious force. Anyone who had searched for these pornographic videos and wanted to investigate those young victims will have a strange virus invaded and destroyed all files on their computer once they opened the related data.

Yet, those who jumped and cursed not only did not get any sympathy, they ended up being boo-ed by the masses.

Over time, everyone knows that there may be a mysterious hacker silently protecting these children who have been harmed by others. Due to this, no one longer dares to take any risks.

 Many people are curious who this mysterious hacker was. Although Kang Qi was able to guess it, he decided to keep silent about it.


Compared to Jia Haoren and the co’s end, Gou Jian was lucky.

Because there is no clear laws and regulations regarding the purchase of underage pornography, he voluntarily admitted his crime to Kang Qi. Even though there is the fact that he had attempted a rape, however, because they were “unable to find” the victim, the case could not be established.

Gou Jian felt that there was something wrong with his brain. He clearly remembered that Kang Qi showed him the picture of the little girl. However, when he looked through the list of the current students at Ci Xin Primary School, he couldn’t find the girl. Naturally, he could not confront her.

He asked Kang Qi what happened that day, but Kang Qi said that he had misremembered it and that he had been going crazy.

These days, Gou Jian always unable to sleep well. Every time he closed his eyes, as long as he hears footsteps passing by, he feels that the man has appeared to avenge him. He thought that the man would beat him again and again. That he will torture him until he died.

Gou Jian felt that the police were too incompetent. Consequently, he decided to run away to where that man could not find him.

Taking the chance when the policeman who had been guarding him left him for the toilet, Gou Jian quickly escaped from the hospital in a wheelchair. He didn’t even have time to go home to pack his luggage. He only dared to collect tens of thousands yuan from the ATM outside the hospital and then used his phone to book a ticket to Inner Mongolia. He had to go to a place where the land was sparsely populated. He felt that that man couldn’t find him once he reached that place.

Perhaps because of the unclean eating in the morning, Gou Jian’s stomach was uncooperative with this flight.

The toilet bag on him was already full. As a last resort, he could only find a public toilet and replace the toilet bag on his body with a new and clean plastic container.

However, he did not notice that after he entered the public toilet, the door to the public restroom was closed for cleaning and a sign of [Do Not Disturb] was hanged on the door.

Gou Jian struggled to change his bag with his inflexible hands. Gradually, he noticed that a man had appeared behind him, and his shadow completely covered him.

Gou Jian’s chewed his teeth with [gege] sound as he raised his head mechanically. When he saw the familiar person standing behind him, he rolled down the wheelchair with a scream and cried out on the ground.

“Host, he’s going crazy, your mission is doomed to fail.”

001 floated on Jiang Liu side and sighed.

Since acting as a system for Jiang Liu, it felt that it hadn’t been able to have an easy time in those few worlds. As an unemotional system, it seemed to sigh a lot.

Jiang Liu did not answer his system’s query. He continued to drag the iron rod. The harsh sound of the stick’s end rubbing against the tile floor echoed in Gou Jian’s ear. He covered his ears, thinking about the scenes of those days. His mental completely collapsed.

This man is like a ghost and continued to pester him endlessly. No matter where he flees, the other party can still find him.

Gou Jian began to regret. Why did he provoke that little girl? If he were not influenced by his lust at that time, this thing would not be happening to him now.

Looking at such Gou Jian, Jiang Liu also knew that he had approached his psychological defence line again and again. He decided to bring down his consciousness, and finally, this time, it will show its effect.

This is initially something he wanted to experiment. If he succeeds, then it was his luck. Even if he failed, it was not a loss him.

“Are you wrong?”

A muffled sound of a stick hit his body.

“I was wrong; I was wrong!”

“Are you wrong?”

Another muffled sound of a stick hit him.

“I was wrong. I’m sorry!”

As he continued to echo his word, Gou Jian felt that his body was completely numb and painful. He banged his head with madness on the wall, as his mouthed repeatedly:

“I’m sorry, I’m wrong, I’m sorry, I’m wrong!”

“Ding, reform Gou Jian so that he realizes his wrong mission is complete!”

The system beep sounded suddenly. 001 who had wanted to say something, closed its mouth silently.

“Look, he knows his wrong.”

Jiang Liu looked at the muddy beach on the ground and snorted. This kind of scum is simply not worthy of being forgiven, let alone a perfect ending.


Half an hour later, the police who received the alarm call rushed to the public toilet and took Gou Jian away.

In addition to the physical bruise, the other party also received intense mental stimulation. If no accident, he will spend the rest of his life in a mental hospital.


“Leader, are we not going to continue to investigate this case?”

Xiang Wu pointed at the file in Kang Qi’s hand and asked in confusion.

You have to know that they were yet to be able to investigate clearly who had tortured Gou Jian and took away Jia Haoren and others.

“Gou Jian goes crazy right now. Our only witness is already gone, and we haven’t found any other clues. Do we have to spend the police force on this pending case?”

Kang Qi closed the file: “Maybe this file will restart someday, but I hope that day won’t happen.”

Xiang Wu was a little confused when he heard that. However, looking at the heavy eyes of his leader, he, who are not that smart unable to make any connection about it


That night, Kang Qi remained in the office. He was standing by the window sill with an ashtray full of cigarette butts beside him.

He coughed a few times, trying to throw the cigarette butt in his hand into the ashtray, but found that the ashtray was already full. He sighed. He is still not used to the smell of smoke.

Thinking back to his promise with that little girl, Kang Qi couldn’t help chuckling. Maybe that cute little girl could really “control” her father for him.

As for this case, that stops here.

He hoped the day this dusty file reopened would never happen.

As for the pressure of violating his faith, he also had to bear it alone.

There is still love beyond jurisprudence. And this time, he had lost.

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