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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 58

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 58: Good Father 4

T/N: Last chapter for today. BTW this arc consists of 11 chapters and 1 Extra~

At the moment, outside the door, the family members of the patients inside the room was currently putting their ears on the door, apparently attempting to eavesdrop. Since they did not notice of Kang Qi’s approaching steps, both of them nearly fall to the ground when Kang Qi opened the door.

“Ha ha ha, we heard that there is no movement from the inside, so we are a little bit worried.”

“Yes, just worry, nothing else.”

Two middle-aged women who were in their forties and fifties laughed while looking a little bit embarrassed. Seeing that Kang Qi did not say anything, the two of them bypassed him and rushed inside the room, looking busy taking care of their sick family member.

 “Where did those two brats went off to?”

Kang Qi looked at that two women who were gossiping in the room. He could not help but blamed his two men. Both of them had agreed to guard the locked door, but now they had disappeared, god knows where.

“Leader, it is not good! I don’t know how it got out, but a bunch of reporters are currently outside the hospital waiting to interview you.”

When Kang Qi was about to contact Yu Ling and Xiang Wu, both of them hurried out from the elevator and said those words to him.

“These reports had been appearing on the Internet, but all of it is untrue. It was clear that Gou Jian had been violently abused; however, some media on the Internet stated that he had been sexually assaulted. The photos of us sending Gou Jian to the hospital were also posted on the Internet. These photos were not pixelated, and the name and addresses of the victims were also picked up.”

 Xiang Wu was very helpless. What will these good netizens be able to do to help the victim anyway? If they can pick out the offender from the missing video, he will also praise that they have the ability.

“They are only here to eat their fill, what a pain the ass.”

Kang Qi could not help but cursed. His biggest annoyance was those nonsensical reporters and the brash web surfers who only came to see the fun. Each time they showed up, they brought a significant problem that was slowing their case handling.

It was they who often scolded the police for not doing anything, and it was them also who scolded the police for being nosy on their affair. Why didn’t those noisy people sign up for the police academy in the first place before talking?

“Hurry up, called the network police to see if they have any connection with the media. Ask them so that information about the victims can be deleted.”

Kang Qi grabbed his hair as he instructed the next step.

“I didn’t talk much before, but people didn’t seem to listen to us. Besides, I couldn’t delete all the retweets. Right, leader, some comments are spreading the panic on the Internet saying that we have a perverted rapist here. They also said that this is the first time the rapist committed this crime, and there will be another one in the morning or night. Today the phone calls at our police station are all blown up. The locals had been calling to ask when we can find the perpetrator and accuse us of being slow.”

Xiang Wu muttered: “Just now when you are taking the victim’s oral statement, Bureau Chief Zhang had called me and said that this had become a big deal. They are urging us to solve the case and catch the perpetrator as soon as possible.”

“Chief, did the victim has any useful lead?”

Yu Ling looked at Kang Qi and nervously asked. This was her first big case after graduation. Therefore she was acting as if she had been shot with 12 points of chicken blood. [T/N = Enthusiastic]

“If he had any useful clues, you and I would not be sitting here like this.”

Kang Qi rolled his eyes before he continued: “But Gou Jian’s attitude is bizarre.”

When ordinary people encounter this, most of them will urge the police to catch the perpetrator and let the law punished them as soon as possible. However, this Gou Jian looked very excited at first, but who knows what he thought in the middle of it, but suddenly his attitude seemed to become a little bit negative.

It seemed that he did not want the perpetrator being caught by the police?

This is a rare instance in his years as a cop.

 In general, there are several possibilities for victims to have a similar negative attitude: one, the victim is in a close relationship with the perpetrator. Due to this, the victim will be hesitant to report the incident. The other reason is that the perpetrator had leverage over the victim. Kang Qi had encountered many cases revolving these two possibilities/

“Yu Ling, go and investigate Gou Jian’s interpersonal relationship. See if he had a close friend and his hobbies.”

There currently have no witness and physical evidence. The only victim who can testify had been giving them a negative attitude. If he wants to solve this case, he could only look from another aspect.

“As for Xiang Wu, you and I will revisit the crime scene. There might be some missing witnesses and physical evidence that we might overlook.”

Kang Qi raised his spirit. Regardless of how thing currently is, he will not let the perpetrator gett away with his crime.


“Hey, big brother, what’s wrong with you? I hear you’ve been treated like that, tut-tut, tut, how pitiful.”

The old ladies now are more up to date than before. These two caregivers who lived in the same ward as Gou Jian also saw the news report on the Internet. Since they knew Gou Jian who is also a big man, looking at him being treated like that by another man, they could not help but sympathise with him

“I tell you, ah, you still have a long way to go in the future. So don’t be too depressed about it. Oh, that’s right, in the end, how did it happen ah? You tell me, this old sister will ensure that she won’t tell it to anyone else.”

Song Chunju was the one who first discovered that Gou Jian had woke up; therefore, she decided to show her sympathy towards him. However, Gou Jian saw the curiosity and gossip in her eyes.

“Get lost. Who are you to gossip about it? Watch out, or this Laozi will rip your mouth off.”

Gou Jian’s face was ashen. That kind of thing was nothing more but torture for a man. He became a rootless man equivalent to nothing. Based on this two meddling women’s attitude, it seemed the whole hospital knew what he had been treated for

At the time, Gou Jian didn’t know that not only that he become the gossip item for the patient in the hospital, but many people across China believed that his chrysanthemum had already been busted. [T/N: Chrysanthemum = butthole]

“You really! Both of us were so worried about you. Not to mention it or anything but is it necessary to be so fierce?”

“That right. Your temper is so bad that you don’t know how to accumulate your good fortune.”

The two aunties said one after another. They felt wronged. They had taken the initiative to care about the fellow patient in the same ward, and yet they get scolded in turn.

Gou Jian hates his current condition. Otherwise, he will already slap the face of these two women.

“Still glaring at us……”

“No wonder others didn’t get caught, but he ends up being picked up.”

The two aunties thought their voices were too small to be heard, but Gou Jian’s eyes almost pop out

Fortunately, a few days later, two patients in the next bed were discharged, and new patients moved in. The new patients’ families were less gossipy and devoted themselves to their families, thus had no time to spy on other people’s **.

It just Gou Jian unable to relax for a few more days when reporters finally managed to push through the security patrols and ran to his ward.

One reporter after another. Just like a shark smelling their victim, they came holding a big camera and a microphone to ask him a question. The arrogant Gou Jian could not wait to bite his tongue and commit suicide.

It was only then that he realised that all his affairs had been spread out, and now, in the eyes of everyone, he was a poor man who got his thing cut off after being raped by a man.

Gou Jian didn’t need such sympathy and compassion at all.

A person who is already gloomy is now being utterly perverted due to the double blows of both his body and mind.


“Dad, shall we go to Disneyland again next year for Yueliang’s birthday?”

Jiang Yueliang dressed as a Princess Elsa. She held up a magic wand and looked up as she held into his father’s hand. She was bouncing happily.

A week’s vacation is enough to make her forget the past. Only occasionally, when she dreams that she’ll wake up from nightmares; however, at that point, Dad would always come to her bed to hug and comfort her. Yueliang thought, with her father here, she had nothing to be afraid of.

“Forget it. Going to Disneyland will cost a lot of money. When Yueliang grows up, I’ll make a lot of money and take Dad to play at Disneyland.”

Although she was still young, Jiang Yueliang knew that when her mother was ill previously, her family had owed a lot of money. Dad has been working hard to make money, and on these days, her Dad not only didn’t work but also spent a lot of money to accompany her.

The little girl sighed, but soon she becomes happy again. She started to pinch her fingertips. In a few years, she should be able to help her father make money.

The conditions of the Jiang family were indeed not good. When Yueliang was four years old, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The family had spent all of their savings and owed a huge debt. In the end, the original’s wife passed away following year after she was diagnosed with that fatal disease.

The original body was a bricklayer. It was a technical job. Now with the real estate boom, and he also willing to endure hardship; thus, he was able to earn thousands per month, no less than the average white collar.

Over the years, the father and daughter have been saving their money, and they have already repaid almost all of their original debt. There is only a remaining 80,000 yuan that has not been paid off.

Maybe she knew that her Dad has been working hard to make money that unlike other children, Yueliang was very sensible and never ask for anything. Other children would wear designer clothes, but she is just happy to wear the dress made by their neighbour, Granny Xu. Other children would eat Western food, and she was delighted just to be able to eat the family dishes made by her Dad.

This thoughtful child made his heart sore. Therefore, the original body has been working hard to save money. He planned to accompany her daughter to the place that she wanted to go the most which were Disneyland. When he was about to save enough money for the trip, his daughter had an accident and the family was in ruins.

Jiang Liu’s heart was sour and bitter. He knew that it was the original mood that affected him again.

But he didn’t stop it. He let this emotion spread in his heart. Even if there is still a small part of original consciousness exists in himself, he wanted to give him the chance to be with his daughter, peacefully and happily in this lifetime.

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