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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 57

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 57: Good Father 3

Chapter 3

“Did you hear that when this patient was sent to the hospital, his anus was all torn up that they have to cut off a part of his intestines?”

“Tut, tut, did he play too much or did he run across a pervert? For a grown-up man to stab in his asshole, could he live with integrity? By the way, did you hear that? His stuff is already rotten; he could not even be considered as a man now.”

Gou Jian was feeling confused as the chattering sounds came from his side.

Whose intestine was cut? Whose ass had been stabbed? What kind of thing was rotten?  Hearing such miserable things, he could not help but be sympathetic.

“Hey, he already woke up, stop talking.”

“Yeah, wasn’t the police officer guarding this man just now? I’ll go outside and called him.”

The strange conversations finally stop, but Gou Jian couldn’t help but become panic hearing the words “police” that his consciousness suddenly becomes clear.

He remembered that he seemed to have had some alcohol, and then he couldn’t control himself and abduct a pretty little girl to do that. But in the end, before he could relieve himself that little girl’s father came.

That person broke his hands and then gave him a hard beat.

At the end……

At the end……

With his eyes wide open, Gou Jian was in a panic. He tried to reach out to his lower body, but his hands were plastered and fixed mid-air. His lower half was utterly unconscious, and there was only blunt numbness.

He remembers that the scoundrel had poked his lower half with the rod that made him passed out in pain.

“Hey, don’t move! You just finished the surgery!”

“Hurry up and ring the bell. Ask the nurse to give him a sedative.”

Gou Jian lived in a triple room. There were some family members of the other patients inside the room. One of them pressed him down to keep him from struggling while the other one quickly rang the bell to alert the nurse.

Gou Jian remembered that these two women are the one who had been talking in a low voice just now.

Recalling the content of their conversation, rapid blood congestion happened to Gou Jian’s head that red veins could be seen from his eyes as if he was ready to eat someone.

The police and the doctors soon arrived. Because Hou Jian showed a fierce reaction, the doctor quickly gave him a tranquillizer before they managed to calm him down.

“The patient may not be able to accept the fact for the time being.”

The doctor looked at the other patient families who were sitting next to each other in the separate two beds. He guessed that the patient had heard the things said by these big-mouthed and thus unable to accept his incompetence for a while.

But the hospital was too full at the moment. Even this ward that Gou Jian lived in was available because a patient was temporarily discharged from the hospital. There was no way to give him a single room to recuperate. Looking at the policemen who went in and out as well as the nurse who came to change the medicine for Gou Jian, the family members on the other two beds on the side probably understood something.

“I already gave him a sedative. The patient is expected to sleep for a while. Even if you want to record a confession, you have to wait until the patient stabilized his mood first.”

The doctor had a lot of patients to look after. Therefore, after leaving a few words to the police, he left with the nurse.


In this way, Gou Jian woke up, went crazy, and then went to sleep again after being shot with a sedative. This went on for several times. On the third day, he finally managed to accept the fact and stopped going crazy. The police were finally able to sit down and ask him what had happened that day.

“Who caused this injury to you? Is it an acquaintance or someone you don’t know? Do you remember the physical characteristics of the other party?”

Kang Qi asked several of his men to persuade the family members of the patients in the ward to leave the room. Now there are only the sober Gou Jian and the other two patients who are still unconscious.

“It’s a man, that beast! He made me like this. You must shoot him to death!”

Thinking of his miserable situation, Gou Jian couldn’t wait to kill that man. He looked at the policeman fiercely and asked: “Are you policemen eating free rice. It has already been so many days, and yet you haven’t caught anyone. Are you all useless waste? I am going to find the media to expose you. Wait for me to put my complaint on you to your superiors.”

It has been at least three or four days since he was rescued. Yet the police did not have any news about this perpetrator. Instead, they came here to ask him. Sure enough, the so-called police are so incompetence. No wonder people had been calling them maggots. To think that he had paid so much tax for them.

Gou Jian has subconsciously forgotten that he had never paid any taxes on the rents that he had collected every month.

Kang Qi frowned, but thinking of Gou Jian’s physical condition at the moment; he forgave his excessively harsh remarks.

“There’s no video that managed to capture the image of the perpetrator. Do you know why he attacked you?”

He patiently asked Gou Jian if this was an indiscriminate attack. If it is so, then their police force needs to be prepared lest the pervert is planning to strike again.

“Because of–“

Gou Jian was trying to say that because he wanted to rape a 7 or 8 years old girl, he ended up being caught by the other party. However, before he could say anything, he realized that he would be dead if the truth came out.

It is not clear what kind of punishment he will pay for attempting to rape a minor or a young girl under the age of 14. Gou Jian only knows that there are often people online who joked about earning three years of blood and even facing the death penalty was not a loss which makes it seemed to be a severe crime.

[T/N: Earning three years of blood and even facing the death penalty was not a lost = I read from Baidu. It seemed at first this sentence was used to precaution people against sexual attempt against children/ girl under 14. Before long the word change into above and became like a joke among netizen where they post a picture of a Loli or a beautiful woman and rate their beauty from the lowest three years’ of prison times to a death penalty. Still nasty, in my opinion.]

Even if his attempt failed, the prison times should still be applicable if he was not mistaken?

Gou Jian was an unbridled person. However, he only has a small gut. He shrivelled at the thought of having to go to prison. Although he was no longer a man and more like a ghost now, at least he is still alive. If he were to be thrown in prison, who knows what his fate will be.

When he was surfing the net, he also heard that the most unpopular prisoner was the rapist. When he thought that he might be going to prison on this charge, he surely will not have a good life. Gou Jian was short, and he was afraid that once he went in, he might become a punching bag to other’s prisoners.

“Hey, if the person who hurt me gets caught, how many years will he be sentenced?”

Gou Jian tentatively asked Kang Qi to see if it was worth all trouble.

“You had currently lost your whole reproductive organ and together with other physical damage has constituted it to a serious injury level. According to the current law, the offender is likely to be sentenced to more than three years and less than ten years of prison times. However, in court, the judge will likely to consider another aspect in determining the punishment, such as the motive of the crime, or whether the offender has any other crime. Thus, the judge will make a judgement after careful consideration.”

After years of experience in this field, Kang Qi’s intuition told him that this case was not straightforward. He had a sudden premonition in his heart, and Gou Jian’s current expression looked somewhat deep.

“He did me so badly and only to be sentenced for less than ten years?”

Gou was more flustered than Kang Qi, so he didn’t notice that Kang Qi’s eyes on him had changed: “Fu**.”

He cursed fiercely. It was unknown whether it was towards Kang Qi or the law itself.

“I have a headache now, and I can’t remember anything. I want to sleep for a while.”

Gou Jian waved his hand, not caring if his tone would offend the police who handled his case.

“Gou Jian, I hope that you will cooperate with us to catch the offender as soon as possible.”

Kang Qi increased his voice as he persuaded Gou Jian.

“I know!”

Gou Jian’s voice was even louder so much that it woke the patient who had been sleeping on the next bed. The patient opened his eyes and stared at those two, wide eyes.

“I don’t know who that person is, how could you keep pushing me like this? Let me tell you. Laozi is the victim, the victim. I’m the one lying here more like a ghost than a man and you, as a police officer, shouldn’t you go and look for the murderer instead of coming to me to show off your majesty? I’m telling you now that I’m not afraid of you.” [T/N: Laozi = This father, I – arrogant way of saying I]

Gou Jian was so annoying. What a bullshit law? He is the injured victim, and yet the offender will only be sentenced at a minimum of ten years. According to him, that man should be shot to death.

In particular, the policeman also informed him that the judge would look into the motive for committing the crime before deciding the verdict for his action, it will not only reduce that man’s sentence, but he also might end up having to accompany him to the prison for several years.

This is not fair. He did not even manage to do anything. Why should he be sentenced to the same criminal law as that man?

Gou Jian did not understand the law; because of this, he is still in his delusion. And due to this delusion, he did not dare to confess about Jiang Liu

Although he did not know who the other person was, he still remembered the uniform of the little girl that he attempted to rape. As long as he told the police about it, they will be able to find the offender through the young girl’s school since he was her father.

When he thought about it, Gou Jian’s complexion turned green.

Right ah! He knows the little girl’s school… and he’ll be able to find out the other person’s identity as long as he spent a little bit of money.

Rather than pressing charge and end up and making neither side win, why doesn’t he take this opportunity to exact his revenge?

Gou Jian thought of himself who was neither man nor ghost. This crime should not be held accountable to him alone, ah! Like how that man treated him, he will pay it in double. He will let that man watched his precious daughter being played around and let him know the consequences of offending him.

As a man who gets 40,000 or 50,000 yuan in rent every month, Gou Jian has now saved more than a million. Except for buying those little girl’s pornographic film and drinking, he did not have any other hobby.

He felt that he had enough money to get some desperate criminal to help him wash off this resentment away.

“Take a good rest, and I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Kang Qi didn’t know what has been playing in Gou Jian’s mind. Now Gou Jian appeared to be very resistant of him. Even if he continued to ask, nothing would come out of it.

Gou Jian decidedly continued to ignore Kang Qi. He is busy thinking about the feasibility of his new idea.

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