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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 56

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 56: Good Father 2

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Chapter 2

Jiang Liu returned home with his daughter in his arms. He closed the door and put her daughter on the sofa.

“Yueliang favourite little yellow duck’s pyjama had already dried up. I had washed them using Yueliang’s favourite peach-flavoured detergent. When Yueliang finished taking a bath, let’s put Yueliang’s favourite pyjama and go to sleep.”

When facing her daughter, Jiang Liu controlled his mood and acted as if nothing had just happened.

“But isn’t Yueliang supposed to go to school?”

Jiang Yueliang already stopped crying at this time, but because she had been crying too long, she was still hiccupping and had a strong nasal voice when talking.

In her concept, changing into her pyjamas means going to bed, but today is not a two-day break, and she still needs to go to school.

“Today is an exception.”

Jiang Liu then pulled clean clothes from the balcony and then went to the bathroom to turn on the faucet in the bathtub. In the process, he always ensured that his daughter did not leave his sight at all.

“Didn’t Yueliang had a dream last night? The dream about Yueliang being a little fairy. Because Yueliang did not want Dad to be alone, so you decided to come down to accompany Dad. The thing that Yueliang just encountered was the test of God to Dad. Since Dad managed to save Yueliang from a bad guy, then Dad had passed the test from God.”

Jiang Liu composed a lie like it was nothing. In his view, rather than trying to make her understand what she had just gone through, it is better to calm her down and let her forget the experience.

Perhaps as she grows up, she will understand what kind of nightmare this would be. But the injuries did not wholly happen, and the damage was not permanent. After the most painful period passed, she will be able to manage her own emotions and keep the harm to a minimum.

“Since Dad already knocked down the bad guy, so it means that Yueliang can always be with Dad in the future!”

Sure enough, the little girl couldn’t understand it if it was too cryptic, but when Jiang Liu told her in such a dramatic way, Jiang Yueliang suddenly realised it.

Her eyes were wide opened, and she seemed to forget her fear already. She began to sway her father’s hand.


Jiang Liu then nodded thoughtfully: “To celebrate our victory against the bad guy, I will call Teacher Zhang and ask for one week’s vacation. Didn’t Yueliang told me that you wanted to go to Disneyland, we will set off tomorrow.”


The young girl was so happy. After listening to her Dad’s words, she started to jump on the sofa and forgot about the scary things that had just happened to her.


After bathing, Jiang Yueliang replaced her torn school dress with a clean pyjama.

The lovely duck patterns on the pyjamas and the sweet peach scent that she likes let the girl felt drowsier. The experience just now was too exciting for her. Now that her emotions calm down, naturally, she grows tired.

Jiang Liu watched his daughter fall asleep, watching the innocent sleeping face. Only after a long while did he get up and left his daughter’s room.

There’s still something that he had not finished yet.


Instead of leaving the house immediately, Jiang Liu opened the system mall to see if he could buy what he needed.

In the previous world, after he bought Yizhidan, the System Mall was temporarily closed because of server upgrades. The mall continued to down until he came to this body. However, since he was busy looking for his daughter, obviously he did not have any times to look into it.

The upgraded system mall has indeed changed. For example, the goods on the mall shelf have increased from the original one to five. Jiang Liu then carefully appraised the five items on the shelf.

[Super Hacker Technology]

~With it, you’re the King of the cyberworld~

Valid: Any world

Price: 10,000 points

[Yi Zhidan]

~Intelligence buff~

Valid: Current World

Price: 1,500 points, currently available in this world

[Invincible Lucky Star]

~Lucky value plugin. The lucky buff will be added randomly~

Valid: 24 hours

Price: 1,500 points

[Hercules Pill]

~Increase strength after consumption~

Valid: Current World

Price: 1,000 points

[Beauty Skin pill]

~After consuming your skin will be equivalent to ice jade bone~

Valid: Current World

Price: 1,000 points

Looking at these five items, Jiang Liu ruled out the beauty skin pill immediately. He is a big man; he did not see the need for him to have that kind of ice jade bone skin.

As for the Yizhidan and the invincible lucky star, he has already experienced it before. But if he remembered it correctly, both items were sold for 800 points before the Mall upgrade. However, after the upgrade, both pieces were sold for almost doubled the point with 1,500 points each.

Jiang Liu did not know that the reason for the increase in the price of the item was due to the system mall judging that the actual worth of the two items was much higher than the previous rate, or because he had already experienced the two items, so the price had increased.

If it is the latter, does it mean that whenever he buys a specific item, and that item appears again later, the price will rise?

But now is not the time to consider these. Jiang Liu still has 15,300 points. Considering that the missions in this world might fail, he must leave at least 3000 points to ensure that his achievement will not fall back to a negative point.

That’s right, although frustrated, when he knew the mission of this world, Jiang Liu was ready to give up.

Pondering over and over again, Jiang Liu finally clicked on the most expensive super-hacker technology and Hercules skill. Instantly, he added two skills to his panel, while his score fell from 15,300 to 4,300.

When he accepted the enormous hacking skill, Jiang Liu had several minutes of inadaptability. However, this, after all, a product produced by the system. After several moments of inadaptability, the knowledge embedded in his mind was like as if he had spent a long time learning it personally.

Shaking his head, Jiang Liu went back inside the house to fetch cotton gloves, which he usually bought for work. He then put on a mask and headed to the abandoned factory.



Gou Jian had been tied up for more than two hours. He had woken up a long time ago, and because he had been tied up for too long, his blood circulation was not smooth, thus paralysing his hand and feet.

His head was also tied to a rope. The nylon rope was tightly wrapped around his mouth and circled his head several times. He tried to bite the rope but failed. On the contrary, he was unable to control his saliva as it trickled down from his opened mouth, making him looked even more embarrassed.

Gou Jian is looking forward to someone passing through this abandoned factory building and help him to unhook his rope.

At the same time, he also feared the man who had tied him up here. He was worried that if that man didn’t come back, he might be starving here. At the same time, he also worried that if that man he would come back, he might end up being killed him for his deed just now.

Gou Jian was so annoyed that he was so careless that the father found out that he had been playing with his little girl. If only he were more careful, then perhaps he would be currently enjoying that beautiful little girl and would not be suffering any punishment.

“Da, Da —”

There seemed to be footsteps approaching his location. Gou Jian began to struggle frantically to attract that person’s attention.

More than a dozen seconds later, the doors of the abandoned factory building were opened, but instead of the passer-by as expected by Gou Jian, it was rather Jiang Liu who had come back with gloves and a thick iron rod.


Gou Jian started to even more frantically. As he saw Jiang Liu, who was approaching him step by step, he desperately trying to break the binding of nylon rope.

This fat man, with tears streaming down his face, looked so embarrassing, but even then he couldn’t gain the slightest sympathy from Jiang Liu.

Jiang Liu reached Gou Jian’s side. Gou Jian at this time was completely scared that he started to urinate. The yellow liquid flowed down his thigh and soaking his shoes while some fall on the open space between his leg.

The strong stench made Jiang Liu frown.

“Whoo-hoo —”

Gou Jian looked at the condensed expression of Jiang Liu and could not help but kneeling and begging him for mercy. He was willing to give him money as long as he could spare him.

Jiang Liu did not hit him, but instead took out a dagger and cut the rope behind him.

Suddenly, he was free; his hands and feet collapsed into the ground. Gou Jian quickly rubbed his mouth, which was forced to open with both his hand as he coughed and vomited.

“I’m sorry, I’m wrong. You let me go.”

Gou Jian sat on the floor and looked up at the tall man with his head up: “I was drunk and confused, I didn’t mean to bully your daughter, but now your daughter is fine, we should settle this privately. I’m willing to give you money.”

He still had a little money. Thanks to the trustee provided by his parents, he still has a building in the village in the city. Even though he only has little ability, he again could live well with those tens of thousands of yuan in rent every month.

Money certainly doesn’t matter when compared to life. As long as Jiang Liu is willing to let him go, he can take all his savings.

Of course, after he escapes this disaster, he will undoubtedly take revenge on this father and daughter.

Gou Jian lowered his head as he blocked his repulsive and vile eyes.

“Good —”

Jiang Liu spat a word coldly. Without waiting for Gou Jian to be pleased with it, Jiang Liu said slowly, “But I still have to settle the account first.”

He dragged the iron rod and smashed heavily on Gou Jian’s right hand. With a crack, the bone in his right hand broke directly. Gou Jian also screamed terribly upon being hit.

“This hand touches someone that shouldn’t touch!”

Gou Jian’s heart was in a state of alarm. He was in pain as he rolled away, trying to get away from Jiang Liu.

Jiang Liu sauntered, but the sound of the iron rod he was dragging and rubbing against the ground was like the music playing at the funeral. So much that it scared Gou Jian into panic that he was unable to determine the direction to escape, he rolled and rolled only to appear at Jiang Liu’s feet.

“Snap —”

Again, there was another sound of a broken bone. Gou Jian also let out a mournful cry. At this point, his hands were all twisted. His face was so pale as if he were about to faint.

“Fuck you, if I still have a breath, I’ll kill your whole family!”

This provoked the ferocity in Gou Jian’s heart. He was originally a cheap person. He has no moral sense, was arrogant and selfish. Seeing that Jiang Liu’s did not want his life, he couldn’t bear it anymore. Not being able to vent his heart make him infuriated.

“Laozi find someone to take turn rape your daughter and then sell her to the Middle East as a slave. Laozi will scape you alive!”


Gou Jian scolded and groaned on the ground in pain.

His words infuriated Jiang Liu. If those anger could be materialised, Jiang Liu will be shrouded in black mist at this time.

“Calm down, host. Don’t forget that your task in the world is to reform this dreg. Once he dies, your task will be judged as fail.”

Seeing that Jiang Liu seemed to be controlled by his own emotions, 001 stepped out lest it host become wholly irrational and kill the man in front of him.

“You can rest assured that I will not kill him.” “

Jiang Liu glanced towards 001 at out of the corner of his eyes. Without waiting for 001 to breathe a sigh of relief, he threw away the iron bar in his hand. He then directly picked up Gou Jian’s with his collar as he fisted his hand and slammed a punch into Gou Jian’s gut.

The power after consuming the Hercules pills should not be underestimated. Gou Jian did not only feel abdominal pain. He even felt that all his internal organs were turned over by Jiang Liu. He did not only spit out his undigested drink and food, but even his bile was also spat out clean.

“It’s too cheap to kill him. You’re right, such a cheap person, I need to take good care of him – – so that he will – – reform ah!”

Jiang Liu made a fist once again. Only after Gou Jian was beaten into the mud, then did Jiang Liu led him to go and allowed him to collapse on the ground.

001 has never seen such Jiang Liu.

It thought that even if there was some influence from the original’s emotions, according to Jiang Liu’s experience in several worlds, he should be able to exercise proper restraint. This kind of violent means is not something that Jiang Liu would do.

He didn’t seem to want to stop the influence of the original emotion on him. Instead, he opened his spiritual world and allowed the original’s memory to merge with his mind.

Why is that? As an unemotional system, 001 has a hard time understanding Jiang Liu’s current behaviour.


Gou Jian couldn’t yell at this moment; he could only cry, feeling full of grievances. How unlucky he was, only to encounter such an evil spirit.

“Did you know of your wrongdoing?”

Jiang Lu picked up the iron bar that he had discarded before. With the end of the rod, he lifted the other person’s chin and asked.

“I was wrong; I was wrong.” “

Gou Jian had lost several teeth; therefore, his speech was a bit incoherent.

“Host, it makes no sense to ask him to admit he’s wrong if he still hasn’t realised his mistake at all.”

This can be seen from the unmoving progress of the task.

001 floats mid-air, reminding Jiang Liu that it is almost impossible if he wanted to complete the task this way.

“Yeah, this is not good.

Jiang Liu did not care about 001 words. Under Gou Jian horrified eyes, Jiang Liu smiled. He then raised the iron rod and pointed it at the position between Gou Jian’s leg.


The shrill and sharp screams startled the insect and birds that had stayed outside the factory. After this scream, there was no sound coming out of the factory building again.

Half an hour later, Jiang Liu pushed open the factory’s door and made an alarm call at a public telephone booth not far from the abandoned factory.

“Someone in the XX factory in XX is about to die. Come here quickly.”

Jiang Liu was wearing gloves on his two hands. One hand was holding the phone booth’s receiver while another side was holding his mobile phone. That voice that came from the mobile phone was something that was edited by Jiang Liu using the hacker technology that he recently mastered, and it was a recording of a female voice. Because the editing technology was high, it sounds like a normal woman who was alarmed.

After hanging up the call, he dialled 120 again and then hung up the phone. Finishing that, he cleaned up the nearby footprints and slowly left the scene.


“The left and right hand were fractured; two ribs were broken. There were varying damages on his organs. However, this is not the most serious things. The most serious injuries are on the patient lower bodies. His testicles were completely smashed. His penis was chopped to the mud. The tear in his anus is also serious. We need to cut a section of his intestines which will affect his bowel stool. I already discussed with several experts, and we may need to make an artificial anus for the patient.”

The doctor’s words made the police who present at that time frowned. What kind of resentment that the perpetrators and the rescued victim have ah? What kind of resentment that he will use this kind of cruel punishment? Simply like a pervert.

“What is an artificial anus? Will it have an impact on his life? “

One of the police officers asked. The family of the victim could not be contacted, so they could not sign for the patient.

“The so-called artificial anus is to make an opening on the patient’s abdominal wall. Then we will fix an intestinal tube in his body so that the faeces that his body could not remove can be collected in a special plastic bag attached to the opening. It just that artificial anus, after all, is not their anus. The skin around the intestines is easily ulcerated because of bacterial infection. Besides, because the artificial anus is uncontrollable, it will lead to random defecation. Furthermore, the stool that can be collected by the bag is also limited. If in public environment and the bag is already full, it is easy to cause faecal urine outflow. “

The doctor was reluctant to admit that this technology does have specific problems. Still, the patient’s large intestine has been necrosis for an extended time, and there seems to be no other solution other than to create an anus.

“The patient doesn’t seem to have an immediate family member. “

The police who contacted the victim’s family returned, and several of the police officers present looked at the situation. It seemed that there is no second option except for the signing of the operation.

“All in the premised of saving the lives of the victim.”

The policeman said so to the doctor. The in-charge doctor did not say much as he hurried back to the operating room.

“How’s the investigation? Did the police find anything? Have all recorded video from the nearby surveillance been collected?”

While the doctor was inside with the patient, the police held a small meeting outside the operating room.

Such a vicious attack was the first time that happens in their local area. Especially this kind of cruel and heinous means. It was unknown whether this is an act of purposeful revenge or the first step of the psychopathic attack on society.

Kang Qi was elected as a temporary leader in charge of this case. At that time, he was the one who received the alarm call. When he led the team to the abandoned factory, he already surveyed the surrounding place Since the place was already marked for demolition and transformation area, people who live in this place have long since moved out, and there is no witness at all.

In this way, the police being particularly suspicious. Especially when the other party did not stay at the scene and wait for the arrival of the police, this can be interpreted as the other side do not want to cause trouble, but can also be interpreted as the other side dare not stay at the scene waiting for the arrival of the police.

Kang Qi had listened several times to the recording from the alarm centre. According to his sound judgment, it should be a woman who had reported the alarm. However, they are not sure whether the other side has used an audio changer to confuse the police’s judgment. Therefore, he still needs to send this recording for professional screening.

“We only know that the alarm was made through the telephone booth not far from the abandoned plant. Someone had gone there to collect the fingerprint and the footprint.”

Xiang Wu reported his investigation process: “From the crime scene, we also found a pile of burned items. We already sent it for identification.”

“How about you?” “

Kang Qi looked at Yu Ling, who was responsible for mobilising all the surveillance video around that place.

“You may not believe it, but all the videos during this period were gone.” “

Yu Ling replied with a bitter smile.

“How could that be?!”

Kang Qi could not believe it. Not to mention that the streets have now installed monitoring equipment every dozen meters, even those owners of private shops, which one of them did not install surveillance cameras outside their stores.

Since the water and power supply of that abandoned factory had been cut off, therefore, the previous monitoring equipment may not be as useful. However, one road a little further away; for example, there is a street more than 100 meters away from the abandoned factory that has many convenience stores and restaurant.

It is impossible not to have a surveillance device to capture the video of the victim’s Gou Jian entering the area.

“It sounds incredible, but that’s the truth. “

Yu Ling was also helpless, ah. She followed a few auxiliary police to several shops and asked them. Since those bosses see that they were police, they are not only cooperative, they also immediately open the computer to retrieve the surveillance video for that period. Yet, without exception, each store’s video equipment is missing from 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If they were to make bold speculation, all the shop owners are involved in this intentional injury case. However, how could they explain the missing video from the traffic police brigade on both side of the street? The traffic police brigade can’t possibly join this large-scale injury case.

Just thinking about it, Yu Ling felt a little ridiculous.

“Is it haunted?” Xiang Wu smacked his lips together: “Or is the pervert a high-level hacker?” “

Kang Qi looked at his frowning subordinate. He could feel an incoming headache.

Now it seemed that they could only hope that the victim will wake up.


“Wuuu – Dad, Dad! “

Jiang Liu came home and took off his gloves. Yet, before he could take rest, he heard a cry coming from his daughter’s bedroom.

He didn’t wait to think as he rushed to his daughter’s bedroom.

Seeing Yueliang eyes still closed, he did not know when the quilt was kicked to the ground. Yueliang had been waving her hand hard. Her cheeks flushed red as she cried.

“It’s all right; Dad already beat the bad guy away.”

Jiang Liu also did not care whether he still wore the cloth that he wore to go outside just now. He lay down on the bed and hugged his daughter, who had been waving her hand and feet wildly. His other hand was soothing and patting her back.

In was in the middle of summer. So Jiang Liu did not wear thick cloth. In just a moment, he could feel his clothes soak from the child’s tears and stuck to his body.

“It’s all right; it’s all right.” “

Jiang Liu voice is gentle and soft. As if sensing the feeling of security being by her father’s side. The little girl who initially had been crying in her dream finally settled down. From the small sobs, she let out a whisper.


The little girl murmured.

Listen to the word [Dad], Jiang Liu burst into tears.

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