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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 55

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 55: Good Father 1

T/N: Trigger warning. This arc contains child abuse theme. There is also violence, toxic comments and possible cyberbullying. Anyone who is uncomfortable with this topic may avoid this arc.

There are 11 chapters and 1 EXTRA for this arc. For those who plan to skip this arc, the new arc starts at chapter 67.

Anyway, I decided to post this. I’m quite depressed with this arc actually. But I know everything written in this does happen around the world. Like the most recent cases of the [Telegram’s nth chat room] that happened currently in South Korea. It is too depressing. How could those people watched that kind of things and feel nothing? Do they not have a mother, sister, daughter or maybe a female cousin? To think they could enjoy such material is making me sick! I wish they reveal who went to such a chat room. I want to stay 10 meters away from that kind of scum. Those people should be treated like how we treated coronavirus. With antiseptic and distance!! ◥(ฅº₩ºฅ)◤

We should also put those people on an island and let them do a battle royale. No need to waste tax money to send them to prison.

Anyway, welcome to 9th day of MCO. Another 19 days to go (* ω)…

Chapter 1


“Not here!”

The memory left by the original body is too chaotic. Jiang Liu didn’t know the exact location of his daughter’s accident at all, and could only find a few relative places closest to the scene where the case was found, the most likely place.

He could only use the fastest speed he could muster. His mind was muddled while his emotion was entirely out of his control. Jiang Liu was unable to keep himself being cool-headed at the moment.

“No, this won’t do. Jiang Liu, you need to be calm and think about it carefully.”

Jiang Liu was gasping for thought. He started to comb the original’s memory. The news report was vague. It only mentioned about some abandoned small factory.

Hold on!

The image on the newspaper appeared in his memory. It was a photograph taken by the reporter at the scene of the crime.  The picture showed a leaflet of a takeout restaurant near the factory

There seem to be some abandoned factories near that store’s address!

Jiang Liu rushed in the direction of the original’s memory.

“Not here!”

“Still wrong!”

This factory lot was planned for demolition and rectification. The equipment and the workers had long since moved away. At that time, Jiang Liu could only hear the sound of his footsteps and his harsh breath.

Was he wrong?


Jiang Liu comes to a halt. He held his breath and dared not let any suspicious sound go.

“Wa — Help — Whoo-hoo.”

 No, I did not mishear! This is Yueliang’s voice!

Jiang Liu in the direction of the sound and kicked the door of an abandoned warehouse.

A chubby man with wretched appearance was pressing a little girl while his hands were wantonly running wildly on the little girl’s body. The original clean and tidy shirt had long been torn and the remaining pieces unable to hide her little body.

 The man covered that girl’s mouth while pulling her skirt and underwear down with one hand. From time to time he released wretched laughter.


The girl’s struggle seemed to tickle that man’s heart. He especially likes to watch these young, tender-faced girls show such a desperate look. It is a pity that he only dares to find that kind of film to satisfy his craving, however never dare to put his rapacious ** into action until he was drunk today.

“Bang —”

The sound of the old gate being kicked out scared the man into a big jump. That little thing that was once erect has instantly become dispirited.

“Waa, Dad, Dad —”

Because of the tension, the hands that initially confined the little girl’s body was naturally loosened up. The despairing Jiang Yueliang, who was seeing her father appeared like a god, could not help but cry out.


Gou Jian was originally a timid kind of person. He had used the alcohol to strengthened his gut. When he saw the little girl was standing near the convenience store, not knowing to wait for whom, he quickly covered her mouth and dragged her to this abandoned factory while no one was around.

If the father of the other party were present at the time, he would have stopped in time. But how could he appear when he was about to commit the crime. If the other party was not present at the time, how could he know that his daughter was about to be violated and thus arrived at this factory area?

Gou Jian’s mind was a bit confused, but he knew in his heart that he could not let this man and this little girl go. Otherwise, he would be gone.

But Jiang Liu did not give him time to think at all. He picked up the rusted iron rod on the floor and smashed it on Gou Jian’s head.

Jiang Liu was almost 20cm taller than Gou Jian. Although Gou Jian was fat, however, he was weak and lacking physical strength. Jiang Liu’s body, on the other hand, was made from working as a bricklayer who had continuously carrying cement bags at the construction site all year long. One hit was enough for Jiang Liu to make Gou Jian badly bruise and unable to resist for the fight.

Jiang Liu looked at the man who had fallen to the ground. He then found some nylon ropes and tied him tightly to the post. After making sure that Gou Jian could not break free, Jiang Liu then walked to his daughter. He held her tightly in his arms. He then wrapped her in his overcoat as he hurriedly left the abandoned factory.

“Dad, Yueliang is so scared. That bad guy took off the Yueliang’s skirt. His mouth smelled so bad. When Yueliang doesn’t let him kiss, he hit Yueliang.”

Maybe because she already felt safe, the little girl seemed tired of crying that she turned from weeping to a sobbing whisper. At this age, she still couldn’t understand what she had just suffered. She only knew that her father had saved her, and she was safe.

Jiang Liu could not say any consolation word to her. He could only continue to stroke her head and kissed her forehead comfortingly

At this point, he was from calm. That is because, in his original memories, he knew exactly what kind of hell would be waiting for his daughter if he did not show up.

According to the original event, when Jiang Yueliang was discovered, she was already on the verge of death. Even if she finally rescued, the accident this time had still caused irreparable damage to her.

These injuries were not just mental but also physical.

Because of violence done against her, her private part, as well as her anal, was severely torn. Those intestines that had been pulled out of the body were forced to be removed. And this seven-year-old girl since then had added an artificial anus in her body. She also needs to carry a special toilet bag with her since she is no longer able to control her bowel movement. Because of the peculiar smell revolving around her, she also needs to endure those strange looks from the neighbours.

The girl was so confused. She didn’t know the terrible things that she was forced to suffer. She felt that she had recovered and now be able to live a happy life with her father.

But no one allowed her so.

Countless reporters flocked around Jiang Yueliang. She watched those reporters who excitedly stuffed their microphones at her. She watched as those groups of reporters holding cameras to take her pictures. Watched those people who came to her with tears on their face, asking her what she had experienced that day and telling her that they were the so-called benevolence people.

It was only then that Jiang Yueliang discovered that she had been forced to experience a hard-to-take nightmare. That everyone only wanted to know what she had experienced in that nightmare rather than care about the damage that was caused by it.

Jiang Yueliang was still unable to understand it at that time fully. She secretly asked her Dad and her closest neighbour, Granny Xu. She asked them whether she has become a dirty child because she saw in her Dad’s mobile phone. Inside that mobile phone, the people had been commented that the person who had experienced this kind of thing is filthy.

Her Dad had comforted her. She was daddy most lovable little fairy. When she turned around, her Dad smashed his phone, his television, and everything that will let her touch the outside world.

But looking at the wreckage, Jiang Yueliang understood more.

After that incident, Dad never went to work again, but he was always with her. Jiang Yueliang was happy with her Dad’s company. However, she knew that Dad was unhappy. Although he always smiled and laughed in front of her, Jiang Yueliang realized that her Dad had been getting thin. His beard was long and unkempt, and it seemed that Dad had no mood to take care of it.

For a while, Jiang Yueliang could feel Dad’s anxiety, and then one-day Dad suddenly knelt in front of her and cried for his negligence as a father.

He cried out that he should not allow her to go to school with her classmates, that he was useless, that the bad guy who hurt her had not been sentenced to death, but instead was sentenced to 11 years in defence of his lawyer, which means that after 11 years, he could resume his freedom again.

As for the girl that he destroyed, the harm was a lifetime.

Looking at her father who was crying, Jiang Yueliang was so sad. She comforted her father. She was telling him that these are not his fault. He was her father. The best father in the world who loves her.

After that day, Jiang Yueliang moved away. They went to a completely unknown place, but the Internet was so sophisticated. The mosaic that was used to covered her eyes could not stop the curious eyes from their new neighbour.

Everywhere she went to, Jiang Yueliang could hear other people’s voices.

“It’s her. It’s so pitiful. I heard that happened, you know.”

“She stinks. Is she shitting on herself?”

“Tch, what a strong child.”


And these voices kept coming into her ears. Those sympathetic, compassionate and vicious voices were like a sharp blade, cutting her body and let it bruised all over.

At this point, Jiang Yueliang was fully aware. It turned out that what she had encountered was the worst thing she could experience in the world.

This horrible thing which was not her fault will be with her for life.

She started to panic towards her surrounding people. She began to fear those benevolence and vicious eyes of the people around her, until one day she could not bear it anymore.

“I’m sorry, Dad, I want to go back to heaven. I want to continue being your child, but I’m so sad and tired.”

“Dad, did I do something wrong?”

After whispering this accusation, Jiang Yueliang, under the horrified gaze of the original body, jumped out of the window. When the original’s body rushed to the edge of the window, he saw the body of his child who had fallen into the pool of blood.

She twitched, apparently still conscious, as she struggled to show a smile towards her father.

This is the best thing that she can leave for him.

The original body went crazy. Her memories started to jumbled up. He regarded a doll as his daughter, fantasizing that everything was still going well and nothing terrible had happened to her. Fortunately, a kind old lady who had regarded Yueliang as her granddaughter had taken the role to look after the original body.

Eleven years later, when the original rapist was released from prison, the person who had been insane for ten years appeared outside the prison. He stabbed the other party before he killed himself.

And then all the memories came to an abrupt end.

“It’s okay. It’s okay.”

Jiang Liu continued to murmur as he held the little girl in his arms tightly. His eyes revealed a few traces of madness similar to the times when the original body went crazy.

The author has something to say: I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie, Su Yuan. At that time, my eyes were swollen. After that, my mood was very low for several days. Because of this, I have been afraid to watch it again. Although many people say that people will change and some people will be good at it, in my opinion, some people cannot be forgiven even if they can change. Such as murderers. Such as rapists. And like those disgusting child molesters. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of imperfect things in our law, and I sincerely hope that China will one day also introduce chemical castration. For those who can’t manage their lower bodies, they should undergo this chemical excision.

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