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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Gyutto! [Onomatopoeia of hugging tightly)


Author: Soy

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I’ll be in your care!

After talking about the Lao Fan’s country with Jufua-sama, we finally granted the audience with the Emperor of the Lao Fan’s country.
The Emperor turned pale when he read the document that I had brought with me.

“I acknowledged this letter! Our Lao Fan’s country will cooperate fully in this matter.”

Jufua-sama looked stunned as soon as he registered the word uttered by his father.

“This evening, we will have a party to welcome our guest. So, please enjoy yourselves.”

With the word from the Emperor, we soon left the audience room and began to prepare ourselves for the feast.
I put on a mermaid-lined dress in the colour of black that was similar to His Highness’s hair and a set of sky blue accessory identical to the colour of his eyes.
On the other hand, His Highness wore a grey tuxedo to compliment my hair and a silver tie similar to the colour of my eyes.
My heart felt a bit ticklish with the combination of our adornment.

“…… It looks good on you.”
“Your Highness, too.”

Such an exchange was so embarrassing to me.

“How about me?”

Shuna who wore a night blue’s princess-cut dress with lovely ruffles suddenly stood in front of us.

“Why did you dressed like that?”
“Isn’t it cute?”

Shuna-sama, who was spinning around so that gis skirt will twirl around was truly cute.

“Shuna-sama is really pretty.”
“Fufufu! I really like Yulias Ane-sama.”

Shuna-sama said that as he jumped to hug me.

“What are you doing messing around frivolously with Yulias?”
“If only Rudo Ni-sama hugged Yulias Ane-sama, then won’t it be alright for me to continue acting like this?”

That will be totally embarrassing for me.

“Stupid! How could you frivolously touch the woman that you like?”
“You brought her inside your bedroom the other day.”
“Stop spouting words that could create confusion for others!”

While we were talking about the incident that had disrupted my calmness, Juhua-sama came in.

“Lady Yulias is truly beautiful! It was as if the goddess of the moon had graced the mortal world.”
“Thank you very much.”
“By the way, what are they doing?”

Jufua-sama was looking at His Highness who had been chasing Shuna-sama around the room.

“Rudo Ni-sama is a lecher!”
“Shut up, you brat!”

Such an immature action.

“Your Highn-… Rudo-sama, please stop acting like that.”

If you think about it carefully, all of these people here are Prince.
Therefore, it was not right to address him as [Your Highness].
As soon as I finished, His Highness stopped chasing Shuna-sama.

“Really! Rudo as well as Prince Schneider, how could you behave like this?”

Upon hearing Jufua-sama reprimand, His Highness quickly averted his gaze down.

“Furthermore, why did Prince Schneider adorned a dress?”
“Because it’s cute! I should try to wear it as much as possible before I can’t do it anymore.”

Jufua-sama’s brain seemed to stop momentarily.

“Jufua-sama, since he had been taking great pain to dress this cutely so could you not address him as Prince Schneider! Please call him Shuna-sama.”
“….. Then I will address you as Lord Shuna.”

Jufua-sama laughed along with me.

“Eh?! It cant be that you are Yulias Ane-sama’s cheating partner?”

When he saw us laughing together, Shuna-sama quickly hugged me once again.

“Hey! Shuna!”
“Rudo Ni-sama, you should also hug Yulias Ane-sama!”
“Shut up! How could I behave like that in public?”

I could not help but chuckled as I moved away from Shuna-sama and held His Highness’ arm.

“Then, please let me know when you want to hug me later on.”
“Stop amusing yourself with this.”

His Highness’ sigh made me laughed further.

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