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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 47 Part 1

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 47: The search for one’s mom second spring 15 part 1/For the sake of my mother’s remarriage 15 part 1

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could, any mistake plz do put your comment and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt on Chinese novel so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

I know I have been missing since last year. I am sorry. I am not dropping this, though [Boss gege] might be facing such decision. Currently, I am quite busy IRL, attending courses in tailoring which suck the energy out of me as well as my time. It was basically a skill class that starts and 8 and ends at 5. OTL. No excuses though, but I will try my best to set things back in. Cheers!

Since this is a

It is a 10k chapter. I will divide it into four parts. Sorry for the delay. I will try to end this arc by February.

Eight years went by fast. Although Jiang Shendao had a bit problem from being too narcissistic, however, Jiang Liu had to admit that he was an excellent teacher. Under his guidance, the knowledge that Jiang Liu gained had far exceeded the original.

There were many things happened in these eight years.

For example, Emperor Jin Yang died and the 14-year-old Crown Prince was immediately enthroned. The late Emperor had also left several ministers to assist the young Emperor with the government until he reached the age to sit on the throne.  And only last year did the young Emperor Jin Wen finally got married and officially began to head the court.

Jiang Shendao who was appointed as the Crown Prince’s Taifu [T/N : Great Tutor] had taught the prince about the political affairs as well as the way to conduct himself as the Emperor. Therefore, he was obviously under the new Emperor’s banner. Since Emperor Jin Wen had started to take part in the court, he obviously intended to cultivate his power and tried to fight against a few aides who refused to give up their hold of the court to the young Emperor.

Jiang Liu, on the other hand, had brought the popular tofu recipes in his generation to the current era by fermenting the bean curd to produce the stinky tofu… To meet the massive demand from the market, Meng Yun Niang had bought a couple of little girls to help her, the tofu while the finished products sold by Hu Guirong in their shop. This had greatly relieved their family’s economic pressure.

These eight years also had proven to be enough for two children who had never met each other before to cultivate sincere and beautiful childhood memories.


“When Daddy comes, tell him that you wrote this poem, or else Daddy’s are going to punish you again.”

Jiang Furong stood tiptoed outside the window as she handed a piece of paper to Jiang Liu’s hand. The content on that piece of paper was written in beautiful regular script [T/N: Style of Calligraphy]. Although he had yet to read it, the writing alone was already looked pleasing to his eye.

“Whether it was you or I wrote the poem, the teacher will be able to tell it in a glance. My little ancestor, are you planning to help me or harming me, ah?” [T/N: Jiang Liu called her Xiao Gunainai / little aunt]

Jiang Liu always felt that the hard written poem that he produces was pretty good. However, when he compared it to this Xiao Shimei of his, the least bit of his self-confidence was ground to the ground. [T/N: Daughter of one’s teacher (younger)]

Even after many years of studying with a famous teacher like Jiang Shendao, Jiang Liu’s accomplishments in his poems had not made much progress, and Jiang Liu felt that it was because he was a vulgar person to the bones. Because of this, he could not write that sort of highbrow art and literature.

However, although Jiang Furong is young, she has a great deal of creativeness in regards to poetry. Jiang Shendao often lamented that if she was a born male, she would probably become a famous poet.

Unfortunately, she is a girl. Even if she wrote excellent poetry, it could only be revealed to her family.

“I come to you with good intention to help you and yet you do not know how to appreciate it.”

Contrary to the proud attitude that she showed in front of Jiang Liu, Jiang Furong was usually a calm and gentle girl in front of her parents. Currently, she was pouting and stamping on her feet as she demanded Jiang Liu to return her piece of paper.

“What should I do then to show my appreciation to you?”

Jiang Liu folded the piece of paper carefully and stuffed it inside the lapel of his robe. Then taking advantage that there was no one around, he fished out a preserved fruit bundled up inside the butter paper and hand it to the person in front of him: “This is your favourite. Xu’s candied fruit, I queue up for a long time yesterday to get you this. Don’t say that I don’t think of you.”


Jiang Shendao stood at the door and coughed.

Jiang Furong with a blush on her face quickly took the candied fruit from Jiang Liu’s hand and ran away with her skirt fluttering around.


Seeing that his teacher was already back, Jiang Liu returned to his original position and then handed over the poems he had just written.


Jiang Shendao took the poem and stared at his precious disciple. As for the scene that happened just now, he didn’t comment much on it.

Eight years was enough for Jiang Shendao to understand his students. If Jiang Liu’s character was flawed, he was afraid that Jiang Furong would not
be so voluntarily to come to the front yard to get in touch with Jiang Liu.

“It has more than enough artistry, but it still lacking spirituality.”

Despite his comment, Jiang Shendao himself also knew that this is the limit of his disciple.

However, although there is a lack of spirituality, the poems written by his disciples did not possess any problems in terms of its structural rhythm. This level of work was sufficient for him to deal with the needs of the imperial examinations. After all the examination was not focusing on the poem alone.

“This time, I will let you sit for the triennial provincial imperial exam.”

Jiang Shendao had detained this disciple of his for eight years. The first reason was that Jiang Liu was not yet mature. Secondly, Jiang Shendao felt that Jiang Liu was too eye-catching; therefore, he needed to curb it in order not to be in the limelight.

But now, it is different. With the new Emperor trying to establish his power, the most important things that he needs are support from his officials. He estimated that the new Emperor is going to precede over the preliminary round of imperial examination to select talented people for his faction. Naturally, it should be someone that fit the best interest of the new Emperor, befitting his title as the [Son of Heaven].

Although Jiang Liu was still somewhat young, the age of the new Emperor was also not that old. With his understanding of the new Emperor who had always been pressed and held down by several assistant ministers for a long time, the other party might be aggressive and appreciate innovative thinkers. Therefore, he should welcome all these young talents.

This is an opportunity for Jiang Liu to soar ahead and display his skills and capabilities.


Jiang Liu’s eyes instantly lit up.

He has been waiting for this for a long time.


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