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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 46

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 46: The search for one’s mom second spring 14/For the sake of my mother’s remarriage 14

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That night, apart from Jiang Liu who having a sweet dream, both Hu Guirong and Meng Yun-niang unable to close their eyes until dawn. Even though their rooms separated by a wall of wood but they felt as if they still could hear the breath of the person on the other side.

Meng Yun-niang had thought a lot that night. Such as the hidden feeling that she shared with Hu Guirong before she got married; and also her clumsy yet honest husband…

She became a widow in her early twenty and she had been alone ever since. To continue that kind of life, how could she be willing. Especially, when she knew that the man in her heart is still waiting for her.

But at this time, she also thought of her husband who had died young. That man was not good with words, but he had always treated her well. He also gave her a good son. If she were to remarry, she could not help but feel sorry for him.

In Meng Yun-niang’s heart, these two sides were currently at war.

Another part persuaded her, telling her that even her son wanted her to remarry. Therefore, why should she stop herself from pursuing her own happiness?

However, another voice countered, telling her that once she remarried, it most likely that she will become a stain to her son’s reputation and that he might even deny from entering the ancestral hall.

These voices kept arguing inside Meng Yun-niang’s head. Even when morning comes, none of them manage to subdue each other.

Once the daybreak, Meng Yun-niang quickly dressed and ready to go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Unfortunately for her, when she opened the door and walked out from the room, Hu Guirong who stay next door also came out.

The two looked at each other and then quickly averted their eyes.

In order to go to the kitchen, Meng Yun-niang needs to pass by Hu Guirong’s side. Naturally, the walkway in the boat’s cabin was relatively narrow. Even with Hu Guirong sticking his whole body on the wall, Meng Yu Niang could barely pass without touching him.

Passing through such a narrow hallway, inevitably, their clothes will end up rubbing each other. Hu Guirong quickly raised his head and held in his breath, fearing that he will be offending his sweetheart. [T/N: Am I the only one who thought he is too sweet???!! What with this sudden dog-food from this middle-aged couple? (According to the ancient age)]

The ingredients available on board were simple. The crew caught most of them on board. Fortunately, before the departure, Meng Yun-niang already packed a lot of pickles though it was barely able to be considered as a match of meat and vegetable.

On the dining table, apart from Jiang Liu who from time to time will talk in order to ease the atmosphere, the rest of the people were keeping their silence as they eat. Of course, it was not like there were nobody else there. For example, just before the departure time, Jiang Chong had given a servant boy to Jiang Liu.

He was an orphan specifically selected by Jiang Chong from the Jiang family. His whole family was already gone. The only closest relative that he had was his married aunt.  No one was willing to raise him. In these years, he had been relying on help from the clan. Therefore, he had deep gratitude towards the clan.

Jiang Chong sent such a person to the Jiang Liu, because, one, his mother was a widow, therefore, it was inconvenient for her to go out. Jiang Yu will help them deal with the matter outside the house. Second, Jiang Chong also wanted to deepen the relationship between Jiang Liu and the clan. After being separated for a long time, inevitably, he might have forgotten about his relatives and his hometown.

Jiang Liu had no opinion regarding this additional book boy cum errand boy. Even modern people did not achieve equality for everyone, let alone in ancient times. For an orphan like Jiang Yu, the opportunity for him to follow Jiang Liu was not something that anyone else could dream off.

Jiang Liu had never looked down on the tight-knitted power of the ancient clan. Instead of looking for another trustworthy servant, it was still better to use Jiang Yu, who was born from the same clan. And after a few days of observation, Jiang Liu felt that Jiang Yu was a simple and honest child. There were still a few places worthy of training, and due to this, Jiang Liu decided to follow the wishes of the patriarch and take Jiang Yu as his own people.

It seemed that he was fortunate that he did not reject this book boy, or else he will be suffocated sitting with both his mother and Hu Guirong.

Half a month later, the group finally arrived at the capital. They did not encounter any danger on the road. It was very peaceful. Jiang Shendao had received the letter from his disciples earlier on and had already sent his people to wait at the dock.

It was the butler of the Jiang House. The other party did not take them directly to the Jiang’s residence. Instead, he took them to a house with a small courtyard.

“This is the house that the Lord had entrusted me to find. In the young master’s letter, the lord had learned that Madam Jiang and Young Master Jiang unwilling to lodge with the Jiang family. Therefore, my master already asked this old slave to find a house for madam and a young master. The owner of the house was originally Juren, but after repeated attempts on the test and failing, the seller was ready to return to his hometown to seek other jobs. Because he was in rush to return, he had sold this house cheaply. It only cost 80 taels of silver.”

The old housekeeper brought them to look around the house.

“The front yard of the house can be used to raise chickens or grow some vegetables. The two main rooms were also spacious. There were also four rooms on each wing. This house also in a good location, not far from the inner city. Later, when Young Master Jiang needs to go to our residence to attend classes, the distance will be about the time it takes for one incense sticks to burn. If you were to use a carriage, it will be even faster.” [T/N Typically 15 – 20 minutes]

Meng Yun-niang looked at this small house. Her heart was totally satisfied. Originally she thought the house’s price in the capital wouldn’t be cheap. She was afraid that once they arrived at the capital, they would not be able to buy a house directly and could only rent it for a while. Now, it seemed that it will only cost them 80 taels of silver and she will still have some money left for any emergency.

Jiang Liu was not as innocent as his mother. He guessed that his master had definitely subsidised the price of the house from its initial price. However, right now he needed a place to stay. As for the kindness he owed to others, he will return it eventually.

Meng Yun-niang happily bought this small house. With the little money left, she will definitely be able to add some furniture to the house. Meng Yun-niang’s mood was getting much cheerful as she thought of her big plan. The worries that usually marred her eyebrows were also cleared

Expressing such kindness, Jiang Liu decided that he visits his teacher’s residence to express his gratitude.

Meng Yu Niang was a widow. Therefore, it will not be good for her to visit other people’s residences arbitrarily. So the mother decided to stay at home while arranging their belonging and take notes if there is any supplement that needed to be bought immediately by taking advantage that it was still daytime. While his mother went on a shopping trip, Jiang Liu, he had decided to visit the Jiang’s residence in order to pay his respect to his teacher.


“So, this is your apprentice!”

Jiang Furen was shocked when she saw Jiang Liu. She thought her husband’s disciple will be the exam candidate in their teen or maybe age twenty. After all his husband seemed to meet them when he was in charge of the recent examination. She could not imagine that it will be a seven-year-old doll. [T/N Furen – Madam]

However, this child was really cute. His skin was white and clear. His eyes not only big and round but also clear and free from impurity. His appearance was not much different from that of the little fairy boy that was often depicted to be around Guanyin Bodhisattva, which is enshrined in the Little Buddha Hall.

Jiang Furen did not know if her husband had chosen this child because of his literary talent or due to the fact that he was blinded by this child’s appearance.

“Ha ha ha, my wife, you already heard right about the 7-years-olds child prodigy from the southern part of the country who was ranked first on the metropolitan-level of examination? That rumoured child prodigy is indeed the disciple of your husband.”

Jiang Shendao was very proud. Since his apprentice is already here, he nevertheless was going to hold him in his both hand steadfastly.

When Jiang Furen heard his husband’s words, she immediately felt relieved. It seemed that her husband had not yet reached the point where he was blinded with one’s appearance.

However, as a result, the way she looked at Jiang Liu was like how she looks at a rare creature. It was actually unheard in the history of Jin dynasty that a 7 years old able to qualify himself to enter the government. Therefore, this news had spread like a fire in the capital that even the ladies who were restricted to their boudoir had also been talking about it for a while. They had thought this child prodigy must be someone who was carefully cultivated by a big family or a family of a scholar. Therefore, it was not a surprise that such a result has been achieved.

But she knew that the apprentice chosen by her husband did not come from such a family. Hence, for a farmer’s child to have such achievement, it could only be said that the child was indeed gifted.

Can such a child really be able to fulfill her husband’s dream? Won’t he end up grabbing the champion title instead?

Jiang Furen was aware of her husband’s obsession, and when she looked at Jiang Liu, she really can’t help but cover her mouth and laugh

But even if she wanted to laugh she still should not forget about the serious things. As this child’s teacher, her husband had been preparing a bunch of gifts and the most conspicuous gift was these few porcelain boxes filled with facial cream. The facial cream was developed by Jing Shendao himself. It was a good thing that cannot be bought from the outside shop.

Jiang Furen did not stay for a long time. After saying a few pleasantries, she returned to the inner house, leaving Jiang Shendao and Jiang Liu to continue their conversation at the front hall.

“These are all good things that your master has carefully selected for you. Don’t let it go to waste.”

Jiang Shendao pointed at the pile of gifts before he touched his beard.


Jiang Liu quickly nodded. He didn’t expect that his teacher will be so attentive. He actually prepared this face cream for his mother. It was also his carelessness as a son that he forgot that his mother was already out of the mourning period and should start to dress up.

It had never crossed his mind at all that all those stuff was meant for him. After all, he was such a cute boy with natural beauty, did he still even need to use this kind of external things?

Seeing his disciple being so well-behaved, Jiang Shendao was very pleased.


“Mother, father’s disciple was the rumoured seven-year-old’s prodigy who becomes the first ranker in the metropolitan-level of the Imperial Examination?”

In the house’s rear court, Jiang Furong, the six-year-old daughter of Jiang Shendao, was holding her mother’s hand as she asked curiously.

Because of having cooped up inside the house for a long time, Jiang Furong’s skin was fair and delicate, like a fine, white porcelain. This was also her greatest advantage. Besides that, her facial features could only be considered as upright. Even so, she could still be considered as delicate and pretty that well worth the second look.


Jiang Furen smiled as she nodded in assent while touching his daughter’s hair.

Jiang Furen’s appearance could only be regarded as delicate. Although her husband thought of his appearances as exceptional, however, the truth was, his appearance can only be attributed to those ordinary people. The child borne by two people who are not outstanding in appearance will naturally would not beautiful.

Even so, this couple also attached great importance to the cultivation of their children. Even if the child was a daughter, they must learn the things. It could be said that the fragrance of a book could be smell from their belly.
Furthermore, this youngest daughter could be considered as the most talented in the Jiang family. Although she looked ordinary, her appearance still managed to make others feel delighted.

However, the world usually favours the beauty, and Jiang Furen’s biggest concern was regarding the future marriage of this young girl. In particular, this daughter has the same appearance as his husband. Jiang Shendao thought his daughter was generally beautiful like him. Jiang Furen felt that when the times arrived for her to arrange this girl’s marriage, there might be some trouble ahead of them.

Jiang Furen did not know why she suddenly had a flash of Jiang Liu’s face.

If it is that wise and beautiful disciple of her husband, then her husband should be satisfied.

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