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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (20)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

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The moment he saw her.

It was like a wolf which had lost the wild forest finally found his way home.

The heart finally settled.

Xi Chen Zhao at this moment seemed to realise why he had been feeling frantic and helpless.

Those fretful, worry, anger, confusion, anxiety and pressing feeling was like the sea tide as it slowly ebbed out and revealed the concealed feeling that started to quietly emerge. It turned out that he really wanted to see her.

She was smiling with her eyebrows bent. Half of her long hair was tied into a bun on the top of her head while half of it was freely scattered, falling in between the loose neckline of her home clothes as she lazily leans under the window, letting her face painted with the bright sunshine. As if she was surrounded by a thin layer of gold.

That smile was even brighter than the sun, but also warm.


She called him out. It melted the ice and the cold that surrounded his heart.

Warm and mellow.

Very comfortable.

The anger that he had inside his heart disappeared at the instant. His eyes faintly drooped down. 

“It is me.” 

Tong Su abandoned her phone as she stood up and rushed over to him. 

Gege, how did you come in? You have been so busy for so long, are you tired right now? Have you rested yet?” 

Xi Chen Zhao had his arm wide opened as Tong Su pounced on him in a vigorous manner, her hand was hugging his waist as she swayed around.

“I let the manager bring people to open the door. How did you end up living here? Why don’t you go home?”

Xi Chen Zhao felt that the hold in his waist started to loosen up as Tong Su who had been hugging him started to untie herself from the initial hug position. He saw that she had been smiling awkwardly as if she just realised her sudden action. There is some shyness in her expression as she seemed to avoid even looking at him. With a red face, she said. 

“I will give you the keys so you do not have to bother others later.”

He didn’t know why, but when he felt that her hand started to loosen up, he actually had some… Anyway, he didn’t like that feeling.

He sighed and whispered.

“Why did you decide to move out?”

He seemed to be a little unhappy? Tong Su thought about it and laughed out loud. 

“Did gege thought that I didn’t want to live at home? You think too much!”

Tong Su dragged him to sit at the sofa. When she was about to run to get the cup of water from the kitchen, Xi Chen Zhou called her to a halt. 


Tong Su pulled back her neck. This wooden floor is not that cool. Since it was convenient, she often overlooked the need to wear indoor slipper.

Since Xi Chen Zhou rarely comes around, she had forgotten about it only to end up being scolded by him.

She quickly wore her indoor slipper and went to the kitchen to pour a cup of water and took out the cut fruits. She put all those stuff on the table in front of them before she jumped onto the sofa with her slippers and all. She then looked at Xi Chen Zhao with a big smile on her face. 

“This house has been bought after all, so how could we let it become a waste? After all, you and my parents are not at home. For me to live alone in such a big house, it felt so lonely. This apartment is small. Even if I were to live here alone, it is also quite comfortable.” 

Xi Chen Zhao looked at her eccentric fairy-like appearance. He narrowed his eyes but continued to keep his silence. He then simply picked that cup of water and took a sip.

She tied her hair into a bun with a meatball like hair ties at one side and a crystal lollipop on the other. This kind of unkempt loose hairstyle, really drawn his eyes to it…

It seemed to be particularly good. He tried to restrain himself as he kneaded his muscle and turned his head to look at the small apartment.

The apartment was not big; it was around 87 square meters. However, the decoration was very delicate. Warm wallpaper with smooth wooden floors.

There were also a few paintings hanging on the wall. It doesn’t seem to be famous paintings bought from the auction house, but only a simple brushwork that appears to be her own handiwork.

She didn’t turn on the TV, so obviously; she didn’t look at it. On the sofa, there was her abandoned phone, tablet and a laptop. It seemed that those things should be the one that she used the most.

There was only one-bedroom which was half-covered by the door. Inside, there was a large bed that looked fluffy and soft, with a plush doll placed in the middle of the big bed.

A warm and very human house.

He can see that she was here for the peace of mind. Xi Chen Zhao pursed his lips, feeling extremely unhappy.

She looked so happy and comfortable that it seemed that even without his existence, it was not considered as important to her at all.

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