June 23, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (21)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

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Tong Su noticed the hint of interest in Xi Chen Zhao eyes as he looked around the room.

Sure enough, this gege was fond of this kind of eccentric fairy looks. Moreover, he also seemed to like this kind of loveable and lively younger sister.

He made it so easy for her to play that role.

Her eyes flickered a bit.

There were two houses under the original’s name.

One of the houses was bigger than this one. The original body usually stays there and Ji Yu also often to come visit her. He also had the key to that house. However, since she had been refusing to meet Ji Yu, she had been avoided going back there for the moment.

As she was unable to go back to her own home and also unable to stay by herself in an empty mansion, she resolutely moved out and did not come back home for a month. She also decided not to take any initiative to contact this brother of hers for a month.

Now the result obtained from that move was even better than expected.

If there is an intimacy rater available now, surely her point in Xi Chen Zhao’s intimacy was soaring high.

Xi Chen Zhao withdrew his line of sight from the room’s interior and saw Tong Su squatting on the sofa. He frowned before he said.

“Sit properly”

Tong Su stuck out her tongue before she honestly put down her legs and properly sat on the sofa.

“Your fiancé is getting into trouble again. Do you need me to help you clean them up?”

Ji Yu?

“You mean those things on the Internet? Rest assured, gege, I know.”

Tong Su was smiling confidently.

“Wait for a little more. I will invite you to watch the show! Now, is not yet the time to pack them up.”

Seeing that she was already calculating, Xi Chen Zhao felt relieved.

“If you need me to do anything, just say it.”


Tong Su nodded. They continued to talk for a while when Tong Su finally realised that it was getting late by looking outside. She then invited Xi Chen Zhao to have a meal together with her.

Tong Su only invited him as formality towards her guest but she never expected that her brother will agree to it.

Tong Su was shocked. Didn’t this brother always acted indifferently when dealing with his sister? Even if her earlier move could garner goodwill points from him, she did not think it will be this high. Are the two of them are close enough to do this sort of things like having meals together?

However, this is also a good thing. If she can continue to brush their intimacy, it will be more profitable for her!

After having a meal, Tong Su’s heart was restless as she continued to pull her brother to walk around. Xi Chen Zhao did not even mention about going home. Even though his countenance remained cold but he just let Tong Su dragged him here and there.

Near the private restaurant where there had just had their meal, there was a film city. There were many ancient palaces and city buildings built in the row means for tourist attraction as well as filming set. Apart from the crowds of tourists, this place was also a famous shooting locations.

Currently, there was a film crew who had booked the entire site for shooting. Because of that, there were crowds of tourists who had surrounded this place while trying to peek inside curiously.

“Hey, what kind of filming crew is there? So confidential!”

“I don’t know, ah. If only I can go in and become an extra, but I think I saw the silhouette of a movie emperor is there, right? But I don’t know if it was my eye seeing wrongly, though.”

“Wow, the movie emperor?! What kind of crew is this, for them to be able to invite a film emperor to join? Which movie emperor I wonder?”

Tong Su heard the commotion around her as she also took a peek inside. Her lips slowly spread into a gentle smile.

Which movie emperor they wonder?

Ji Yu of course.

This crew should be from that drama that Ji Yu had been wishing to join. The new film “Chaotianzi” directed by Director Zhang.

Tong Su expression appeared to be as usual as she deliberately plead in an eager voice.

Gege, let’s go there and see? It looks very lively.”

Xi Chen Zhao who got dragged against his choice naturally going to talk about her apartment.

“You moved back.”

Tong Su tilted her head as she smiled and cleverly counterattacked.

“Will gege also live at home?”

“If you return, I will return.”

“You want to fight with me? I want to say, if gege went back to live, then I will go back!”

Her eyebrows bent as she used her finger to hold into Xi Chen Zhao’s sleeves like a sly little fox.

“Poor little apartment that I’ve worked so hard on. If we fight one day, I will move back in.”

Xi Chen Zhao took her hand that had been pulling his sleeve and held it in his hand, it filled his eyes with softness.

“Then you will have no chance to go back and live there.”

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