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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (22)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

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Tong Su smiled and poked Xi Chen Zhao.

“How are you going to compensate me? Just right, I still have another house. That one was the one that Ji Yu often goes to. I want to redecorate it a bit. What do you think, gege?”

Tong Su deliberately reached out and swayed his shirt’s sleeve, asking him to indulge her. She was smiling so wide that it showed her neat white teeth.

Tong Su held the credit card given by the Xi father and Xi mother. Therefore, she naturally did not really have any shortage of money. However, since she wanted to “decorate” the house a bit, obviously she will be happier if someone willing to subsidise her.

Xi Chen Zhao’s eyes were hooded as its depth reflect the bright beam of the girl in front of him. His jaws slightly floated a smirk.


Tong Su was stunned.

Did he smile just now?!

That slight smile made him become over one point brighter and less than one point cold. It engraved on his thin, sharp lips. Beautiful like an ice-carved flower.

Having a glimpse of that fleeting smile was like the blossoming of a flower. Just a split-second yet it remained eternal. So amazing that it’s engraved into the bottom of one’s heart.

Tong Su was absent-minded that she almost forgot anything in this world that Xi Chen Zhao ended up raising his hand and flicked her skull gently.

“Snap out of it.”

“Ah? Oh!”

She rocked her head and immediately took back her wandering thoughts. She then reached out to rub the top of her head.


For what reason did she felt the feeling of burning coming from the meatball tie in her hairs…
[ T/N I am not sure if this is translated right, but I do know a keychain plush toy that will release the smell of bread when it get hot]

That man had been touching and pinching on it since before?

Tong Su started to calm down as she put her hand down.

Well, this feels even better than she imagined.

Xi Chen Zhao opened his wallet, took out a black card and directly gave it to Tong Su. Tong Su also was not polite as she placed it in her little purse and went online to place an order.

When you took a sneak peek on her phone, you could only see a few words that vaguely look like “pinhole” and the like.

Xi Chen Zhao looked serious, but he did not utter a word and just kept it in his heart.

The girl was beautiful while the man was tall and suave. When these two were walking together, the surrounding people started to whisper and squeal at the sight of this couple. Wherever they turned their head, the number of people looking at them seemed to rise.

Seeing that, Tong Su smiled and said.

Gege, you see, you are so handsome, they all are staring at you!”

Xi Chen Zhao gave a noncommittal hum as he looked around him coldly. He appeared to be slightly helpless as he continued to watch Tong Su who was still playing on her phone.

“How about you?”

Tong Su blinked her eyes before she answered

“Naturally I have been shot to foolishness earlier on, ah. With this kind of handsome brother, I no longer able to look at the average man.”

This time, Xi Chen Zhao the one who became stunned.

At that moment, the Ferris wheel in the amusement park behind them was lit up with the neon lights, adding a colourful and dazzling background to the tall and handsome figure of Xi Chen Zhao.

Tong Su looked overjoyed as she excitedly pulled out her phone and turned on the camera.

Gege looks at the camera and smile! You are so handsome. It is a shame that there is not a single photo of you on the internet!”

Xi Chen Zhao quickly returned to reality.

Seeing her so excited, he didn’t contradict her. It wasn’t that there were no reports of him on the Internet after all some people love to take a sneak shot of him. It just that whenever the images were released, they were all blocked down by him.

Since he was not from the entertainment circle, therefore, there is no need for him to have his photos spread around on the Internet.

Their management group had never relied on one’s appearances. The most important things were to be a sufficiently skills individual with a sharp and decisive mind. Therefore, these kinds of things are useless.

Furthermore, he also did not like taking pictures.

But if she was the one who took it…

He calmed down and lifted his hand to undo the button on the top of his shirt.

Tong Su suddenly squealed.

“Right! Right! This angle! This angle makes you look most handsome. Gege, put your hand on your neckline, I am going to press the shutter now!”

Xi Chen Zhao raised his hand and obediently placed it on his neckline.

His low-key follower, the driver and the assistant who had been behind them this whole time and listened to their conversation, were about to go crazy

Both of them were looking at each other.

Isn’t president hate to take pictures the most?

What’s the hell is going on, he even took the initiative to put some poses for the picture?

Did something go wrong with their eyesight?

God, bloody red rain was about to fall! The sun is about to rise from the west, ah! Help! The president is going crazy!

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