June 23, 2024

Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (23)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

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Within a month, Xi Chen Zhao able to complete a project worth nearly 10 billion yuan, and in the same duration of space, it can also allowed Ji Yu and Lan Shuer to squeeze themselves in into the cast of Zhang Dao’s new film while Tong Su was observing them from the sidelines.

The “Chaotianzi” crew has booked the most famous Tang Palace in the film city.As the most popular costumes drama of this year, everyone knew that the crew must have a hard time.

Whether it was a fan or a group of extra, all of them gathered at the gate of the filming set as they waited anxiously.

When Tong Su and Xi Chen Zhao walked to the nearby place, the front door was about to open and the person in charge came out with a droopy eyelid as he spoke carelessly.

“Looking for 30 extras today. We will pay 50 dollars for a day. Whoever wanted to enter, come in!”

The crowds started to swarm forward and yelled.

“Choose me! Choose me!”

Fifty dollars were not much, but this was Director Zhang’s crew. If the movie was successful, even if they could only become the background guard, it also showed their qualifications.

Xi Chen Zhao did not mind this, he only here to accompany his sister to look around. Therefore. As he was about to leave with Xi Tong Su, his sister suddenly excitedly said.

Gege, I would like to try.”

Before he could say anything, he felt that the hand that had been holding his got loose, and the little girl left him as she ran forward.

“I also wanted to sign up!”

She didn’t open her mouth before, but as soon as she opened her mouth, the crisp voice immediately drew attention.

The person in charge who recognized her identity was about to exclaim [Xi…] but he instantly swallowed the word that was about to come out.

This… isn’t this… Xi Tong Su?

The girl who was smiling and walked towards him was fair and beautiful. Her blue dress also outlined her body beautifully.

The skirt looked like a simple cut. However, when you look at it closely, you will find that the fabric was not an ordinary solid colour. Instead, the printed dye appeared to be like the sea of cloud that embellished the hem of her skirt, making her temperament appeared excellent and unrivalled.

As for the man beside her, he was the handsomest man he ever saw, even more handsome than the film Emperor, Ji Yu.

The man’s countenance was somewhat cold and his eyes looked especially fierce and taciturn. His thin lips were pursed up while his chilled gaze makes it so people unable to stop from taking a second look on him.

That guy and this girl seemed to be incomparable to other human beings.

However, fans and those extras were not as cautious. Many of them quickly called out upon recognition.

“It’s Xi Tong Su!”

“Mr Ji Yu fiancé, Miss Xi!”

“Miss Xi, are you exploring the film set and looking for Ji Yu?”

“Hahaha, I already said that they are a very loving couple. Those paparazzi were the one who spread that rumour. How could my Ji Yu derail?”

Tong Su raised her finger to her mouth and shushed the surrounding people.

“Everyone keeps your voice small. Don’t bother the crew’s shooting progress.”

She then blinked her eyes before continued.

“I did not come to visit the film location today. I was just curious about how the drama will be filmed. So I wanted to experience being an extra. Today is so hot, so I will invite everyone to drink. Therefore, can everyone help me keep this as a secret?”

The fans couldn’t help but smiled. As for the other extras, they also could not help but nod. Only the person in charge seemed as if he wanted to cry.

Although she said that she was here as an extra, she was obviously an empress who was making a round to visit someone at the filming set!

While the outsider didn’t know about it, but the people in their crew was clear. The movie Emperor, Ji Yu and Lan Shuer were currently the cast of the drama.

For this scandal trio to gather… Wow, how exciting will the battlefield be? He really could not stop thinking about it!

The responsible person’s heart jumped as he again confirmed.

“Miss Xi, you really wanted to sign up as an extra?”

Seeing Tong Su nodded in confirmation, the person in charge was overjoyed and jotted her name on the list.  That person then asked her to stay at the side as he began to pick up other extras for the day.

Looking at Tong Su who was trying her best to restrain the excitement from gracing her whole face, Xi Chen Zhao couldn’t help but glanced at the cast crew as his eyes began to take a profound look.

She was that happy to join the crew?

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