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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (24)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

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Why are you so happy?

Is it because of that person is in the crew?

Because you can finally enter the crew and see your fiancé?!

Xi Chen Zhao who had always been proud of his restraint, suddenly felt that he was facing a great challenge to control himself.

Because, when he thought of that possibility, a kind of anger and anxiety that could not be restrained filled his heart.

He is not happy.

Very unhappy.

He genuinely wants to. He absolutely wants to – he wanted to let the world no longer have that man. To never let her see that guy ever again!

“Why do you want to become an extra?”

“I have never been an extra, so I am very curious about it.”

Tong Su gently pulled his sleeves; her apricot eyes were sunny and bright. Like the black pill in the mercury, the black against the white was clear and vivid.

Gege, I really like it!”

Even though he was unhappy but after looking at the radiant light in her eyes, he still nodded.

“Well, if you want to do it, then you can try it.”

Tong Su happily nodded again and again.

Gege, you are so good!”

He gently touched her head.

The person in charge was already shouting for everyone to gather to enter the crew. Seeing that Tong Su hurriedly told her goodbye to Xi Chen Zhao.

Xi Chen Zhao took his phone and dialled.

“…… Start the acquisition of a suitable entertainment company. Prepare the broker and marketing team.”

The subordinates on the other side of the phone were extremely shocked.

“Xi-zong, is our company going to advance to the entertainment circle? Would you like to hold a meeting with the board of managers to allocate the resources?”

“No need, I will provide the resources myself. I don’t want the group to be involved in this. Whatever is needed for a person to debut, you just need to arrange it immediately.”

There was no need for the big company to have their hand in this. He alone able to support her. Even if she just said it in passing, he would still like to prepare everything for her in advance.

Of course, the most important thing was.

It will be more convenient for him to isolate her and that man.

Tong Su did not know that her brother had set a brokerage company solely to serve her just from her careless remarks.

As for her, the reason she wanted to enter the crew as an extra was to complete her task.

Ji Yu had secured a position for Lan Shuer in the crew.

In the plot, Lan Shuer had used the drama [Chaotianzi] to ruthlessly pit the original.

It was the classic “slain by borrowed knife.”

She borrowed the knife from Director Zhang and his wife, and the person who killed in this scuffle was the original. Director Zhang and his wife were the famous and loving couple in the entertainment industry. Director Zhang was a well-known director while his wife was the screenwriter. This drama “Chaotianzi” was a costume drama that had been remade based on the historical fact. It was a drama that the husband and wife had carefully prepared for several years.

When Mrs Zhang accidentally saw the image of the original, she felt that Xi Tong Su was very consistent with a certain role in her script and wanted to invite her to appear in the drama.

The original owner was from a rich family; therefore, Mrs Zhang could not find a connection to contact her. Thus, she entrusted the scripts to the at that time, “Miss Xi’s best friend” Lan Shuer, to convey the invitation.

Will Lan Shuer sincerely passed the message?

How could that be possible!

Lan Shuer hated the fact Mrs Zhang valued Xi Tong Su. Therefore, she decided not to say anything to Xi Tong Su and immediately reported to Mrs Zhang.

“Ai. she is the eldest daughter if an affluent family. She is not willing to enter this circle. I have persuaded her saying that this script was extraordinary. But Tong Su…. Tong Su really shouldn’t. But the implication is that she didn’t like your work and she also not interested in it so she flatly refused.”

Mrs Zhang’s character was so popular so how could she swallowed this kind of insult.

After the release of “Chaotianzi, it got so popular that the media were chasing after them continuously. At that time, Mrs Zhang had spoken at the press conference about this incident thus letting the original experience inhuman net violence.

The original owner, therefore, had suffered from depression.

Net abuse, her parents and brother died, and the group went bankrupt. Under these triple pressure, her severe depression broke out and the original finally could not stand it and committed suicide.

Tong Su eyes’ cool down and looked frivolous.

In the original plot, Lan Shuer had pushed the original down, step by step.

This time, it’s time for her to taste the flavour of reaping what one has sown as she sent her down to hell!

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