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Dare ga Tame Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Part 5


Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

T/N: Finally… Finally I finished with this novel!!! Dang it… It took me such a long time… Sorry for being tardy about it.

Someone might have been wondering why I have been missing for a month or so. Anyway, as you know, I am currently being a NEET and seeing me so lazily staying at home, I was signed up to attend a short course on fashion designing. Why won’t you let me become a rice worm ah… I am tired of pursuing my education from Degree to Doctorate already… OTL

Anyway, the class start at 8.30 and end at 4.30. 5 days a week. Plus with travel and preparation time, I was basically died by 9 p.m. Thus the lack of updates.

I also subscribed to a premium version of Grammarly. Hopefully, it will properly proofread the translation.

Anyway, please enjoy the ending of this novel.


The black-haired guy pointed by Yugu seemed to be aware of our stares that he turned his back to look at us.

Eh? Did he call out my name just now?

“Seira! Seira from Seychelles’ country? Don’t you remember me? I’m Novua. Novua Enoch! We met once when we were young…”

Novua… Why is that, I felt like I have known this name somewhere. But my memory felt hazy, and I could not recall it. In fact, since I left Seychelles, I could not remember much about the memory I have in that country. Perhaps this is what those Japanese means by the effect caused by stress and trauma.

While I was pondering on it, Yugu, who had stood beside me watching, suddenly struck his palm as he continuously muttered [Un…un].

“I see, I remembered that such a setting was included in the fan-disk…. Seira, don’t you remember it since it was after all real experience to you?”
“Is that so……? I could not remember much because I did not want to recall anything related to that country, after all.”
“A~…… I see. Then, it could not be helped, I guess?”
“But, that name sounds familiar to me. So I might have met him somewhere somehow.”

That’s why I have been staring at that man— I mean Novua-san continuously.

There were not many people that I knew had a combination of short black hair with mysterious dusk-like brilliance eyes. He was taller than me by one head and one fist higher than Yugu. There was also a giant sword that looked domineering… A large sword?

That’s right! This person has the kind of sword that I have seen in a hunter that I met before…. I was a hunter that I met previously in that country a long time ago. At that time, I felt that I was so overwhelmed by the size of the sword that I felt like that I will be crushed by it just like that….

“Ah! I remember!”
“For real?”

Yes, yes. That’s right. It was when I was still in the age of a single digit. I was impressed by the size and beauty of the sword that belonged to the hunter who had visited our residence before. There was a boy who followed the hunter, and my sister and I had spent our time playing with him for a few days while he stayed at our home. It was unusual for my sister not to outcast me at that time.

It had been a long time since I last saw him, and like memories drown out with time, I ended up completely forgetting about it. Or rather, it was weird for that person to remember things that happened a long time ago.

Probably looking at my questioning expression, Novua [I’m pretty sure that he is the same age as my older sister, I wonder if it is okay to address him without an honorific] muttered as he rubbed his nose in embarrassment.

“…For me, you are my first love, so.”

While I was still trying to digest his confession, Yugu ended up being the first person to react against that revelation. With Yugu looked at me with a knowing look, I could not act as if I forget about it. It seemed that the person in front of me is the additional capture target from the fan disc mentioned by Yugu earlier… At any rate, the other party was already decided earlier on. It was my older sister.

Good grief. To that my sister’s curse or rather the game curse will follow me until here, I could not help but feel fed up with the situation.

…. To be honest, my heart thumped a bit when I looked at Novua’s bright eyes when he confessed I was his first love. If I were still bounded by the scenario, for sure, it would feel like a transient dream. An impossible delusion.

“Now that we are talking about it, is your father still doing well? I remember that sword was something that he brought along in the past, right?”
“A~. My father immediately retired as a hunter once he passed down the sword to me. He had been travelling all over the world all this time, but now he was contented to retreat and spent his time with my mother, living the world of two people.”
“Ma~ I am glad hearing that.”

To me, who suddenly trying to veer off the conversation to another topic, Novua earlier enthusiasm dampened as he stuttered a bit as he answered my abrupt question. Novua’s father, Vuan-san was a tall man like Novua. He was a wonderful uncle with a toned and muscular body. 

I wonder how many years will it take for Novua to become a wonderful muscular man like his father was? 

“That’s right, what are you doing in this county…. Seira? After all, you are a Duke’s daughter.”
“…. A~. Isn’t it? There is no way for you to know about it, after all.”

That kind of internal dispute, was it? Anyway, I quickly gave him the rundown of the event that lead to my banishment. As Novua listened to my story, his face kept changing colour from red to blue.

“For such things to happen back then….”
“I’m sorry, okay. I have stained the once beautiful memories you had with us with this revelation.”
“No. You don’t have to worry about that. Now that I know about it, you sure have it hard, Seira.  At that time…. I am not even aware of it.”
“I’m fine. After all, you did not stay there for a long time. Since you are not in the know in the first place, therefore, it was not weird for you to be ignorant about it. However, since I already left that country, I finally become free from it.”

I smiled as I comforted Novua, who appeared to be depressed somehow. You did nothing wrong, so there is no need for you to show such expression on your face. After all, I am the villainess. This is naturally my ending. What’s more, it was the result that I wanted the most to happen.

“A~ That thing, Seira.”
“Ah, Yugu. I am sorry for leaving you all by yourself. What is it?”
“Don’t you think that we should rush home now?”
“That’s right! The sun is already leaned past our heads. Novua, the two of us are going to head back to the inn. What about you?”
“A~…. Un, it seemed so. I guess I will tag along with you then.”

While glancing at Yugu, Novua nodded in assent to me.

I need to get home soon! As I started to move forward, I was unaware that the two-man who walked behind me were glaring at each other enthusiastically.

T/N: Regardless of Novua, Yugu acted more like a guardian or a watchdog rather than having a romantic feeling towards Seira. For now, at least.

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