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Dare ga Tame Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Part 4


Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

T/N: As usual, this is partially edited [I just threw it into Ginger]. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake.

I cried for a while and when I started to calm down, I finally realized about the errand that I was supposed to do. Due to many things, I completely forgotten about it, however, now, I really need to get all those necessary items for dinner tonight.

“Yugu, I am sorry for messing up your chest…. Although there are still so many things that I wanted to talk to you, but, I really need to run my errand for now.”
“You do not have to be so worried about it…. Well~. I’ve decided, I will tag along with you. If Seira was left alone, it was unknown if that guy might show up again, so why don’t we continue talking as we are also going to head in the same direction?”

When I heard the smooth manly manner of speaking that came from Yugu in reply, it finally dawned on me that my best friend had really been reborn as a man. It felt somewhat disconcerted to me.

“I am thankful and happy for that, however…. Are Yugu okay with this? Don’t you have things that you need to do by yourself?”
“I don’t have anything in hand, today is my day off. So, I was just planning on wandering around, so I don’t mind a bit about it.”
“I see. Then, let’s go together! I will show you around the town.”
“Un, I will leave it to you.”

Since it was already early afternoon, the market, which was usually busy, had started to calm down, and with less people around, one could do their shopping in a relax manner. Since fresher fish and popular vegetable were usually sold out soon enough, the leftover assortment was not as good as the one in the morning, however, for me who was not good with crowds, this situation was just right. The only thing that you can get at this hour were merely of those good quality and without any special occasion, I will not usually come to the market for anything.

“Hello, Oji-san. I wonder if I can get some Legus and Tobea.”
“Oh, Seira-chan, good afternoon. Legus and Tobea, huh, please wait for a moment.” [T/N Don’t blame me for the vegetables’ naming, I am not sure if it existed anyway.]

The always cheerful greengrocer’s uncle prepared my order with a quick move.

“Did Seira often came here to shop?”
“Yeah, the vegetable here are fresh and tasty and the uncle is also friendly.”
“Oya~ it was unusual today to have Seira-chan with a man by her side. Is he your lover?”
“It’s not like that Oji-san. Yugu-san is not such a person to me. But he is truly an important person to me.”
“You’re kidding! If he is your most important person, then of course he is your beloved, you did not have to be so shy about it. I will give you this Riko’s fruit as a service! The two of you should enjoy it together.”
“….. That is not the case at all, okay.”

Even if the outside appearance was a male and a female, the relationship between us still remains as girl [friends], okay. So even though we were not lover, while facing such knowing grin, I could hardly start a dispute because of it, so I turned around as I murmured. [Even if I wish to retort about this kind of relationship, I could hardly tell them about that troublesome previous life of mine one way or another].

“Ma~ Ma~. Let’s take anything as it is for now, who know if it might come in handy in the future, right?  For this kind of things, the utmost important things is the feeling anyway.”
“O~ what a good word. Lover-dono, I will leave Seira-chan in your hand. If you hurt this kind of a good girl, I will not let you off for free.”
“I will never do such things. I am here for the sake of protecting her, you know.”

Somehow, this thing had gone south…. Even though I am the one who said those things, however, I could not even open my mouth to stop it! I could not help but felt a little indignation over this peaceful ambience around me, but oh well. I am happy that the town people whom I felt indebted to had started to accept Yugu.
I brought Yugu, who had volunteered to carry the shopping bag, around the town, as I completed my visit to the butcher, fishmonger, flour shop and so on. Even though it was annoying to be called as a lover in every shop we went to, but seeing Yugu looked like he was enjoying things happily, I felt a little bit better. In the past [life], this friend of mine was someone who was skillful in getting on in the world so I am happy to know that nothing much had changed since then.

“Now that I think about it, Yugo had checked in for the night with a woman, right…… That person should be your lover, isn’t she? The people in this city totally thought of you as my lover… are you okay with it?”
“A, if it was that then it will be fine. That is because, that girl is my contractual fairy.”
“Fairy……?  But I could clearly see her. And no matter how I see it, she was totally different from the fairy that I know of.”
“She was different from the normal fairy. Contractual fairy changes their appearance in proportion to their contractor’s magical power.”

Unlike our previous life, this world was based on a royal road’s fantasy, therefore, fairies existed here, though they were typically concealed themselves from the common people. They usually live their life by assimilating themselves with the element of their own nature.
That’s why, ordinary people usually cannot detect them, however, people with magical power could feel their existence a bit. I do not have enough power to become a magician, however, I do possess some magical power, so, I usually see this fairy as a vague light ball.
However, the fairy that accompanied Yugo seemed to be in the shape of a human being.
According to him, occasionally, some curious and playful fairy will come across powerful magician and form a contract with them. And it seemed that the contracted fairy was materialized based on amount of magical power that the magician possessed.
Fairies usually cannot leave their birthplace until the day they returned to heaven. It was also rare to find one who wished to see the outside world. Therefore, for such fairies who wished to go out, they needed to enter a contract with a magician and received the magical power from them in order to travel around the world with their contractor while providing their own elemental power to the magician.

And that was all about contractual fairy. Yugu also told me that the fairy that he had contracted with was the one with the flame element.

“Is that so. I really do not know anything about these contractual fairies.”
“Ma~ it seemed that the people who knew about it in this world can be counted so I guess it is inevitable for the people not to know about it.”
“With that being said, you are actually a pretty awesome magician, aren’t’ you?”
“Un~ Ma~ even though it was a bit of self-praising, I was a quite amazing magician to say. There were only a few magicians capable of contracting the fairies in the first place since they required a large amount of magical power, and one can die being exhausted from it if they did not have sufficient magical power when contracting the fairies. Ma~ it was the setting in my case. Though, I, myself, was not that amazing, in real sense.”
“………………. Eh?”

Setting?  When you say setting, it was like that right…. What did he mean by that?

I wonder if the question appeared on my face. My former best friend from another world smiled at me bitterly before he continued.

“For me, you know, I am an additional character that appeared inside the fan disk for [LoveLaby].”

What. Was. That.

“I just bought it for you, but then, you died. I had played it a bit, but before I could clear it, I died, so I did not know much on the details.”
“Fa- Fan disk?”
“I did not notice about it a while ago, but I remember that I was an additional character who quarrelled with that aristocratic boy who was supposed to be involved with you.”
“There should be also another person. I wonder what he looked like. A~ if I am not mistaken, he was a man with a black hair and holding a broad sword……. Eh, isn’t it similar to that person?”

The man that Yugu pointed up was the person who had checked in yesterday who looked like some kind of a hunter.

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