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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 36

Chapter 36: My Princess [Bahar’s POV]

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Author: Soy

A/N: There was some indecent topic in this chapter. I am sorry for those who are not comfortable with it.

T/N: As usual, this is partially edited [I just threw it into Ginger]. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. I am sorry but this might be the only chapter for this month (*_ _)人… I forgot about the festive celebration and did not even secure some chapters ahead… [ I basically took a vacation since early June and will only be back at the campus on the 1st of July].

I tried translating at home, but my data seemed to be draining when I used it at my home as compared to those time I used it in campus [I used 1 GB in just an hour by opening GT, BT and Romaji Desu] So I could barely come out with this one chapter. So until then, please enjoy this meagre contribution |・д・)ノ

This incident happened on the next day after I picked up Hime-sama from the neighbouring country’s ship.
While I was walking around the town with a woman whom I just recently bought, suddenly, my shoulder was grabbed by someone.
When I looked behind me, there was the neighbouring country’s prince with a demon-like expression on his face, holding tightly onto my shoulder.
Slightly away from that person, I also spotted two other people who were Hime-sama’s brother, Master Roland as well as this country’s Prince. Seeing them, I could only sigh before smiling bitterly at the woman beside me.

“I’m sorry. There seemed to be some work-related stuff that required me here, so go ahead at wait for me at the inn first.”
“Please come quickly, Bahar.”

I watched that woman walked away before I turned and smiled at those three people.

“What is it? Do you need me for something?”
“You bastard! What do you mean by your behaviour with that woman when you already proposed yourself to Lady Yulias?!”
“A~ what the heck. Did you stop me just for that?”

When I sighed once again, I found out that my master was staring intensely at me.

“Bahar, did you propose to Yulias or something?”
“She already broke off with that damnation of a Marquis right? If it is Hime-sama, I will gladly receive her into my household with pleasure.”
“Who will let you do that?”

I laughed before continuing with my argument.

“You think so? But still, if Hime-sama felt that this idea is good, I am willing to abandon everything for the sake of Hime-sama’s happiness.”
“You bastard! What kind of nonsense are you sputtering about when you were just recently flirting excessively with that kind of woman just now?”

This neighbouring Prince is too damn annoying.

I turned to him before I slowly speak.

“Just because you are a prince, don’t ever think that you could get away being so cocky to me~. I do not find your existence as something needed to be feared.”
“Care to repeat that again?”

With that being said, my master started to burst into a peal of laughter.

“Should we end the conversation here? After all, I have a woman waiting for me.”
“Ma~ don’t be such a spoilsport. The ship is not going to sail out in a while. It is still not too late to leave it during the afternoon time, right?”
“My bad. I have already reserved the afternoon for my date with Hime-sama.”
“ “ “!” ” ”

I could see a hint of anger arose from the face of the neighbouring country’s Prince and my master.

“This is why all those people have always regarded you nobles as a person who does not know how the world works.”
“You bastard! Let me go! I am going to knock him down!”
“I already told you that I am not going to be afraid of you just because you are a Prince, right? I don’t think that I will be defeated by some snobbish noble who can’t do anything by himself after all!”

It was Hime-sama who stopped me from toppling the neighbouring country’s Prince down.

“Captain Bahar! What are you planning to do with Jufua-sama?”

Hime-sama who suddenly appeared, stood in front of the neighbouring country’s prince with her hand in front of her body as she stared at me.

“……It was my bad.”
“Please don’t start a fight, okay?”

While I was lightly scratching my head after that, I suddenly saw the four bags hanging on Hime-sama’s slender arm.

“Captain Bahar, there is something that I wish to talk to you about. How many children are there right now?”
“Currently there are 18 of them.”
“I see.”

I was an orphan.
The orphanage which had raised me had been facing some kind of financial difficulties and we were all desperate to gather money to alleviate the problem.
But, as an orphan, it was unlikely for us to secure a good job from others.
Because of that, we decided to become a pirate.
If I were to kill others, it will only lead to an increase of orphans around.
So we decided not to kill anyone.
That was our rule.

However, due to the mistake from one of our crew members, half of us was captured by the country.
For those pirates who got captured, there was no other consequence apart from public execution.
So we decided to let all be, thinking that this was all good in order to ensure the safety of others.
While thinking that we were finally going to die, Hime-sama suddenly appeared before us.
Hime-sama was looking down at us with her cold eyes before saying something with that small voice of hers.

[All of you, will you listen to me?]

You really can’t go against her.
That was what all of us was thinking at that time.
When we nodded our head, Hime-sama turned to the officiate next to her and said.

[All of them are our employees. I have cause some trouble for all of you. Could you please hand the document to me?]

We were saved due to the word of Hime-sama.
And since then, we had become the real employee of Hime-sama.
Besides that, Hime-sama also had taken some trouble to look after the people in the orphanage.

[Since I can take care of them from childhood, I will be able to train them to become an excellent employee for cheap.]

I laughed upon hearing Hime-sama’s words.
Because of that, I wish for nothing but happiness to befall upon Hime-sama.

And yet, why did she had to face such things as the annulment of her engagement?

What wrong with me thinking of wanting for that person to be happy?

“I still need to buy some other stuff, how about you, Captain Bahar? Would you like to join me for now?”
“Ah…A~ that thing, I still have some minor business need to be finished.”

When I averted my eyes from her while uttering such words, Hime-sama seemed to be grinning before continuing.

“Those children will surely tease you when they smell that kind of womanly perfume coming from you, you know.”
“……Of course, I will take a bath first before heading there.”
“Well then, make sure that you also do not start a fight with others, okay?”

After Hime-sama finished scolding me, she slightly bowed her head to the other three individuals before walking away from that place.

“It seems that Hime-sama appeared to misunderstand something.”

Hearing my unintentional whisper, our country’s prince spoke with some kind of amazement in his tone.

“Is it because of Yulias that you decided to hold that woman?”

A~ it seems that this person is able to comprehend everything.

“I have been living in abstinence for the last three months, so the stress had been accumulating so far. If I were to continue being with Hime-sama in such state, I might end up losing my head and attack her soon enough.”

I wonder how many times did I have some kind of a delusion of attacking Hime-sama in the past three months?

“Bahar. Since you already spend your money on it, you should quickly get down to your naughty deed as soon as possible.”
“Today I was already planning to deal with that impossible thing, however, it was all of you who decided to stop me, or are you already forgotten about it?”

My master quickly took some gold coins from his bosom before handing it down to me.

Since you are willing to give it to me, I will no longer hesitate to receive it then.

“Make sure that you keep your paw off Yulias, okay.”
“Master, that was truly an unreasonable request, you know. If Hime-sama told me that she wanted to be with me, I will surely snatch her away even if that means that I need to become a pirate once again.”

I saw that the two princes’ eyes widened upon my word but I decided to ignore them as I made my way towards the inn.

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